A Jones girl, April Jones

On 14 January 2013, Mark Bridger pleaded not guilty to the charge of murdering April Sue-Lyn Jones, but accepted that he was probably responsible for her death.

The five year-old child had been missing for less than 24hours in October in 2012, when Mark Bridger was arrested.  In due course, he was charged with her abduction, murder and attempting to pervert the course of justice. Unlawful concealment and disposal of a body were added to the charges a short time later and still he didn’t give April back to her family.

AJ-PICThis little girl hadn’t wandered off, nor was she in a stranger-danger situation.  April was playing with her bike in the street; in a small town in Wales, when she went willingly into the Land Rover Discovery belonging to Mark Bridger, never to be seen again.

This man, a father of young children himself, was well known to both April and her family; no cause for alarm or so our sweet, innocent little girl thought.

The life-challenge of Cerebral Palsy didn’t stop young April from having a go at anything, living life to the full.   Without knowing her personally, we can suggest this by the arrangement of planets in her natal horoscope.  There is a stellium of planets in her birth chart; a bunch of planetary activity clustered together in the heavens; a posy of twinkling stars.

Things just ‘are’ for stellium people. Born under this alignment often indicates that a very bright spark is destined to live among us; a person whose candle will burn very brightly, if briefly.

AJ-natalStellium kids invariably take life as it comes; roll with the punches, not being subjected to the subtleties, which the rest of us have to deal with.

When we look at April’s natal chart, highlighted in pink the stellium appears as a fan and the handle of this fan of planets is the Lunar nodal axis.

April’s short life was bound to be a focus of public attention.

We have now entered the realm of forensic astrology. We’re not embarking on a scientific study. Forensic astrology utilises the science of astronomy, the technology of Google Maps and the belief system of classic astrology.

Religion is a belief system, just as astrology is a belief system.  It does not follow that all belief systems are religions.  To suggest that astrology purports to be a religion is a step in the wrong direction…  As an academic, I can say that the fear ‘that astrology might be a threat to someone’s religion’, is a red herring.  Astrology is not faith based.  It is based on math and symbolism; a pseudo-science.

So what have we got to step into the stars with…

  • Time and date of abduction of April Jones
  • Location of abduction/ residential address of April Jones’ family
  • Date of birth of April Jones
  • Date of birth of the person of interest, the POI Mark Bridger
  • Location of POI residential address

For those who have been down this road with me before, we know that we have a wealth of information.  What we do need is the co-operation of both April, POI and the heavens to share their story.

We have a man who has abducted a child and then suggests that he hasn’t murdered her and is just perhaps guilty of being responsible for her death. What man abducts a five year-old child without murderous, evil intent?

april-home-estateMore than 40,000 man-hours already spent combing the countryside, have so far found no trace April.

Mountains, derelict mines, potholes, lakes, the River Dyfi and the town of Machynlleth in Wales where she was abducted; 300 search areas in all and nothing.  I feel embarrassed to undertake any further suggestion, however astrology’s interpretation of the heavens will indicate what they will.

Rather than open with a character analysis, we’ll draw up our charts, fire up the computer and open Google Maps.  We can have our chat along the way about planetary tensions, locators and the undercover of darkness.

On another page I have explained the main methodology of how we operate, however firstly we take a snapshot of the heavens at the time that April was abducted.  This is what we call the ‘event’.  This is the perspective that everything else is determined from.

We then take a couple more snapshots – one on the day that April was born and another on the day that our POI was born.  These two charts are each overlaid the event chart to create bi-wheels.

MAP-M-CStep number one for me is where did the POI take April once he had tricked her into climbing into his vehicle?

Google maps has been flagged ‘A’ for the point of abduction and ‘B’ for the POI’s home base.  When we draw a line between these two points we have a locator angle.

This locator angle does not intersect with any planets in either the POI bi-wheel or the victim’s bi-wheel.

The heavens suggest that April Jones’ body will not be found at Ceinws.

We need to go back to basics, peel off another layer and superimpose bi-wheels over the point of abduction.  The court hearing may have been set back to the end of April 2013, however we have no need for set backs, we’ve stopped the clock.

Event-B and J

This image is of the two bi-wheels side by side with planets highlighted for ease of explanation.  The inner wheel is the snapshot of the heavens at the time of the abduction in Wales and the outer wheels are: on the left, Mark Bridger’s birth wheel and on the right, April Jones’ birth wheel.

