Coming Leisl, ready or not

WEHLI was aware of NSW police Strike Force WEHL at an early stage; an investigation into the disappearance of Leisl Smith of Wallarah, New South Wales and waited in expectation of an early answer as did so many others.

  • Leisl’s car had been found at Tuggerah railway station on Sunday 19th August 2012, apparently abandoned.
  • She had not told her family that she was off on an adventure; wasn’t coming home for dinner.  Had she come to harm?

This photograph of Leisl reveals an independent young woman, looking straight at the camera lens with sparkling eyes, apparently happy – at least when the photo was taken.  I figured she’ll come home in her own time, however once pressed into at least taking a look into this case to see if she was okay, I agreed.

As a forensic astrologer, I need at least the birth date of the missing person.  I had the place and time when she was caught on CCTV at Tuggerah, however without the birth data I can’t go anywhere; I turned to social media.

Initially I discovered that her social media page had been recently hidden from view ; that alone rings alarm bells for me.  If a daughter is expected to return, someone controlling her social media page so soon after she has left, has much to answer for in my book.  Leisl is a young woman of 23 years of age, not 13.

Apart from thinking, “Who have you given your passwords to, Leisl?” I realised that I obviously wasn’t going to get any information that way.

Typing Leisl Smith into my search engine gave me an answer.  Very quickly I realised that there were personal agendas within a family dynamic taking precedence over finding a daughter or a sister.  There were two social media pages set up to choose from.  I contacted both; I got my reply.

Whether she believed in astrology or not, did not matter to Leisl’s mother and I didn’t ask if she did when she replied to my request for birth data. I don’t have the missionary zeal or need to convert anyone to astrology. To me, forensic astrology is a belief system, which can be utilised and then put back up on the shelf at the end of the day.

Astrology is a pseudo science; we do not purport to be anything more than interpreters of planetary tension.  We incorporate ancient symbology according to guidelines recorded a thousand years ago and toss in a pinch of wisdom.

What immediately gets my attention when I refer to her natal chart,  is that Leisl has a Sun in Aries and Moon in Aquarius; we have a fiery, independent young woman in front of us.  Why on earth would someone get in a flap and report her missing?

On the face of it, I though to myself that someone with this combination would be more likely to stage their own disappearance than go missing; I was intrigued.

Mainstream media revealed that Leisl loved animals, had horses and that one of her mares was about to foal when she disappeared; that she would not have left home at that time.  That didn’t convince me.  Sometimes, when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go.

Leisl-natalHaving the birth time as well as the date, we can generate a horoscope wheel and be confident in our approach to a character analysis.

The natal chart reveals that Leisl could have a good career with horses, anything from a farrier to a vet nurse.

With the angles revealing the four cardinal points – zero degrees Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, the world was her oyster.

Was it a lack of confidence or support or just opportunity that hindered you?  What went wrong Leisl?

There are indications in her chart, which have probably been a personal struggle for this young woman.  There is an ‘idealism’ picture in the first house (Mercury conjunct Venus conjunct Sun). This is a ‘version of reality’ for herself, acquired early, which she may not have shared with others.

Idealism is a hard road to walk and personally challenging.  It often takes a lifetime to comes to terms with.  Leisl may have not been able to identify it for what it is in isolation and not been aware that it is a challenge, nothing more.

This young woman would have had mentally created an ‘ideal’ of how she should project her self-image and with that Sun square Saturn, there was in all likelihood a personality struggle with her father (Saturn is the father symbol) about this image she wanted to portray.

astro-symbols.jpgWhen we are young, we all think we know everything and it is very hard to accept a parent’s guidance, no matter how well-meaning it might be.

Outside, independent advice or counselling can often be better under such circumstances, however that aside, we need to open our forensic toolkit.

In a forensic astrologer’s toolkit, there’s Google maps, computer software to reproduce the position of planets within our solar system – astrology charts and Greco/Roman symbolism  plus a few odds and ends, strings and ceiling wax. 

