Tricksters and the game of monopoly

The accused Gerard Baden-Clay typed into his search engine, Taking the Fifth then followed the link to Self Incrimination; taking Wikipedia’s advice just minutes before reporting his wife missing to the Queensland Police Service.

He dialed 000 on his iPhone. This is the emergency number. His wife, Allison was late for her planned departure to attend a conference; plans, which meant she was to be in the company of his mistress, Toni McHugh.

The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides that “no person … shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself.” The early American colonists brought the doctrine with them from England; it is not an American invention.

The amendment was added as the fifth Bill of Rights to remove all doubt that the common law of ‘no coercion to be applied’ was made law. The U.S. Supreme Court then expanded the doctrine through a series of cases to apply this right, not only to criminal cases and police interrogations, but also to “any other proceeding, civil or criminal, formal or informal, where one’s answers might incriminate him.”

It is a common held belief that if someone who believes they are innocent, by taking the fifth, must have something to hide, particularly if the plea is taken before a crime is even revealed to have occurred.  Sometimes it is better to say nothing than land oneself in hot water.  A good idea if you’re the one who flicked the switch; turned the kettle on.

Nigelaine (the alias Nigel and Elaine Baden-Clay would have us all know them as) elected to remain silent from day one and have continued to refuse to cooperate with any investigation into the disappearance and subsequent murder of their daughter-in-law.  Mum’s the word!

This is of course their right, however the revelation by the prosecution, that someone in the Nigel Baden-Clay household answered a phone call late on the night of 19 April 2012; a face-time phone call from the accused Gerard Baden-Clay; a phone call recorded on Gerard Baden-Clay’s phone log as 12.30am on the fateful night their daughter-in-law was murdered.

This evidence, presented at the opposition to bail for the accused, does not support any confidence in the possible innocence of the family members.  Someone, or all three of this Baden-Clay household, would have to be under suspicion of  being accessories after the fact, if indeed that phone call was in any way connected with the aftermath of the murder of Allison.

We have good reason to question this, as the timing of the phone call was after midnight, when all good folks are in their beds and asleep.

I also question as to why the face-time phone call needed to be a video link.  Why the need for a visual connection?

We have also been reassured that our suspicions are not based on ‘jumping to conclusions’; that we have been reassured ‘just because they won’t be interviewed doesn’t mean that they have something to hide’ was a well founded suspicion and not pre-judice.

Let’s turn to astrology and take the fifth house into our calculations.  Yes it is the fifth house in a horoscope, which will reveal nigelaine’s attitude in this regard.  The fifth house is the house of fun.  Fun you ask?

Well the 5th house relates to all things creative.  Depends on what you are creating as to how much fun is involved. Making the babies is a 5th house issue, but so are their lives.  That responsibility continues in the same house of the horoscope.

Nigelaine’s ‘taking the fifth’ is, apart from closing ranks, about parental love; it is in defense of their son, their man-child.  The silence is, in part, what they perceive as an act of love; of loyalty.

The 5th house is where you give love – supposedly to your children and friends.  Fun, fun, fun! Nigel and Elaine Baden-Clay both have Gemini on the cusp of their 5th house. I’m surprised they didn’t produce twins. (In astrology the Gemini symbol is duality and often-times portrayed as twins.)

With Gemini on the house cusp, that’s the duality card; the trickster. Beware the cheat at parlour games. I would definitely keep away from their card table.

Mind you if I were to grow up to be a cheat (in more ways than one), I could learn lots here at this table.  Peregrine Neptune created the fantasy in Gerard Baden-Clay’s wheel and we now see the trickster getting in on the act.  The idea that it’s just a game, blurs.

I can hear the cogs turning over in the child’s mind, I may not have Gemini on the cusp of my 5th house, but that’s the model I’ve been brought up under. Cheating is fun!

I can cheat at anything to do with the 5th house.  Accused murderer, Gerard Baden-Clay has his Moon, his reigning need in the 5th house.

The party-boy and serial adulterer, Gerard Baden Clay was already in the game, before he even reached adulthood. Oh by the way, it may be a good idea to keep Bruce out of the casino, he’d get into real trouble there.

This is not a monopoly game with a get out of jail card; no number of aces up your sleeve is going to work at this table.  This is going to be a lay down misère, Bruce.

Nigel and Elaine Baden-Clay, as the alias Nigelaine, definitely have 5th house issues of interest to us as astrologers, but firstly we look to the opposite house; the mirror. The opposite of the 5th house is the 11th house.  This 11th house is where we receive the fun; where we process compassionate, unconditional love; the love of our friends and children, the reward for our creativity.  Where we replace the lack of love with money.

