Caging the lion

Pt.3 in the Daniel Morcombe series...

the-lions-denIt may have been a surprise to Brett Peter Cowan, but it was no surprise to the boys in blue; the men and women of the Queensland Police Service.

The accused had been under constant surveillance for months as he paraded free as a bird, parrot on his shoulder in a caravan park in Western Australia.

Luring a predator with the potential of fresh meat brought the accused back to Queensland. The trap had been deliberately set and once the accused was back on home territory, it snapped shut. The Queensland Police Service arrested the prime suspect on 13 August, 2011. The boys had their man.

Despite a previous criminal record, on August 15, 2011, in the Brisbane Magistrates Court, Brett Peter Cowan pleaded not guilty to five charges: murder, deprivation of liberty, child stealing, indecent treatment of a child under 16, and interfering with a corpse.

Brett Peter Cowan has remained on remand since that date and currently is before a committal hearing of forensic evidence and eye-witness accounts. We await a magistrate’s deliberation to commit the accused to stand trial.

photoDanielInto the lions den Pt.1 was about the disappearance of Daniel and the recovery of his remains while Pt. 2 focussed on the accused.

This is the third in the series and will discuss the arrest of the accused.  Those who dedicated their time and effort, the boys in blue are deserving of our praise for their tireless hunt of a predator; a predator who is accused of the abduction and murder of a thirteen year-old boy, Daniel Morcombe.

Today we walk the talk; astrology-talk our way through the arrest.  We do not present any interpretation as anything other than a pseudo-scientific enquiry.  It is classic astrology and symbology.  So to the business at hand.

Please note that I am not using the triangulation method on this occasion.  The date of the arrest is the new information, a new snapshot for us to take; a freeze-frame of the planetary positions in the heavens at a specific point in time. An image frozen in time, which will no doubt reveal a perspective worthy of our enquiry.

  • We will use the same perspective as our previous two posts as this is the only horoscope with an accurate time of day.  This event is the time of the last sighting of Daniel, namely 2.10pm on 7th December, 2003.
  • We have the bi-wheel, which we used previously in Into the lion’s den Pt.2.  This bi-wheel is for purposes of comparison only.
  • We create a new bi-wheel with the outer wheel as the date of the arrest (in Brisbane) of the accused.  We do not have the time of arrest, however that is not necessary as we have our standpoint already at the time of disappearance of Daniel.
  • We can again utilise Google maps for locations.

abduction-arrestWe have a bi-wheel before us.  The inner wheel as the point of the last sighting of Daniel and the outer wheel the date of the arrest of the accused, Brett Peter Cowan.

Starting our interpretation of the planetary placements and their interaction, we step right into the fray.

The planet Mars is highlighted in blue; the boys in blue; ‘our warriors’ are in the outer wheel (the time of the arrest) and located in the shadows at the bottom of the wheel (undercover). We are in the third house of the astrology wheel (communication).

We can see that our planet Mars as ‘the warrior’ is in the zodiac sign of Cancer, the zodiac sign which indicates ‘going with the flow’.  Our warriors would not be interpreting ‘going with the flow’ as make it up as you go along.  You can betcha’ that this arrest is all about timing as Saturn (father time) in the inner wheel, is there backing up Mars.

Our next step is to follow the pink line across the bi-wheel as it intersects with Mercury (communication) in the inner wheel (the abduction) and then follows through to conjunct with the planet Pluto (death indicator) in the outer wheel.  We have Mars (the boys in blue) communicating about the abduction (reading the accused his rights) in relation to the death (Pluto) of a person, namely Daniel.

This is the arrest point by point. There is no other way of interpreting this alignment. The bars slam down; the predator is caged.

QPSStaying with our bi-wheel and taking one step to the right of our boys in blue; Mars, we notice that the planet Venus (symbolic of the seducer as explained earlier) is in the spotlight (the Sun-light).  Both Venus and the Sun are in the zodiac sign of Leo.  Pride is at stake; with honour we serve.

On the other side of the wheel to the left of the pink line, we see that the planet Neptune at 29 degrees Aquarius (at the time of the arrest) is exact conjunct the inner planet of Uranus.

Our interpretation of Neptune is usually symbolic of a ‘fantasy’ related event (drugs or dreams) and Uranus usually relates to sudden changes or modern technology.  In this case I would suggest that the accused is rudely awakened from a fantasy based in unreality; the fantasy that he had ‘got away with the crime’.

One last point of interest in this bi-wheel is more subjective than usual in that we do not have the actual time of the arrest and is therefore circumstantial. Jupiter and the Ascendant (in the outer wheel) are in conjunction at 9 degrees Taurus.  Jupiter is, on this occasion, representative of justice.  We can say justice is being served.

abduction-arrest2The point of this dual image is to visually compare the red line of the locator in the first image – planet Saturn (body locator) to Venus (seducer) with the new locator coloured pink – between Mars (QPS) and Pluto (death).

The lines are not at the same angle although they are not far apart either.  I trust that you are as curious as I am, as to whether there is any significance in this new angle.

The following is of interest, however it is an example of why the triangulation method should be adhered to in forensic astrology rather than using subjective information only.  As much as I choose to operate in authenticity, my unconscious mind is independent of my ethics and continues to subjectively seek out synchronicities.

As much as I have researched msm, I have not been able to determine whether Brett Peter Cowan travelled the 4,000kms from the caravan park in Western Australia to the point of his arrest in Brisbane, Queensland by road or by air.

The undercover operation would have been a nightmare if the journey had been taken by land across four Australian states and so as a subjective exercise, I have chosen Brisbane airport as his point of entry into Queensland.  It is a suggestion only.

MAP-Cowan arrestI was curious as to what this pink line on the new bi-wheel connecting the boys in blue to the arrest would tell us as a locator angle and so I followed my instinct and entered the realm of Google maps once again.

Producing a ‘suggested map’, I have drawn a pink line as the crow flies from the point of abduction of Daniel at the underpass at Kiel Mountain Road, Woombye to the Brisbane airport. (Click on the image for larger size if you want.)

Superimposing the flipped image (north aligned to north as a cartographer is required to do) we have the Arrest-Cowan bi-wheel flipped and centred over the abduction point.

Lo and behold, there it is – the same pink line from the bi-wheel is in alignment with the new locator angle.

You could have knocked me over with a crow’s feather, but then again the unconscious mind, when it gets together with the heavens, is far smarter than we conscious beings…


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