Hell and sectarianism Pt1


Just three weeks after their daughter Maddie was reported missing, Kate and Gerry McCann met with the head of their Roman Catholic faith at the Vatican; Pope Benedict XVI.

As I’m reading this in a Catholic News Agency report, my mind ticks over, “This pair of doctors must have pretty good contacts to be able to swing an audience this fast.”  British Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor had asked for the meeting to be arranged.

The publicity machine is in operation; by the end of May it is in full swing.

maddieSo to begin at the beguine…

One of the most compelling and perplexing mysteries of recent times began on the evening of May 3rd 2007 in a small Portugese village called Praia da Luz.

A 3-year-old English child was reported missing. Her name is Madeleine Beth McCann.

There is a wealth of information available online in relation to this case of a missing child but none appear to have a straight-forward forensic astrology approach, nor with our methodology. The information we need to investigate is available and so we add to the mix; provide a different view.

Making no moral judgement of any persons, nor purporting to provide scientific theory is our aim. Astrology is a pseudo-science. This enquiry is based on classic astrology and the interpretation of planetary positions.  The relative symbology is general knowledge.

The horoscopes have been generated from information readily available online:

  • The event: Madeline’s mother, Kate McCann stated that she discovered her daughter missing at 10pm on 3rd May, 2007 at Praia da Luz, Portugal.
  • Madeline’s birth data is available – born 6.14pm, Leicester England on 12th May, 2003.
  • Mother of missing child, Kate McCann born in Liverpool, England on 5th March, 1968.
  • Father of missing child, Gerry McCann born 7.45am Glasgow, Scotland on 5th June, 1968.

Sectarianism is rife in Glasgow, but more on that later.

Adhering to the KISS principle, we generate a bi-wheel from the perspective of the event (the last sighting of Madeline) with the natal horoscope of the missing child. Two snapshots of planetary positions aligned by the commonality of the positions of the zodiac.

M-M-1The inner wheel is the event and the outer wheel the birth horoscope for the missing child.

We have quite a lot of information in front of us immediately.  Madeline, together with the event of her disappearance, give us a wealth of information to share.

Note: Click on any image to see it full size.

As is my routine, I look to the locators of the planets Pluto and Saturn, firstly to see whether we have a missing person or a possible death. In forensic astrology, the planetary position of Pluto and Saturn are indications that the person in question is, in all probability, deceased.

On this image of a bi-wheel the planets Pluto and Saturn are highlighted in red; both planets in both wheels. Firstly we look at Pluto in the inner wheel and Saturn in the outer wheel. This planetary position is the event of a death (Pluto) connected by opposition aspect to Saturn (timing) in the birth horoscope of Madeline.

Immediately we can see that Pluto in the inner wheel is in direct opposition to Saturn in the outer wheel. In astrological terms, this is an indication that the missing child will not be found alive.

The fact that the planet Venus (in the inner wheel highlighted in blue) is intersected by this connection between Pluto and Saturn can indicate a ‘seducer’ (see Into the lion’s den). The fact that Venus is in Gemini (mischief, lies) warns us not to jump to conclusions.

We look further to Venus (in the outer wheel) for clues as to what Venus’ input could be telling us and we see that at the time of Madeline’s birth, Venus is in direct opposition to her Ascendant and on the cusp of the 7th house (public relationships).

Astrology indicates that this child more than likely competes with any public relationship of her parents; competes for their love and probably even plays her parents off against each other (Libra opposition) in the ‘love-me-more-than’ department.

Madeline would not be happy that her parents were out with their friends rather than in her company.

At this stage, I feel that Venus is symbolic/represents the child herself, rather than ‘a seducer’. We put a flag on Venus for future reference in this regard; we may need to look deeper into the planet’s symbology as we progress.

In the same bi-wheel and highlighted in pink, we note that the Moon at the time of the event is conjunct to Madeline’s Nodal axis and also conjunct the ascendant of the time of the event. Moon=emotional content; Nodal axis=public arena; Ascendant=timing.

Planetary indicators are that the emotional content of the event of the disappearance of this particular child is played out in the public arena and the timing is relevant to the mood of the times.

I’m sure I’m not telling you something that you don’t already know here as this case attracted a very broad public following; worldwide.

The next enquiry we need to follow up is (red-highlighted) Saturn only this time on the inner wheel; at the time of the event.  What aspects are involved; what tension?  The mirror is held up again for us.

Father Time (Saturn) at the time of the event is in the opposition aspect and intersecting the planet Neptune in the inner wheel and continuing along the line of opposition to the same planet Neptune in the outer wheel (both highlighted in green). Neptune at the time of the event and Neptune in Madeline’s natal horoscope.

Neptune is the planetary indication of something underhanded going on; a fantasy element; perhaps drugs (See Sarah Cafferkey). We have Double Neptune; there is a double dose of something untoward going on here.

Note: Madeline’s mother, Kate McCann trained as an anaesthetist and practiced as a GP in the UK. There is mention on the public record of her having administered the sleeping medication Calpol to her children on occasion, according to her father.

Kate’s husband/Madeline’s father is also a medical professional.  Gerry McCann is a surgeon.

The previous night to the child’s disappearance, on 2nd May, 2007, Madeline was heard by a neighbour, to be crying out for her father continually between the hours of 10.45pm and midnight, while her parents were out socializing with friends.

