Who killed Juanita Nielsen? Act 1

ahm_intcover_juanitaIt’s a bit of a worry when we start writing up a school-kid’s Year 10 Case Study isn’t it?  This one is nothing less than a National Museum of Australia’s environmental history case study, I might add. “Who killed Juanita Nielsen?”

Unfortunately I don’t qualify to access the case-study resources (generation gap I guess), so I’ll have to do my own research.

Forty years ago the environmental headline was that same case study under a different banner; The Green Ban.  Juanita Nielsen, heiress and publisher of the local paper, “Now” was very vocal in her opposition to development in Potts Point where bulldozers were the order of the day and property developers were king.

As a resident of Victoria Street, Potts Point in Sydney, Juanita was vehemently opposed to the plan to redevelop Victoria Street – the proposed building of a $60 million high-rise housing complex.

The main figure behind the new development was prominent Sydney businessman Frank Theeman who was buying up property in the street.  He planned to demolish the existing terraces, replacing them with a massive complex consisting of three 45-storey towers. Juanita and her neighbours were outraged by the plan, which would have totally destroyed the character of the street and the entire area.

She refused to sell her terrace house and vocally supported her neighbours in their fight to save their homes.  By exposing Theeman’s plan in her newspaper, Juanita had virtually thrown herself in front of the bulldozers.

Juanita-pinThere have been books written; plays and documentaries produced about Juanita Nielsen and the battle for Victoria Street.  She has become a figurehead for the environmental movement of the ‘70’s.

There are a multitude of suspects in the case of her disappearance and murder. Police and political corruption was rife at the time and no-one was ever held to account for the murder; Strike Force Euclid remains open.

The last of the main cast of suspects died last month – February, 2013; the night manager of The Carousel Nightclub, Eddie Trigg is now gone and almost as a last hurrah, we’ve been called into the fray.  So how did things go down?

Juanita Nielsen was last seen at The Carousel on the morning of 4th July, 1975 and so we shall plant our flag there on the corner of Darlinghurst Road and Roslyn Street, Kings Cross.  Juanita was on the premises by appointment to supposedly discuss advertising for the nightclub in her newspaper.

les-girlsTimes have changed and there is a hotel on the corner now, however in 1975 The Carousel was the new Les Girls Nightclub.

Picture the opening scenes of the movie Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and the drag queens, well that’s the entertainment at Les Girls and The Carousel; transvestite cross-dressers, show girls extraordinaire.

You wouldn’t want to have an allergy to feathers if you went to Les Girls or The Carousel.  Beauty aside, we have a cast from out of the underworld.  Our persons of interest are not a pretty bunch.

  • The owner of the Carousel was  Abe Saffron, “Mr Sin” of the criminal underworld of Kings Cross, Sydney.
  • The club manager James Anderson, Glasgow born, underworld figure and right hand man to Abe Saffron.
  • The night manager of the Carousel was Eddie Trigg and the barman Shayne Martin-Simmonds was also on the premises that morning.
  • Lloyd Marshall, PR man for The Carousel was acquitted from the conspiracy to abduct charge, so he is off the hook.
  • The local developer and associate of Abe Saffron, namely Frank Theeman was found to have recently given James Anderson the sum of $25,000; a sum of money, which was unaccounted for – the price of a young lady’s head perhaps.  Was it blood money?
  • Abe Saffron’s son has suggested in memoirs, that the disappearance of Juanita Nielson ‘went all the way to the top’ and so we include the then police commissioner, Frederick Hanson in our enquiry as well.

There are other minor characters, such as James Anderson’s secretary Loretta Crawford and a suggested corrupt cop, Fred Krahe, however they don’t come into the equation when it comes to the shooter, once we start looking at astrology charts.   As to Loretta Crawford, well her part was to provide an alibi for James Anderson, and lay a trail of red herrings for the investigation, nothing more.

Anderson contradicted this alibi as it turns out, which made Crawford an unreliable witness.  Anderson had prepared something far better, he thought.

Anderson’s unconfirmed alibi was that he took a plane from Sydney to the Gold Coast that day; was at Surfers Paradise.  He had parking tickets from the Sydney airport carpark to prove it.

That evidence wouldn’t cut the mustard these days, however it was enough in 1975 in a corrupt environment.  We can legitimately ask now, “Why did Anderson know in advance, that he needed a strong alibi?”

His reasoning was sound as there was a history in the lead-up to the disappearance of Juanita Joan Nielsen, a trail, which could lead back to him.

