Young love – Bob and Fontelle Pt.2

I must reiterate before we begin with my disclaimer, that this is an astrology enquiry; it is neither scientific fact nor is it accepted as evidence in a court of law.

Astrology is a pseudo science. We can only suggest possibilities within the framework of classic astrology and make interpretations according to astrological symbols. We endeavour to interpret what the heavens seem to already know; sometimes it feels like a quest for the philosopher’s stone.

Reward-PosterThe heavens have shared some knowledge in relation to the disappearance of Robert Merle Harrod in so much as they have indicated at least two persons of interest as a result of our enquiry (Part 1).

As a result, we could pose a question by analogy and ask if one person might have loaded the gun and the other fired the weapon?

Our next step is to enquire as to how and when a murder could have taken place. Putting aside the red herrings and muddy waters, what is the possible timeframe for this crime to be committed?

We know that family members were present in Bob’s home on the day before his disappearance.  We know that he had a telephone conversation with Fontelle at around 10pm that same Sunday night.  After that we cannot accept any further information as being completely unbiased prior to midday on Monday 27th July, 2009 when the cleaning lady arrived.

We have a window of up to fourteen hours that needs to be narrowed down to within minutes to be reliable for our enquiry.  It’s up to us to reveal what the heavens already know.  The forensic astrology crumb trail will start us off.

These are points of particular note:

  • Son in-law Jeffrey Michaels had a key to the house back door (he let the cleaning lady in at approximate 12:15pm)
  • Grandson also had a key (let police in following missing person report)
  • Bob’s bed was unmade (an exceptional event according to the cleaning lady)
  • Bob’s car is locked and in the driveway (at 81 he is somewhat frail on his legs – bad knees and does not walk any great distance).

As our POI, Jeffrey Michaels was at Bob’s home doing property maintenance on the day of 27th July, we are compelled to ask:

  • Did Jeffrey Michaels stay at his son Andrew’s place overnight after the family meeting, rather than make the round-trip back to his home more than an hour’s drive away?
  • Did his wife Julie also stay in town?
  • Where did they bed down that fateful night?

Jeffrey and Julie Michaels lived more than an hour’s drive from Bob, whereas their son Andrew lived just a hop, skip and a jump away – less than a five-minute walk cutting across a park at the end of the street. (map)

From what I have noticed, the stumbling block to a resolution of a timeframe for this crime relates to an overload of misinformation; of alibi; of various witnessed phone-calls and in particular the 10am phone call, which Bob is supposed to have taken on the Monday morning.

The police have not identified whom the person was that made this 10am call or took this call from Bob.  I question the credence of this phone-call as no information has not been forthcoming in the intervening years. That being the case, I shall consider it unsubstantiated by anyone other than an unreliable source.  When I say unreliable, I include any person who may have stood to be advantaged by providing an alibi for a person of interest.

With this as my basis, I suggest that Bob could have been killed as early as pre-dawn; that his body was possibly removed from his home under the cover of darkness and taken to another place prior to our POI’s creating an alibi for the crime. 

In order to consider this possibility, we need the heavens to either corroborate or exclude this possibility. So where do we start?

MAP-P-RSclick on images for full size

We can create a locator angle as we did previously, by connecting the residence of the main person of interest to Bob’s residence, the possible crime scene.

Once we have that we can see if that angle reveals any significant planetary indicators in the charts.

As a psychologist, I choose to think of this method as ‘the persons whose birth data we are using are telling us what has happened in a way, which is bypassing their egos’.  Another belief system will give a different spin, I am sure.

