On the move: an iPhone timeline

Ding-a-ling, ding-a-ling, silver bells hanging, on a string…

gbc-pieAccused murderer Gerard Baden Clay had quite a relationship with mobile devices, not just the ladies.

Documents available on the public record in relation to his mobile phone use, tell us lots about the man.

He does not discard things readily, nor does this man clear out his trash, nor get rid of any cookies! If I were a forensic scientist, I would have rubbed my hands with glee when I got hold of the accused’s iPhone, for analysis.

  • That astrological third house realm of Uranus will go against the accused if and when he goes to trial, I suggest.  It works in our favour as well for we have enough on the public record for an astrological enquiry; an enquiry I can share with you.
  • The third house is the realm of communication and with Uranus in his natal chart in this position, the accused shouts loud and clear that he readily embraced that wonderful Uranian device, the mobile phone.

Gerard Baden-Clay’s application for bail led to a gem being lodged with the court.  The document is the accused’s iPhone 5.1 timeline extraction.  It was included in the court documents, tendered by the DPP and was the clincher it seems, in the prosecution’s successful opposition to any granting of bail.

apple-cut-openThe timeline reveals that there are 2,409 emails stored, 991 calendar entries, 568 contacts, 267 SMS’s and 204 MMS messages still tucked away in data folders.

There are also 70 I.P. connections and 3 wireless connections.  That’s a lot of evidence of swanning around and piggy-backing isn’t it?

  • The dashboard dictionary was accessed 1480 times; that’s the Sun-Mercury Virgo driver kicking in wanting to get things ‘right’. The number is perhaps, a tad OTT though.
  • The 18 user accounts on this iPhone interest me.  One could expect that Bruce Overland would be one of those users.  I can’t imagine Gerbil handing his phone around, so they all have to be his.  Makes you wonder how many aliases a philanderer might need to use, doesn’t it?
  • Gerard Baden-Clay has 42 passwords on this phone.  Is that a high level of security or is it just plain and simple, secretive Scorpio behaviour?

There’s lots more statistics we could rake over as you would imagine, however of particular interest to us in our enquiry today are the 51 chats and 305 locations stored.

I have no wish to wallow around in that much detail, the accused deserves some element of privacy in his presumed innocence, so we shall narrow our focus to a window of opportunity, which the accused may have taken as part of the cover-up of a crime he stands accused of.

ABCphotoThe crimes he has been charged with are firstly murder, Criminal Code 302&305; murder of Allison June Baden-Clay and secondly Criminal Code 236(b) Misconduct with corpse by interfering [sic].

Gerard Robert Baden-Clay was charged with murdering his wife and improperly interfering with her dead body.

We acknowledge the importance of the two charges referred to above, however our enquiry at this time is in relation to the iPhone of the accused.

Focusing on a period of time; the time of the late evening of 19th April, 2012 until the morning of 20th April, 2012, we proceed cautiously.   The timeline leading up to, and including, the sending of two SMS messages by the accused to his ‘supposedly missing’ wife, Allison is uppermost on our agenda.

For the timeline of our enquiry we know that, according to the ‘Objection to Bail Affidavit Annexure’, Gerard Baden-Clay stated to police:

19th April 2012:

  • 10pm – the defendant states that this is the last time he saw his wife (he went to bed and as he was a heavy sleeper, he did not wake until just after 6am the next morning); that his wife was watching television when he went to bed.

20th April 2012:

  • 6.15am – the defendant states that this is when he woke and observed that his wife was not in the house.
  • 7:15am, the defendant called ‘000’ and reported the deceased as missing.”

What the defendant did not include in his statement and was uncovered by legal enforcement analysis of his mobile phone is the following activity provided as evidence in the objection to bail application:

20th April 2012:

  • 12:30:25am outgoing Face-Time call to a mobile phone number tagged, Nigel Baden Clay 
  • 1:48am the defendant’s phone was connected to a charger.
  • 6:20:24am an instant message was sent to a mobile number (suggested as being his wife’s mobile phone number)
  • 6:41:34am another instant message sent to a mobile number (suggested as being his wife’s mobile phone number)
  • 7:09am the defendant searched the term “self incrimination” on the internet.  Then five minutes later…
  • 7:14am the defendant attempted to access the Q.P.S. homepage on the internet.

This, together with other evidence, was enough to reject both bail applications by the accused and as the clock ticks, we await a committal mention in March, 2013.

