Hell and sectarianism Pt.2


churchFor the Roman Catholic congregation, the church in question in our last post is called Nossa Senhora da Luz (Our Lady of Light) and for the Anglicans it is known as St Vincent’s.

The Anglican congregation uses it for services with the gracious permission of the Portuguese Catholics; a shining example of non-sectarianism for us all; but then the Portuguese are an open hearted and obliging people.

Perhaps too obliging as it turns out.  It was a Portuguese Catholic priest who gave the keys to the church to the parents of Madeline McCann; Gerry and Kate McCann are devout Catholics.  Today we read that the priest is alleged to have  ‘rued the day’.

Step back in time for a moment and join me in Glasgow.  Gerry McCann was born into an Irish catholic family (his father was from Drogheda, Eire).

Young Gerry was born into not only a catholic family, but Irish blood was thick in his veins to boot.  It seems that he was destined to grow up in a what some would call, a proddie versus catholic city. Sectarianism is rife in Glasgow it seems.

Statistics of the religious divide in Glasgow are even visible in the rivalry between the supporters of Glasgow’s two main football clubs, Celtic and Rangers. There is a religious sectarianism despite what the city father’s would have us believe.

The sectarianism in Glasgow is such a big deal that Wikipedia has devoted a page to it.  It is not just the religious divide of course and those who wish to enquire further can easily find more division under the ‘sectarian’ banner.

british-bulldogWhat I’m getting at is that Gerry McCann would probably have hands-on knowledge of sectarianism and that old boyhood schoolyard-scrapping rule, ‘get in first before someone else gets you’ wouldn’t he?  Was it part of his parental modeling?

Did Gerry McCann carry this possible bully-boy attitude into other areas of his life?

Does the term ‘bull-dog’ blur in the unconscious mind?  The British bull-dog was a symbol for tenaciousness when I went to school.  It certainly wasn’t equated with bully-boys.

As I write this post it is some five and a half years since Madeline McCann was reported missing by her parents and what I have read in my research is a continual divide:

One country’s criticism of another’s police force; accusations of lack of cooperation; political division. We don’t need to mention the persons of interest or the media’s input do we? From where I’m sitting it is plain and simple, sectarianism at its worst.

The publicity machine was in the fray from the beginning.  Priorities appear to have been misplaced in the schoolyard scramble bullying of ‘get in first’.  A lot of money changed hands, albeit it well-meaning donations or to satisfy commercial ends.  At the end of all this, the price was that a missing child was lost.  Priceless…

maddieReturning to Portugal and the case of a missing child; a child who has still not been located in the intervening years, we pull out our astrology tool-kit in an endeavour to locate what the heavens have indicated already in our previous post; that Maddie is deceased.

For those who have not read Pt.1 of ‘Hell and sectarianism’, I reiterateAstrology is a pseudo-science. All that you read in this post is based on classic astrology and the interpretation of planetary positions.  The relative symbology is general knowledge and readily accessible on astrology websites.

Nothing is presented as scientific theory nor is the comment based on any science other than astronomy and the accepted positions of the planets in the heavens at any given point in time according to computer software.  This enquiry is based on forensic astrology, techniques of which have proven to be accurate to date.

We turn to the voice of the heavens at the time of the event; the event (as reported by Madeline’s mother Kate McCann) as being the occasion when Kate discovered her child missing from the family apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal.  It was 10pm on the evening of 3rd May, 2007.

This is what I refer to as ‘the event’ and the point at which time stands still for this astrological enquiry.

We also have the birth detail for the child Madeline McCann in order for us to cast a horoscope wheel.  Together these two snapshots of the heavens create a bi-wheel.  The inner wheel is ‘the event’; the perspective we view from and the outer wheel is the corresponding wheel for the missing child; a snapshot of the heavens at the time of her birth.

For some this is viewed as a map of Madeline Beth McCann’s destiny.

Tryptik Pt.2Here are three bi-wheels side by side.  From the left firstly we have the bi-wheel used in our last post.  The second bi-wheel is the same bi-wheel with lines removed paring the wheel down to one locator direction ‘the thin red line’ and the third bi-wheel is this same bi-wheel but flipped vertically.

As is our method in forensic astrology, we need to flip an astrology wheel in order for the astrological north to be in alignment with our maps of the world – north is north and ‘at the top.’

We will use the third bi-wheel in a series of images as the locator direction for finding Madeline Beth McCann.