For those who aspire to join me in the alchemy of the method: 

  • Firstly follow the methodology created to align astrology with cartography, (but in reverse) so flip the angle, which we have created above, rather than the astrology wheel.
  • Create an event by generating a chart from the perspective of a starting point at eg 12:00:00am (midnight) 27th July, 2009, location Placentia, CA.
  • Generate bi-wheels with the persons of interest as the outer wheels of this event:  The inner wheel is the event and the first outer wheel is the natal chart for the victim (Bob Harrod) and the second is the POI; in our case, JM.
  • Progressing the earthly clock forwards with the rotation of the earth, (the astrology wheel moves anti-clockwise), we look for an intersection of planets with the locator angle.
  • First question now is whether the intersected planets are forensic indicators or not.  If they are, note the event times and continue the enquiry until the wheel has rotated to midday on the 27th July.
  • With practice, once a major intersection is reached there is no need to continue further. In this case I’ve stopped the clock at 4:15am.
  • Generate new bi-wheels with the new event time and test against the map.
  • It all sounds rather bizarre, however if we can keep an open mind, the heavens seem to know when an event is to take place ahead of time and we mere mortals just need to do the math.

When we are dealing with precise times, we know that the planetary orbits are such that their alignments hold for at least a 24hour period or more.  What we have to rely on is that horizon line ticking over every couple of minutes and also our earthly satellite, the Moon. 

That is why the angles are so important in astrology – the horizon line connecting the ascendant (left hand side) and its opposite the descendant; as well as the MC midheaven (at the top of a wheel) and its opposite, the IC (the bottom, the nadir). 

The Moon changes very quickly as well so accuracy can be determined by the combination of these factors.

We must have interaction with all of these for a time to be a ‘star event’.  We have it in this case.  The heavens are shouting; bells are ringing, folks…

For those who are already familiar with my methodology or are here for the story, we can cut to the chase.


The clock on the bedside table is PDT 4:15am and I trust that Bob is deep in slumber. All good men and women deserve to die in their sleep; the wish is for a peaceful passing, however that is not to be for Bob.

  • Mars transits overhead to intersect with Bob’s natal nodal axis, which a forensic astrologer will tell you is a traumatic event indicator.
  • The Mars alignment by conjunction is also with his Sun, his very earthly-being, his physical self.  The nodal conjunct Sun also indicates that this man’s life, or in our case death, will be on the public’s agenda.
  • The horizon line has aligned to natal Pluto (death).  The power struggle between life and death has entered the frame.
  • Transiting Uranus (sudden changes) is at the zenith, conjunct the midheaven; overhead.
  • Venus by transit is also in tension with this point (Venus square Uranus) Venus is also the child indicator. 
  • Saturn (the grim reaper) transits close to the nadir and is also in the 3rd house (communication).

Where is the Moon’s input, you may ask?

  • The Moon at PDT 4:15am was at the midpoint of Bob’s natal Saturn/Neptune which we can interpret as the grim reaper and underhandedness are centred under the moon’s light.

Before you jump up and down with your rebuttals as to the time dear reader, bear with me a little longer and allow me to share what the heavens have to say about Jeffrey Michaels and this event time of 4:15am.

We have the same story with the inner planets at the angles above and the forensic indicators we talked about in Part 1 which appear to incriminate this POI in Bob’s death.  What we need to align with this time are the angles and the Moon and we have them all.

  • Natal Uranus (sudden changes) is at the ascendant, on the table so to speak.
  • Natal Saturn is exact at the nadir, the grim reaper is at his side.
  • The Moon in the heavens at 4.15am is exact conjunct to natal Neptune, underhandedness is happening at this time.

That is what the charts have to say.  As to the all important locator angle, note that we have a common red line in the two bi-wheels.

MAP-Bob-JeMWhen we flip the bi-wheels (see method) and transpose them over the residences of the two individuals the lines connect exactly to connect these two persons to the event at 4.15am.  That is my definitive answer as to the time of the crime.

bobThe heavens would suggest that Bob was killed in his bed, possibly smothered and his body was moved to another place.

As to the location of Bob’s body, that will take us to another level of enquiry and another time.  His smile will accompany us on our search.

Fore more detailed background on this case please visit this site.

sleuths rule…

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