We move with the times and utilise modern technology, however in the end it can only be a suggested approach to the matter at hand. We poke and prod and interpret what the heavens have to say.

Apart from the natal chart, we generate a second chart, a snapshot of the planetary positions at the time of Leisl’s disappearance and combine the two to create a bi-wheel (method).  The inner wheel is the perspective of the disappearance and the outer wheel, Leisl’s birth data.


  • We can see that there is no tension with the forensic indicators Pluto and Saturn.  At the time of Leisl’s disappearance we can suggest that there was no immediate threat to her life.
  • Mars is conjunct Jupiter (highlighted in green) – note that it is Leisl’s Mars not the Mars of the event that is the action here; the event of a disappearance.

Leisl is the activator (Mars represents action) and Jupiter inflates what it touches. Jupiter is in the inner wheel; at the time of the event.  We can confidently suggest that Leisl was in control of her own movements on this day.

Note: If the planets were reversed as in Mars pressing on Jupiter, the action would be happening to Leisl, however this is not the case.

This planetary tension, combined with the turquoise highlighted planetary interaction, indicates an sense of urgency for Leisl;  ‘it’s now or never’.

That was more than two months ago and time is dragging on.  If Leisl is not a missing person, she must at least drop into a police station and let them know that she is okay; it is selfish not to.  Surely she is not oblivious to her family’s concerns for her.  We need to add our voice to the concerns of others.

For those not familiar with my process, you can read the method we use here.  Basically we create a locator angle, which is revealed from within the bi-wheel; flip the wheel and superimpose it over the point of her disappearance and follow the locator angle onto a map of the land.

MAP-LSclick on image for full size

Note: With forensic astrology I choose a red line to indicate danger and green when a person is travelling under their own guidance.

According to the heavens, in all likelihood, Leisl’s intentions were to travel to a location somewhere along that green line – as simple as across the road from the railway line in Tuggerah; a place where she had a prearranged meeting to farther along the green line or even beyond the boundaries of this map.


1st May, 2013

Leisl sent her father two text messages during the next three days following her disappearance, but nothing since.    Police now hold fears for her safety.

We need the birth data on a certain person of interest.

Note:  As much as I dislike hypothetical situations, what I can reveal is that by first light on Tuesday 28th August 2012, transiting Sun would align by conjunction with Leisl’s Lunar nodal axis, creating a traumatic event, however without data this interpretation can only be treated as subjective.

30th May, 2013

MAP#2-Leislclick on image for full size

We have information to hand of a property of interest in Maitland Rd, Kangy Angy.

When we transpose the locator bi-wheel as per the map above and superimpose it over the location of her abandoned car (as we did above), we can see that the line points straight to this property.

From that we can suggest that Leisl went to this address on the date when she left home.  Why she didn’t drive there is yet to be revealed. The astrology indicates that at that time, her life was not in danger.  This is confirmed by text messages to her father three days later.

19th August, 2013 – One year on…

Discussion re astrology charts of persons of interest: 

Update 19th October 2018 – POI #2; James Church has been arrested and will face court in Inverell this morning 9:30am

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23 thoughts on “Coming Leisl, ready or not”

  1. It makes you wonder..Dont people realise that family and friends worry? How inconsiderate is this girl?

  2. As a family friend, we don’t know what is going on for Leisl, so to say she’s inconsiderate is a little unfair. If she has just disappeared of her own will, yes, it’s a shame that she doesn’t know how much her family and friends miss her and worry. She may well be reading this. Leisl, please come home or let us know you are ok.

  3. Jen, I am very sure he family and friends are worried about her, and as a mum, I would be devistated if I was in all of your shoes, to think that just a mere phone call could relieve the stress of you all. She could just let one person know she was safe! That is what I find inconsiderate .

  4. I’ve received private contact from Leisl’s mother today. I didn’t run any of my story past her before I published, yet she’s told me that she is happy with what I’ve written and that is all that matters to me, folks.
    A mother’s love is the most precious thing in the world in my book.

