Three little pigs

Nigel Baden-Clay is quoted as saying that the family relocated to Australia, as it was a safer place to live.  In a general sense I can understand this, however I came to wondering what does ‘safety’ mean to this man. The Baden-Clay family were not refugees, freeing a war zone or an unstable regime.

There is a history of relocation with Nigel Baden-Clay and his family when there has been political change.  In 1972 when the independent country, Zambia (ex British colony, Northern Rhodesia) looked like they were going to close the borders with their colonial neighbour Rhodesia, the Baden-Clay family moved south.  Their eldest son, Gerard Baden-Clay was just two years old.

When Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) gained independence from Britain, they ‘upped sticks’ again and moved to Australia in late 1980. The colonial life was coming to an end in Africa. Uranus is the planet ruling these political changes and also the indicator of moving home in a horoscope wheel.

In August 1980 Uranus was 20 degrees Scorpio; transiting the Midheaven of Nigel Baden-Clay.

This transit indicates the immediacy for change, both in the career sector of the 10th house and also mirroring for the cusp of the 4th house, relocating the home.  His wife Elaine was being pushed even harder.  The Uranus transit was in quindecile aspect to both her natal Sun and Uranus.  She was compulsive to the point of obsessive about change.  It was time to go.

As to the safety element, that does not show in the horoscope wheels of the parents of the accused, Gerard Baden-Clay.  Nigel Baden-Clay’ natal Sun is in Aquarius (the ruling planet being Uranus); change should not be difficult for him. Both he and his wife have Uranus ruling their Ascendant. Why did the head of this family need to move in order to feel safe?

Independence, for an emerging nation was, in these two African countries, a separation from the ‘mother country’; from Britain.  Perhaps the young Nigel Clay suffered separation anxiety from his mother when he was sent off to boarding school as a child. The independence of his homeland would be enough to ‘set off’ any childhood anxiety concerns.   Unfortunately, we are not privy to information in this regard.

Another alternative might be that they felt under threat of being thrown off their land, which is the reasoning of some colonials for their migration, however an insurance salesman would not have been in an agricultural environment in all likehood. Was his first house made of straw and his second of wood perhaps?

For safety to be the motivator, we need to look elsewhere; ask more probing questions. Why not relocate for reasons such as ‘to have a better life’ or that ‘the economic opportunities were greater in such-and-such a place.’

To feel unsafe is a primal fear; a fear worthy of our exploration. It becomes part of the parenting model and is usually carried forward from the experiences of the parent or parents either as children themselves, or as part of their life experiences.  It is passed on to their children, who then need to process it into their own lives.

Is this a personal fear of Nigel Baden-Clay’s or a fear of nigelaine (husband and wife combination)?  What is the fear based on?

The family relocated from Africa to Australia in the last quarter of 1980.  Nigel Baden-Clay was 37 years old; wife Elaine was 36; eldest son was 10; daughter, 7 and the youngest, Adam was just about to turn 5.

This is the family unit, which crossed the Indian Ocean to arrive in Perth, Western Australia; who travelled east across the country to join fellow ex-pats in Melbourne for 8 months, before heading north to the Sunshine State.  The 1981 census had only 600 ex-Zimbabwe migrants living in Melbourne.  There had not been a mass-migration to our shores.

In astrological terms, safety relates to the Moon.  A child is safe in their mother’s arms or hidden in her skirts.  The Moon across many cultures is The Mother.  Despite the fact that the father is physical protector and usually the bread-winner, mother usually provides the psychological security for a small child.

In astrology, the zodiac sign connected to the Moon is Cancer, the 4th sign of the zodiac.  That is after Aries, Taurus and Gemini.  Being the 4th sign, Cancer is the natural ruler of the 4th house, the family; the hearth.  Of course, we don’t all have Cancer ruling our 4th house and so there are often more reigning needs in relation to our home-life.  All these variables are what make the patchwork of our lives so interesting.

We know already that Cancer is a water sign; that I’m always going on about go-with-the-flow and how Cancer is a river. Well Cancer has lots more jobs to do of course and one of them is security.  Think in terms of the crab itself. The symbol for the zodiac sign of Cancer is a crab.  This precious little crustacean carries it’s house around with it; the shell is it’s security; it believes it is vulnerable without it; that it has no thick skin to protect it etc. etc.