The McCanns apparently elected not to pay for the evening baby-sitting service that was available for the holiday guests at the apartments and left the children alone, checking on them at intervals during the evenings.

This disturbance on the previous night may have led to the possibility of Madeline being sedated on the night of 3rd May. Was she?

It is not for me to say yea or nay, however the planetary positions would seem to indicate that this is a possibility. Neptune’s presence is enough for us to explore further in this regard from an astrology perspective; to see what the heavens have to add.


This triplet of bi-wheels is presented to explain the significance of the planet Neptune in the evening’s event. Note that the wheels are flipped vertically in preparation for map reading.

Astrology’s north is upside down to our maps of the world and so we flip them to get north to align with north. There is no need for us to stand on our heads for interpretation, just follow the red and yellow lines…

The 1st bi-wheel is the Event-Madeline (as used above but flipped vertically); the 2nd is a bi-wheel of the Event and Kate McCann and the third is the Event and Gerry McCann. I have reproduced them side-by-side for ease of comparison in relation to ‘shall-we-call-it’ the Neptune phenomenon.

The 2nd bi-wheel indicates that the second person is involved and looking at the 2nd bi-wheel in detail, we can see that the planet Mercury (in the natal horoscope of Kate McCann) replaces the second Neptune (which was in Madeline’s natal wheel).

When we have Neptune-Mercury conjunct, astrological interpretation is that ‘something is being dreamed up.’ 

Mercury can be ideas, schemes or plans and Neptune is the ‘dream machine’. With Saturn on the other end of the equation, it’ll be ‘a classic’ of an idea.  As we are discussing the bi-wheel of the event of the disappearance of Madeline and her mother Kate McCann we can call this astrology aspect Kate McCann’s Neptune phenomenon.

The third person, Gerry McCann does not have any planetary interaction with this Neptune phenomenon. (See highlighted blue area in the third bi-wheel is empty of any planets)  We can interpret this as that he has no interaction on the red line at the time of the event; that he is not the ideas man on this occasion.

We’ll come back to that red line in a moment and continue however, the yellow line has another story to tell; a story, which needs to be told before we go any further.

An Irish family, who co-incidentally hail from the same hometown of Gerry McCann’s father, reported to police (some time after the event) of having seen a man, possibly Gerry McCann carrying a limp body of a child (suggested as possibly sleeping) on the evening of Madeline’s disappearance.

The witness provided a map of this location to the Portugese police and I have used this information as a location point in the following image.

MAP-smith sightingThis is a map we have produced with the aid of Google maps, showing the location of where the Smith family reported seeing the man and child (highlighted in yellow).

Note: I do have the precise point at hand and yes, the yellow line does intersect accurately.

We superimpose the 2nd bi-wheel of Event-Father and centre it over the location of the apartment where Madeline’s family were holidaying.

Immediately we note that the yellow line between the planet Mars (action/movement) of the event and Gerry McCann’s Pluto (death indicator) intersects with this sighting location. We have a direct hit yet again; as if a thunderbolt from the heavens.

This astrology indicator would appear to confirm this sighting by the Smith family; that they did indeed witness Gerry McCann carrying Madeline through the streets of Praia da Luz, Portugal on the evening of 3rd May, 2007. 

Are the heavens right?  And whether the child was alive or not, it is not for us to speculate, however the planet Pluto is in the picture.

MAP-maddie-churchBack to the red-line and using the same map and instead of Event-Father we use the 1st bi-wheel (of the triplet), the bi-wheel of Event-Madeline.

I reiterate that the inner wheel of a bi-wheel is always the perspective we are viewing from; that this perspective has been given to us by Kate McCann as the time she discovered that Madeline was not in their apartment. It is a snapshot of the heavens at 10pm on the evening of 3rd May, 2007 in Praia da Luz, Portugal.

We extend the red line onto the map and see what results there are for us to share. The first location the red line intersects with on the map is the location of the local pharmacy, Farmacaia Praia da Luz.  I ask, “If that doesn’t give us another clue as to something untoward is happening, then what does?”

Taking the red line further onto the map we note that it also intersects with the location of a church; a church door which Kate and Gerry McCann held a key to during their time in Praia da Luz; apparently for them to access at any time according to what I have read in the public arena. At what juncture the McCanns were given this key, we do not know.

Note: This church is less than 150 metres from where the man and child were sighted by the Smith family.

churchIs this church the destination that the man was heading for on the night of 3rd May, 2007?

Is this place of refuge the destination of a man who was seen carrying a child; the same man and child who were seen by the Smith family; possibly Gerry McCann?

Continued:  Pt.2… sectarianism

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4 thoughts on “Hell and sectarianism Pt1”

  1. Mountain Misst, Your opening sentence is astounding. Nobody, I mean nobody, can just DO that!

  2. Well done! Not only brazen but arrogant to carry a “dead?” child through the night streets. And no one else came forward mentioning they saw what the Smith family saw? How did they get around the time factor to the Police when questioned I wonder.

  3. Hi.im new to astrology so I dont understand all of this. I just wanted to say that calpol is not a sleep medication. It is simply childrens paracetamol for colds and flu, fever etc. Absolutely does not cause drowsiness.


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