Toddlers and tiaras Pt.2

JBR-RIPBefore I take one step further in our forensic astrology enquiry into the JonBenet Ramsey murder, we need to exclude a further person of interest who falsely confessed to the crime, John Mark Karr.  He was born on a night once the lights went out in Georgia in December, 1964.

When we create a bi-wheel from the perspective of the murder of JonBenet and include the birth data for this POI John Karr, we can reveal his connection to this case.  He does have all the forensic planetary indicators of death present, however they are not actually present, if you get my drift.  They are in quindecile aspect, (an obsession) in the twelfth house of the mind/the psyche.

event-r-JMKIn the outer wheel and natal planetary snapshot, Pluto and Mars are unable to be separated; forensically speaking, death and the act of killing are in the psyche, the twelfth house.

The planet Uranus is right there as well indicating sudden changes within the mind of this POI.

The quindecile, the obsession factor is with the event’s Saturn (the grim reaper) together with the associated nodal axis (the public arena) of the event, the murder.  We can suggest that John Karr is obsessed by this particular murder.

We immediately look to Neptune with suspicion of mental health issues being present and note that natal Neptune is opposite Jupiter – inflated fantasy.  In fact his natal horoscope is more of a horror scope.  We daren’t touch the Venus conjunction in the mix (transgender).

His natal Mercury is at the IC and conjunct the Sun on December 26, 1996.  John Karr would more than likely communicate (Mercury) that he was present at the event.  That he actually confessed to the murder, well that came from his disturbed mind.  He probably believed that he did kill JonBenet.  Justice on this occasion ruled him out.

Returning to the Ramsey family, we note that Patsy Ramsey was John Ramsey’s second wife.  He had lost a daughter before to an automobile accident; a daughter from a previous marriage.

event-r-fatherIf we generate a bi-wheel again from the perspective of the murder, we can see that at the time of John Bennett Ramsey’s birth in December, 1943 the planetary alignment is of interest to us from a forensic astrology perspective.

Once again, I reiterate that this is a pseudo scientific enquiry; that astrology is not acceptable in a court of law and is only answerable to the heavens themselves. 

The planetary positions in the heavens is determined by their orbits within our solar system and how they align against the backdrop of the astrological zodiac is beyond human control.  The interpretation of these alignments is classical astrology and symbolism, nothing more.

Immediately we note the parental influence in the natal chart of this man. With Pluto conjunct the nodal axis, it would appear that J.B. had a powerhouse of a mother who dominated his early life to the exclusion of the boy’s father (Saturn retrograde is present).  His mother has a lot to answer for in the behaviour modelling he received as a child.

On this night of the murder of his daughter, John Bennett Ramsey was caught up in the insanity of parental issues of his own, as his wife struggled with her own demons.  Violent indicators are present, albeit with Neptune’s input on the scene in JB’s case.  

Whether the thoughts and fantasy manifested into action or not,  we need to explore further planetary indicators.

John Ramsey’s natal Neptune is exact conjunct the ascendant of the event, having just left the 12th house of the psyche.  His personality is weakened by the depths of despair.

We can suggest that he would have wept buckets over his daughter’s body; tears as much for his own inner child as for JonBenet.  Oh boy, he does not want this event to come out into the public domain.

This explains JB’s alleged immediate reaction to call his pilot and tell him to stand by in the company jet: denial, running away all classic reactions by an inner child’s turmoil.  The police put the brakes on to prevent that from happening and the family never left the scene of the crime.

This man is tangled in this web of intrigue and the heavens will have their say as to his input to the event of the murder of his daughter JonBenet Patricia Ramsey.  He did not sleep through this event.

Note the surrogacy recurrence, in the name this time – John Bennet=JonBenet and Patricia=Patricia.  This child carries a burden of responsibility to carry both parents into the future.  Abrogation of responsibility hangs heavily in the air. There is a smell of fear in the room.

In addition to the parental issues of his inner child, we note that transiting Jupiter is in quindecile aspect to this Pluto-nodal cross that he bears; an aspect which is currently in the 11th house (love needed). Obsessional behaviour keeps cropping up doesn’t it.

If his wife is experiencing a psychotic episode, as we considered as a possibility in our earlier post, then this man is definitely reverting to childhood reactions as a result; this suggested reliving of fear of the wrath of his mother; of not living up to his mother’s expectations, would be paramount.  Whom does the child fear more?  His mother or God?

We could suggest that an early childhood terror is more than likely recurring for this adult man and with Neptune at the ascendant, the fear would be all-consuming of the personality, John Bennett’s personality.

  • The other factors in the chart include Moon square Moon = emotional needs intensified.
  • Transiting Mercury square his natal Moon = communicating his needs, exacerbating that quindecile even more.
  • The child indicator of Venus (his daughter) turned to his natal Mars for help = she held up the mirror of his actions and was denied.
  • This man appears to have been complicit in his wife’s actions.   Natal Mars (male energy) opposed Venus (his daughter).
  • Venus also stands in the way of his Sun-Mars natal mirror.  JonBenet stands in the way of his reflection of self.
  • The Sun is also creating tension by square aspect to his natal Neptune, highlighting the fantasy element = it didn’t really happen; it was all just a bad dream.

An interpretation of this bi-wheel would be that this man was not able to prevent the murder of his daughter, nor did his ego want to, according to the Sun-Venus-Mars configuration.  This could all be suggested to be as a result of his diminished mental state, but then that is just the heaven’s opinion.

No man would be able to accept this flaw in his character if he were the high-powered and ambitious man that he was brought up to be.

If Patsy did write the ransom note as it is alleged, then this tells us lots about the state of the relationship between Patsy and John at the time of JonBenet’s death, “Don’t try to grow a brain John. You are not the only fat cat around.”

As to the suggested possible sexual abuse of the child JonBenet Ramsey, I make no comment.

In hindsight, we can suggest that diminished responsibility might have been the way to go, but then again the industry of JonBenet Ramsey has flourished, has it not?

mother-daughterDear reader, did you notice that the tombstone at the top of this post has her death as 25th December and not the 26th as is the accepted date by pathologists.

It is as if the marketing ploy of aligning with an auspicious date in order to tug on the public’s heart-strings just that little bit more, is being utilised.  You can sell more books that way…

Perhaps I’m just being cynical and it was nothing more than another excuse for a dress-up by Patsy, the pageant mom.

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  1. Yes I did MM and I clicked on the photo to check it out closer. Thanks for covering this event. For me there were no surprises. Keep up the great work MM.


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