Prisoner X

Instead of weighing a feather against a life, Israel has thrown in a couple of million shekels.  That’s what Prisoner X’s life is worth, or so the word is, out of Israel.  The family gets a bit more that half a million dollars in exchange for their child’s life.  Is the payout for death in custody or was it worker’s compensation?

I hope it’s enough to put his kids through school and provides some bread and duck-under-the-table for the widow.

ben-zygier-grave-prisoner-xBen Zygier was 34 when he died, reportedly hanging himself inside a supposedly “suicide proof” cell in the maximum-security prison, Ayalon in Tel Aviv, Israel.  We are told that he was held on unknown charges and only referred to as ‘Prisoner X’; his name was never mentioned. The body was reportedly repatriated to his parents one week later and buried in a Jewish cemetery in Melbourne, December 2010.

This nameless person had mates in Israel.  They knew him as Benji Alon. As Ben Zygier, he had been educated in his hometown Melbourne, graduating from Bialik College in 1993; studied law and completed his articles at law firm Deacons and reportedly completed an MBA at Monash University.

This man was no innocent abroad who had migrated from Australia to Israel, as much as he would have liked us to believe.  He didn’t just hold dual passports; one for Israel and one for Australia.  Heaven only knows how, but he had at least four passports, that we know of.  They were in the names of Ben Zygier, Ben Alon, Ben Allen and Benjamin Burrows.

Actually I can relate to that in a bizarre sort of way.  I had the travel bug early and went to Israel for a few months to avoid the European winter while on an overseas adventure.  That was the thing we back-packers did in those days; hitchhike south for the winter.  Kids probably still do, I don’t know.  Me, I went fruit picking on a kibbutz.

The Israeli authorities gave me my visa on a piece of paper rather than stamp my passport, as I had Arab countries to cross on my overland trip back to Aus, but my subterfuge was within the Israeli system.  Benji’s was a combination of the Australian and Israeli security services.  Any wonder that the media think that there is intrigue going on: Mossad and ASIO?

ben-alon-300We must reflect on media reports that this man, a qualified lawyer who had completed military service in Israel, was an agent for the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad.

He was also under investigation by ASIO for multiple passport applications in different names.

Makes you want to shake your head doesn’t it and with every day we get more revelations as to how ASIO and the Australian government knew and kept quiet; it’s not just Israel with tight lips.  Let’s hope a government enquiry will close some loopholes.

Thanks to ABC’s Foreign Correspondent, we have more than our 07cents worth to work with here.  A forensic astrology enquiry of our own can be undertaken.  We daren’t hold our breath waiting for anyone official to spill the beans so let’s ask the heavens for their input.  So what do we have?

  • Date and place of birth for our POI
  • Date and place of death for our POI
  • A locator angle – Tel Aviv, Israel to Melbourne, Australia (body was repatriated)

We don’t have a timed event so we will have to work backwards to create a possible scenario by turning to our friend Google Maps and our methodology explained here.

I am immediately at high alert.  What if I discover that the time of death is on the hour?  Let’s hope we don’t come up with something ominous like noon, as that would set off alarm bells as to his death being something other than suicide.

The autopsy report of asphyxiation; death by hanging could go either way.  Was Ben Zygier executed by means of hanging, or did he suicide, hang himself?

With 24-hour surveillance of his prison cell,  I must question this possibility. I know from forensic research, that someone doesn’t need to string themselves up and jump off a chair to die by hanging, but that detail is not for us to comment on.  Our enquiry is into the heavens input in this case.

I apologise to those who are regular readers, however I must add my usual disclaimer here, that this enquiry is based on astrology; it is not a scientific study, nor does it purport to be. 

Forenic astrology utilizes the science of astronomy, the technology of Google Maps, the belief system of classic astrology plus a hopefully wise head on old shoulders. Basically we ask questions and make suggestions according to the heavens input.

