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A Missing Person…

A young woman is last heard from on 23rd December, 2012 when she tells a family member that the only way she won’t get to a family gathering on Christmas Eve will be because she’s dead, or so we are told by the media.

That to me is a startling, if prophetic statement to make and so I have followed and commented on the Facebook page Missing Person Rachael Moritz from when it was first set up by a family member on 29th December, six days after her last contact.

The first page quickly grew to being difficult to administer and so a new page was set up two days later. By now there were at least 6 admin members; willing helpers.  This is the point where I noticed most of the conversations were being removed; sanitising the content.

This was not a case of moderation.  Kind, caring supportive comments by the whole community were disappearing by the truck-load. A social anthropologist would be greatly distressed.    This culling of content has continued until by this morning, 2nd January 2013, the page appears to be promoted as spreading the word of a missing person, rather than trying to find a missing person. The following appeared this morning:

“This page was made to spread the word about a missing Young woman named Rachael Moritz. Pease keep sharing the page but DO NOT send messages unless it is important information.”[sic]

My early input left on the back of one of the trucks; admin have not wanted my assistance, nor replied to my requests for information which is okay by me; I’m not shouting sour grapes as I am aware that astrology is not everyone’s cup-of-tea, but I got curious as to why this Facebook page with ‘9,000 likes and counting’ would turn into a poster distribution centre for someone who was missing for ten days and not a desperate ‘find a missing girl’.  Ten days missing is serious trouble in my book.

As a result of my conversation within the first Facebook page, I have on file my chat with a number of locals.  I can share that we have an event; a venue where a sales person who knew Rachael Moritz by name, served her on 23rd December.  We don’t have a precise time, which is all-important for a locator, however we do have two charts we can draw up as we have Rachael’s date of birth as well.

Considering I can’t get any information beyond what I gleaned on that first day, I still have enough to make some sort of an enquiry, if not a definitive one. Perhaps later we might get to delve deeper.

Firstly a little background of what we need to know for our enquiry:

  • Rachael Ann Moritz was born in Morphett Vale, South Australia on 30th December 1992.
  • Last physical contact with family was late night shopping with a sister on 21st December, 2012
  • Last phone contact with family 23rd December, 2012
  • No contact with known friends since then.
  • Phone is turned off (not an iPhone)
  • SAPOL listed her as a missing person on 31 December, 2012

At this stage, I don’t know when Rachel was reported missing to the police, but the fact that her ‘missing person notice’ wasn’t made official on SAPOL website until ten days after her family had last seen her, sounds rather bizarre.  I mean this is a family conscious girl; a Christmas Eve family gathering had gone by, Christmas has gone by; Rachael’s 20th birthday had gone by….   We’ve all watched enough media to have alarm bells ringing here….

So to work; we don’t know the actual time of Rachael’s birth and so we cannot comment, nor should we, in too much detail.

With a Sun-Moon mix of Capricorn-Pisces, in personal relationships, Rachael would need to exercise discrimination, overcoming a somewhat passive tendency that would make her susceptible to the influences of others.  She is more of a follower, rather than a leader.  That is not to say she is completely passive; with that Capricorn Sun, Rachael would be practical and reliable.

Event-RachaelThis accompanying image is a bi-wheel from the perspective of a possible event we have been told of and the birth data of Rachael Ann Moritz.

I ask you to accept that this is a pseudo-scientific enquiry and nothing more.  We are not participating in the search for Rachael at this stage.

The heavens, planetary placements and an astrology toolkit are our guides. There is nothing mysterious in what we share here.

I must add here that this is not  intended in any way as an accusation against  the administrators of the relevant Facebook page for promoting anything untoward; I am not privy to what is going on behind the scenes, perhaps they are following SAPOL guidelines, I do not know.  I am enquiring into what I see in front of me and with my limited knowledge.

Firstly, treating this as an enquiry into the Facebook page promotion of what I perceive as ‘an event’ rather than a sharing of information with regard to a missing person, I wish to draw your attention to the blue line connecting the nodal axis of the event to the conjunction with the natal planet of Pluto (highlighted in red) in the birth wheel of Rachel.

We know that the Moon’s nodes are always opposite to each other; that karma, the fates and public image come straight to front of the class for anyone familiar with my past enquiries.

Pluto is the God of the Underworld; he who stands at the gate to life after death is his main role in a forensic enquiry, however that aside, Pluto represents power, lack of power and perspective in general astrology terms.

As to our enquiry, we have the power of Facebook (the public arena) highlighted by Pluto (power).  That alone answers the publicity question I keep asking; the desire for publicity as the driver, however that is just the top layer.

Let’s look at Rachael’s role in this Facebook phenomenon; her nodal axis (her part in the public domain); the yellow highlighted items.

The event of 23rd December has Mercury (the planet of communication) conjunct this axis.  Power is not at play here (Pluto is not involved), communication is the key.  Rachael’s role is as the public domain; her nodal access (we could say that she is the product) and the event is the communication.

This is the confirmation of the above and my distress at this young lady being objectified rather than personalized.

Others may not see it this way, however it is a relevant view of things and I reserve the right to put it out there, but we must move on.

Looking at things from a forensic standpoint, we have transiting Pluto conjunct to Rachael’s Sun, her being.  This immediately is a locator signal and so we turn to Saturn, however the locator is missing.  This tells us that the event that we have is not enough for us to make a call.  We need more accurate information, however it is not forthcoming.

facebook-profile-RMWhat I can share is that we do have transiting Mars in the heavens holding up the mirror to Rachael’s natal Mars, the action planet (both highlighted in green).

