Australia Day

aussiedayBoxing Day and Australia Day are the two big days for Aussies; by tradition they head to the beach.

This year is no different.  It’s the middle of summer, the sun is shining and three young kids, catch a bus rather than ride their bikes to Glenelg Beach, South Australia.

Apart from being the year that decimal currency was introduced, there is another reason that this year touched the hearts of a nation.  On Australia Day, the 26th January 1966, the Beaumont children disappeared.  It would not be a stretch of the imagination to say, that Australia lost her innocence on that day.

kids-pixLeaving home at 10am, siblings Jane aged 9, her younger sister Arnna aged 7 and the youngest Grant, a little boy of just 4 set off together to go for a cooling dip in the ocean.

They were due to catch the 12 o’clock bus home; a mere fifteen-minute bus-ride from A to B.

Following their disappearance, eye-witnesses stepped forward to confirm that the children had made their trip to the beach; there were sightings at the beach in the company of a man and then nothing, silence.  The kiddies didn’t catch the bus home and were never seen again.

Their mother waited at the bus-stop in vain.  Despite a frantic father’s search; by SAPOL and the nation, the children’s abductor remained at large and bodies were never found.

It is Australia Day again as I write this post, some 47 years later.  The memory has long been imprinted on the national psyche.

As I commence a forensic astrology enquiry, I need to state that astrology is a pseudo science and not accepted as evidence in a court of law or in any official capacity by the police forces of this nation.  It is up to the powers that be, to accept the evidence of the heavens, in due course.

Following an internet search to garner birth data and locations (thanks Russell Brown, you saved me many hours of research), we turn to our friend Google Maps in order to draw up our locator angle.  This is our information:

  • home address of the children, Somerton Park
  • destination of the bus, Glenelg Beach
  • birth dates of the children
  • suspected paedophiles/persons of interest

We can take it for granted that the children were abducted at the least, as it is hardly likely that all three would have some sort of an accident and their bodies not be found. Were they murdered as well or whisked off to America, as some would have us believe?

Further research bore fruit, providing birth data for two of the four suspects.  As a process of elimination, rather than undertake an extensive search for the missing two’s information, we have created charts for the two paedophiles on record.  Both male suspects’ astrology bi-wheels proved enlightening for different reasons.

Apart from the astrology results here, which very clearly indicate who the abductor was, an American psychological study online brought me my final confirmation – Percy admitted at a later date to having been present at the beach at the same time as the children.

MAP#1-Beaumont click for full size of images

We begin our enquiry.  Point A is the bus stop at Glenelg Beach and Point B is the home of the children.  We draw a red line, as the crow flies, to connect the two locations.  This is our primary locator angle, used to connect the children to the event; to confirm that an event took place.

Following standing on our heads in order to align north to north oops… no we didn’t.  We flipped all three bi-wheels vertically (see methodology), we transpose the locator angle, which was determined from the map – the red line.

Beaumont-tripleWe have created bi-wheels for all three children, Jane Nartare Beaumont aged 9, Arnna Kathleen Beaumont aged 7 and Grant Ellis Beaumont aged 4.

  • The inner wheel in all three bi-wheels is a snapshot of the heavens at 10am on 26th January 1966 in Adelaide, South Australia.  This is the position of the planets overhead at the time when the children left the safety of their home.  If they had turned their faces to the heavens this is what they would have seen pictured against the map of the zodiac.
  • The outer wheel is each child’s birth-day snapshot, aligned to the planetary positions of the event, their departure to catch the bus.

Instantly an astrologer will recognise why this is a memorable event. Precisely at 10am on that eventful day in Adelaide, the constellation of stars on the horizon was at zero degrees Aries; a cardinal point Ascendant.

This is the very first point in astrology; symbolism of the beginning of the year.  As we noted, innocence lost.

The Descendant is, by nature the mirror and also cardinal, zero degrees Libra.  What is unusual is that on this occasion, cardinal North and South align exactly as well. Zero degrees at all the angles – see highlighted magenta/pink in the first bi-wheel.

The significance is not missed.  The children are lost. Jane has the planet Saturn, the grim reaper and Moon (child indicator) on the red line and Arnna has her Sun on the red line.  Initially Grant is not involved, but he is not away safe by any means.

Looking at the event chart primarily (the inner wheel) we can see that Pluto, the forensic planet and death indicator (loss of ultimate power) is conjunct Uranus = sudden changes in power.  This is a time of stranger danger.  This is reinforced by the third house hiding the zodiac Gemini (highlighted magenta/pink).  The third house is communication and Gemini can be the trickster or the liar.  Jupiter is also in this house inflating the Gemini effect.

Chart #1 is what Jane has to tell us.

 Firstly, while we are in the third house we note that the nodal axis of the event is exact conjunct to Jane’s nodal axis all highlighted in green.  We can suggest that this is Jane’s karmic event; the fates have stepped in here and we are in a public place. 

The fates could be indicators as well and so we create a green locator angle here.

