Beware the Ides of March

fortune-cookiesJulius Caesar’s fortune cookie warned the Emperor of Rome of impending doom.

She was some cookie and an oracle with great foresight as it turns out, however Caesar was not wary; did not beware and a knife in the back was the result.  Et tu, Brute?

Why bring the Ides of March to the table, MM?  They’re not due until 15th March.

jill_meagherToday, the media informed us of a committal hearing  date being set; a hearing for a vicious crime by a brute of a man with a record of violence against women.  The date of the murder was 22nd September, 2012.

We shared two posts with detailed astrology in relation to the disappearance and murder of this Irish born colleen; the victim, Jill Meagher.

Adrian Ernest Bayley is to face court on 12th and 13th March, 2013 in Melbourne, Victoria; face the court at a committal hearing for the  murder of Gillian Edie Meagher.

Apart from remembering the rape and murder of a beautiful young vibrant woman and the public outrage, do these dates in March ring bells for you?  They sure did for me. 

A second brute will be before the courts in the lead up to the Ides of March.

abcGerard Baden-Clay stands accused of murdering his wife, Allison June Baden-Clay on 19th April, 2012.   Following two failed attempts to get bail, Baden-Clay remains on remand awaiting a committal hearing, set down for three days from 11th March, 2013 in Brisbane, Queensland.

That these two committal hearings fall on the same dates, is that a coincidence?  I don’t think so… 

I just have to have a look to see what the heavens have to say about this.  What is so eventful about these particular dates?

I know with certainty from the statistics on this blog alone, that people from all over the world are checking in for news in relation to the murder of Allison June Baden-Clay and Gillian Edie Meagher.

I doubt there is a country in the world at the moment, where the focus is not on the administration of justice; of fairness of some kind. Why is there more interest in justice being served at this time than any other?   Is this a global trend or will the pressure ease with time?

We know that both of these cases have been high profile media events with public outrage and grief shared across social media.  The desire for Justice is high on the agenda.  From experience, we know that in astrological terms, the planet Jupiter is symbolic of Justice. So what’s going on with Jupiter at the moment?

The planetary symbolism lasts as long as the planet is in aspect.  Jupiter is a little farther from the Sun than the inner planets and it naturally follows that Jupiter’s influence lasts longer than say, the planet Mercury or Mars.  Currently Jupiter is transiting through the zodiac sign of Gemini (the planet ruled by Mercury) and Mercury equates with communication.  So it follows then, that communication is the territory and justice is the traveller.

justice-scales:bellsNote that all forms of communication; lies, truth the whole shebang will be on the agenda.

Jupiter is also the inflater, so we’re all communicating; madly talking and shouting about lots of things.  People are currently really getting out there and being vocal.

It must be noted that with Gemini in the picture take all ‘so-called-facts’ with a grain of salt.  Check your sources.  Porky pies abound!

The planet Jupiter has been in retrograde motion as well, which upsets us – the planet appears to be going backward = psychologically, we get rattled.  You can question all you like, “How can a planet that we can hardly see in the heavens, let alone identify, rattle our chains?”

Instinctively (it’s in our psychological dna) we know that planets go forward, not backward and so the slightest movement, that is different from the norm, creates psychological chaos and fear.  This event – the appearance of going backwards – is an optical illusion and so drawing our attention to the fact (here and now) – it is an illusion, Jupiter is not going backwards, should ease the stress somewhat.  We can then rationalise the fear and dismiss it.

The Jupiter retrograde ends at the end of January, 2013 giving us calmer waters ahead, at least psychologically; hopefully it will become a little less manic across social media beyond the end of the month.

Another point worthy of note in relation to Gemini is that whereas in the past openness ruled and people used their personal names on social media, the Gemini effect has provided anonymity; aliases have been popping up all over the place.  People who would not normally be vocal in public are having their say about Justice.

This Jupiter cycle of Gemini traits will continue to peak and wane, according to tension aspects with other planets until Jupiter cruises on into the zodiac sign of Cancer, in July, 2013, however we have two committal hearings on the public agenda before then.  They will be Gemini events of some magnitude.

These two committal hearings will be media events, we can be sure of that.  My curiosity was peaked with the commonality of dates and so I thought I might take a look at what we can expect, from an astrological standpoint.  What tensions might be in the heavens.  How will Justice fare?

In order to undertake a forensic astrology enquiry, we have two events; committal hearings on two days in common.  They are in two different cities within two different time-frames.  We have no need to include the brutes.  This is enough information to get a feel for the air; to undertake a general enquiry of the calendar.

I do not mean to lessen either court case or prioritise either one.  This is a pseudo-scientific enquiry of the heavens. Astrology is not scientific fact and is not presented as being factual.