A mirror reveals that Rachael Ann Moritz will be held accountable for her actions (Mars opposite Mars); whether this accountability will be in this world or the next, we are yet to find out.  We can only offer comfort and support to her family and friends as they wait.

Postscript:   Rachael Moritz contacted the police of her own accord and returned home more than a week after this post was written. 

We can rightfully ask, “Was this a PR exercise by the family to get her to come home?”  I hope SAPOL send them the bill for the costs of the search if it was.

Update 18th October, 2013:  

“Rachael Anne Moritz, 20 and Ross William Montgomery, 28 – who police say is a member of the Hells Angels outlaw motorcycle gang – were charged with trafficking in a controlled drug and unlawful possession following a police seizure of 50 grams of a substance believed to be methamphetamine and more than AU$41,000 cash.”

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17 thoughts on “A Facebook perspective”

  1. Keep up the good work MM. I feel like shouting at these people! If it was my kids and they were missing, weather I believed or not, I would be open to all avenues to find them regardless.

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Could be spot on MM –

    Wednesday, 2 January 2013 4:20pm
    Regarding Missing Person Rachael Moritz
    Police have received information that 20-year-old Rachael Moritz, who was recently reported missing, contacted a family member on New Year’s Day and advised that she was safe and well.
    Police are now undertaking enquiries to confirm the above information.
    Anyone who has any further information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or online at http://www.sa.crimestoppers.com.au.


  3. Here’s the latest from SAPOL. Am getting feeds to do with her car being stolen and fired as well – bikie wars.
    As to my post: Rachael was not reported missing to SAPOL until a day after her sister started up the FB page. .

    1pm today press release from SAPOL on their FB page:
    SA Police News Police have received information that suggests that Rachael Moritz is currently interstate. Police have an unconfirmed report that Ms Moritz was at Adelaide Airport on the morning of Sunday, 23 December 2012 and that she was in the company of a middle-aged woman. Police are urging the Crime Stoppers caller who provided this information, and the woman who was with Ms Moritz at the airport, to contact police. Missing Persons Units across the country have been advised to be on the lookout for the 20 year-old. Police have no information to suggest that Ms Moritz is being held against her will. However, there is speculation that Ms Moritz’s car has been linked by police to the Pooraka murder of 33-year-old Jason De Ieso in November. Police believe her Mazda sedan was used in the shooting murder. It was later found burnt out on Quigley Road, Kangarilla on the day of the murder. The car was reported stolen and police are confident that Ms Moritz was not present at the murder scene. Ms Moritz was reported missing on December 30 by her mother.
    While police understand she spoke to her father on New Year’s Day, it is important that police speak with Ms Moritz to confirm she is safe and well.

  4. Car theft was to do with a bikie war between Hells Angels and Finks bikie clubs. Am told that Rachael’s BF has the same initials as her and is Scots born; is in the HA motorcycle club.

  5. The plot thickens but then, it wasn’t “quite right” from the start. I find that facebook page most confuddling. Once begging for media attention now the family are busily slamming them (and gaining plenty of support from facebook users). In the meantime they are maintaining a stance that the latest developments regarding the stolen car/murder/bikie gangs are irrelevant and they simply want to find Rachael. How can clues be insignificant? In the words of my 6 year old niece “it’s just getting weirder and weirderer”!

  6. There is a phenomenon happening in the heavens as I write which is called ‘a blanket over a hand-grenade’ (Sun conjunct Pluto). That is where all this ‘she is in danger’ panic is coming from.

    This planetary phenomenon has being happening the whole way through this drama which is being played out on the Facebook page and will continue to affect all of us for another week in all areas of our lives. Just don’t buy into it. Be cautious by all means but don’t be dis-empowered (Pluto) by it.

  7. Am on the bf’s tail now as I have his data.
    My this couple have a BIG Mars-Pluto synastry – that’s sex being all-powerful. A big lesson for a very young girl to learn here.
    No wonder mumma-bear was trying to protect her little girl, but as we know caution flies in the wind when lust enters the room. Youth will continue to fan the fire, so it will take a rather strong Jupiter event (police) to tear them apart.

    Jupiter is currently in Gemini and in retrograde, so we can say that it ‘aint going to be pretty when they do (catch up with them, that is). If the LE can separate them, he’ll fold like a pack of cards.

    ps:Don’t expect police progress reports to be open and up-front either with Gemini in the picture.

  8. I have heard conflicting reports on the BF why has this person been left out of the investigation and each time he’s mentioned the comment is removed or hushed up by the family ….. was he connected/member of a bikie club or not ?

  9. I keep remembering your words at the end of this post: “A mirror reveals that Rachael Ann Moritz will be held accountable for her actions (Mars opposite Mars)”. It never was going to end well was it? Also so relieved once I removed myself from the facebook page and started reading the websleuths site!!! Love your work on there too MM!

  10. @Torstar – me too!
    Unfortunately some people can’t recognise the truth when it’s staring in their face.
    FB page wasn’t even ordered enough to be shambolic.

  11. After yesterday’s court appearance in Adelaide, it looks like the family of Rachael Moritz have now to face the truth about their own lives, as well as the young lass they portrayed as ‘butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth’.

  12. Re the family : Perhaps an apology to the public and police for wasting their time and resources, not to mention the scores of volunteers out distributing posters and the local businesses supplying resources to print them.
    The ‘loving aunty who spent her nights at home in trackies watching DVD’s’ – hmmm – but WHAT were the titles of the films – Bonnie & Clyde, Underbelly……
    The worst thing about this is that the next young missing person who is genuinely missing may not have such help forthcoming from the public because of the behaviour of these people.


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