Highlighted in turquoise Jane’s Sun opposite Mars intersects the Pluto-Uranus conjunction of the event.  This is also a major locator direction (turquoise), which we will refer back to later. With Mars in the action, Jane would most likely have been the first target of the abductor; the stranger danger.

The Sun-Venus conjunction in the event (yellow) can for us, represent the children happily playing in the sunshine and with Jane’s planet Uranus in opposition reveals the sudden change of events.

Additional major astrology in Jane’s biwheel if you wish to explore deeper are:  Saturn/Moon=Mars;  Mars square Saturn-Moon and Mercury square Neptune.

Chart #2: Arnna meanwhile has not escaped the grim reaper.  The second bi-wheel brings her voice to the fore:

The Moon is square to her Saturn, a child’s death. Mars square Mars, accentuates the violence. The Sun-Venus conjunction (children in the Sun event) highlighted in yellow is square to her Neptune.  Arnna tells us that the children have become victim of a Scorpio Neptune (sexual fantasy).

Chart #3 The third bi-wheel and the youngest child Grant, reveals the obsession of the abductor.  Grant would have been his ultimate target.

The obsession is indicated by a quindecile, highlighted in red, between the Moon of the event (the emotional need of the abductor) in strong tension with this child’s Pluto and Mars.  The perpetrator needs to overpower the male, perceived as a threat.  The child represents all things masculine.

As bizarre as this seems to a normal person, the adult male perpetrator could be threatened by the child’s presence, which would in all likelihood relate to the perpetrator’s own childhood experiences.

There are other indicators, which we don’t need to explore here. They are highlighted in Grant’s bi-wheel.

Event-suspectsTurning to our two persons of interest, we note that the red line indicator does not intersect with any planets of note.   Neither of our suspects is going to tell us where the children are.

The first bi-wheel is Arthur Stanley Brown, a well known paedophile active in that era.  His bi-wheel reveals his obsession with children in the sun and this Beaumont case, having natal Mars quindecile the Sun-Venus of the event.  His Sun is square to the Mars of the event – he would like to be seen as the perpetrator.

Brown’s ego would have basked in being a suspect in this case.  His Mercury is square to the Sun-Venus conjunction.  Brown would have talked about the case quite a lot. He is long dead now; died in 2002.

Brown is not the perpetrator of the Beaumont children’s abduction and murder, whereas the astrology indicators of our second POI bi-wheel is a far different story.  It tolls the bell for these missing children.

Derek Ernest Percy was not yet 18 years of age when the abduction and murder of the Beaumont children took place. He is the paedophile we are after.  Percy is still alive and in an insane asylum – has been for more than forty years.

Our evidence is overwhelming.  Percy was born with the Moon opposite Pluto.  Death has been a preoccupation all his life. He was also born Mars conjunct the nodal axis, a parental obsession and also a fame of notoriety.

  • On Australia Day 1966 the planet alignment of Saturn quindecile Saturn indicates an obsession with the grim reaper.
  • The Moon on Australia Day was in opposition to his Sun giving him the full moon ‘lunacy’ effect, while intersecting the stranger danger aspect at the same time.
  • The children in the sun aspect is mirroring his own inner child (Venus).
  • Natal Uranus is at the I.C.  Sudden changes are underlying the event.

The identikit first released terrified all the children who saw the news on television or saw the front page of every newspaper.  It would have frightened a lot of adults as well for the detail of the eyes was not included.

identikitPercyThis was in all probability purposeful and a signature of the artist, however apart from looking like an alien from a different planet it is chilling in its accuracy when put beside a photograph of Derek Ernest Percy, taken around that age.

As to the locators of where the Beaumont children’s remains may be secreted, we superimpose the bi-wheel of the eldest child, Jane centred over her home in Somerton Park.  It is highly likely that both the turquoise line and the green line will prove to be of significance.

We know that the red line intersecting the bi-wheel connects the children’s home and the beach, whereas the green line is the nodal axis and more than likely connected to the point of abduction, a public place.

Jane does indicate that this green line is also related to her in particular.  Is this where she faltered or faulted?  You cannot bear any responsibility Jane.

MAP#2-Beaumont-locatorclick on image for full size

The turquoise line in all probability relates to the perpetrator and/or a location of the children’s remains.

Jane indicates with her Mars and her Sun intersecting stranger danger and the grim reaper.  She is trying with all her might (Mars-Sun) to indicate to us of  her death by the stranger, Derek Ernest Percy.  Even a seventeen year-old youth is stranger danger, kids.

I am confident that the children’s remains lie somewhere along the turquoise line.  The heavens told me so…

For those interested, there are books and documentaries on this case as well as plenty of mainstream media coverage online, although I have not seen or read any of it.  I believe even just last month a male in the USA was claiming to be Grant Beaumont.

One only needs to type Beaumont children into a search engine; I did and that was enough for me.  Paedophilia is a very frightening realm to visit. Thank you for sharing the journey with me.

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  3. Enlightening. I’m hoping someone out there will put the clues together and examine the turquoise line a little closer.



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