Quorn double murder Pt.1

jessie-camelJessie won’t be racing any more Ships of the Desert. The Fullerton family have lost one of their own; Jacinta Leigh Fullerton aged just 22 has left the racetrack and her beloved camels.

A case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Jessie came upon a young man whom she knew as a local and stopped her Toyota Hilux ute.

The place is Quorn, South Australia and the time, 11pm on the night of Wednesday, 14th December 2012.  Jessie was struck down on the side of the road beside her ute.  She was only minutes from home.

BecAnother young girl, this time just sweet sixteen, was found in a shallow grave in Quorn cemetery later that same night.  Her name is Rebecca Elizabeth Wild.

At 16 Bec was still a high school student in her home-town of Port Pirie, 120kms away.  She had been reported missing on the previous night, Tuesday in Port Pirie; last seen as she set off on foot after a concert to meet with her boyfriend.

Both Jessie (Jacinta) and Rebecca are alleged to have been murdered by the same male person, known to both of them; a 19 year old Quorn resident.

The accused is in remand as I write, charged with the double murder, however his details have been suppressed by the Port Augusta Magistrate’s Court and so I am unable to include him in my astrological enquiry.  He will face a committal in mid February, 2013.

So what information do we have to make an enquiry of the heavens?

We have three locations: The location where Rebecca Wild was last seen in Port Pirie and the address where her body was found, Quorn cemetery.   We also have the location where Jacinta (Jessie) Fullerton was killed on her way home.

To date we have the birth details of Rebecca but not Jacinta, nor the birth data for the accused murderer.  We also have the time when Jessie was last seen in Quorn. This is enough to start an enquiry.  We can always revisit the case if we gain more information.

There is always more to learn in this relatively unknown field of forensic astrology and this is a case study of interest to us, even if the alleged perpetrator has been caught.  Every case teaches us something knew, the heavens seem to know it all.

Please note that the following is not scientific in its theory.  Astrology is a pseudo science based on the positions of planets in the heavens.  The symbology and interpretation is classic and readily accessible to the publicMy input is as scribe.

JLFEventTiming Jessie’s run from the pub in town to where her body was found, we can approximate the time of her death as around 11pm (last sighting was 10.30pm in town).

I have generated an event chart for that time and at that place.  This is a snapshot of the heavens; the position of the planets at 11pm, 5th December, 2012.

The heavens witnessed Jessie’s murder.

As we don’t have birth data on the alleged murderer we can look to the heavens at the time of when Jessie was killed and see what the mood of the time tells us; the psychological state.  The heavens have input here in one particular area and that is the realm of the Moon (a persons driving need) and Neptune (the fantasy element).

The Moon is close to the ascendant (highlighted in blue) in the 1st house and note dear reader, that the sign of Virgo is hidden in that 1st house.  Warning signs!  The ascendant, the appearance is the realm of Leo – friendly, jolly and sunny but in reality the negative traits of Virgo (the hidden sign in the 1st house) rule. The negative traits of Virgo such as – moody, insensitive to criticism, nit-picking and the perfectionist is what is behind that Leo king’s persona.  Do not criticise me I will react…

That’s just the astrology house/the realm and with the Moon at zero degrees Virgo, the Leo driver (the Moon represents our emotional needs and is a primary motivator for us) has just handed the reins to Virgo.  I would suspect that the alleged perpetrator is very affected by the Moon.  She has let him down many times in his life, or he believes that she has.

If we look across the chart to the opposite side we see Neptune facing the Moon; reflecting off the moonlight; reflecting as a mirror.  Neptune is the fantasy element.

Neptune can be symbolic of drugs or alcohol; dreams or even mental de-rangment.  Neptune is never the realm of logic.  This is the realm of spirit, of religious faith and such things.  We are in the energy of Neptune here, working with astrology.

moonwaterI currently have transiting Neptune conjunct my natal Sun, which explains much of what I’m doing right now, together with you.

But back to the image we have before us of the time that a vibrant young woman was killed; a heavenly peep into the psyche of the alleged murderer.

Neptune is in the 7th house of public relationships.  This is not the realm of a casual encounter this is the fantasy of a ‘male-female relationship’ to fulfil the need (Moon) that the male lacks.  Again we have that hidden zodiac sign; this time in the 7th house.

The hidden sign is Pisces, the natural zodiac sign for Neptune, however due to the hidden aspect we know that the negative traits rule – cowardly, self-delusional, chaotic behaviour.  Chaos rules…

The Moon opposite Neptune tells us that this is an emotional rollercoaster ride. Ups and downs and emotional entanglements and fanciful emotional relationships are common with this position. Trust leads to suspicion and neuroses take over. Often, these issues stem from a childhood in which the nurturing was inconsistent.

