Just the two of us Pt.2

Father and son

There’s a strong link between having a poor relationship with your dad in childhood and how you react to stress as an adult.

A father and son relationship is very important and can affect the son in more ways than one in years to come. The way a father treats a son may even be more influential than you think.

“Men who had good, positive relationships with their fathers actually dealt with the stress of everyday life better than men who had strained relationships with their fathers,” according to the study presented at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association.

As explored in earlier posts, we have a father-son relationship already marred by a Saturn retrograde in Gerard Baden-Clay’s horoscope wheel; that Saturn was in retrograde at the time of the accused’s birth.  Marred by what appears to be an emotionally absent father Nigel Baden-Clay; a missing mentor in the personality development of a male child.

This Saturn retrograde phenomenon has been widely documented within astrology and is not drawn from my conclusions.

From what we have already seen of the accused’s relationship with his mother, according to astrology, there probably wasn’t much room for an emotional relationship with his father.  Mother took centre stage on that one.  So how does this son, perceive his relationship with his father; his ‘father-son’ relationship?

Please note that we have no personal knowledge of the family and so the interpretation is subjective and as classic astrology would have us interpret.

As we look to the Ascendant for our beginning, Gerard Baden-Clay’s rising sign at the moment of his birth, his Ascendant is 17 degrees Leo.

We already know that he has this Leo the lion thing going on; the traditional power struggle between the old lion and the young.  The evidence is there for us all to see; straight up; first on the agenda.

In the young lion’s paw print we see his father’s planet of power, Pluto and his father’s North Node, straddling the accused’s Ascendant.  Gerard Baden-Clay’s Ascendant is the midpoint between Pluto and the North Node of his father.

This is a classic, text-book case in midpoint interpretation. Considering that we are viewing this midpoint through the son’s eyes, we know that the son would believe that he represents his father’s opportunity for a major impact on the public arena.

Here we see this public arena issue going on between mother and son manifesting in the father-son relationship as well.  His mother sees it as destiny that her son should take his place in the public arena and her son interprets/believes that it is his father’s wish as well.  If that isn’t pressure to perform, nothing is!

As to whether his father sees it this way, we will have to wait and see (the next bi-wheel), although we already know that Gerard Baden-Clay’s ascendant mirrors his father’s cusp of the 7th house.

Their views of the world are a mirror for each other; father retreats to his den; son projects himself outward.  I repeat myself here:

In astrology, the idea of the 1st house and 7th house mirroring is intended as a learning curve to find the middle ground rather than take a stand in opposition.

All houses in opposition have this mirroring.  It all depends on the individuals involved, as to whether they are mature enough to firstly, look for and secondly to compromise; find a middle ground.

If the insurance salesman developed, as he states, into a financial planner, then it appears that perhaps he did at least have some influence in his son’s education. Gerard Baden-Clay majored in Accounting as part of his under-graduate degree. Not that it got him very far, as the accused didn’t gain his charter as an accountant; he flipped and he flopped that one.

Gerard Baden-Clay then switched to selling seats on aeroplanes. Not that shuffling money around and looking for tax loopholes is ‘better than’ putting bums on seats in planes, but a Travel Consultant lacks that public arena status we’re looking for.  Chartered Accountant doesn’t grace his Wall of Fame.

A glitch on the radar…

If we look at the house of communication, the 3rd house and its opposite, the 9th (higher education), we notice that there are hidden signs in both these houses.  See Just the two of us Part 1 for something of an explanation of Elaine Baden-Clay’s hidden signs. This time it is her son who has these hidden signs.

What you see, is not what you get, folks.

The 3rd house cusp is Virgo.  That’s the appearance of being very neat and tidy with a well rehearsed script, but hidden inside this 3rd house of communication Gerard Baden Clay has the zodiac sign of Libra.  Libra is about ‘a balancing act’ or ‘sitting on the fence’ and flip-flopping. Accountancy needs the Virgo input, but not the Libran.  Libra is too much about appearances and being ‘nice’.

An individual may start the day with good intentions of paying his bills and then as the day unfolds, it’s whichever creditor gets a foot in the door first, is the one who gets paid.