Firstly our locator angle, which is determined as per this map; Tel Aviv, Israel to Melbourne, Australia; the place of death, to where the body rests.  This is where the planets Pluto and Saturn joined forces to bring Ben Zygier home to his family.MAP#1-Zygier

The next step is as a result of our methodology to determine a time of death.  We create an astrology wheel at midnight on the date of his death and turn the clock forwards.

With astrology this is Alice in Wonderland territory remember, so it is anticlockwise on a horoscope wheel, we turn the clock hands until we achieve forensic indicators of a possible time of death.

This is done in conjunction with the birth horoscope of the person of interest.  Read the methodology if you want more explanation.

event-zygierThis is the bi-wheel we have created for a timed event  of 15th December 2010.

The inner wheel is the timed event and the outer wheel is the birth chart for Ben Zygier.

Let you be the judge of the results, as to whether he died by his own hand or not.  I will refer to Ben Zygier as BZ below.

Firstly we have our locator angle intersecting the two main forensic indicators.

  • Planet Saturn of the event (the presence of the grim reaper) is in direct alignment with Pluto (death indicator) in the natal chart of BZ.  The symbol of Pluto represents power/powerlessness and death is the ultimate loss of power.
  • The Moon of the event (dark blue) is square the natal Moon and is also in direct alignment with the forensic indicators and on the locator angle. We are not dealing with a child on this occasion and so it can be that his children were on his mind or an alternative interpretation is that of one’s emotional needs.  Either way, it was a highly emotional event.
  • House 1 – it’s personal and House 7 – his death is within a public relationship/ a public relation exercise. (apologies for the insensitivity)

Note that the Lunar nodal axis is not involved – this is not a public staged event.  Well it wasn’t then in 2010 and the security services are trying like hell to keep the lid on it now in 2013.

Secondly highlighted in pink, we have the planet Venus as the perspective in conjunction with his natal Uranus.  (Venus can represent children in forensic astrology and Uranus, modern technology.)

  • Was Ben Zygier given the opportunity to record a message for his children, make a phone call home?  Both planets are in the zodiac sign of Scorpio so we will probably never know the answer.

Next, highlighted green at the top of the bi-wheel is BZ’s natal Sun.  I believe he is in charge, as we are at the zenith.  It is a career choice.  I know that sounds bizarre, however the turquoise highlights are also all in the career sector of the 10th house.

Whether this career is as a Mossad agent or something else, the decision appears to be a career choice.  Was it his choice or was his career choice made for him?

We are told that BZ died as a result of asphyxiation, well in astrology the symbol for asphyxiation is the planet Mercury, the planet of communication (voice/throat).

  • Highlighted turquoise in the outer wheel is the planet Mercury.  That is Ben’s natal planet Mercury.  This is his method of death.  We can suggest this because of the alignment of planets in a cluster, a stellium of planets in the heavens overhead at the time, also highlighted in turquoise.  They are in conjunction to his natal Mercury.
  • The stellium is: Sun, nodal axis, Mercury, Pluto, Mars and all are conjunct BZ’s natal Mercury.  The highlight (Sun) is on his asphyxiation (Mercury) death (Pluto). Mars is the act of the taking of the life. We can also say here with this combination of planets, that the story was bound to get out, as the Lunar nodal axis is in the picture.

The second highlighted green area on the LHS is the midpoint picture of Neptune/Uranus=Ascendant.  We know that the ascendant is the message that the deceased has to say about the event.  The ascendant is Ben Zygier’s and the Neptune/Uranus midpoint is in the inner wheel, the event. The following is interpreted straight out of the text book.

Ben has chosen this method of death as a desire for sympathy to his plight, not from an egoistic perspective. His loss of socio-professional position has led to an unstable environment. (he is in prison)

His spiritual world is awakened as he departs this life.

MAP#2-ZygierWhen we do our thing and flip the bi-wheel, then superimpose it directly over Tel Aviv, we see that Ben Zygier and the heavens point the way home to the ultimate resting place of his body, Melbourne.







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  1. I like what you guys are up too. Such clever work and reporting! Carry on the excellent works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it’ll improve the value of my website :).


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