On reading the court documents, we note that apart from the Face-Time call and the two instant messages, there is no record of any voice-calls being made, according to the call-log.

We do not know if another method of communication, such as a landline was used to contact anyone and therefore cannot comment in this regard, apart from noting that Gerard Baden-Clay’s father Nigel Baden-Clay and his sister Olivia Walton attended the Brookfield address prior to the arrival by the police.

What the circumstances were; what communication they received or what story they were told, that initiated these two family members to attend the accused’s home on the early morning of 20th April, 2012, we do not know.  We are not as yet, privy to that information.

What we do know from the released court documents, the call-log is that, between the two instant messages sent to his wife’s phone number, there are nine celestial co-ordinates, which indicate that Gerard Baden-Clay’s phone was out and about, on the move that morning.

I am not aware of any prior discussion of these entries in mainstream media or mention in this regard, so take reference to this discussion of celestial co-ordinates with a grain of salt.  I can tell you though, that the co-ordinates are included on the call-log .

The time in question is between 6:20:24am and 6:41:34am on 20th April, 2012.

The following is a possible scenario derived from the contents of that call log, which is available on the public record; a timeline, which is not necessarily ‘the’ scenario of how things unfolded.  It is ‘a possible’ scenario.

Please take note that we are leaving science behind from this point forward and entering the realm of astrology in the company of a forensic astrologer who uses celestial longitudal measurements and a pseudo-scientific toolkit.

justice-scales:bellsTaking up that accessible Uranian tool, Google Maps we set ourselves the task of accompanying Gerard Baden-Clay as he leaves his address in Brookfield for the second time on 20th April, 2012.

I suggest that this is the second time he went out; his first being the alleged disposal of his wife’s body in the dark of night.  Let those silver bells chime forth, we are listening…

20th April 2012:    I have some questions now that you are awake, Gerbil.

  • Were Nigel Baden-Clay and/or Olivia Walton in attendance at your residence before you left home that morning; a house with three sleeping children in their beds?
  • A responsible parent such as yourself would ensure that an adult carer was at hand when the children woke wouldn’t they?  I’m sure your daughters would not be left alone to wake in an empty house.
  • Had an adult other than yourself been in the house for some hours already before 6am, or had they just arrived?

text#1Considering you didn’t wake until some time after 6am, you’ve achieved quite a lot in a short time: up, showered, cut yourself shaving, dressed, turned your mobile back on, sent a text to your wife and out the door. All within the space of let’s say, fifteen minutes and I’m being generous with the time here.

It is now 6:21am. We are in the car. Gerbil pauses before going anywhere, turns his mobile phone off, pops it into his pocket and we continue out the driveway.  Why would he have turned his phone off?

One plausible explanation would be that we know that this man is a serial philanderer, right?  If he did not want anyone knowing where he was going, by force of habit, he’d turn off his phone.  From past experience Gerbil knows that he can be found through an app on his phone.  He’s ducked his wife’s radar on many occasions.  Ducked his mistress as well, as we now know.

He learned this trick early on; Gerbil had a mate who owned a retail spyware shop didn’t he?  I mean to say, a gent would not want his wife knocking at the door of his mistress’ apartment while they were busy now, would he?

What Gerbil hadn’t learned from the spyware shop; hadn’t considered, was one of Apple’s energy saving devices.  Clever little mobile phone, the iPhone; it continues to store some information in the cloud and when the phone is turned back on, this information downloads into the call-log.

When Gerard Baden-Clay took his phone off a charger and turned it on that morning, we know that it was just before six-twenty.  Two emails downloaded and time-stamped into his call-log as 6:19.53am.

Gerard Baden-Clay had turned his phone on in time to send the first ill-fated text to his supposed missing wife.

With all the Virgo traits he has; Mars-Sun-Mercury-Pluto in Virgo, the accused would no doubt have previously tossed around the idea of what he would write, long before he even turned his phone on.

It took him just thirty-one seconds to type the message and press, Send.

  • What are you sending Allison a text for, Gerbil?  You have already killed her and taken her body to Kholo Creek, or that’s what the charge sheet states.
  • Was it when you came home after that; is that when you discovered Allison’s iPhone was still in her charger?
  • You’ve had plenty of time to think about it, talk about it since then haven’t you? Who told you to get rid of it this morning?  Was it your daemon or someone else?

