A little bird whispered…

‘My mum danced with the devil and my daughter paid the price.’

These are the words of a mother who has waited twenty years for her daughter to come home.

CamilleriJust last week on 10th December 2012, Leslie Alfred Camilleri pleaded guilty to murdering a thirteen year-old girl. The victim’s mother, Jenny Bird now officially knows, what she has always feared, that her daughter Ann Prudence (Prue) Bird is dead.

Prue was last seen preparing lunch in her mother’s kitchen in Glenroy, Melbourne, Victoria on Sunday 2nd February, 1992. Her mother was out; her mother’s partner was packing boxes in the garage.  The front door was open; the television was on and a hot meal was sitting uneaten on the table when her absence was discovered.  Prue Bird disappeared without a trace.

Initial investigators believed the teenager had been targeted and was not the victim of a random crime when she was abducted; that it was a payback in relation to a relative who was a witness to the 1986 Russell Street bombings.

This may or may not be the case; either way, few of the suspects have escaped the net of justice.  Our particular person of interest is already incarcerated.

Leslie  Alfred Camilleri is already serving ‘life without parole’ for murder. 

Two girls were kidnapped in 1997 by Camilleri and an accomplice in Bega, NSW; driven across the border into Victoria, to an isolated region where they were repeatedly raped and killed.  That was five years after the disappearance of Prue Bird.

The Bega schoolgirls’ bodies were recovered; Camilleri was found guilty of their murder and was incarcerated for that crime.  Taking the facts of that crime into consideration, police had reason to believe that Prue Bird’s body may be located in the same area.

There was also ‘talk’ of counting telegraph poles to where a body could be found, but the criminal element can hardly lie straight, let alone be relied upon to tell the truth.

On 15th February of this year, 43 year-old Camilleri was charged with Prue Bird’s murder and a three-day search was carried out at Flat Rock Creek near Cann River in East Gippsland, however Prue’s remains were not found.

As the case draws to a conclusion in the courts, following the admission of guilt by Camilleri, the pre-sentencing hearing is set down for 4th February 2013.  This is an opportune time for us to come into the picture and open our forensic astrology toolkit.

prueIn an effort to locate the remains of Prue Bird, we utilize planetary snapshots, horoscopes and Google maps together with a good sprinkling of an astrologer’s knowledge of the symbology of the planets.

Astrology is a pseudo science and the following results are a subjective offering of an alternative location of where Ann Prudence Bird’s remains may possibly be found. The following is our forensic astrology enquiry of the heavens.

We have the facts that the murder is believed to have taken place between 2nd February and 11th February, 1992.

We don’t have the date of Prue’s murder, however we do have the abduction time and date; the victim’s date of birth and the date of birth of the confessed murderer Leslie Alfred Camilleri.

I am sure we could determine from the heavens when Prue died, however that is not our focus and I, for one, will not go willingly into the headspace of what might have occurred during that missing week.

Prue-abductionLooking at what is in the heavens at the time of the abduction, we have another massive stellium.

What is going on? We are in a lopsided map yet again (see Quorn double murder Pt.2).

A stellium is when a group of planets are in the same area of the heavens at the same time; all the weight is in one place giving a skewed perspective; a jumbled up mass of symbology, let alone energy. An overload for the unconscious mind.

This is a stellium of planets at an event, a moment in time, not Prue’s horoscope and so we need to enquire of the symbology as such, rather than a characterisation.

  • The Sun is high in the sky and conjunct to Saturn (highlighted in red).  As an event we know that Saturn is Father Time (a timely event) and the Sun is an extra indicator of the event (the abduction) being audacious and in broad daylight.
  • To the right of Saturn, we have Mercury (ideas, schemes, plots and plans), the abduction plot.
  • The Moon is to the right of Mercury from where we are viewing.  The Moon reflects the light of the Sun and gives us the mood and emotional content of the event.
  • The Moon is at the midpoint of Mercury/Uranus, which equates as the driving need (the Moon) is the focal point and the ‘how and the what with’ was communication (Mercury) by modern technology (Uranus).

On reflection I would consider that the heavens are indicating that Prue was lured away or abducted as a result of a telephone phone call. Whether she took the call or was told about one and her ‘visitor(s)’ suggested that they were to take her to the caller, we do not know.

  • Continuing, we note that highlighted in turquoise, the planets Mars and Neptune are in exact conjunction. This can be interpreted as ‘male energy doing underhand things’.
  • Neptune, we know, is about the fantasy element and Mars is symbolic of action and/or the male principle.  In this case the conjunction is more than likely symbolically representing Prue’s abductor or abductors.  Being conjunct to the planet Uranus as well gives that extra impetus of sudden changes.

With that information, it’s a safe bet that Prue was not lured; she was abducted.

  • The next planetary position is highlighted in green; Nodal axis conjunct Venus.  Both Venus and the Moon can represent a child in forensic astrology and so we keep that in mind as we consider the event and the energy of this freeze-frame in time. The Nodal axis represents the public arena and Venus, I feel represents Prue.

Karmic astrologers note the conjunction = the fates are on the scene.

Aside from the stellium, the planets Pluto (also highlighted in red) and Jupiter (highlighted in yellow) may have more to add once we start looking at bi-wheels.  That is our next step in our enquiry and we turn to computer generated astrology bi-wheels.