  • Why do we use this particular bi-wheel as the main locator?  Because this bi-wheel is the voice of the victim Maddie herself ‘speaking through the event’; from the perspective of the event.
  • How do we know that this is the right locator?  This is the original indicator as discussed in Hell and sectarianism Pt.1.  Both forensic planets are present and in direct aspect to each other.  The inner wheel (the event) reveals Pluto (indicator of death) intersecting with Venus (the child) and extending to the outer wheel of the victim’s Saturn (forensic body locator).
  • Why this direction? The victim’s Saturn determines the direction; the viewpoint.  To use the KISS principle, if we reverse the order of interpretation I have just given above, the heavens relay the following message:

Time (Saturn) determines that the child (Venus) is deceased (Pluto) and the body lies in this direction (extend the red line).­

The following series of images are all the same angle and the same bi-wheel over the same map.  I have just produced them at varying magnifications.  If I were to hire a Renault such as the McCann family did, we could visit any point on this line within a reasonable amount of time and travel.

MAP-1cTake for example Point A on the first map:  This is a trip of 30kms from Praia da Luz and lets take our time, say 40 minutes to get there.

MAP-1dPoint B in the second map is just 10kms and would only be a 15 minutes trip from Praia da Luz.

MAP-1aTo travel the distance to any point along that line  would just be a blink of an eye in the mileage that a car rental agency would see over the course of a few days of a car hire.

My research online found that the McCanns ran up 730kms in their first week of rental of their hire car.  Is that correct?

Note: click on images to view in full size.

The car is of interest to us as cadaver dogs gave a positive result on the McCann’s Renault Scenic hire car indicating that a body was (let’s be conservative here) likely to have been transported in the McCann’s Renault Scenic.

South Yorkshire Police Springer Spaniel ‘Eddie’ did his job.  RIP Eddie.

EddieBut let’s not get off the scent, the heavens remind us to stay on the red line. We could enquire further and check as to whether other persons of interest also interact with this line, but we are not on a witch hunt here.

Our purpose is to locate a missing child and put her soul to rest.

The astrological interpretation is that Madeline rests along this red line. The heavens would suggest and if the heavens are correct who am I to argue?  Madeline could be found at any point along that thin red line.

I trust that ‘the powers that be’ would know and recognize one of the locations along this line as a possible location of her remains and have the authority to investigate further.

I can only put this locator line on the public record and into ‘the lap of the gods’.  The rest is up to the PJ/authorities.

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8 thoughts on “Hell and sectarianism Pt.2”

  1. Karma is the great equalizer. I will “Twitter” this and see how many hands raise to ‘follow the red brick road”, or line as the case may be.

  2. I’m impressed, I need to say. Actually rarely do I encounter a blog that is both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. Your thought is outstanding; the problem is something that not sufficient consumers are speaking intelligently about. I’m highly happy that I stumbled across this in my search for some thing relating to this.

  3. You’ve put all the pieces together for an excellent analysis, not only the astrological but the motive and the religious aspects.

  4. Is there anyway of knowing from the charts whether the truth of this matter will ‘out’ as it were? The Mccann PR machine is impressively and its heartbreaking to think this little girl will never have justice

  5. If we all look to Neptune’s position – house,aspects,midpoints at the time of the event therein will lie an answer, if there is one.
    When I look at the event chart now, transiting Neptune is under enormous tension from other planets, but it is the midpoints that call the answer to us – transiting Sun/Moon midpoint is exact transiting Neptune. The classic interpretation of this is – misunderstandings in relationships; deception and discontent.

    In forensic astrology terms, it’s highly probable that Maddie will not be found. IMO, with Neptune as the primary focus in the event chart (Sun-Moon midpoint) that’s the answer – the focus has been on the ‘find Maddie’ the ‘missing’ element rather than the crime of murder and cover-up.

  6. Just speculating wildly as I am prone to do at times…but in light of recent events, I have a question: if the red line is extended indefinitely, does it eventually pass through or near the little town of Wynarka in South Australia?

  7. Wow!! I’m shocked! I guess I fell for the publicity stunt organised by her parents to make the world believe the ‘story’ they spinned in order to cover up the actual truth. They know very well that their daughter isn’t alive, due to their own ‘neglect’ but have made other organisations, both the Portuguese & Biritsh Govt’s and most recently the Scotland Yard (who gave up!), spend millions in an international hunt for a child who wasn’t even kidnapped in the first place and is lying buried somewhere very close to the Villa where she was last seen. We’ll, karma always catches up – hopefully the hand of God will reveal the truth in the near future.


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