Oh okay, now I see… This is a cover up, an alibi.  We’re pretending that Allison isn’t really dead; that she is somewhere else with her phone and now we have to go out and lay a trail for the dogs to follow; send someone off the scent, is that it?

Gerbil’s iPhone is turned off; we have Allison’s iPhone with us, out of sight and also turned off, as we head out the driveway; roll on down Brookfield Road and into the Kenmore roundabout. We are going in the opposite direction to where Allison’s body was hidden.

Gerbil is under the illusion that he is invisible during the next 19 minutes, but he’s not.  The heavens are watching.

We soon stop for a couple of minutes; it is 6.30am. The communication satellites continue to transmit co-ordinates to every iPhone on the planet.  Those phones that are turned on, acknowledge; those asleep know that the cloud will record the message until the phone wakes and checks in.

Before we move on, Gerbil takes Allison’s phone out of the glove-box, flicks it on to check that his first text went through. Bells tinkle in confirmation; it’s thrown back into the glove-box and we set off again on a direct route.

Allison’s phone had connected to the Fig Tree Pocket tower; connecting to the internet, the phone picked up it’s texts and messages; was time-stamped 6.31am before returning to the unknown; the glove-box.

Technology is always being refined; phone tower ranges overlap; solar flares interfere with bits and bytes; the earth’s magnetic pole shifts; financial restraints deny regular satellite upgrades.  Goblins enter the fray.

This bloke’s on a mission; it’s not a Sunday afternoon drive. Hey Gerbil, “We’re not on our way to work, what’s up?”

Heading to a location in his memory bank; his history, we stop one more time before Gerard Baden-Clay turns the vehicle around.  We are now off to another location where he’s been before, a familiar spot; a safe place where an emotionally traumatised child would go.  It has been a very traumatic twelve hours.

There is one more chore to do in this suggested cover-up.

Parking the vehicle, we proceed on foot and sit down together on a bench in the shade; under a shelter. Gerbil switches his phone on once again to send the second text.  It is 6:39:29am.

Connecting to the internet and unnoticed by Gerbil, nine satellite co-ordinates download into the call-log of his phone.

He had covered a bit of territory since he had sent that last text message.  The phone dutifully recorded all nine co-ordinates, each one stored in the cloud, two minutes apart in case of need, for recall by their owner.  The iPhone is doing its job.

Apple in their infinite wisdom, designed the iPhone to automatically check with a satellite for it’s location every two minutes.  Because the phone was turned off, the satellite information stored in the cloud and didn’t download until Gerbil turned his phone on to write that second text.

Note: Sorting these co-ordinates just confuses this astrologer, however their relevance took little time for a techie mate of mine.  Some are immediately discarded, others are noted. I defer to my mate and his toolkit; I don’t ask why, as he is the professional in this realm.   But, back to the schoolyard:

6:39:29am a text message is being composed. Two minutes and five seconds later Gerard Baden-Clay presses, Send.

blog-locator#9The accused murderer had let his fingers do the walking, he didn’t voice-call his missing wife, what was the point?

He wanted a written alibi. “Al. Getting concerned.  Where are you…”

I do have one last question of the powers that be, “Which tower relayed this last text message; these precious packets of information?”

According to Google maps, the accused could not have sent this second text from a residence in Brookfield Road…

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Mountain Misst

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11 thoughts on “On the move: an iPhone timeline”

  1. Not being nasty or anything. There has been nothing in the news releases or from the police about the details you have of what happened with the phone. I don’t know where you get your version of it but it hasn’t been noted anywhere that any of the phones were in the glovebox

  2. Thanks for your comment Shaz… If I might reply – the tossing of Allison’s phone into the glovebox is a suggestion of, or metaphor for, the disrespect Gerbil has for Allison’s property or to go one step further to suggest the offhand manner in which he treated Allison herself. He flicked her on or off; kept her in the dark…

    We can even suggest that the car is the vehicle of their marriage and the phones the husband and wife etc etc.

    I often write in metaphors and also layer one on top of the other; this includes my choice of imagery as well, which you may have noticed already.

    I have yet to write the story of Allison’s iPhone.

  3. You are amazing – this was such a good read – wanted to pick up the phone and tell you so, but this will have to suffice. This ‘on the move’ posting must have taken you days!! Hope you have a very good 2013!!