If the ‘Three Little Pigs’ story left an impact on you when you were little, you can bet your little piggy-bank, that the zodiac sign Cancer plays a significant role in your horoscope!

When we look at the natal horoscope for Nigel Baden-Clay, we note that the zodiac sign of Cancer is at the cusp of the 6th house and that the planet Jupiter, is also in the 6th house, in Cancer.

We know that Jupiter inflates whatever it touches and the 6th house is an individual’s attitude towards work. That’s not the line of work, nor the work itself, but the attitude towards work. This man sees security as being earned by the day-to-day work ethic; he is a ‘work-horse.’

Jupiter is a major player in this man’s horoscope.  Jupiter holds his corner up in the water element ‘grand trine’ of Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. The other corners of the triangle are Venus in the 1st house and his Midheaven (cusp of the career house). When we have a ‘grand trine’ in a horoscope, we have a self-serving, self-sufficient unit.  Stressed, the crab would retreat into his shell and focus on his work; close the office door; hide in his den.

An astrological ‘grand trine’ usually sits quietly in our lives as seen by others, until we are put under stress. This is the resource that enables individuals to get through difficult emotional periods in their lives without cracking at the seams or falling apart.  As to which element it is in (water, earth, fire or air), determines how the individual handles the stress.

Being in the element of water indicates that, when under stress, Nigel Baden-Clay appears to be very calm and detached from the drama being played out; the drama that his life is at the moment; that his eldest son stands accused of murdering his wife and is in remand; that number-one-son is locked up in the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Facility.

A psychologist will join with an astrologer to tell you that retreating into a grand trine; or a crab’s shell; or denial is only superficial to the human psyche; it is just skin deep. The stress will be bouncing off the walls of the trine internally.

A therapist will add here, that being in the realm of emotions (the astrological water element), we can expect to see skin eruptions, eczema, dermatitis and such, starting to surface. The toxins will find a release – if not through the skin, then the individual’s water-works will break down. Look out prostate!

The body processes, what the mind cannot.

From an astrological point of view, Nigel Baden-Clay’s idea of security is driven by his work ethic, whereas when we refer to the nigelaine bi-wheels we see that the motivator to relocate for safety reasons is more likely driven by his wife (her Moon’s in the 5th house); a maternal reigning need for the security of her children.

If he were not a husband and father, astrology indicates that Nigel Baden-Clay would have not left the African continent, but that’s not the lot he drew from the barrel.  That’s not how the dice fell.

Unless we are dealing with a man who fears the political change (pigs and wolves curdle the custard I’m told), in my opinion this is not a man who would allow his wife’s words, we are relocating for a safer place to live, to speak through him.  That Aries Moon of his would not allow it.  He is bwana!

Perhaps Nigel Baden-Clay felt the need to hide his real intentions of wanting to leave the newly independent, Zimbabwe. I have to ask, “What’s wrong with declaring that the move is driven by a desire for ‘a better economic future’ for your family?”  We turn to astrology for an answer.

Aha! It’s the trickster at work again. Oh heavens to Betsy, Nigel just leave off with the damn Gemini act will you?

 Note: You have to run with the wolves sometimes, in order to understand the wolf model.  Tricksters are no different.

Bwana has both Uranus and Saturn in Gemini in his horoscope.  Why am I not surprised?

The relocation agenda is Uranus and the Saturn is the authoritarian.  So in Nigel Baden-Clay’s model of the world, this is a ‘tricky’ situation.

For an astrological interpretation, we can propose that the (Saturn) authorities eg. Australian immigration, may ‘get tricky’ if he were to declare anything other than that ‘Australia would be a safer place to live’ in his application.   His Aries Moon would not be prepared to run the risk of refusal of the application and nor would the 1st house Sun; his ego.

Remember this is also a man who believes he is above the law… very tricky.

As to Uranus’ input – well that’s the change of residence; the move.  That would have to be tricky in some way as well.  We don’t know, although it’s bound to be in some way related to the completion of the forms or the interview. With Gemini’s ruling planet being Mercury, we know that Mercury’s agenda is always about communication. Porky pies perhaps?

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  1. As always, very interesting, clever and informative. Great stuff and fodder for more thought to understand this very tangled and sticky web of, well, is deceit appropriate?


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