The accused would need a script writer; a financial planner.  We don’t need to look too far now do we, in this regard?

Script writer for the aspiring politician!  Was that your fantasy, Nigel?

Note – Nigel Baden-Clay wrote the script for his brother Robin to deliver as the eulogy at his father’s funeral.  Robin is the elder male son of the Clay family; the one with the real ‘Baden’ on his birth certificate.  Baden is Robin’s middle name; he is known simply as, Robin Clay.

Meanwhile the hidden Aries in the 9th house of the accused is more than likely his fixed opinions (Aries in the 9th) together with an underlying respect/envy for those certificates on the wall, particularly the ones he didn’t achieve by higher education.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here.  We must take into consideration the 5th house on the way through, as it is so dominant in the mother-son relationship.  We can see his father’s Mars is there in the 5th house, backing up the accused’s emotional need.

Gerard Baden-Clay’s father can relate to the ‘boy looking for fun’. Is this the big-game hunter in daddy or the conservationist?  It certainly isn’t the ‘marriage enhancement facilitator’.

Father’s Mars is in the 5th house of his son, but not in a tension aspect with the accused’s Moon. Nigel Baden-Clay chooses not to buy-into his son’s emotional needs of the Moon nor involve himself in his son’s 5th house shenanigans.  Why?  We do not know.  I see it as another aspect of the Saturn retrograde phenomenon.

Meanwhile back at the bi-wheel, we see through the eyes of the accused that his father’s Sun is conjunct the cusp of his son’s 7th house.  That tells us that the boy needs his father’s approval of his chosen life-partner (or the current woman on his arm) and those other public relationships; those whom he mixes with in public.

Gerard Baden-Clay would run them all past his father before making any commitment.  Nigel Baden-Clay’s relationship with Allison Dickie would be of some interest here, however we’ll save that for another day.

By turning to his father this way, it tells us that the accused does not trust his own judgement.  At mention of the word ‘judgement’ we immediately look for the planet Jupiter.  Libra may be the scales of justice and finding a balance, however Jupiter is the planet when we are looking for law and justice; for judgement.

So where is his father’s Jupiter?   Aha! Where else would it be but the 11th house of the accused, as a mirror to that very needy 5th house Moon.

Oh dear this man-child has not been learning the lesson of meeting things half-way, has he, but then with an Aquarian as his father, ‘grey’ areas of compromise are not in his father’s scouting manual.

It is in the accused’s 10th house of his career, where things are more in alignment with his father.  His father’s reigning need is on the cusp of his son’s career house.  Being in the zodiac of Taurus, we know what that means!  Nigel Baden-Clay’s after that gold jacket.

Son believes that his father needs him to succeed in his career; to have a voice in the community/public arena.  His father, as an Aries Moon, has a superiority position here indicating that, by over-ruling,  ‘he knows best’ in relation to his son’s career.

It took a while to get there, but by 2004 the Baden-Clay workforce united under the one banner and the surge was on to get that public recognition. The race for gold…

Father of the accused, that Aries Moon, I concede, has the last word.

He will have his say as to how he perceives the father-son relationship by planetary interaction.

The Moon conjunct Midheaven, which is out in the open at the top of the chart in his son’s wheel is now, from his father Nigel Baden-Clay’s perspective, behind the scenes in the shadowy 3rd house of communication.  Father sees himself as the ‘ideas man’ in the relationship.

The Aries Moon is in command; in the engine room, rather than on the bridge.

If we proceed on course to the cusp of the 7th house (highlighted) we note that it is all rather prophetic as it turns out.  The son’s Ascendant (beginning) is conjunct his father’s Descendant (ending).

As the son reaches his destiny; his karma, his father falls from grace.


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2 thoughts on “Just the two of us Pt.2”

  1. Very interesting MM, as usual. Are we to presume that there could be a fall from grace for Nige? As you know, my thoughts are that the prosecution are making sure they have the GBC cat firmly in the bag before going for the possible accomplices. I remember early in the piece that the investigators talked about the possibility of more people people involved. I believe they still do think that way, and possibly have good reason to, but keeping the info close to their chests until there is enough evidence for a conviction. Thanks for your time and effort MM.


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