Utilising superstition and the auspicious number thirteen for our exercise, let’s select a day in common, the 13th March as the event; and the thirteenth hour as the time.

committal-dualAn astrological enquiry is somewhat reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland.  Where the clock goes backwards, an astrology wheel goes; moves anti-clockwise.  During summer, Melbourne is one hour ahead of Brisbane and these charts reveal this difference.

The Gemini ascendant (highlighted in green) remains the same in both wheels, just varying degrees.  Gemini would be on the ascendant for an hour or so on any given day, for us it just happens to be at the time of our enquiry.  Need I comment?  We all have our superstitious hats on by now, don’t we and we all know what Gemini means as well, don’t we?

Looking at each wheel in a general sense, we can see that most of the planets are above the horizon (in the upper half of the circle).  This is an indication that everything is on the table in the sunlight; no nasty surprises hidden in the dark.

What is in the lower half of the wheel is the planet Saturn (highlighted in pink), father time.  Beside Father Time is the nodal axis of the North Node; the public arena.  This is, for both of the accused men, their fifteen minutes of fame.

In Melbourne, Saturn and the Node are in the 6th house; the work ethic.  The court goes about its business and the fates await.

In Melbourne Saturn-North Node is business as usual (6th house) and in Brisbane (5th house) ongoing creativity; weaving the web.

Melbourne has Jupiter (highlighted in green) also below the horizon.  Hold that thought, Jupiter is holding his.

By now we are aware of a stellium demanding our attention; multiple planets in one region of the heavens.  That’s a whole lot of energy in one place; all the eggs are in one basket.  We have the same ingredients at both venues with slightly different aspects.

As the clock in Melbourne is ahead by one hour we can bow to Saturn and briefly address that snapshot of the heavens first.

  • Jupiter (Justice) is in the 1st house.
  • Highlighted in turquoise, the stellium straddles the Mid-heaven.
  • Highlighted in yellow, Pluto (power) is in the 8th house
  • Mercury (communication) and Neptune (unknown) are the only two planets, which remain in the 9th house

We know that Justice is being served; that the stellium straddling the midheaven tells us that most of the evidence is on the table with just Mercury and Neptune to cross the threshold and into the public’s arena; that Pluto (power) is in the process of transformation; that the only unknown is the court’s communication.

Has a plea been changed?  Do we interpret this as a sentencing is the only unknown, or is it just that the court is in the process of preparing to announce the date of a trial?

Meanwhile in Brisbane an hour later, at the thirteenth hour, Gemini remains at the ascendant; communication is on the agenda.  Danny boy is aware of what Gemini means and proceeds with caution.  I’ll keep it brief:

  • Jupiter (highlighted in green) is in the 12th house – all cards are not on the table yet.
  • Pluto (highlighted in yellow) is in the 7th house of relationships. The prosecution and defence continue to thrust and parry.
  • Saturn (highlighted in pink) is beside the North Node. Time and the Fates are weaving their web.
  • The stellium is almost entirely in the 9th house with the exception of Neptune (the unknown).  The Neptune element (not yet revealed) remains in the process of transformation.
  • The 9th house has the hidden zodiac of Aquarius. As Uranus rules Aquarius we can predict that modern technology is that unknown, which is not yet revealed.  Sudden changes ahead…

From that snapshot, we can interpret that the Committal Hearing in Brisbane will, in all probability, not be completed in the three days set aside for its completion. 

fates-1When I open my fortune cookie it reads, “If I were to have just one day to go to court, I would go on the 13th March, 2013 and I would not leave court early that day.”

Meanwhile in the heavens, the fortune cookies will sit and spin their yarn.



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18 thoughts on “Beware the Ides of March”

  1. MM, more of what you do so well, thank you 🙂

    Seems not only under the Southern Cross are there commonality of dates. Last Monday, 14 January, in the same court room, before the same Judge, Mr Justice Griffith-Williams, at Mold Crown Court in Wales, two accused appeared for plea and case management. The first was Mark Leonard Bridger, 46 accused of the abduction, murder and concealing the body of April Jones, aged 5, last seen on October 1 around 7pm at Macchynlleth, Wales. He pleaded not guilty to all charges, but through his barrister, conceded that he was ‘probably responsible’ for April’s death. Bridger’s trial will start on February 25 at the same court.

    The second man was Clive Sharpe, 46, accused of the murder of 37 year old Irish vet, Catherine Gowing, last seen at a supermarket at Queensferry, Nth. Wales, on October 12. Some human remains identified as Catherine have been found in two separate locations, a funeral was held on 3 January with Mass and burial at her parish church, St. Flannan’s in Kinnitty, Co. Offaly, Ireland. Sharpe pleaded guilty. He will return to Mold Crown Court on February 25 for sentencing by Justice Griffith-Williams.
    Catherine’s murder came less than a month after Jill Meagher, two Colleens whose lives were ended brutally far from home.

