Justice during a Jupiter transit

917462-leanne-hollandTwenty-one years ago a photograph like this would have been worth money.

To you or I or any regular person, we would tilt our heads and ask, “Why?

She’s a sweet young kid, but she’d just a child. What’s the fuss?”

Others would recognise the vulnerability of the young girl in the photo, pause and move on, however a sexual predator would smirk and say, “I’ll have one of those; thank you very much.”

In 1991 the internet and proliferation of child pornography had not yet reached our consciousness.

There has always been a market for photographs of children, especially those with poses, which could be construed as provocative or precocious; no matter how innocent the child.

The father of the pubescent child in this photograph had an inkling of the danger ahead for his young daughter, for he had asked his elder daughter and her 28 year-old boyfriend to move back into the family home to help supervise 12 year-old Leanne Sarah Holland.

By moving downstairs and into the garage in order to accommodate his twenty year-old daughter and her boyfriend, Leanne’s father had relinquished his alpha male position.  Boundaries are blurring already.

Terry Holland had returned to his home town of Goodna, Queensland in 1980 a single parent and sole guardian of his young children Craig 11, Melissa 8 and Leanne just one year-old; a baby.  Leanne grew up with a very easy-going father with an extended family for support, however no female role model lived in the house with the girls.  Parental modeling and the psychological nurture aspect was, in all probability, lacking.

By the age of twelve, Leanne was staying out overnight regularly, ringing her father to let him know where she was at any given time, although her whereabouts were never checked. Monday 23rd September 1991 was no different, however when Leanne was not home nor in contact by Tuesday night it was a different matter.  Her family reported her missing to the police.

After a day and a half of searching at 1:42pm Thursday afternoon, police found Leanne’s semi-clad, battered body in bushland just metres from a busy intersection, some 10kms from home.  By the Saturday; just two days later Leanne sister’s boyfriend, Graham Stafford was arrested for the murder.

The following year, the accused Graham Stafford was found guilty by a jury and served fourteen years in jail; released on parole in 2006.  That was not the end of the matter; Jupiter was not finished with this file and with the forensic evidence challenged, a Court of Appeal overturned the conviction three years later.

The Queensland DPP announced that it was not in the public’s interest to have a new trial for the murder of Leanne Holland; there was a flurry of media attention and then things quietened down, however the justice system just can’t put this case away; a review was in order.  Last month, in December 2012, the Queensland Attorney-General announced a review of the case was to commence.

Finalisation needs to be given to the two families who live with the continual reminder of this murder every day and a community who carry the memories of September 1991 also need closure; while Leanne Holland, the victim, needs to finally rest in peace.

I suggest that we slip into chambers and turn a few pages of our own, before the planet Jupiter finishes its retrograde motion in the heavens this month. (Jupiter is the symbolic planet for justice in the astrology realm.)

We have access to different forensic evidence.  Our evidence may not be admissible in a court of law or acceptable to a retired judge heading up a review of the case, however the heavens and Jupiter will still have their say.

We share this information as an astrological enquiry and do not suggest that the information is factual or scientific in nature.  The birth data is correct to the best of our knowledge; the planetary positions are as provided by the science of astronomy; the symbology and interpretation are classical astrology. The opinion is based on the experience of a forensic astrologer.

maggotLifeCycleSmallThe original Crown case was that Graham Stafford murdered Leanne Sarah Holland between 8:00am and 4:30pm on Monday, 23rd September, 1991.

This time of death was changed at a later date to possibly being 10.30am the following day, Tuesday the 24th after forensic evidence from an entomologist challenged the time of death by 24 hours.

24 hours is too wide a guestimate for a forensic astrology enquiry and so we will base our review on the last known sighting of Leanne. This time has been taken from a statement given to police by the POI, Graham Stafford.  We now have our required information.

  • The birth data for the person of interest, namely Graham Stafford is to hand.
  • The victim, Leanne Holland’s birth data is also known.
  • The residential address in common for both persons is on the public record.
  • The location of the body is also on record.
  • The time that Leanne was last seen at her home by Graham Stafford – ~9:30am on Monday 23rd September, 1991.

As to the purpose of our enquiry; a forensic astrology review of the case, we primarily need to determine whether Graham Stafford is still a person of interest in the murder and if not, why not.

Questions of the heavens are not caught up in emotive issues of challenging evidence.  The planets are positioned where they are, there is nothing to question or challenge; if there were error it would more likely be of human origin.  Keeping the process simple, we reveal our results.

MAP#1-ABCclick images for full size

Firstly to find the locator angle, we create a map of the locality with the assistance of Google Maps marking the locations of our enquiry.

‘C’ represents the location of where the body was found; ‘A’ is the residential address of Leanne Holland and Graham Stafford and ‘B’ is the local caravan park.

With the wisdom of hindsight, we have included location ‘B’ for the purpose of indicating a possible red herring in this case.

Location ‘B’ is the location of where a murder of another young girl took place, just three weeks after the murder of Leanne Holland.  The perpetrator of the second murder was not considered a suspect in the murder of Leanne by detectives, as Graham Stafford was already in custody.

When we draw the red line to connect ‘A’ and ‘C’ we note that the line extends to include location ‘B’.  As the killer of the second child resided at the caravan park, location ‘B’, we are obliged to include him in our enquiry. 

To date we do not have birth data for this male.  We need that information.

The second step of our forensic astrology enquiry is to create a horoscope chart from the perspective of an event and superimpose over the top a snapshot of the heavenly planets positions at the time Leanne was born.  The inner wheel is the time she left home; the outer wheel Leanne’s birth horoscope.

