Paul Stevenson where are you?

A good man is cut down in the prime of his life.  After a youth as a contract musterer and timber cutter, Paul Stevenson married, fathered a couple of kids and even coached the local junior footy team; a good family man.

The morning after his twenty-second wedding anniversary, Paul set off on his black Honda for an early morning run to Paradise Dam.  It was way before first-light when he filled up at the servo and set out.  CCTV caught him on camera.

That was the last time Paul was seen.  He was reported missing when he didn’t come home and a missing person alert swung into action.

Stevenson-posterFollowing an extensive search on road and in the air, the AGL helicopter spotted his bike and helmet by a road far from home.

The bike apparently appeared to be concealed rather than at the site of an accident and further searches for Paul have not found any trace of him.

It is close to a year later now with nothing happening so with information provided to me by family, we can conduct a forensic enquiry.  Hopefully we can get some result from the heavens, which may shine a light onto the case and provide fresh leads for exploration.

I add my usual disclaimer here, that astrology is a pseudo science; is not accepted as scientific fact and can only make suggestions as to a possible outcome of this disappearance.  Our toolkit is Google Maps, positions of planets provided by astronomy, classic astrological interpretation and the rest is knowledge and experience.

As is my standard practice I generate astrology bi-wheels with computer software, indicate any forensic indicators present and draw up any locator angles, which require further investigation.  So what do I have?

  • Birth data Paul Stevenson
  • Residential address
  • CCTV footage time and place
  • Location of abandoned motorcycle

For those who are familiar with my method, you will know that I will utilise the clock time as our main event.  The first chart can be created from a snapshot/freeze-frame of the planetary positions at this point in time in Bundaberg, Queensland.

The second chart (the outer wheel), we use the birth chart for Paul; another snapshot of the planetary positions.  As we don’t have a time of birth, the Moon position is not exact, however it has not been needed on this occasion.

We also create a series of screen captures from Google Maps of Bundaberg and surrounds.  The methodology used with the maps is explained in detail here.  What we basically do is flip the bi-wheels and superimpose them over the points on the maps and extend any forensic locator angles onto the map.

The angles that these lines intersect are intended as further lines of enquiry for family or law enforcement, not for us forensic astrologers.  Our job stops at the point of interpreting what the heavens tell us; our locators.

Some like to interpret this method as a combination of the missing person and the stars joining hands and pointing the way.

From experience, we have found that a study of the maps rings bells in the memory of friends or family and further enquiries can be made at certain locations.  Here is the result of our enquiry.

Step 1:  The bi-wheel

Event-Stevensonclick on image for full size

The inner wheel is the CCTV sighting and the outer wheel is the birth data for Paul.

The forensic indicators are immediately present, we are not the bringer of good tidings.

The CCTV footage is at 3:28am; these events occurred more than 2 hours before sunrise. It appears that Paul was killed under the cover of darkness. Was it just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Immediately take note of two locator angles – one in red and one in pink.  The red line indicates the death and the pink the locator for a body.

  • Highlighted in red in the inner wheel is Mars (action), intersecting with Pluto (death indicator) in Paul’s natal chart (2 o’clock position on a clockface).  The planet Pluto is the astrology symbol for power/powerlessness.      The taking of a life is the ultimate loss of power.
  • Paul’s Saturn (death indicator) is opposite to his natal Uranus (also highlighted in red) and this intersects with the highlighted yellow planet Neptune (underhandedness) in the event chart (the inner wheel).        The planet Saturn’s symbol is the grim reaper; a hand-me-down from Greek mythology.
  • Neptune in Paul’s chart is also exact at the midheaven (the top of the chart – also yellow) – immediately overhead.

In this case I might be more inclined to consider that another of Neptune’s hats is involved – drugs.   Did Paul walk in unexpectedly on something untoward going down/ taking place; was it to do with illegal drugs?

Without going into all the interpretation of planets; allowing for some sensitivity for family who may read this page, it would appear that Paul may have crossed paths with / visited  a parent of one of his children’s friends or even a father of a lad who plays footy.  Note: planetary indicators are present to substantiate this. 

Perhaps this person may have a common interest in bike riding early in the morning; it is not for me to speculate further in this regard. 

Whatever happened, it appears that Paul did not continue out to Mount Perry or Paradise Dam.

Step 2: Maps

MAP-bikeMap 1: We now superimpose the flipped bi-wheel (see methodology for why) over a map of the area centred over the point where Paul Stevenson’s motorbike was recovered.

Note that there is a red line from this point to Paul’s home address in Bundaberg.  Even if we were to reverse the positioning of the bi-wheel and centre it over his home address, there are no planets within cooee of the red line connecting Paul’s home to the site of the motorbike recovery.

There are no planets intersecting the line. Paul did not ride to this address.

MAP-servoMap 2: We repeat the same steps only this time we superimpose over the location of the CCTV; the service station where he refueled his bike.  Forensic indicators are present when we look at the red line connecting his home to the service station.

  • I would definitely take another look at that CCTV footage (I trust police kept a copy) to see whom Paul interacted with, if anyone, at the servo at 3:28am on 11th March, 2012.
  • Another enquiry, extending the red line onto the map and going beyond the boundaries of this map if need be; we can suggest that it is highly likely that a person of interest who is involved in the death of Paul Stevenson would have been living within close proximity of that red line.

Of course they could be located at either end of the red line, however I doubt that Paul would have doubled back on his tracks. Prove me wrong if you have to.

  • As to the pink line, that is a locator as to where Paul’s body may be located.  Again extend the line beyond the map if need be.  The planetary locators to support this second suggestion are highlighted in pink in the above bi-wheel: Mars=Moon/Saturn

I don’t know if Paul had an interest in map reading, however this particular classical astrology interpretation of Moon/Saturn reads ‘awareness-strategy-direction’ and the Mars input equates with ‘take action’. That’s straight from the text book, not a psychic talking…

Perhaps a family member may be more familiar with that terminology than I.  Math is not my forte.

PSThat is the end of our input, however if we can be of further service when you find a person of interest, give me a hoy AF…



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4 thoughts on “Paul Stevenson where are you?”

  1. Not in the true sense but many bereaved families have stated that they needed closure when a loved one goes missing. I for one won’t argue for what comes out of the mouths of loved ones. Never finding a missing person would add to the trauma the family (generic term) are already suffering.


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