Referring to the event first (the inner wheel):

  • Highlighted in turquoise, the Moon (child indicator) sitting right on the horizon line, the exit.  Opposite to the Moon and highlighted in dark blue is the planet Saturn (the grim reaper) again sitting on the exit line.  Need I elaborate?  A child is leaving in the company of Father Time.
  • Highlighted in red we have Venus (child indicator) and opposite is Neptune (underhanded activity).
  • Highlighted in green is Pluto (another forensic indicator – loss of power) exact conjunct the mid-heaven.  Death is on the top of the agenda.
  • Highlighted in yellow is Mars (violence indicator) exact conjunct the Lunar nodal axis (we are in a public place).  April was abducted in the street close to her home.

The outer wheel of our POI is our next focus, the bi-wheel on the left:

  • Red is Venus (child indicator) at the top of the heavens at the MC. The child is the focus of this person’s actions.  His Venus is also conjunct to the green Pluto of the inner wheel.  This suggests that he intends to overpower this child by whatever means are at his disposal.
  • Highlighted in green (in the outer wheel) are the planets Pluto and Uranus conjunct.  Mark Bridger has lived with this ‘sudden change in power’ throughout his life.  It may even suggest a mental instability in this regard.
  • Also highlighted in red is his Moon (child indicator – his emotional inner-child in this case) exact conjunct the planet Venus (April) in the inner wheel.  I would suggest that this man has a fascination with children, which he does not fully understand.  I have to ask if this has been considered in a psychological analysis?

Note:  I have drawn a red locator line here, as this last interpretation is in all likelihood basic to the reason for the abduction, especially considering the intersection with Neptune on the other side of the wheel.  Neptune is in the zodiac sign of Pisces; there’s water symbolism, with the Moon (another water indicator) included in the picture.  I would suggest that Mark Bridger also has a fascination with water.

April meanwhile has her planetary input to share. Initially it should perturb us that neither her Pluto nor Saturn have strong tension aspects to planets of the event. To a degree, we can explain this away as due to the stellium effect not recognizing the danger she was in.

However, what must not be overlooked is the golden rule, that ‘any aspect to an angle is of primary importance’.

  • April’s natal Pluto (death indicator) 28 degrees Sagittarius is exact sextile (sixty degrees) to the exit point of the descendant.
  • April’s dark blue natal Moon (child indicator) is conjunct the exit point of the descendant (3 o’clock on the face of a clock).
  • April’s dark blue natal Moon (child indicator) is conjunct Saturn (the grim reaper) of the event.
  • April’s natal Moon (child indicator) is directly opposite the Moon of the event.
  • April’s highlighted in red natal Mars (forensic indicator of violence) is conjunct the event’s Neptune (underhandedness) and opposite the planet Venus (child indicator) of the event.
  • Note this Mars is exactly on the red line we have indicated already from the previous bi-wheel.  April confirms our angle of interest.

Almost as an astrology postscript, we note that the first house (relationship with self) contains the hidden bully (zodiac sign of Taurus) and the 7th house the public relationship ie POI and victim also contains the mirror of the hidden sign of Scorpio (victim).

So what do we get from all of this?  I’ve drawn two locator angles of interest.  April is pressing for an almost East-West line up with the two Moons and Saturn of the event.  I take heed as Saturn is more often than not a body location locator.

MAP_AJ-locator_estateclick on image for full size

‘When we do our flip and centre over the point of abduction (read why we do this here), we have a line of interest to continue onto a map of the land.

I’ve changed the East-West locator line to the colour blue as it is a predominately Lunar locator angle.  The heavens indicate that this line will intersect with a location of significance in relation to the recovery of April’s remains.

The red locator angle would appear to be more related to the abduction.  Again the heavens have their say. This red line would intersect with a place of great significance in this case.

William Lilly’s ancient text also suggests N.E. if I am not mistaken and I defer to his expert knowledge.

April-starsApril has rellies in the antipodes; Aussies will recognise the Corella.  Here she sits among the stars beaming love to us all.  God bless you sweet child.

May April be found soon so that her family can find some closure and a community, peace.

Postscript: 31 May 2013

Mark Bridger was given a whole life sentence by trial judge Mr Justice Griffith Williams after he was convicted by a jury at Mold Crown Court of April’s abduction and murder, and of perverting the course of justice by unlawfully disposing, destroying or concealing her body. Life means life…

Bridger however, did not give up the location of April’s remains.

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