Into the lion’s den Pt.1

This is not a bible story. We might be within cooee of a Christian Outreach Centre, however that will not help our Daniel.

The male person who stands accused of the abduction and murder of Daniel Morcombe may have been born under the constellation of Leo the lion, but this Leonine Sun is alleged to be a predator of a different kind.

At 2.10pm on a Sunday afternoon, Daniel Morcombe had his savings burning a hole in his pocket as he waited for the local bus.  This youngster was heading to Nambour, to do a spot of Christmas shopping.  The date was 7th December, 2003.

Born on 19th December, 1989 with Mercury conjunct Saturn in Capricorn, Daniel was a very responsible teenager, despite his tender years. At thirteen his life had barely begun; he had his life in front of him.  His presence at that bus stop under the Kiel Mountain overpass at Woombye, Queensland is frozen in time.

Our Daniel disappeared without trace in 2003, yet his memory has never been far from our thoughts and minds in the years since.  It is as if he still waits under that overpass.  He waits for justice to be served; for his parents to lay his bones to rest, to set his soul free.

As I write this post, a committal hearing has commenced before a magistrate in Brisbane.  The accused, Brett Peter Cowan is on remand for the alleged abduction and murder of Daniel Morcombe. This is a preliminary hearing held in the Magistrates Court to determine whether there is sufficient evidence for Brett Cowan to stand trial in a higher court on an indictable offence. Two weeks has been set aside for this preliminary hearing.

Close to eight years after Daniel’s disappearance, the accused was arrested and charged with murder. The date was 13th August, 2011.  A week later human remains were found at a location in Beerwah in the Glasshouse Mountains; our missing lad, Daniel Morcombe.

We have the time and place of the last sighting of Daniel; we have the date of his birth and we have the place and date when his possible remains were found. This is enough to enquire of the heavens.  We can take snapshots of the heavens on those dates to create patterns of the planets as they were in orbit around the Sun.  We can then connect the dots and see what unfolds with forensic astrology.

To begin at the beginning, as our point of reference, we start with the time of the disappearance of Daniel.

We generate a bi-wheel – the inner wheel set to the snapshot of the heavens at that time of the alleged abduction, his last sighting and the outer wheel to the date of Daniel’s birth.

The Ascendant at 2.10pm on 7th December, 2003 was 18 degrees Aries.  Mars, ruler of the planet Aries has symbolically crossed the horizon.  Aries is the first sign of the zodiac.  Aries is a fire sign and a call to action, albeit for good or for ill.

The zodiac alignment in the bi-wheel immediately draws our attention to the planet Saturn in the inner wheel, highlighted in green at the bottom of the wheel. The grim reaper, Father Time himself has entered the room.

If we look across the bi-wheel we see planets in the outer wheel, in the mirror of time, awaiting alignment with Saturn.  It is 7th December, 2003.  Saturn had reached the half-way point of its orbit around the Sun since the time of Daniel’s birth.

Saturn had aligned in opposition to the group of planets in Daniel’s natal horoscope.  At the time of Daniel’s birth, Mercury was conjunct Saturn and King Neptune was at their side.  The planet Neptune is in exact opposition to that fateful transiting Saturn.

Neptune was at 11 degrees Capricorn when Daniel was born. Neptune is directly in the frame. For those familiar with my work, you will know what that indicates, but more on that later.

Following the green line and intersecting the bi-wheel, there is a grouping in opposition to the position of Saturn on that fateful day, as we have noted.  In Daniel’s natal horoscope, in the mirror (highlighted in green) we can see the group of planets – Mercury, Saturn and Neptune in a huddle opposite to the inner-wheel’s Saturn.

Hold that thought for a moment, for we know that we need to look for the planet Pluto as well.

Both Pluto and Saturn are the indicators of death and/or location in forensic astrology.  Saturn represents the timing and Pluto is the God of the Underworld in mythology; meeting one’s maker.  ‘Either/or’ are bound to be of significance in a case study such as this.

Highlighted in red we see that Pluto (in the inner wheel) is close to conjunction with Daniel’s natal Sun in the outer wheel, but it is Saturn on this occasion, which gives us the strong indication that we are in dangerous, deadly waters of seduction and death.  We have our locator direction finder – Saturn.

It is time to turn to the cartographer, Google Maps for assistance.  As is the case in astrology, north is at the bottom of the chart and so in order to be in alignment with a map of the terrain of the land, we need to flip our bi-wheel so that north is at the top. We flip vertically.

Here is a map of the land with the two points of reference – the location of disappearance of Daniel and the location of where his apparent remains were found.

I have drawn a direct line between the two places and then superimposed the flipped bi-wheel (the same wheel as above turned upside down).  The bi-wheel is centred exactly over the point where Daniel was last sighted.

We can see that if we extend the green line from the bi-wheel, the connection (as above) between Saturn at the time of his disappearance and the three planets of Mercury, Saturn and Neptune, we are in direct alignment with the line connecting the two physical locations.

The ‘locator’ angle radiates outward to the point of recovery of Daniel’s bones.  There is no wavering in this line; it is a direct line to where our boy was found.  Saturn points the way.

We can address the individual planets involved and their symbolic input at a later date, but for now there is another map overlay we need to generate.

Creating a bi-wheel with the same point of reference as above only this time the second wheel is a snapshot of the planets at the time Daniel’s remains were found, we have a reason according to the heavens as to why it took so long for his remains to be found.  It may not be a plausible reason to a logical mind, however my reasoning is ‘everything in its time and for good reason’.

Please, I mean no disrespect here to those who spent so much of their time searching for Daniel.  We are all eternally grateful.

There is much to see and interpret in this bi-wheel, however for us at this time, we turn to the highlighted blue areas.

We can see Saturn on the inner wheel, that very same Saturn which directed us to the location of Daniel’s remains.  It is now in exact conjunction with the outer-wheel planet Mars.  Mars has orbited to align with Saturn.

As we are dealing with events and not persons (both wheels are snapshots of the heavens at points in time) Mars is not indicating a perpetrator, but the action of the locating of the body by Daniel’s warriors; Mars as warrior.  In real time Mars has orbited to come into direct alignment with the point where Saturn was at the time of Daniel’s alleged abduction – 11 degrees Cancer.

If we were to consider the other dates when Mars orbited to this zodiac position of 11 degrees Cancer in the intervening years, we are bound to find that these dates were significant points in the investigation into his disappearance.

There is another planet in the inner wheel, which is on the line.  I didn’t mention it above as we had enough indicators for an ‘angle of location’.  The planet, which is in the mix; the planet, which I bring to your attention is the planet of seduction, Venus.

Yes, our beautiful Aphrodite is part of the picture, not as an indicator of a female but as the symbolic role of seducer.  We are in the dark realm of an alleged sexual predator.

Please note that I have hesitated in going into this den of iniquity, however I do so for the sake of research; for knowledge in hindsight.

Flipping the new bi-wheel vertically and superimposing it over a map of the locality, it wouldn’t matter which location we were to put this wheel at, the red line still connects the two locations.

This time we have a red line, at an identical angle to the green line used above.  We have Mars in the heavens at the time when Daniel’s remains were found, joining Saturn and Venus; all indicating the same direction.

The warriors, Father Time and the seducer himself unite to point the way.

When Venus looks in the mirror, the seducer does not see a lion, he sees a coward of the first order.


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