  • Anderson had attempted to set up an earlier meeting by sending Juanita an invitation to a social event, which she wisely didn’t attend.
  • At his orders there had been a foiled attempt to kidnap Juanita Nielsen by Eddie Trigg and Shayne Martin-Simmonds (the pair were later convicted of this conspiracy).
  • The matter of the $25,000 from local developer Frank Theeman
  • Plus the fact that Juanita disappeared from premises, which he was manager of.

Anderson very much needed an alibi for the 4th of July.

But I’m running ahead of myself.  We have a forensic astrology enquiry to make; to see if the heavens can reveal who was responsible for the disappearance and murder of Juanita Nielsen.  So what do we know about that morning?

Juanita rang a friend at 10:30am to say that she was off to her appointment with the Carousel management.  With the Moon position against the zodiac as my guide, I’ve wound the clock forward to 11am as being our timed event for enquiry.  Juanita was at The Carousel and in conversation with one or more suspects at this time.

Loretta Crawford’s statement virtually verifies this as the time when Juanita was shot and killed at The Carousel premises. Eddie Trigg’s transvestite ‘girlfriend’ also turned up during the crucial time and we have ‘her’ evidence confirming the presence of, at least Juanita and Eddie Trigg, in the upstairs office.

The following is an astrology enquiry.  All persons discussed are deceased; we have no fear of retribution.  Astrology is not accepted as scientific evidence in a court of law and does not purport to be scientific in nature.

We poke, we prod and we interpret the planetary tension between different time frames.  All interpretation is classic astrology; no magic wands are needed.

Event-Nielsen-300Generating a bi-wheel from the perspective of the event combined with the natal chart of Juanita, astrological indications are that yes, Juanita Joan Nielsen is dead.

  • Firstly the inner wheel, the event – Mars is red, the Moon is coloured blue, Mercury is pink and Uranus is green.
  • In the outer wheel, the Sun is orange and Mars is pink in Juanita Nielsen’s natal chart plus we have highlighted in red, the forensic indicators  at the ascendant and descendant…

The grim reaper, Saturn is at the exit point.  Juanita died on that day 4th July, 1975.

We could wonder why Juanita even went to this appointment, knowing that she was in danger.  We can attempt to answer this by the two quindecile aspects at play in this bi-wheel.

  • We can suggest that protecting Victoria Street was an obsessional issue for Juanita, that is without a doubt. Transiting in the heavens that day, Mercury (planet of communication) was in quindecile aspect to Juanita’s Mars (action). Perhaps she thought she could talk her way out of any trouble, that Vox Populi would protect her.
  • The second quindecile is the Sun (the date) was quindecile her planet Jupiter, which inflated the issue.  It was a sense of this is the time, Now.

If we now turn to the process of elimination of suspects, we need to generate a series of bi-wheels from the same perspective; the event/the inner wheel and each of the outer wheels is a birth chart of a person of interest, produced from data available on the public record.  Let’s start with the top eschalon, Abe Saffron, Frank Theeman and the then police commissioner, Fred Hanson.

Nielsen-tripleclick on image for full size

We know that the $25,000 Anderson received from Theeman was in a cheque and when he tried to cash the cheque with Abe Saffron rather than a bank, Anderson got nowhere.  That to me sounds like Abe Saffron distancing himself from the money.

When we look at the bi-wheel of the event and Abe Saffron, we can see that there is no tension with the forensic planets.  He did indeed maintain his distance. We can eliminate Abe Saffron from our enquiry.

Theeman does not escape notice, nor does Hanson.  So what is their involvement according to the heavens?

  • Theeman has natal Pluto highlighted red at the midheaven – power is his agenda. Victoria Street is his development.  He’s bulldozing.
  • Venus in pink on this occasion represents the money relationship with Anderson and with Uranus (sudden changes) transiting in opposition, he could be enforcing (Mars of the event is in between the two planets) the power of his money.  I suggest this as it is reinforced by the highlighted yellow tension.
  • The Lunar nodal axis of the event (a traumatic occurrence in a public place) is conjunct Theeman’s planet Mercury (communication).  I would suggest that Theeman ordered the killing of Juanita Nielson.

And what of the commissioner of police?

  • We note again that the Lunar nodal axis (yellow) is conjunct his natal Sun. This event added to the police commissioner’s notoriety and eventual resignation.
  • Transiting Mercury (pink) is conjunct the grim reaper Saturn.  We can confidently suggest that this man, Frederick Hanson had prior knowledge of this killing; he knew that it was going to take place.

The top of the Hanson bi-wheel is very busy isn’t it?  Perhaps this crime was the death knell for Hanson’s career and the murder of Juanita Nielsen remained on his conscience.   Fred Hanson committed suicide five years later by carbon monoxide poisoning.

And what of the other players in this tragedy?  We’ll have to move indoors and prepare for Act 2…   to be continued

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