Moon opposite Neptune is a time of hunger for emotional nourishment, but anyone caught up in the energy can be like a bottomless pit in this regard. Or, their hopes can be too lofty and unrealistic, so the undefined prize they are searching for is forever elusive. At times, they feel very much at the mercy of their emotions, yet they have a hard time truly understanding or defining their emotional worlds. Marilyn Monroe was born with this aspect, Moon opposite Neptune.

I am not suggesting that the alleged perpetrator has this aspect in his chart. I actually have no insights into the any of the characters in this post.  I just have a time, a couple of locations and a birthday.  The rest is the magic of astrology.

We turn now to maps and charts. Creating a bi-wheel with the time of 11pm, 5th December in Quorn as our perspective and the birth information for Port Pirie resident and other victim, 16 year-old Rebecca Elizabeth Wild.  Two snapshots bound together in time.

REW-biwheelWe can see the Moon opposite Neptune highlighted in the inner wheel of the time of the event (as discussed above) and Rebecca’s birth wheel aligned to the zodiac positions in the outer wheel.

We look for the positions of Saturn and Pluto, our forensic planets.  Pluto, the mythical God of the Underworld representing death and Saturn is Father Time, the hooded God carrying the scythe.

Firstly highlighted in yellow: Rebecca’s Pluto (outer wheel) is at the midnight position at the bottom of the bi-wheel conjunct the I.C. and her Sun is conjunct the MC at the top of the sky.

This is Rebecca’s nemesis, however she is high in the sky lighting our way.

Secondly we turn to the colour red.  Rebecca’s Saturn (outer wheel) intersects with Uranus in the inner wheel (sudden changes in her environment) and continues through to her Moon on the opposite side of the bi-wheel.  This is the #1 locator angle we are looking for, however as we already have a location of her body there will be a different message for us.

There are other planets and two other lines that are in this story. Firstly turquoise.  We have the event planets of Venus, Mercury and the Nodal axis (in the inner wheel) in opposition, mirrored to Rebeccas’s Mars and Mercury.

Note: we can suggest only here.

Mars and Mercury can be the cry for help, (action and communication) by Rebecca.  Nodal axis represents the public arena (out on the road rather than inside a house) Mercury is the communication again and Venus would in all probability represent Jessie on this occasion.

Make of this combination, what you will.

Note also that there are two lines – one turquoise and one yellow.  Both intersect with this group of planets and both are significant as the following two maps indicate.

  • The turquoise line is a direct angle of the point at which Rebecca was last seen alive to the location where her body was found.
  • The yellow line is a direct angle of the point where Jessie was killed and the location of Rebecca’s body, Quorn cemetery.
  • The red line is the last message from Rebecca and the heavens.

MAP-turquoiseIn order to reproduce these maps we need to flip the astrology bi-wheel vertically to align north to the same as our maps of the terrain, north is at the top.

Click on image for full size.

We then superimpose the bi-wheel over a relevant point on a cartographer’s map, namely Google Maps.

The first image is the map from a park in Port Pirie to a cemetery in Quorn with a direct line to the two locations.  This line intersects the points as discussed above.  The bi-wheel is located directly over the point where Rebecca’s body was recovered.

Mercury-Mercury shouts at us.  We hear you Bec.

MAP-yellowThe second map has, both a yellow line and a red line. (The blue line relates to the boys in blue – an arrest.)

The bi-wheel is centred over Quorn cemetery, where Rebecca’s body was recovered.

The yellow line continues onto the map and intersects at the location where Jessie was killed, not 100 metres from her grandparent’s home.  There is no need for us to nominate the exact location here.

The red line is our #1 locator – Saturn, Uranus and the Moon.

The Yellow line directly intersects with Mars (violence).  There is not just a voice, but male violence at this point, which we already know.  This is confirmation only.

The red line points in another direction towards Quorn and beyond.  I have no hesitation in interpreting the message from the heavens, that a point along this line is of primary importance in relation to the death of Rebecca.

We will have to wait for further information to clarify Rebecca’s last word.

If we had Jessica’s birth details we may have been able to get another angle, which would be of value to research.  We would be able to determine whether each of the girls primary locator angles intersected and revealed something of relevance to us; their combined voices from heaven.

12-12-12 postscript…  We now have birth data for Jessie.  See Quorn double murder Pt.2

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