When the heat is on

it’s time to find a cool place….

heat-waveNow if was me, and I were in a heatwave of a South Australian summer, I’d be off to the northern hemisphere given half a chance; somewhere cool. My idea of cool would be to head for Paris or New York, but then I’m not on the run.

Someone who didn’t turn up for court would be running from a different sort of heat, SAPOL and that’s where we are going today with this post.

A certain male whom we know of as Kirk, appears to have not turned up for an appearance at court a few days ago, or that is what we are led to believe.

If we turn to forensic astrology for confirmation as to this information, we require the usual three items before we get to open our toolkit; an event, a clock time and a person of interest’s birth data.

On this occasion, the event is the court appearance before a magistrate; the clock time is the actual time that the case was set to be heard in front of a magistrate and the third is the natal chart of the person in question; a POI, namely Kirk.

As this matter is still before the courts we won’t reveal the detail of the charge or the dates and times, however a copy of the court list remains on my file for confirmation at a later date, if need be.

The questions we can ask of the heavens are:

  • Did Kirk appear before the magistrate or did he choose to be absent?
  • If he did not appear before the magistrate for ‘plea or mention’ where might he be located?

We continue to discuss on the public forum as to whether Kirk is in the company of a missing person, Rachael Moritz.  The silence as to her whereabouts is deafening.  One can only consider that her disappearance is somehow interwoven with a current task force on SAPOL’s agenda.

As I write this post on 13th January, SA Police News on 7th January, 2013 remains the latest update in relation to a missing person, Rachael Moritz.

“SAPOL is conducting ongoing enquiries with police interstate in an effort to locate Ms Moritz. Police have no reason to believe that she has been harmed or is being held against her will.”

If Kirk is in the company of this 20 year-old young lady, then my enquiry of the heavens in relation to the whereabouts of Kirk, would also reveal her possible whereabouts.  We proceed with caution.

Interfering with a search for a missing person is my concern of course.  Having given SAPOL a more than four-day start, I think that is long enough to wait before making a forensic enquiry isn’t it?

Be aware that a forensic astrology enquiry is not accepted as scientific fact, nor does it purport to be.  In forensic astrology, we make an enquiry of planetary positions in the solar system in relation to our position here on planet Earth.

Science separates from astrology at the point of the interpretation of the planetary positions.  There is no argument as to the position of the planets.

And so to the business at hand.  We have a freeze frame photograph of the planets at the time of an event (the court hearing) and another of the time of birth of a POI (Kirk).

Once we have these two snapshots, we can then compare the current planetary positions with the earlier snapshot of planetary positions and consider if there is any tension between these two sets of planets.

  • By tension = the angles of difference between planets.  Tension is classically accepted as being conjunct (next to); square (90 degree angle) or in opposition (180 degrees)
  • By position = the relative position of any planet against the nominally accepted astrological zodiac.

The reason that this method (astrology) is not accepted as scientific fact, is that the zodiac, which is used in astrology is a fixed point of reference, when in fact the constellations (the zodiac) do move in the heavens, albeit very slowly.

It takes 2,000+ Earth years to move the thirty degrees of one zodiac sign to another.  In ancient times astrology and astronomy were one science and it was only when science discovered that the constellations moved that the two ‘sciences’ parted company.   But I digress…

The following is a given:  we could have made this enquiry as early as when the time of the hearing was set, not wait for the actual time to click over on the clock.  We could have known the following interpretation in advance, if we needed to.  That is predictive profiling for you. 

Court Event-KirkSo we proceed to draw up a bi-wheel with the time of the court appearance as our inner wheel and point of reference; the outer wheel is the birth chart for Kirk.

Colour green:

Jupiter represents justice in astrology (among other things) Positioned in the inner wheel the planet on this occasion represents the court procedure.

Jupiter is positioned in the third house of communication, the hearing and is in tension aspect by opposition with the planet Saturn in the outer wheel (Kirks natal chart).  The stage is set…

Saturn on this occasion represents an authority.  Our defendant Kirk is not an authority in a court of law and so we know that Saturn therefore is symbolic of something else.  It could be a solicitor perhaps or a recognition by the defendant that he defers to the authority of the court.