  5. I agree Jen.. A mothers love is the most precious thing in the world. Take care and I hope she is safe and in contact soon. As a word of encouragement MM is exceptional in her field of work. K

  6. Amen to that. I hope that somehow Leisl will come across this page and have the confidence to contact someone – even just Police – to pass a message to those who love her and are missing their baby girl. Think of how protective mares are with their foals, and old broodmares who take care of a paddock full of weanlings and shelter them in a storm. You don’t know the pain until you are a Mum yourself, but please trust me. x

  7. This is all very sad. After I commented on this page I then looked at both fb sites for Leisl. I can see her family is extremely anxious for her return. It is nice that people have banded together to help you in your plight and that you get positive results soon.

  8. To all concerned, I truly hope and pray that this generated discussion garners a result and the where about of this precious child is made more apparent. Hang in there Sandy and if you need anything you know where I am, Cheers Brett, good luck and fingers crossed

  9. Ok, I am going to play devil’s advocate here. As I have seen that MM has many successes with her work, I am convinced Leisl is still alive (always have believed that). So what makes a person voluntarily disappear? Involved in a crime? I don’t think so. Involved with the wrong crowd and perhaps knows a bit too much? Highly likely. Love problems? Quite likely. Internal family issues? No comment. When you choose to disappear you don’t want the entire world looking for you. That can force you underground or to take a step I don’t want to think about. Perhaps an easing off of the public manhunt (turning to private instead) might help. If indeed Leisl is scared of someone then all this publicity must be scaring the bejeebers out of her. Just my two cents worth and living through the suicide of a 12 year old friend when I was child (she had run from parental sexual abuse and everyone in their wisdom searched for her and happily returned her home). Not saying that is why Leisl disappeared, just pointing out that sometimes our need to find someone overrides their needs to not be found.

  10. Interesting Ozmisis! Very interesting!
    What has happened to make her run? Is she sick of family feuding? Other personal problems? Maybe just had enough! Just stretched too far? I still think it would be good to let someone know she is safe.. Even if it is the police and say she just need time out if that is the case!
    It’s using up police resources that could be used elsewhere if that is the case!

  11. Yes Ozmo.. That was one of the main reasons I was holding off on writing this post. I was weighing up Leisl’s privacy (after all she is an adult) against a mothers plea for help. Mother won.

  12. how dare you!!! i hope that with the recent information we have, that she has been murdered, that you regret that post, and that you can sleep at night…i am lucky to get 3 or 4 hrs a day because my daughter is missing…whatever the reason she is missing, is not for you to speculate…if you cant help, then dont hinder…i hope you never have the heartache i am going through…Leisls mom

  13. kris and osmosis…i am sick to death of reading scenarios regarding my daughter…would you like me to write something about you or any of your family members???? do either of you go and join frinds and bitch about your partners because they spend too much??? beat and or abuse you??? one of your family members or a complete stranger mentally, physically or sexually abuse you??? is this why you have to make negative comments and rip my heart out even more??? to be honest, i dont care about your lives, or what is going on in them…my only concern is to find my daughter…the reasons are none of your business…and what if she had been abducted and someone else sent the texts??? if all you can do is make negative comments, then dont comment…Leisls mom

  14. Sandi,
    I hope you have some news soon, whatever it may be. So sorry for the pain you are going through. MM has your back, you’re in very safe hands. xx

  15. Hi! I am really sorry your daughter has disappeared and I can assure you that I do fully understand, being a mum myself.
    I would not leave any stone unturned if it was my daughter no matter what!
    I really hope she is found soon and it gives you peace of mind.

  16. Whilst I may not agree with everything you wrote, with the information you have it is very good.
    There is something else at play. The police justified seven property searches. This was based on the carrier being the last person to have seen Leisl. This is not true. They have information in their evidence where someone admitted being with Leisl on the same days a couple of hours after this.
    On the 26th October 2012, the police told me they had evidence of a positive sighting on the 4th September 2012 by a person who knew Leisl but didn’t realize at the time Leisl is a missing person.
    There is more at play.


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