Wandering the asylum corridors

Asked about Linda Stilwell, Derek Percy said he could not remember if he had killed her, but added, “Yes, I drove through St Kilda that day. I had been at Cerberus in the afternoon and was driving along The Esplanade on the way to the White Ensign Club for some drinks.”

Asked if he killed her, he said: “Possibly, I don’t remember a thing about it.”

When Percy was arrested for another murder, police found maps marked by hand. One included a line drawn past the spot where Linda Stilwell was last seen.


That was then, this is now. Not much changes. It appears that we are now likely to see Derek Percy face court during 2013. A family needs resolution and a little girl laid to rest after forty-four years.

Percy refused to give evidence in 2009 at the inquest into the disappearance of Linda Stilwell, however a Court of Appeal has judged that he be given a certificate of immunity, should he appear.

For anyone new to my method of interpretation, the following is a forensic astrology enquiry.  It is not presented as fact, nor is it acceptable in a court of law.  Astrology is a pseudo science.  We do not purport to be anything different.

We can put forward the heaven’s point of view, as the information we need to make this enquiry is already on the public record.

  • Birth date of missing child, Linda Stilwell
  • Birth data of Derek Percy, convicted paedophile
  • Location and time of last sighting

Derek Ernest Percy has been under lock and key for more than forty years and yet he has only been found guilty of one child’s murder.  We have just completed an astrology enquiry into the missing Beaumont children in Adelaide and found that Percy is undoubtedly implicated in their disappearance and murder according to the heavens.

Due to current events, in 2013 an inquest is imminent; we have accepted a request to enquire as to whether Percy is also involved in this case.  We should be able to either implicate him or exclude him, although we know that he has admitted to being in the area at the time and so we will need to be sure of our interpretation.

Lacking a locator angle to start with, we plant our flag at the location of Linda Stilwell’s last sighting, on the Lower Esplanade at St Kilda, Melbourne in the state of Victoria.  We are barely out of sight of the big smiling face of Luna Park.

  • A computer generates our first astrology bi-wheel, freeze-frame photographs of the positions of the planets on two occasions; firstly at 5pm on 10th August, 1968 and secondly on Linda Stilwell’s birth date, just twelve days short of eight years earlier.
  • A second bi-wheel is produced with the event of the last sighting again as the inner wheel and the birth data of Derek Ernest Percy as the outer wheel.


On each occasion the inner wheel is the event, the last sighting of Linda and the outer wheel is the relevant birth chart; firstly Linda Stilwell and secondly Derek Percy.

Linda’s birth chart reveals a stellium (large circle of colour) of planets.  That is when a number of planets are in the same region of the sky at any given time.

On the day that Linda was born there was a heavy weight of Leo, the lion’s mane supported by Virgo, the eye for detail.  It was a New Moon, with the Sun and Moon in close company.  She is certainly a very bright spark!

For us, we need to look for the interaction between the two wheels, within that first bi-wheel.  Most of the activity is on the right hand side.  In astrology that’s an indication of defensive action, so Linda wasn’t out being reckless.

  • Our little girl was definitely sociable though, as the seventh house is where the action is and Linda’s Mercury (communication) is conjunct the position of the Sun on that fateful day.
  • Mercury in the heavens is also conjunct Linda’s Uranus (sudden changes)
  • The Moon on that Saturday evening is quindecile to Linda’s Moon.  It is an obsessional, emotionally charged event.
  • The Moon is also square to Linda’s Mars, in the fifth house and the realm of Gemini.  Linda’s vulnerability to emotional seduction is high.
  • Neptune is also square to Linda’s Moon, which indicates the underhandedness and fantasy that is taking place.
  • Venus (child indicator) of the event highlights by conjunction Linda’s Sun; her very being.
  • Venus is also transiting exact Linda’s Sun/Moon midpoint.  This is the most significant of the midpoint pictures.  We hear you Linda…

We have drawn two lines, two locators for this bi-wheel:

The red line intersects the planet Pluto of the event at 21 degrees Virgo.  Pluto is one of the death indicators/symbolic of power or loss of power.

Note in the inner wheel that the midpoint of Pluto/Mars (both highlighted in red) = Linda’s Sun (highlighted in blue in the outer wheel).  This is the key measurement, which reveals what we are looking for.  Mars/Pluto is the action of dis-empowerment of Linda’s life-force; her Sun.

This now directs us to make a second locator; a blue line.  This line intersects Linda’s Sun and Venus (child indicator) of the event.

Turning our attention to the second bi-wheel, the person of interest Derek Percy’s interaction with the time of disappearance of Linda, we have plenty to see here.  Immediately we know that this male cannot be excluded from our enquiry and is more than likely the person who has extinguished Linda’s life-force.

  • The Sun (highlighted in green) is conjunct to Percy’s natal planet, Pluto and in the 7th house of public relationships.  This is a time to socialize; his power (Pluto) is in the spotlight (the Sun).
  • The first line, which is coloured yellow needs to be dealt with first, as it is not directly related to Linda personally, but to the event.  The line intersects with the nodal axis, the public place and is fed by Percy’s planet Neptune (fantasy).
  • The Moon on that August evening is in quindecile aspect to Neptune of Percy’s as well, his fantasy.  The emotional need is there to be in a public place and fantasize this event.

This would be how this particular paedophile came to be on that park bench on the Lower Esplanade in St Kilda at 5pm on 10th August, 1968.

Percy was born with Jupiter square his Leo Sun, an inflated ‘regal’ personality.  On this evening Pluto was conjunct to his Sun and therefore also in tension with Jupiter.

We have two occasions of Sun-Pluto conjunction on the one day.  This is a very big day in Percy’s life.  There is no way he would forget this day, ever.  He would have believed he was king of the castle.

This is his power day of the year and it is inflated.  This all-powerful Sun of Percy’s (in his mind) is exact on the red line; the identical angle, which we have transferred across from the previous bi-wheel.

We can now suggest that this red line will intersect with a location of importance to Percy.  Is it the main locator in this case?  Will it point to the location of Linda’s demise?

We note that Linda has nothing to say on the subject of the red-line.  She has no obvious planetary action on the red line and no major forensic midpoints. 

Perhaps this red-line locator will reveal Percy’s power source.  This is for someone on the ground to uncover, not us.

The blue line tells another story, when we transfer it across from Linda’s biwheel.

  • Venus (child indicator) is on the blue line as noted above.
  • Percy’s Saturn (the grim reaper) intersects this line exactly.
  • Percy’s Saturn is exact conjunct Linda’s Sun/Moon midpoint.

With that last measurement, the fates just walked in the door.  The first bright star in the sky after sunset is the planet Venus.  She is the evening star and in the morning she is the last light to be diminished at the rising of the Sun.

MAP#1-Stilwellclick on image for full size

For us, the planet Venus is symbolic of a child lighting our way, so we will just produce one map.

We heard you Linda…  On the blue line we have Percy’s Saturn, Linda’s Sun and the planet Venus.

When we flip the bi-wheel and transpose the bi-wheel onto the map of the land (forensic astrology methodology), we have our locator angle for where Linda wants us to go.

Let the heavens be right. We can just trust that the powers that be will find Linda Stilwell’s body on the blue-line, even if they need a larger map of the terrain.  As to the red-line, just extend it onto the map; seek out Percy’s power source and pull the plug.

Luna_park_melboureLet her tiny soul be freed to play close to where she left our sight – in Luna Park, St Kilda, Melbourne.


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  1. You are certainly well educated on this subject. Thank you for expressing your thoughts with us in such detail. Have a great morning!


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