It is not imperative that we know the exact interpretation at this time, however we do note that the planet Saturn (7 Sagittarius) is at the midpoint between Kirk’s Uranus (20degrees Sag.) and Mars (25 degrees Scorpio).

This midpoint set-up indicates the act of rebellion by the defendant; we could even suggest that a ‘Rebels’ representation could possibly be made in court.  That would be the ‘authority’ signature in the chart, if it were indeed the case.

Colour turquoise:   Outer wheel Ascendant is in tension by conjunction to the event’s Descendant.  This indicates that the defendant is absent, not at court.

Outer wheel Midheaven conjunct IC.  This is the low point in Kirk’s career. I’m stating the obvious here, wot!

Outer wheel Uranus is conjunct the Midheaven. Uranus on this occasion is the symbolism of sudden changes.  Uranus at this position at the Midheaven relates to the career (high point) of a person’s life.  Doesn’t take too much imagination to realise that this case would create sudden changes to his career either.

In a way we are stating the obvious, however if the defendant didn’t appear at court or have representation, then his non-attendance would lead to a warrant for his arrest would it not?  A warrant would bring him to the top of the list for SAPOL perhaps.

Colour red:   This is our locator.  The planet Mars represents Kirk and being in conjunction with the Nodal axis of the event (the inner wheel), we know that we have karma, the fates and the public; all on high alert.

This is why this case remains on the public focus and just won’t go away…

We now turn to the second question and that is an effort to locate Kirk.  This information may be out of date after four days (we gave the boys-in-blue a head-start remember), however the heavens indicate to us that at the time of the court hearing, the defendant could have been located along the ‘red line’; the same red line, which we have already indicated on the bi-wheel.

MAP-HH-kirk-CPIn order to superimpose this locator chart over a map, we need to flip the bi-wheel vertically and align astrology north, which is at the bottom of the bi-wheel, with the north on our modern maps of the land; cartography.

click on image for full size

When we flip the bi-wheel and centre it over the precise location of the courthouse, we take note of the locator we had created earlier, the red line from Kirk’s planet Mars intersecting with the Nodal axis.

When we extend the red line onto a map of the land, we get the heavens input/locator of the defendant’s location at the time of the event (the court hearing).

Following interpretation, I have reduced the size of the map from an entire national map of Australia to the State of South Australia.  The reason I have done this is that there is only one town outside of Adelaide in the entire country, which is on the red line and might be of interest.

I have excluded other places on the red line, which are closer to the city and suburbs of Adelaide, which may have relevance to a formal investigation.

I have selected the location as the place known as Kupa Piti.

opalNow that is a cool place, folks, in more ways than one.  Not only is it a refuge from a summer heatwave, but probably considered a cool place if you like the gemstone – Opal found at Coober Pedy, South Australia.

Postscript:   Rachael Moritz returned home of her own accord.

Update: 18th October, 2013  

“Rachael Anne Moritz, 20 and Ross William Montgomery, 28 – who police say is a member of the Hells Angels outlaw motorcycle gang – were charged with trafficking in a controlled drug and unlawful possession following a police seizure of 50 grams of a substance believed to be methamphetamine and more than AU$41,000 cash.”

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5 thoughts on “When the heat is on”

  1. The latest media release is interesting! Are they saying her car was reported stolen after the murder took place??

  2. Interesting reading I agree, Karen. Police media releases are always carefully worded.

    “Police also wish to speak with Ms Moritz in relation to any information she may have about the Pooraka murder of Jason De Ieso. Police believe that Ms Moritz’s car was used by those involved in the murder. It was later reported stolen and found burnt out at Kangarilla. Police are able to confirm that Ms Moritz was not present at the Pooraka murder scene.”

    Perhaps the car was loaned to Kirk, however when the drama unfolded a cover-up was need so the Mazda was reported stolen.
    If that’s the case, Rachael has a loser/dead dog on the chain. She’s better off going to the police, fessing up and losing the insurance payout.

  3. Thanks Jewel. SAPOL media release this morning:
    “Missing person Rachael Moritz has contacted SA Police and is no longer considered a missing person. Police would like to thank the public for their assistance in this matter.”


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