Just the two of us Pt.1

Mother and Son

So how has he turned out, Elaine?  What are the results of that nurturing aspect?   What foundation has been laid for a young man’s future?  What model has he developed to live by?

We can examine the astrology bi-wheels between the accused Gerard Baden-Clay and each of his parents.  We can utilise astrology to interpret the model, which the accused has created, as a result of this nurturing.

How goes the combination of planetary aspects?  How do these characters mother-and-son interact with each other? How about father-and-son?

I’ll rustle up a pair of horoscope bi-wheels of mother-and-son and another pair for father-and-son. Then we’ll reverse them to get the individual parent’s perspective.  We could even get ‘all fancy’ and generate tri-wheels between nigelaine (his parents as a pair) and Gerard Baden-Clay, however that is likely to get far too complex for a general analysis. There are only so many wheels we can juggle at once.

Expecting a very complex relationship between Elaine Baden-Clay and her son, is a given; without question. We know that Gerard Baden-Clay has Mars conjunct the nodal axis as the very first interaction, after his birth (in his 1st house) see previous post Man in the Mirror  and so I suggest we address this complex mother-son relationship first; dive in at the deep end.

We have two ways of looking at the relationship in astrological terms:  firstly through the son’s eyes and secondly from his mother’s perspective. Opening the accused’s eyes first, we’ll see how he sees his relationship with his mother and how he ‘thinks’ her relationship is, with him.

Please note that we have no personal knowledge of the family and so the interpretation is subjective and as classic astrology would have us interpret.

The inner wheel is the birth horoscope of the accused, Gerard Baden-Clay and the outer wheel with his mother’s planetary alignment to his Ascendant; the horoscope wheel of his mother, Elaine Baden-Clay.

If we start the journey from the Ascendant on the left-hand-side, which is the zodiac constellation in the heavens at the moment of birth, Elaine Baden-Clay’s planet Jupiter is already there, as if waiting for his arrival.

She has big plans for this baby; big expectations.

We know that Jupiter inflates everything it touches.  This is more than a touch; this is a full-blown push. It is almost as if she is continuing with the labour of delivery. Push!  Without a doubt, from Gerard Baden-Clay’s view of his relationship with his mother, he believes that she has pushed him hard all his life; she pushed the child to take risks; pushed the man to take risks.

All this pushing is for her benefit not his, is how he sees it. Whether this is so or not, we do know she likes the limelight.  How can we forget her instigating that granny pash – her 15 minutes of fame.

As if that is not enough, we transfer our gaze in the opposite direction, to the mirror of the 7th house and see her hand, her clenched fist there ‘big-time’, but more on that later as the 7th house is meant for the women on his arm; those he is seen with in public; supposedly his wife.

When we see a Taurus-Sun person such as Elaine Baden-Clay pushing, we know that it is for the Taurean person’s reward, not for the progress of the other individual to succeed. Such is the way of Taurus.  They like the good life and push to achieve it, but there’s push and there’s shove as we all know.

Gerard Baden-Clay could interpret this pushing in two ways.  He needs the ‘pusher’ on an on-going basis to motivate him and/or has built a life-long animosity towards her for her relentless pushing.

Moving on, travelling anti-clockwise through the houses, there is no great significance of her impact in his life until we reach the 5th house where his Moon awaits.

The 5th house is the child, the fun house; where he takes risks, plays his cards, gambles and seeks love and adoration – wherever he can get it apparently; mother, mistress, extra-marital affairs, anything in a skirt it seems. They’re all ‘fair game’.

In astrology, the Moon (the female principle) is the reigning need of an individual. She reflects the light of the Sun (the male principle) in a softer way; we don’t cop the harsh glare of direct sunlight. Don’t be deluded here, the Sun is still spreading ‘the love’.

Oh Neptune, peregrine Neptune you have so much to answer for.

By having the Moon residing in the 5th house, the accused would come across in a softer way in all things relating to the 5th house; a soft touch.  His sexual appeal would be as a gentle lover rather than macho man.  This is the fun-in-the-sack lover-boy, we’re talking about here not the man as husband.  The husband acts out of the 7th house; the 5th house is the play-pen.

This man’s ego/libido basks in the glow of the moonlight.  Hang on to that illusion folks, for that is what it is, an illusion and we’ll come back to it when we get to the other side of the wheel.

Continuing to the top of the bi-wheel and the 10th house of careers.  Gerard Baden-Clay has his mother’s Sun, Mercury and to a lesser extent, Uranus all having their input.

The accused sees his mother’s ego, (her Sun) has plenty of ideas and comment (Mercury) in relation to his career; even getting her say in his career changes (Uranus).

Amazingly, this man turns to his mother for her input on all major decisions in his career. She actually expects to have her input (her Sun) and it appears that he needs her input (his Moon).

And so we travel a little further around the bi-wheel to the 11th house – love returned; pay-back; requited or unrequited love from friends and lovers; the mirror of the love given out at the 5th house; to his reigning need.  The place he turns to as a result of that need for love and admiration.  Bottom lip pouted, arms outstretched for… mummy!

We see that his mother, Elaine Baden-Clay has her Moon in this 11th house of his. Oh dear, this is all need and greed. She sits there with her reigning need in the opposite position, mirroring his Moon.  It’s the mutual admiration society! My needs first! No me, me, me.

