Young love – Bob and Fontelle Pt.1

heartsIn May 2009 Bob Harrod received a happy surprise when the phone rang.  It was a contact call from a love interest in his youth; Fontelle Heeter.

She had never forgotten that handsome, tall Missouri boy and her daughter went online to see if she could reconnect them.  Bob had been engaged to Fontelle some fifty-nine years earlier, in the early part of 1950 before he was called up to the USMC reserve.

Long distance romances are not always successful as we know; Bob fell for another gal while in California, married and lived happily ever after until he was widowed in March 2008.

Bob continued to live alone in the marriage home in California with his three daughters and extended family not too far away and a grandson just around the corner, though it was not the same as having a partner by his side.  Fontelle was in a similar situation although she was in another state and another time zone, Missouri.

bob-fontelleFollowing lots of phone calls back and forth, Fontelle traveled to Orange County to visit Robert on June 23, 2009 and six days later they were married in a civil ceremony.

At 81 years of age, time would be of the essence.  No messing around for our Bob and Fontelle.

After sixty years, they had only two weeks together; their honeymoon was short and sweet.  Fontelle returned to her home in Missouri to collect her belongings and planned to return two weeks later on 29 July, however the fates intervened.  Fontelle would not see Robert again.

Meanwhile behind the scenes, we know that Bob had the equivalent of a squillion in the bank and a family who weren’t let in on the news of the marriage until several days after the event. Were they happy for him?  Were they happy for Fontelle?

It appears not from what I’ve read of this case of a missing person. The night before Bob’s disappearance, there appears to have been a heated family meeting at Bob’s home in relation to the family financial trust.

Following Fontelle’s report of a missing person some 24 hours after their last phone conversation, initially the local law enforcement didn’t appear to go the extra mile in their effort to locate Bob. His immediate family seemed to indicate that perhaps he had cold feet or had gone for a stroll around the neighbourhood.

Despite public and private enquiries since that time, not a word has been heard from Bob. All searches have come back empty. I wonder what the heavens might have to say about this mystery?

In order to undertake an astrology enquiry, we consider the planetary positions in the heavens at a given time and compare this snapshot with other pictures taken at different times. The backdrop is the astrological zodiac, which is not accepted as scientific fact. Forensic astrology is not a scientific study according to the sciences and is not accepted in a court of law to the best of my knowledge.

We can only suggest possibilities within the framework of classic astrology and make interpretations according to astrological symbology.  Provided that the dates of birth of the persons of interest are correct, we can interpret the planetary interaction according to their birth charts.

As a result of enquiry, there are facts of interest to this forensic astrologer, which determine the path I shall take.  In my opinion, there are many red herrings, which have been successful in muddying the waters in previous general enquiries.  I have to ask if this was in order to create an elaborate alibi for some persons?

There are many suggested times when a crime may have taken place; both from persons whom may wish to confuse the issue by having hidden agendas and those who may not.

Fontelle rang Bob late in the evening of 26th July and from then on things get murky apart from the Missing Persons Report – PDT 12:22am on 28th July, 2009 and so we use this specific time for our initial enquiry of the heavens; our ‘event’.

We have the birth data for Bob and his immediate family; his three daughters, son-in-law Jeffrey Michaels and his grandson, Andrew Michaels.  When we create bi-wheels, we can immediately eliminate the two elder daughters from physical involvement in the disappearance of Bob Harrod, as the forensic indicators are not present.

Paula and Roberta are not entirely free of the event of this enquiry as other  involvement indicators are present, however as to the actual deed of abduction and/or murder of their father, I cannot see any interpretation to confirm this.

quad-mp-harrodclick on image for maximum size.

This image is made up of bi-wheels created from a snapshot of the heavens at the time of the Missing Persons report made by Fontelle.  The inner wheel is the event and the outer wheels are the position of the planets at the time of birth of the remaining four family members.

Irrespective of the exact time of day or night that Bob died on 27 July, 2009, we know that the planetary alignments are fixed.  No planets orbit fast enough to make a difference in the interplay of action and the Moon will remain within range.

What changes every couple of minutes due to the rotation of the Earth is the horizon and with that, the houses of the bi-wheel; the arenas of play change over a 24 hour period.

The natal charts (the outer wheels of the bi-wheels) are firstly Bob, then his youngest daughter Julie, her husband Jeffrey and their son Andrew Michaels.

The planets discussed are highlighted in colours for ease of reference.