    Appreciate your thoughts on this.

  2. `Well done MM. I feel the Baden-Clay committal hearing will run for a couple of weeks. 3 days was never going to be enough.

  3. Hi MM,
    I really enjoy reading your contributions to Websleuths, Aussie Criminals & Crooks, and here.

    One thought that I can’t get out of my mind: is there any evidence that Adrian Ernest Bayley could be the Claremont serial killer? Are you able to do some work in this line of enquiry?

  4. The cctv of the Claremont suspect looked similar to AB, but didn’t the dates not work out? Can’t recall, but he may have been elsewhere at the time.

  5. I could look into it MD. Am not aware of his movements, however that wouldn’t be hard to trace now that he is high profile.
    Need the victims birth dates – can you help with that, then I’m more than happy to check…

  6. OK, here goes…
    I did a bit of poking around on the internet and this is what I have come up with.

    Sarah Ellen Spiers – date of birth 12 September 1977.
    Jane Louise Rimmer – date of birth 12 October 1972? (One psychic/clairvoyant contributor to a blog stated her birthday was 12 October; she was 23 when she went missing in June 1996, so that would make her birth date 12 Oct 1972. However, the WA “Find A Grave” site just has “1973” as her birth year. Make of that what you will. Maybe try both dates.)
    Ciara Eilish Glennon – date of birth 20 November 1969.
    If anybody has more reliable information I stand ready to be corrected.

  7. Your research is valued muchly MadDoc. I have a very strong suspicion re AB for one of them, tho we would need to be sure that he was in WA at the time. The others are proving most interesting.

    I’ve added another young lady to the mix as well – Sarah McMahon Born 24-7-1980 died 8-11-2000, Claremont – she is still missing, as is Sarah Spiers.
    Jane Rimmer is a 1972 birth.

    Wow I now have my work cut out for me… thanks.

  8. Hi Wedgetaileagal;

    I am aware of alleged information online both for and against AEB being in Perth at the relevant times. There was a story on a religious website about an “Adrian Edwards” (AEB’s name before he changed it) in prison in Fremantle, WA. Other people have stated that this person’s date of birth was different to AEB’s. Still others have claimed to be very sure that they met a person matching his description in Hakea Prison (Canning Vale, WA). Some believe that the 2 different dates of birth are mistake, and swear black & blue that the person alleged to be in the Fremantle jail was in fact AEB. I have not made up my mind yet, one way or the other. If MM can come up with a strong suspicion regarding one or more of the Claremont victims and AEB, then I would actually take this as evidence that maybe he WAS in WA. MM’s observations have been very accurate and insightful in the past.

  9. Hi MD, thanks for your comments, I am aware of the resources and the other matters you mention about the person incarcerated in the west. I have seen corrections to the original proposition from the religious website, saying that they were two different people. The DOB’s were completely different.
    To me, the problem with the hypothesis is that AB’s prior history is available and has been published and it doesn’t include jail time in WA. Not saying it’s impossible, but highly unlikely it was him.
    It is possible he could have been visiting WA in 96 and 97, less likely for 2000 because he was busy elsewhere. IMO, the Claremont crimes just don’t fit AB’s known offending history.
    MM’s charts will say what they say and if I didn’t respect her expertise, I wouldn’t be here.

  10. Hi, can someone give me the birth date and place for Adrian ernest Bayley (Edwards)? thanks, Aileen

  11. Hi Aileen
    Adrian Ernest Bayley (Edwards) was born on 14 July 1971 – probably Melbourne, Victoria. I did a rough rectification for time as late evening.

  12. Hi All, as I am relatively new to this I would like to know how you find the information that you do.
    For example, how do you find murder victims birthdates and how do you find out if someone was in a particular State at a particular time? Aileen

  13. Persistence and patience Aileen. Google is your friend as are the social media sites. Adrian Bayley has an extensive criminal record, so you read everything you can find around the criminal sites.
    There is no easy way. Time and effort bring reward.
    For example: You asked me for Adrian Bayley’s date of birth.
    If you had typed those same words “Adrian Bayley date of birth” into Google search engine – the first thing at the top of the list is this link which gives you the date of birth:

    “Jun 19, 2013 – Adrian Ernest Bayley, the man guilty of the rape and murder of Jill … Adrian Ernest Bayley is escorted into a prison van to begin his minimum 35-year jail …. 19 Jun Adrian Ernest Bayley was born on July 14, 1971, to Ernest …”

    Here’s another way:

  14. Thanks. I have joined Crimenet and Aussie Criminals and Crooks. Hopefully these will help with my studies. Aileen


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