Toddlers and tiaras Pt.1

PATSY RAMSEYAs a Southern belle and former beauty queen herself, Patsy Ann Ramsey was a natural for the role of pageant mom. Patsy had enjoyed the fame and fantasy the tiara had brought her as a teenager.

Approaching her dreaded 40th year, Patsy had a surrogate beauty queen to carry her youth and beauty into the future, a daughter JonBenet.

Patsy’s daughter was dolled-up and competing with other tiara toddlers by the age of five.  Give me a parade or an occasion to dress up and the blue-eyed blonde child was there, along with her pageant mom.

We could write an entire post on the sexualisation of Barbie, however that is not what this blog is about.

jbr-tiaraThis is a forensic astrology enquiry into the death of a little girl who died tragically on the night after Christmas; in the wee small hours of Boxing Day, 1996.  Her name is JonBenet Patricia Ramsey.

JonBenet was just 6 years-old when  she was murdered in her home with the body discovered in the basement some seven hours after police attended a 911 call.

The crime was made to look like a botched kidnapping, with the police and investigators allowing extensive contamination of the crime scene prior to any forensic study being undertaken.

It appears that the family quickly took legal advice, closed ranks and no-one has ever been brought to account for the murder in the intervening years, despite many investigations.

As an astrologer with fresh eyes, I question a possible scenario of power, sex and money having created an industry JonBenet Ramsey; a Madeline McCann parallel perhaps.

The power symbol of Pluto has been the cloud overshadowing this case, rather than the symbol of justice Jupiter, as is rightly expected in a civilised country.  Saturn (time) continues to witness this error, as we bring the three heavy-weights of forensic astrology into the fray some sixteen years later.  And so to the business at hand…

First up, the immediate family have to be either excluded or included and then we can extend our enquiry to other possible persons of interest.  Those who were home on that fateful night were JonBenet’s mother, her father and 9 year-old brother, Burke.

Generating bi-wheels in order to include or exclude our POI’s, we can immediately exclude the 9 year-old brother from the crime due to lack of planetary interaction, however not JonBenet’s parents.  Their charts will need closer astrological interpretation.

We need to point out at this stage that classic astrology interpretation is not accepted in a court of law, is a pseudo science and does not purport to be scientific fact.  Astrology separated from science a long time ago, although the planets continue to orbit within our solar system.

Looking for motivation for such a crime, as astrologers we are impelled to ask straight up, “Was this child motivated to perform as a tiara toddler by the little-girl desire to play dress-ups or were there other underlying psychological factors present, such as a need to please a parent?”

JBR-natalThe birth chart of the child indicates a very strong-willed personality with a Taurean Mars hidden in the 12th house; a quick minded, mercurial Gemini ascendant with a regal presence of a Leonine Sun.

With a characteristic leonine mane of hair, paired with a Sun-Moon opposition, we have a mini lioness to contend with here.  A power-ball of Pluto opposite Mars.  Powerful Pluto is quindecile the ascendant as well, giving us a winner not just a grinner.

If anything, we can say that together, ‘pageant mom’ Patsy and ‘tiara toddler’ JonBenet would have made a formidable team on the catwalk of any beauty pageant.

However it is the Saturn retrograde, which really tells a domestic story.  We know from well-researched studies, that a Saturn retrograde is the missing male role-model signifier; that JonBenet’s father was most likely emotionally distanced from her.  Whether this is his choice or an overly dominant mother’s presence in the little girl’s life, we do not know yet.  We are not privy to the dynamics of the parental relationship at this stage of our enquiry.

We need to note here, that the ‘tiara toddler effect’ can be motivated (in a child’s mind) by competition between the child and her mother, for the father’s attention and/or a mimicking of the perceived interaction between husband and wife as another way of gaining daddy’s attention.  This is a classic Saturn retrograde behaviour tactic.

Attending the business at hand, the crime itself, we generate a bi-wheel from the perspective of the event; JonBenet’s murder (the inner wheel).  The outer wheel is the natal chart for JonBenet; a snapshot of the heavens at the time of her birth.

event-r-JBRThe Moon’s influence is a monthly routine and the child’s obsessively self-centred activity is on the agenda once again. It is centre-stage for this young girl at Christmas as far as she is concerned.