A bi-wheel is created from the perspective of the time of the abduction (the inner wheel) and our first bi-wheel on the left hand side includes the victim herself, Ann Prudence Bird (the outer wheel).

The inner wheel is a snapshot of the heavens at Glenroy, Melbourne at 2.10pm on 2nd February, 1992 and the outer wheel is a snapshot of the planets on the day that Prue was born.  The second bi-wheel is from the same perspective of the time of ‘the event’, but this time with the confessed murderer’s birth wheel, his natal horoscope as the outer wheel.

event-doubleStep 1 is to locate Saturn and Pluto in both bi-wheels as they are the ‘usual suspects’.  Pluto is a signature of death and Saturn is often the locator planet.  Because we are enquiring of a child and her abduction, the Moon and Venus are also strong contenders.

Initially we can see Prue’s Uranus (turquoise highlight) is at the Descendant (opposite the Ascendant).  This indicates that the phone call, the sudden changes brought about her downfall.

Of our usual suspects, Saturn at the time of the event, is indicating immediately by the interaction with Prue’s Moon and her planet Venus that we have, in all probability, found our primary locator angle (red line).

Camilleri is not so forthcoming.  Looking at the bi-wheel on the right-hand-side, the closest we have of interaction is the planet Pluto in the heavens at the time of the event is conjunct Camilleri’s Moon.

The Moon is an emotional driver as we know and reflects the Sun’s light.  Astrology indicates that his current motivator involves Pluto.

Pluto is about power, or lack of it as well as the death indicator. Psychologically, in crimes of passion, the mind-conflict is usually about power and in other cases killers often feel empowered by the act of killing, however there is always the flip side of a coward (lack of power) behind the drive.

Camilleri’s bi-wheel reveals in his natal horoscope (shades of grey) Sun conjunct Mercury in Gemini (the traits of a born liar) and in opposition to Mars, his action driver.

I wouldn’t believe anything this man says. No wonder we can’t get a locator angle out of him.

  • His Nodal axis is in quindecile aspect (obsessive behaviour) to the planet Jupiter of the event.  This would indicate a dread to the point of obsession about being caught by the law (Jupiter) in a public place (North Node).  I suggest that this is in relation to the abduction and not a locator.
  • Camilleri’s Venus at 24 degrees Aries is square (90 degrees) to the Moon, (at the time of the event) 24 degrees Capricorn.  This is the only confirmation we are going to get out of this chart, but a confirmation it is.
  • Venus  (the girl-child) is on his mind (in the 12th house) and the Moon of the event confirms our locator angle/the victim, Prue.

The next step in our enquiry is to interact with Google Maps.  We create an image with flags at the point of the abduction and the suggested place of where Prue’s remains might lie.  We then need to flip our bi-wheels in order to be aligned with a cartographers map – north at the top.  This requires our astrology wheels to be flipped vertically.

MAP-CamilleriVicLocating the second bi-wheel first to see what Camilleri has to say, we place his flipped bi-wheel centred over the point of abduction.

click on image for full size

The only possible angle we have is Camilleri’s natal Moon conjunct the event Pluto (turquoise line).

Note that this is only weighted on one side of the wheel and doesn’t carry through with any intersection with other planetary positions.

The suggestion is that perhaps the abductor(s) set out westward for other reasons, however that is not where Prue lies according to forensic astrology.

The red line is the line from Glenroy to Cann River.  There is no indication in the Event-Camilleri bi-wheel that Prue lies in that direction. 


Provided that the birth data I have is correct, Prue tells us a different story.

When we place her bi-wheel over the point of her abduction her red line continues onto the map (I have chosen yellow on the map so as not to confuse the two lines) in a totally different direction.

The planet Uranus (turquoise highlight) at the Descendant does indicate in the direction of the red line to Cann River and Flat Rock Creek, however there is no backup planet to give us an angle.

The yellow line direction however has Prue’s Moon, the event Saturn and her natal Venus telling us to go north.

The yellow line extends from Albert Park, through the centre point of Justin Avenue Glenroy, the outer suburbs of Melbourne and on  towards Echuca.  If there is a Camilleri connection on this yellow line, the heavens are pointing straight to it with the help of a young girl, Prue Bird.

Postscript:  There is a police report that a change of clothes and some school-books were missing at the time of Prue’s abduction and that this was done as a cover-up; that Prue had run away.

I had to ask myself, “If I were trying to make it look like Prue had run away would I remove her school-books?” What teenager would take her school-books with her if she ran away from home? There’d be no thoughts of school on the immediate agenda of a teenage runaway would there?

I suggest that her abductors conned Prue into thinking she was going away to meet someone and would be back in a couple of days. “Take your homework and a change of clothes with you.” That’s adult talk not a teenager.  A thirteen year-old would be more inclined to take personal items.

I reckon the latter scenario is more likely so that Prue would not put up a resistance to her abduction. A feisty girl such as Prue would have at least upended her dinner plate as an act of rebellion.  I know, I would have.

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2 thoughts on “A little bird whispered…”

  1. This is definately food for thought. Australian police would do well to read this and your other forensic astrology predictions. I hope Prue’s remains are found soon so she can be laid to rest in a dignified manner. Well done MM

  2. Excellent post. I do hope this girls remains are found enabling a dignified closure for the loved ones left behind. It would be fantastic if Aussie authorities would take note of your posts as they do overseas. Unfortunately there are a lot of sceptics. Excellent work again MM!


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