In order to take this step, we need to repeat here what we have explained in previous enquiries.  In astrology a horoscope wheel has north at the bottom, whereas our map of a terrain, such as Google Maps has north at the top.

To have the two compatible, we need to flip our astrology wheel vertically to align the two; north to north.

MAP#2-ABCWe can then superimpose our bi-wheel over the map of the land to achieve our locator angle.

The inner wheel is the time Leanne left home on Monday and the outer wheel is her birth data.  The two are aligned by the commonality of  the zodiac; the constellations in the sky.

The point we choose to centre the bi-wheel over, is Leanne’s point of departure, her home.

Again, note that the wheel is upside down for north-north alignment, which makes it difficult to follow the interpretation, however we will discuss the planetary positions and aspects in due course, but our first priority is to set the locator angle.

Extending the red line onto the bi-wheel we note the intersection of planets on the red line. The inner wheel (the event) reveals the planet Pluto intersected by the red line at 18 degrees Scorpio.  In forensic astrology, Pluto represents death (loss of ultimate power). The planet has been highlighted in red.

Also on the red line in the outer wheel (Leanne herself) we can see the planet Venus also highlighted in red, is intersected at 17 degrees Scorpio.  Venus is usually representative of a child in forensic astrology, in this case a twelve year-old female victim.

At this point we can say that we most definitely have our locator angle, the red line. 

  • It must be noted here, that the time given by the accused, Graham Stafford rings true; is accurate to the locator angle.  According to the heavens, the time that the accused stated that Leanne left the house on the Monday morning, is the truth.

MAP#3-shopsThis map is a close up of the immediate surrounds to the home of Leanne Holland; the same bi-wheel, the same map.

This time we again check the statement of Graham Stafford, that Leanne left to go down to the shops to ostensibly, meet with a girlfriend.

This time we have the indicators highlighted in turquoise.  At the time of her leaving home (the inner wheel) we have the planet Mercury (communication) intersecting with a turquoise line, Leanne’s Moon (her emotional need) and continuing to the outer wheel again and the second Moon in the heavens at the time she left home.

We could interpret this as Leanne needed to get out of the house to communicate with someone of equal need; a girlfriend. We can say with some certainty that, that was her intent when she set out from home at ~9.30am on Monday 23rd September 1991.

The turquoise line extends onto the Google Map intersecting the local shopping complex; St Ives Shopping Centre and Woolworths Goodna.  This was just a hop, step and a jump for a young lass to travel on foot.

  • Again we have confirmation from the heavens that Graham Stafford told the truth in his statement to police.

There has been a lot of water under the bridge in the last twenty-one years and we can hardly expect to wrap up a forensic enquiry of this magnitude in just one post.  We must progress one step and a time and take caution at every step for the current transit of Jupiter in Gemini is in retrograde motion. That challenge alone, is enough to keep us honest.

Our next post will share how dangerous it can be to make assumptions.


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10 thoughts on “Justice during a Jupiter transit”

  1. Confirmation from the heavens that Stafford told the truth?? My eyes just rolled so hard I think I broke something.

  2. Hope you broke a record rather than a disc, Simon.

    ‘Tis early days in my research. A clever liar mixes truth and lies. If our POI is telling ‘porkies’, we’ll catch him, mate.

  3. I found it very interesting, I only know what I have read and seen in the media but I believe Graham Stafford to be innocent, it didn’t make sense to me at the time and still doesn’t.

  4. As a mother my interpration of the photo is a innocent little 12 year old who did not want her photo taken – could be seen as pouting! This may not be a posed photo. For those of you who believe Graham Stafford is innocent how about some faith in our judicial system. Unless you have read the trial transcripts of this case are you really in a position to comment! Mr Stafford’s conviction was quashed on procedural matters and a majority of appeal judges recommended a retrial believing any reasonable jury would find Stafford guilty on the evidence presented. Do you want him living next door to you? Do you want him watching your family? Would you invite him into your home?

  5. M.A. You have stated above that the information in my post is inaccurate. I reiterate, please advise me as to which information is inaccurate.

    If your information is reasoned and comes from expertise, I will review. If not, your comment is not welcome and will be deleted.

    You are entitled to your opinion of course, however the heavens don’t abide by the earthly legal system or other human frailties such as opinion.

  6. Mountain Misst I am not sure whether the following facts affect your reading. Melissa is the eldest of the three children. Leanne was only 6 months old when she arrived in Queensland, Craig was not 11. Leanne’s father did not ask Melissa to move home because he had an inkling of danger, the fact is he wanted in-house female support as his 12 year old was facing puberty. Leanne’s Father and some strong female role models provided a healthy Parental model and psychological nurchuring. Leanne’s father knew her whereabouts daily and it was always confirmed by the telephone calls you refer to in your article. Most 12 year olds have sleep-overs this is not a unique behaviour suggesting an easy going attitude to parenting. In my opinion……

    You are right to base your review on last sighting 9:30 a.m. Monday 23rd September 1991.

    When Jupiter’s job is done all will be revealed and the Stafford family will be filled with guilt and remorse.

  7. M..A. Of the information you have provided, the only part which will affect my forensic astrology enquiry, is that Leanne was just 6months old when the family relocated. I can now rectify her chart to an accurate time of birth. Thank you – now means I can reveal a more detailed astrological analysis of her character.

    I may never know who killed Leanne, if I cannot exclude the other suspects. That is my primary concern, not whether I have gotten a siblings age right or not. The information I have written has come from the public record. You have not convinced me otherwise, it will stand.

    Some readers need me to be right; I need me to be relevant. Cheers.

  8. Understand you writings. Some of my comments were reactive to comments by others. Leanne’s date of birth is 1st October 1978.


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