Aside:  Love and marriage is a totally different parlour-game.  It has more to do with the 1st house of ego and it’s mirror the 7th house of relationships.  That’s where the horse-and-carriage are stabled; the 7th house, but back to nigelaine.

In the natal horoscope of Nigel Baden-Clay we have an empty 5th house.  Gee whiz what do we do now?  We turn to the 11th house and see, what’s in the mirror?

Nigel Baden Clay has the planet Mars in the mirror, the 11th house.  Mars is his man-in-the-mirror. Oh dear, I can see him now in his role as the big-game hunter – gold safari suit and trophies on the wall. He wants to be the recipient of the fun; the love, but he isn’t prepared to do the hard yards to get it (the empty 5th house).

As the stern authoritarian with a Capricorn Mars in the 11th house, his idea of fun would be traditional masculine pursuits, although someone else would have to do the organising; he’ll just grace us with his presence. This is a man who expects those in the 5th house to entertain him, just as he did with his father;  Capricorn, the traditionalist.  He would have enjoyed living a life with servants.

Nigel Baden-Clay’s 5th house is devoid of tension; tension needed to activate the creativity; the fun factor is missing.  He’s along for the ride.  Aloof, generally he would prefer to receive love and admiration, rather than give it.

He considered himself to be the prize of a courtship with Ms Hughes; after all granny was Chief Guide and grandfather was Chief Scout.  By changing his name to incorporate the ‘Baden’ clout, he was riding on their shirt tails.

Didn’t you notice this weakness in his character, young Elaine?  Or were you impressed enough to jump on the gravy train and ignore the possible consequences?

His wife Elaine, meanwhile, has her Cancer Moon in the 5th house, but it’s not alone, unfortunately.  She has a need to give love. The maternal instinct is there but there is an authoritarian ring to it. Apart from being in the zodiac sign of Gemini and its accompanying traits, Saturn is in this house as well. What a spoil-sport!

Saturn is a bucket of water; squelcher of natural enthusiasm in this house.  She has the reigning need of the Moon wanting to go with the flow (Cancer) and Saturn being very somber in Gemini.

As a parent, Elaine Baden-Clay would have been the chief disciplinarian in the love department. I doubt there would have been any romantic role-play of fun with whips and leather in the boudoir of her mind for we are in the 5th house, not the 7th house of spousal relationships.

That’s how the parents of the accused wife murderer Gerard Baden-Clay would have been likely to behave as individuals, according to their horoscopes.  This would have been the early days before they had their babies. These are the models of reality that they brought to the union, nigelaine.

Whenever Gemini is mentioned, we turn to the planet, which rules Gemini; Mercury.  This can be a great benefit when all bodes well, however when in the realm of Gemini, it’s always wise to take note whether there’s any underlying agenda going on; whether we are dealing with Mercury before or after his life’s lessons were learned.

Being mercurial, anything in Gemini can be a bit slippery.  We have another bwana-skin possibility.

Way, way back in the mists of time before Mercury became the Messenger of the Gods carrying Zeus / bwana’s cup around for all to take communion; there is a tale told of a shepherd who was paying more attention to his flute than his flock and the sheep wandered off straying into nearby fields, as they do.

Mercury, ever watchful from the heavens for an opportunity to make mischief, seeing that the flock was unattended, considered how he might take advantage of the situation; he was a bush-ranger at heart (Gemini in the 5th).  Rubbing his hands in glee, realizing that he was onto a good thing, Mercury swooped. What fun!

He bound the sheep’s hooves in clumps of grass to disguise their tracks and swiftly herded them into some nearby woods, just as quickly as their little padded hooves would carry them.  They went like lambs.

Along the way, Mercury noticed that an old man had witnessed his theft and so he drew the old fellow aside to put a proposal to him. He paid for the old man’s silence by offering him one of the flock’s fine ewes for his trouble.

This deal was quickly accepted by the old man and agreement was made. The old man considered he was doing Mercury a favour, ignoring the fact that he had taken a bribe; lying to himself (another Gemini trait).

Mercury, the sly old fox pretended to leave, distrusting the old fellow. I mean if you can’t be trusted yourself, then you’re not likely to trust anyone else now, are you?

He went down the road a bit and slipped into a nearby field, did a morphing act and returned in the guise of the original shepherd who was still off playing his flute, oblivious to the fact his animals were missing.

Gee I thought I was so clever cladding their hooves. I need not have bothered. The silly fool has still got his headphones on.