Without taking leave, do we have a crime?  The indications are that we do have a crime, not just of abduction, but of murder; murder of an 81 year-old man.  A man who saved his pennies to create a financial trust for his family has been struck down and murdered according to the heavens and with the ascendant at the zodiac of Taurus, the heavens indicate that money was the motivating factor.

How do we know that Bob was murdered and not just abducted?  We look at the first bi-wheel; the phone call event (inner wheel) and Bob’s natal chart (outer wheel).  It is the holistic picture that tells us.  Here are the indicators:

  • Mars (action) transit exact natal Sun (Bob’s physical body) entering the 2nd house (that’s the money house).  This confirms the motivation for the crime.
  • Pluto (forensic indicator of death) transits to quindecile Bob’s Pluto (his power source); a death obsession.  I wonder if Bob didn’t in someway have an inkling of what was to come.
  • Pluto opposite natal Mercury highlighted in yellow (powerless to communicate); possible method of death involved the throat, inability to breathe.  The Taurus ascendant would also confirm this.
  • Neptune-Jupiter in turquoise is opposite Neptune (inflated subterfuge) in the 5th house (children); heavenly indicators are that one of his children is responsible for the underhandedness; the scheming.
  • Moon (another child indicator in forensic astrology) is coloured blue and is opposite Bob’s Jupiter as well as in quindecile aspect to his natal Mars – all within the house of love given and hidden as Aries (the action zodiac).  Basically this is further indication of a child obsessively abusing a father’s love.

Humans may err, but the heavens never lie.

The second bi-wheel is Bob’s youngest daughter Julie and her planetary input at the same time.

  • The Sun is exact conjunct Julie’s Uranus.  This indicates sudden changes in behaviour and can also refer to the use of modern technology (telephone) Telephone calls were the main alibi given to her husband throughout the day.
  • The Moon highlighted in blue, is in exact conjunction to Julie’s Neptune (subterfuge of a child under the spotlight).
  • Venus (child indicator) is in tension aspect with Julie’s Sun (self) The finger is pointing and someone has raised their hand here to own up to their involvement.
  • Uranus is opposite to Julie’s Jupiter (changeability, highly inflated)
  • Saturn (the grim reaper) is conjunct Julie’s Moon (child indicator – she is Bob’s child after all).  Julie is definitely indicated as being involved in a death of a parent according to the heavens.

In reality we have to ask, is Julie capable of such a crime?

The third bi-wheel is the same perspective and the interaction of planetary positions according to Julie’s husband and son-in-law, Jeffrey Michaels.  We note immediately that there’s lots of red highlighted planets.  Red is the colour used as attention getters/ primary forensic locators.

  • Mars conjunct Mars-Sun (aggressiveness in action – prime crime indicator)
  • Mercury conjunct Pluto (communication of power and also the method of death indicator)
  • Moon square Venus (scheming together with the child  indicator – his wife and possibly also his own child and Bob’s grandson Andrew) Is this man under pressure by his wife and/or son to commit a crime?
  • Uranus opposite Saturn (sudden changes involving the grim reaper).

Without elaborating further, as we have numerous forensic crime indicators, we can suggest that the heavens are indicating that this is our perpetrator; the central person of interest.

Did Bob’s son-in-law in fact commit a crime of this nature?

The fourth bi-wheel is Bob’s grandson, Andrew. There is much we could discuss, however as we already have our main perpetrator, I suggest we go straight to the creation of a map in relation to his contribution to our enquiry.

MAP-W-phone-Asee map-locator methodology.

Inserting a flipped version of Andrew’s bi-wheel and centering it over a map of his home residence, we can see that the red line (connecting his home with that of his grandfather’s address) intersects his natal planet Mercury (highlighted in yellow) and also the position of the Moon at the time of the Missing Person Report.

As Mercury is the planet of communication, the heavens suggest here that Andrew would have had prior knowledge of a planned event; a plan, which unfolded on that fateful day.  The Moon again is a child indicator ie in this case, a grandchild.

Did Andrew have knowledge, which could have helped locate his missing grandfather?

I note that Andrew has since changed his surname from Michaels to Harrod.  That may suggest that there has been a rift in his immediate family. 

If I were a member of the law enforcement and the detective on the case, I would approach Andrew as the likely person of the trio of POI’s to tell the truth of what happened to his grandfather, Robert Merle Harrod.

I believe we can go further with this forensic enquiry.  We can reveal when Bob was more than likely murdered, where he was murdered and possibly also where his body may be located.  We will continue with Part 2

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