Don’t lose sight of the fact that this is Gerard Baden-Clay’s version of his relationship with his mother; his model of their relationship, not hers.

So from his perspective, he believes that his mother’s reigning need is to love him unconditionally and fulfil his every need.  Oh that milky Moon.  He has never left the breast.

Still in the 11th house we see that Elaine Baden-Clay’s Saturn is ever-present (her severity). That mother’s milk comes at a price and her Mars (the amazon warrior) is there for him as well. He believes that she will go in to bat for him (Mars) with the authorities (Saturn).

But Gerard Baden-Clay we’re not here for a game of cricket. This is a murder that you stand accused of. Mother’s batting average will be of no consequence here.

Let’s flip the wheel and see what his mother has to say about her relationship with her son.

Take a deep breath folks, this is a totally different ball game; so different it is quite bizarre.

Elaine Baden-Clay’s relationship with her eldest child, accused murderer Gerard-Baden Clay, is controlled by her nodal axis on the Ascendant (see the inner wheel). The public arena and destiny await!

Elaine Baden-Clay has always had this knowledge of and need for, her 15 minutes of fame; that destiny awaits.  (The nodal axis is the elliptic of the Moon’s orbit so is very related to her needs.)

Note how Elaine Baden-Clay’s Ascendant is in Aquarius and the 2nd house is ruled by Aries. That reveals that the zodiac sign in-between, Pisces is hidden in the 1st house. The personality is seen as the humanistic Aquarian, however the Piscean traits are her true personality. The fantasizer!

What is there for all to see, but her son’s North Node is right plumb in the middle of her 1st house! In her fantasy, He is the destiny that awaits! 

Dare I whisper that this is starting to sound like a messiah complex, albeit on a pedestrian level.

His North Node is in the hidden part of her 1st house so she is unable to broadcast it for all to hear. The other side to this hidden factor is that the outside world is not aware of her controlling that mass of planets that are connected to the nodal axis.

Astrology confirmation is there for us observers, as Elaine Baden-Clay’s own North Node is conjunct to her son’s 7th house cusp.  That’s the house of public relationships.  And look at the whopping lot of action in her 7th house! Phew!

She must have rubbed her hands in glee when it was touted in 2004 that Number-One son may have a future in state politics.

“I thought he was definitely a future state government minister,” said former LNP member and federal Ryan MP Michael Johnson. “He has a very strong pro-business background and that is the DNA of the Liberal Party.”

Wow, we (the royal we) are going to hit the big time with Number-One son! (this has to be a Pisces in the 1st house, delusion)

But first things first, moving on to the 5th house cusp (highlighted in green); we have a quindecile (green line) aspect across the wheel to her son’s Moon.

Well I’ll be blown-over-by-a-feather!  His Moon is right up there in her career sector. She pops up all over the place in this man-child’s horoscope!  As far as mother is concerned, she sees that her son needs her on the team.  Gold jackets all round!

This makes me wonder? Was Number-One son the feed-back-loop (fulfilling Elaine’s needs) when Nigel was aloof; had retreated to his den; had his head in his books? I’m not suggesting anything more than emotional needs here.  It’s just such a very ‘needy’ relationship between these two; it’s quite bizarre.

Moving on to the 7th house, we have the green line of a quindecile again with Elaine Baden-Clay’s Jupiter (the inner wheel). The very same Jupiter, which was at her son’s Ascendant in the previous bi-wheel.  For her, the pushing is compulsive to the point of an obsession about getting her son onto the public stage.  Destiny is at the helm.

Note that she is not in the ‘mothering role’ here; we are in the 7th house. Elaine Baden-Clay is playing the life-partner role of a wife; she supplants the wife.

The accused’s mother may like us to believe that this is ‘mother love’ as the driver, but by being in the 7th house, we know that it is not. The 7th house mirrors for the 1st house. This is the ‘personal mirror’ venue; the mirror for her personal fantasy.  The drive is for self-gratification.

In astrology, the idea of the 1st house and 7th house mirroring is intended as a learning curve to find the middle ground rather than make a stand in opposition.  It depends on the personalities as to whether they are mature enough to firstly look for and secondly to compromise; find a middle ground.

We also notice that the 7th house cusp is the zodiac sign of Leo with a hidden zodiac sign again, as was the 1st house.  The hidden zodiac in the 7th house is Virgo.  This individual gives the appearance of the Leo of being all sunny and easy going in her public relationships and her marriage, but in reality it’s all about tidy, orderly detail; the nitty-gritty of relationships. Virgo can be very picky.  The Leo pride is there in the Virgo detail.

All the highlighted in blue planets in the 7th house are her ‘ticket to ride’ (his 1st and 2nd house planets); his South Node and Mars, which he sees as mother issues are, in her eyes, ‘her directing the show’ while his Sun, Mercury and Pluto (his communicating to the masses) are to be fulfilled in the public arena as far as she is concerned.

This is all driven by Elaine Baden-Clay’s 1st house Pisces – the illusion, the fantasy.  According to astrological interpretation this woman is not who she appears to be.  Perhaps that is why the reaction to the granny pash was such a shock to the public.

What we all saw on our television sets or our computer screens, is the true personality of the woman.

Now the relationship between the accused and his father, Nigel-Baden-Clay is a different kettle of fish.  We have a relationship already scarred by a Saturn retrograde. How does son see his father-son relationship?

Part 2 will address the father-son relationship.

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