  4. Mountain Misst — you’re intriguing, fascinating, highly intelligent, thoroughly entertaining with wicked humour. I’ve a mystery, but unfortunately last I read in the media, it’s a cold case which will remain forever cold due to lack of funds and resources and because it’s over 30 years old. No justice, at least none that we mortals will see.


    ” One of the 200 cases that will be hampered by stalling on the national DNA databank is the murder of Caroline Jane Dow, 25, a trainee nurse, and her boyfriend, Phillip Sidney Baker, 24. Their naked bodies were found blasted by a shotgun in the dunes at Cabarita Beach on the North Coast in January 1978. The killer is believed to have come from Queensland.”

    another link:

    Carolyn Dow and Phillip Sidney Baker shared a house with another couple who also worked at Southport Hospital Qld. The house was in Burleigh Waters. We bought the house in late 1978. We’d seen the news reports about the double murder but did not know the victims had lived in the house we later bought. Two weeks after we moved in, detectives arrived asking questions about the other couple. We knew nothing. When we asked a neighbour what it was about, we were told the two murder victims had lived in our house prior to their death.

    We loved that house and the area, but the house was a paranormal zoo, highly active. Some of the most frightening experiences of my life. Whether or not they were connected with the murdered couple I will never know

    The murder was strange. It was presented thus by the tv news: A young couple was discovered dead late this afternoon at Kingscliffe Beach. Locals were alerted by the couple’s dog which, late in the afternoon, began racing back and forth on the beach, barking incessantly. Upon investigation, it was discovered a man and woman lay dead. They had been shot. Police advise the couple had been dead for several hours before being discovered’ … words to that effect

    The media at that time reported the couple were lying face down and appeared at first to be sunbathing. Locals and fishermen had seen them there with their dog sometime before midday. No one reported hearing the shots which killed them

    Mountain Misst, over the years I’ve tried to find out more. Before internet it was difficult. Even with internet, there’s been almost nothing to find. As always, the pain spread in ripples. Having bought the house where the couple was living at the time of their death and being new to the area, I sought a new family doctor, primarily for our children. A doctor was recommended to me. I took the children to see him. Nice man. Preparing to leave, I said to him how happy I was to have found a new family doctor. He replied that unfortunately, he would soon be retiring in order to be with his wife who was finding it very difficult coming to terms with the death of their daughter. He added: ‘ She was murdered at the beach. You might have heard about it. Her name was Carolyn Dow ‘. Almost certainly, Dr. Dow would by now be deceased. As you might have noticed, Dr. Dow and my chance introduction to him formed yet another link with the murdered Carolyn

    It was only last year, when attempting yet again to learn if there had been any developments in the case, that I came across the two articles I’ve linked for you above. Only then, and for the first time, did I learn the couple was murdered at Cabarita Beach and not Kingscliffe Beach as reported by the media at the time

    Don’t know if you can glean any information at all from these scant details. Of course not. I’m being silly. But I’m getting on in years myself now. Thought it would have been solved long ago. Who else but me even remembers those two young people — apart from the killer, of course — so it’s a long shot, an impossible appeal to you. Who knows, someone might see this and grab at the chance to do the right thing after all this time. Or, if the paranormal events in our old house are anything to go by, it may be the murdered couple are just biding their time for the killer to leave the tentative safety of his/her mortal vehicle

    Very much enjoyed ‘On The Move: an IPhone Timeline’, thank you

    You remind me quite a bit of Miss Marple by the way 🙂

    Best regards
    Burleigh Beach from Robbo’s site

  5. Ps: Mountain Misst, the first url/link takes you to an article which has two pages. You can click at the bottom of Page One to access Page Two, where you will find reference to Carolyn Dow and her partner

  6. Wonderful post however , I was wondering if you could write a litte
    more on this topic? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Thank you!

  7. I hadn’t heard that Allison’s phone was found yet. Also didn’t they mention that the facetime call wasn’t made ?

  8. It makes one wonder what is inside this man’s head? Lovely work MM! Thank you to your techie friend. Can’t wait to see what transpires!

  9. Hi Burleigh Beach, I’m actually about to start investigating the Caroline Dow murder myself. She was my aunt and the late Dr Dow was my grandfather. Any information you might be able to share with me would be extremely helpful. My email is mattxdow@gmail.com if you would like to get in contact with me. Cheers.


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