The Saturn retrograde buttons are being pressed as natal Saturn is the midpoint to transiting Mercury-Jupiter. Her normally excessive chatter is reigned in.

We know from this, that JonBenet has attempted to withdraw from conflict.

As to forensic indicators, we have the Moon transit conjunct JonBenet’s natal Venus (child indicator) highlighted in blue; both transiting Mars and Saturn are at the nodal axis in the heavens (highlighted yellow) together at the relationship angles, which is a violence signature; that the Sun (spotlight) is conjunct natal planet of the sudden changes indicated by Uranus (turquoise).

The transiting midpoints of Mars/IC and Sun/Nodal axis however are exact JonBenet’s natal Pluto (her power source).  This is the point of death and heaven’s announcement that we have a case, which will be of major interest to the public.

JonBenet has turned out the lights and changed her residence from one world to the next.  We have the maternal indicators present at her death, cutting the ties that bind mother and daughter.  Patsy is, in all likelihood, present at her death.

We must immediately refer to the event-mother bi-wheel for confirmation of this interpretation, or not.  Again the inner wheel is the event of JonBenet’s death and the outer wheel is another snapshot of the planets positions at a given time, this time on the day that JonBenet’s mother, Patricia Ann Ramsey nee Paugh, was born.

event-r-motherThe planetary orbits are highlighted in Patsy Ramsey’s bi-wheel to reveal a different tale to tell.

Apart from current health issues of a battle with ovarian cancer, on this fateful night the planets aligned to create parental issues.  Patsy’s personal inner child, as well as her own child and daughter, are on the agenda.

We all had the parental issues to deal with being under the same transit in the heavens at Christmas 1996, however Patsy’s chart is compounded by more than mere childhood issues.

Nearly all the action is below the horizon line, hidden; apart from the 12th house of the psyche where Natal Jupiter is aligned by conjunction to the Nodal axis; parental issues are inflated out of proportion and transiting Mars, in the house of relationships beyond the self (highlighted red), is quindecile Patsy’s natal Mars – that’s the krypton factor of energy and thrust.

We have a case of superwoman running hot and cold, obsessed with survival in her version of reality.  Boundaries are likely to begin shifting; blurring.

As if that is not enough, Patsy is under the added pressure of Venus conjunct Venus (highlighted blue) and Pluto conjunct her Moon (both green); with Saturn (turquoise) sandwiched in between.  I immediately have to ask if neurotic behaviour is taking place?

Having no knowledge of the mental state of this woman, I proceed with caution as, to make matters worse, Uranus in exact square to her natal Neptune and transiting Neptune is exact conjunct, her natal Mercury (all highlighted in pink).  That is a fantasy overload beyond a rational level.  Warning alert here – excessive Neptune indicators are present: all things hidden, fanaticism, psychosis…

Whether this is religious fervour or dissociative psychological disorder looming, we are well within the realm of possibility of psychotic behaviour overtaking consciousness.

A daughter, an inner child, power and powerlessness of emotional needs, the grim reaper, the clock ticking, sudden changes and fantasy all bound up together. How can she survive?

Death awaits her surrogate self; her daughter, JonBenet.

We have our forensic indicators of a perpetrator – Mars, Saturn and Pluto all in the action together with the child indicators of Moon and Venus.  Patsy will turn forty in just three days.  The solar transit has ended up at the bottom of the chart as a result of this event, as we can see with Sun-Sun conjunct I.C (highlighted in red).  This birthday will not be a celebration.

r-cartoonI am not well read on the matters of this case, although I do believe that it has been pretty-well determined in the intervening years, that Patsy in all probability wrote the ransom note.

To the best of my knowledge, Patsy Ann Ramsey was never charged with the murder of her daughter JonBenet.

Six months before her 50th birthday, she succumbed to ovarian cancer and died in her father’s house with her husband at her bedside.  Saturn, as the grim reaper, was well and truly in the room.

“So what of the family dynamic and the role played by the girl-child’s father John Bennett Ramsey, I hear you ask.  Was he party to the crime?”

That is far too much to fit into one post.  We will continue…

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