Into the lion’s den Pt.2

We discussed Daniel Morcombe, his abduction and the recovery of his possible remains in Into the lion’s den Pt.1.  This post today, is about the seducer.

We are dealing with an alleged predator of children; a man who stands accused of abduction and murder of a child.

What I am about to share is what the heavens tell us; the classical astrological interpretation of matters concerning the alleged abduction of Daniel Morcombe.  This is not intended as scientific evidence, nor does it claim to be.  Astrology is a pseudo-science.

Charged with murder, deprivation of liberty, child stealing, indecent treatment of a child under 16 and interfering with a corpse, alleged seducer Brett Peter Cowan stands before a magistrate in Brisbane, Queensland as I write.

As we await the outcome of a two-week committal hearing, we are aware of a mound of evidence gathered over many years.  It is a magistrate who will decide whether there is enough evidence to go to trial, not us.

Daniel Morcombe was last seen at 2.10pm on 7th December, 2003 on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

The sun was high in the sky; the summer heat meant that the lad would shade under the Kiel Mountain overpass as he waited; waited for a bus to go Christmas shopping in nearby Nambour.

What Daniel didn’t know, was that a predator was watching.  The bus was late and didn’t stop.  It may have seemed plausible to a 13 year-old lad to accept a proffered ride under the circumstances. The accused was living in Nambour at the time.  When we look at the astrological interpretation, some of what happened on that fateful Sunday afternoon reveals itself.

We have the date and time of the last sighting of Daniel; we have the date of birth of the accused; we have the date of the recovery of human remains.  That’s two events, which we can take a snapshot of; freeze-frame the position of the planets in the sky.  The third is the natal horoscope of a man who stands accused of these horrendous crimes.

We have three items for my triangulation methodology and Google maps as our cartographer.  That is enough to make a forensic astrology enquiry.

This map has two flags. Flag ‘A’ is the point of last sighting of Daniel and flag ‘B’ is as near as Google street view goes to the location nominated as the point of recovery of what is left of Daniel.

The end of the line is the location of where human remains, believed to be those of Daniel Morcombe, were found.

This point was retrieved by Google satellite view so the yellow line is, as the crow flies, a direct line between the two points of interest.  This yellow line is, what I nominate as, a location angle.  We now turn to the heavens for their input.

My computer software has generated a number of ‘snapshots’.  The first is the time of the abduction of Daniel at 2.10pm 7th December, 2003 and the second is the date of birth of the accused Brett Cowan.  We do not know the birth time for the accused and so the position of the Moon in the outer wheel is not to be relied on. The Moon’s position could vary by ~12 degrees in a 24 hour period, according to astronomy calculations.

Note: For those who need to know for their own studies, the snapshot of the outer wheel was taken at 12 midnight on the date Brett Cowan was born.  The Moon in the inner wheel is accurate to the time we are advised as the last sighting of Daniel.

That aside, we combine the two wheels into one and produce a third wheel; a bi-wheel with the time of the last sighting of Daniel as our base/perspective (inner wheel) and the outer wheel is the natal horoscope of the accused, Brett Cowan.

It is with some relief (probably all round) that I do not need to discuss the Saturn retrograde phenomenon; the nurturing phenomenon that relates to an absent male role model in a child’s life.

Brett Cowan does not have this indicator in his natal horoscope (nor does Daniel, as we would expect). On this occasion the accused cannot claim, with any credibility, to have been mistreated by his male role model.

Our first view of the bi-wheel reveals that the accused’s natal planet, Venus is at the bottom of the wheel (highlighted in yellow in the outer wheel).

There is no female under our microscope. The planet Venus is in her symbolic role here.  She represents the seducer.  Eve and the apple haunts me yet again.

Venus is positioned in the midnight position at the lowest point in the chart; the lowest ebb. We can interpret this in reality as Venus (the seducer) is in the shadows conjunct (in the company of) the inner wheel’s Saturn (the grim reaper).

