Quorn double murder Pt.2


starsOn the date Jacinta Leigh Fullerton was born there was a very bright light in the heavens. There was a stellium of planets in the sky; a bunch of planets clustered together.

Born under these stars usually indicates that a very bright spark is destined to live among us; a person whose candle will burn very brightly, if briefly.

A close arrangement of planets, a stellium manifests as a challenge for an individual; a challenge in that the planetary energies are all jumbled up together.  There is a whole lot of energy in one place. These individuals invariably take life as it comes; roll with the punches, not being subjected to the subtleties, which the rest of us have to deal with.

Things just ‘are’ for stellium people.  I believe Jessie would have fitted this description.  She will be remembered fondly; a great loss to the fabric of the quilt that is Quorn.

In an effort to understand what being in the wrong place at the wrong time means, some would say it’s fate. I’ve written elsewhere about the fates and our lot in life, but that’s not a good enough explanation for everyone. Some of us need to know more and so we turn to the heavens for an answer.

See Pt 1 for the background to this enquiry; where we looked into the astrology of the event and the other victim of this double murder, Rebecca Elizabeth Wild. As we now have Jacinta Leigh Fullerton in the picture, we can continue to see and hear what the heavens have to say.


Fate dealt 22 year-old Jessie a final blow on the night of 5th December, 2012. She was murdered, her body left on the roadside beside her Hilux ute.  Last seen at 10.30pm in the township of Quorn, we can now generate an astrology chart to hear her voice.

The first image on the left is a bi-wheel from the perspective of the time of 11pm, 5th December, 2012 (the time Jessie was killed) as the inner wheel and the outer wheel is Rebecca’s birth horoscope, aligned to the zodiac points of the inner wheel.  Part 1 discusses this bi-wheel at length.

Note the positions of the blue line and the yellow line.

The second image is a bi-wheel from the same perspective of 11pm, 5th December, 2012 when Jessie was killed. The inner wheel being a snapshot of the heaven at that time and the outer wheel is the birth horoscope of Jessie.

What jumps out at us is that huge stellium of planets in the outer wheel.  I don’t think I have ever seen so many planets in the one place in a chart before; we have one big bundle of energy.  The only planets not included are the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto. The Sun and Pluto have very special messages for us here.

Note the two lines (blue and yellow) are identical to those in Rebecca’s chart.  The blue line aspect was discussed in Part 1 in the absence of Jessie, however now we know of the significance.  The blue line goes to the top of our agenda.

It may have been 11pm at night, however the ‘sunlight’ that is Jessie has stepped out of her ute…

Note in the outer wheel that Jessie’s Sun highlights that blue line we discussed at great detail in Part 1.  For me it is accentuating what I have written already about the mood of the time; for us here now, Jessie is right behind the boys in blue albeit the police wear their desert colours in Quorn.

Jessie is directing the police to her assailant, the accused. The blue line intersects the location of the arrest.

Both the blue and yellow lines are common to both bi-wheels. When we positioned the first bi-wheel over Quorn cemetery where Rebecca’s body was recovered the yellow line intersected with the location where Jessie was killed. We indicated that the violence of Mars was involved (outer wheel) and that Venus (inner wheel) probably indicated Jessie.

This time the yellow line in Jessie’s chart confirms what Bec has told us already with that very important input of the planet Pluto; the death indicator.  Jessie’s planet Pluto (highlighted in red in the outer wheel) is the originator of the yellow line this time.  She has stamped her mark on the place where she was killed.

  • The yellow highlight at the ascendant is for those who follow karmic astrology.  The Nodal axis indicates a public place (out on the road) and for most astrologers, the South Node indicates the karmic point of fate. One’s karma.
  • The turquoise highlighted points are – Jessie’s Uranus (sudden changes in her situation) is conjunct by Pluto (she is killed); Mars (violence) conjunct to Jessie’s Neptune (her dreams are shattered).
  • Red highlight in outer wheel of Capricorn Moon-Saturn conjunction are an indicator, which is the emotional driver of Jessie’s character and relates to ‘keeping up appearances’. Tears are not shed in public.

So now we turn to a map of the terrain.  As astrology has north topsy-turvy to the world we live in, we need to flip the bi-wheel before we overlay it onto Google Maps.

MAP-JLF-jockeyUsing the second bi-wheel (the event and Jessie) we flip it vertically and overlay it onto the map.

Note: click on image to see full size

Jessie’s bi-wheel is centred at the same position as Rebeccas was;  at Quorn cemetery.

We see the yellow line continues onto the map to insect at the point where she was killed and the blue line continues onto the map to intersect at the point where Jacinta’s  alleged murderer was apprehended by the boys in blue, just as it does in Rebecca’s bi-wheel in Pt.1.

We could go further with our enquiry with discussion of red lines intersecting, however with the matter still to go before the courts next February, 2013 any comment could possibly interfere with justice being served and we would not want to interfere with the planet Jupiter.


When you wish upon a star

Makes no difference who you are

Anything your heart desires

Will come to you

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