Approaching the old man who now had a lovely ewe at his side, Mercury in his disguise, asked the old fellow if he had any knowledge as to the whereabouts of his missing flock.   The old fellow replied, (to what he thought was the original shepherd), fingers crossed behind his back to cover the lie, that he had not seen any missing sheep.

Our trickster Mercury, still in disguise, confused the issue further by offering a reward of his best ram and an extra ewe if the old fellow should come across the stolen sheep.

Sleight of hand is at the card table, on the agenda.

The old fellow wasn’t confused, as he believed that he was dealing with two different people.  Mercury had given him the original ewe and now the shepherd was offering him another ewe and a prize ram!  Lady luck was on his side!

Warning, warning! Bwana-skins.  Jupiter is the planet, which brings luck.  We’re dealing with Mercury – that’s the gambler, but then the old fellow’s wisdom was clouded so I suppose we can excuse him.

The old man may have been a simple fellow, but he could count quickly enough.  That would mean a ram and two ewes.  Mammon was at his elbow guiding him; contemplation did not take long. He spilled his guts; gave up the location of the hidden beasts.

It’s said that Mercury then revealed himself before the old man, calling him a rogue and a scoundrel for his greed; making the old man out to be the villain of the piece, when in fact, Mercury had been revealed as the thieving scoundrel by his own hand.  That’s the trickster for you…

Let’s see what hidden agendas, what slippery tricks can be revealed by combining the two horoscope wheels of the parents of the accused; by creating two bi-wheels of synergy.  This is called synastry in astrology.

Firstly from the accused’s father, Nigel’s perspective with the combination of the two energies (himself and his wife); the alias of nigelaine and the second bi-wheel will be the accused’s mother, Elaine’s perspective of nigelaine. How she sees the alias at work.

Firstly from the male perspective.  How did the father of the accused perceive the nigelaine unit?

We create a bi-wheel with the natal wheel of Nigel Baden-Clay as the inner wheel set at the ascendant at his time of birth 15 degrees Aquarius and the outer wheel of his wife Elaine Baden-Clay whose ascendant is similar but different enough to create overlays and subtleties that make a world of difference.  Her ascendant is 00 degrees Aquarius.

  • In the natal horoscope of Elaine Baden-Clay we know that Saturn and the Moon are in the 5th house and that Mars is in the 6th house.  When we look at the bi-wheel, we see that Elaine’s Mars, instead of being the whip that cracks the work ethic in the 6th house, it has been drawn back into the 5th house.

Nigel has dictated that she be the disciplinarian of the children; the instigator of the entertainment; the creator.  This is not her natural role.  Remember this is Gemini; watch for underlying agendas; the trickster at work.

Because Elaine’s Mars is naturally in the 6th house, where she directs the work ethic, she is now out of her natural element and ill equipped to soften the blow.  There is a huge difference between working with adults and raising children. She is not prepared for this and would need to adjust. She has been tricked.

The bull (Taurus Sun) and Cancer Moon (in the river / go with the flow) is not going to do this easily.  If she remains inflexible (to be expected with this Sun-Moon combo), she will be an overly hard task-master, particularly for a child who has their reigning need in this house.

This would no doubt be bound to create a harbour of resentment against the female nurturer in the development of the male child. This has dire consequences in our case, but more on that later.

When we turn to the bi-wheel looking at nigelaine from Elaine’s perspective, we see that nothing has changed as to her role in the scheme of things; from her point of view.  She is not aware of his expectations of her.

She still has her Moon and Saturn in the 5th house with no extra contribution from Nigel.  It is when we turn to the mirror of the 11th house, that we find a revelation of the trickster doing a smoke and mirrors act.

  • Nigel has eluded her; abrogating all responsibility for the parenting. His Mars and her knight in shining armour, her big-game hunter has left the 11th house and slipped into the 12th. Alas, she was not prepared for this.  I’m pregnant what can I do?

The 12th house is not open to negotiation. This is the unseen; the mind.  He considers his work is done.  The lion has retreated into his den.

The man who courted Elaine Isobel Nora Hughes, has changed.  He was happy to join in the fun when they were single; when he was centre stage, only now that he is no longer the centre of attention; that there are children on the agenda, he has retreated to his male den; the intellect.

How many women can put their hands up in recognition of this behaviour? The trickster has been at work.  The man she has married is emotionally immature. How can this immature man be a mentor to his sons?

We are starting to see now, how the Saturn retrograde phenomenon has manifested in Nigel Baden-Clay’s sons’ horoscopes.  (for more info on the Saturn retrograde phenomenon read Call me bwana)

For Gerard Baden-Clay and his younger brother, mother has been overly harsh in their development and father has been absent from his role.

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