Our enquiry continues as I draw your attention to the piece of the pie that is highlighted in orange, the 5th house of the wheel.  This is the house of the child, of fun and (as an adult) sexual activity.  The 5th house is supposedly where love is given to our friends and lovers.

This is the house that a predator would want to reside in.  No points for guessing what’s coming next…  We can see the accused’s natal Leo Sun is right there in the 5th house.

At this point in time, 2.10pm on 7th December, 2003, the accused was on the hunt for prey.

If I can keep your attention in the 5th house, notice that the inner wheel has the planet Jupiter in this house.  Jupiter accentuates all that it touches; makes everything bigger-than-life. Jupiter inflates a situation and as we are in the 5th house, we can expect everything to do with the 5th house to be accentuated.  This was the situation that Daniel innocently walked into that Sunday afternoon.

The accused Brett Cowan’s horoscope is the outer wheel.  In the 5th house we can see his Sun in Leo (ego of the lion, another predator); his Nodal axis is there (we are in a public arena/out in the street); his Mercury is also present (communicating).

To top it off, Jupiter, at the time of the alleged seduction, is exactly conjunct the accused’s Mercury (see the small black line).  The accused’s communication skills (Mercury) were grossly inflated (Jupiter).  I think we can go even further and suggest that lies are being told here.

On the opposite side of the bi-wheel, in the mirror of the accused’s 5th house Sun, we can see in the inner wheel (at the time when the bus went past) that the planet Uranus (sudden changes) determines the happening.  This long black line connects the two planets as a direct opposition.  There is no middle road here for Daniel apart from the possibility of a ride to his destination.  Children are not equipped to handle situations such as these.

This astrology aspect of the opposition reveals the intention of the accused – his ego (Sun) is going to make sudden changes (Uranus).

I have no desire to go deeper into this event.  That is enough of 5th house matters in relation to this bi-wheel at the time of the abduction. We have other issues to address.

Here we have two bi-wheels side by side.  On the left is the same bi-wheel referred to above and the second is the same bi-wheel flipped vertically.

This time we follow the yellow line; make that our focus.  Staying with the left hand wheel, we can see that the planet Pluto is highlighted in yellow and in the outer wheel (the natal horoscope of the accused).

Pluto is in the 6th house of the work ethic (the job at hand) and is exactly opposite (follow the yellow line) to Mars in the inner wheel (time of the alleged abduction) in the 12th house of the mind. This indicates that the accused’s mind focussed, is ‘on the job’.

This is the clincher aspect for us as forensic astrologers when interpreting a horoscope of a POI.

When in the realm of forensic astrolgy, Mars is the indicator of violence, of action and more, depending on the matter at hand; Pluto is the indication of a death and Saturn is usually the locator of a body.  We have all three in this bi-wheel.

In Greek mythology we know that Pluto is the God of the Underworld and that Saturn is Father Time.  The accused has Pluto (death on his agenda) and Mars (violence) plus Saturn (the timing is now).

There is no hesitation in my suggesting that, according to astrological indications, this person whose horoscope is the outer wheel of this bi-wheel is responsible for the death of Daniel.

The second bi-wheel on the right hand side is the same wheel we have discussed here, just flipped vertically for the purposes of our study.  In order to align an ‘astrology map’ with a cartographer’s map – north has to be at the top of both maps.

Astrology traditionally has north at the bottom so we need to flip the astrology wheel to be in alignment with a map of the terrain.

We superimpose the flipped bi-wheel of the time of the abduction and natal horoscope of the accused.

The bi-wheel is centred directly over the point of the alleged abduction with the red line connected to the locator angle.

The red line intersects Saturn and Venus again, just as we showed in Into the lion’s den Pt.1.  We have an identical situation.  All lions lead to Rome.

As to the arrest of the accused by the boys in blue, that requires a further conversation…   Caging the lion



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