a continuation of astrology and the nurturing aspect of the accused, Gerard Baden-Clay…

My revulsion isn’t that a couple who have been married for forty years have a long lingering kiss in public view.

My revulsion isn’t that perhaps she said, “Let’s give ‘em something to think about on the news tonight”; that they were in the limelight and going to make the most of it, put on a show.

My revulsion isn’t that their passion couldn’t wait until they were in private; nor is my revulsion that it was a public display of two greedy egos with no sense of the gravity of the situation.  My revulsion isn’t that it was a granny pash; the pretense that everything is perfect in Camelot.

Frankly in my opinion, the whole scenario was beyond revulsion.  It is bizarre. This was a classic display of social ineptitude, in public for the public. Shakespeare would be reaching for his quill.

In less than 48 hours, Nigelaine’s castle built on sand will come a cropper, experience the power of King Neptune.  The tide is about to turn.

The accused had bought some time so mummy didn’t get the dampeners put on her day.  Yesterday was her 68th birthday.  For a Cancer Moon with a Taurus Sun, there would be no spoiling her day under any circumstances; by royal decree.

Once this weekend is over, a lone canoeist will turn into a creek; a creek which is rushing into the Brisbane River after two days of heavy rain; a creek where Ophelia awaits.

But for now, nigelaine make merry.  Eldest son has his mistress, he’s happily in denial that anything is wrong; grandchildren are in the house, missing their mummy and wondering what all the celebrating is about; daughter’s down from up north, at the royal command. All’s well in the kingdom, or is it?

Does this family live in a perpetual state of denial; in fantasy-land; that nothing is amiss? Me thinks, Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

Their eldest son’s wife is missing.  She has been missing for a week now. The parents of Gerard Baden-Clay, who like to refer to themselves as nigelaine, have not made any effort to search for her. They have not made any public appeal for her.

They have not presented themselves at the Brookfield showgrounds to thank the many volunteers who have spent hundreds of hours searching for their missing daughter-in-law, Allison Baden-Clay.

From all reports, they haven’t even made a sandwich, put their hand in their pockets or extended a hand in gratitude to the local community.  But then neither has their son.  They raised him by their family values, to their model of the world.

The next line in Hamlet Act 1 Scene 4 is, Heaven will direct it. So let’s turn to the heavens for an attempt at understanding this potential skull-duggery. This is not A Comedy of Errors.  This is not a farce. We are not in Camelot.

We have murder and blood on someone’s hands. How many hands, we do not know at this stage.  Only one person has been accused of the murder.  Are there others who are accessories after the fact?

Living in denial takes us into the mental realm of fantasy. We know that this is the realm of Neptune.  Neptune is also an indicator in a horoscope of neurotic behaviour, even to the extent of depression or paranoia. It all depends on the scattering of dice, which lots were drawn, as to how they fall.

Neptune in a horoscope can be an indicator of weakness leading to substance or alcohol abuse. Neptune is the planet, which rules the zodiac sign of Pisces.

Neptune is not a particularly good planet to have dominating your horoscope wheel. The God of the Ocean, Neptune is a realm of watery depths; the blackness of the ocean at night. A dark place at the best of times.  Neptune can be your friend or your enemy.

Far from the Sun, the planet Neptune has an incredibly long orbit, and because it lies in the darkest, coldest, and most remote nether regions of our galaxy, it rules fantasy, secrets, and denial. If life is a camera, Neptune is the smear of Vaseline that makes everything seem a little dreamy and hazy.

Normally, Neptune enhances our dream life and enables us to live in a fantasy world where we can escape some of the harsh realities of our lives. It enables us to see that less-than-perfect boyfriend as marriage material and it aids and abets us as we delude ourselves into pursuing the wrong career path. But when Neptune goes into retrograde, this veil is lifted and reality becomes sharply clear; life goes from soft focus to high definition in an instant.

We know that the accused, Gerard Baden-Clay’s horoscope wheel reveals a peregrine Neptune in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. That it runs rampant; his life is a total fantasy in his mind. He would need to be told on a regular basis to get a grip on it. Neptune is in the zodiac sign of Scorpio, so this rampant fantasy must not be stagnant.  The left hand probably can’t keep up with the right, let alone know what it is doing.

His sister Olivia has Neptune peregrine as well in her horoscope, although her Neptune is in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Think centaurs here.  It’s Sagittarius so it is half-man half-horse territory.  Olivia is more likely to harness the peregrine Neptune energy (when she can catch the horse) and direct it into a creative outlet.

Nigel and Elaine Baden-Clay meanwhile, were both born when Neptune was retrograde. They both lack this dream-like quality of their elder son and their daughter.  In fact they probably fear it; it would rattle their bones; shake their cage.  The retrogradation causes an individual to internalise the energy, before taking action and the effect of a Neptune retrograde could play out as a neurosis.  The result could easily manifest as, we need to close ranks.

In nigelaine we appear to have characters, who think they are in a play rather than in real life. They live in a play, within a play as in Hamlet.

Nigel and Elaine Baden-Clay have concocted the name, nigelaine, which is a fantasy in itself, albeit a combination of the two Christian names.  They would probably like us to think they are a team who work together.  Well they probably are, however it can be dangerous to be in denial of one’s individuality by creating a third entity; an entity, which is separate and not answerable to their individual beliefs, values, and ethics.

Creating an imaginary entity or alias can be a way of distancing oneself from reality; from responsibility; de-sensitising from any criticism; isolating oneself from the world.

Nigelaine have written their own laws of the land; egos demand dominance; tyranny rules. What can astrology reveal?

In a marriage where the man of the house is Bwana, where does a wife find her niche?  We have a man whose word is law. Was that enough for the Saturn retrograde factor in their sons’ charts or is mummy equally responsible?  Nurturing is a result of parenting by both mother and father.  No one parent is solely responsible for the outcome of a character; particularly one who stands accused of murder.

With a Sun in Taurus and Moon in Cancer we have a bull (Taurus) standing midstream in a river (Cancer).  Stubborn to the point of ridiculous; inflexible and in denial that the level of the water could possibly rise.  These individuals can’t stop the flow of the river (or the tide) just by willpower, as much as they might like to think they can.  A Sun in Taurus and Moon in Cancer such as Elaine Baden-Clay, is a person who is very familiar with the concept of denial.

We might have wondered how this woman could possibly carry on with business-as-usual when her daughter-in-law has been murdered and her eldest son, her golden-boy is accused of murder?

The answer is as simple as a Taurus Sun and a Cancer Moon; in all probability just plain and simple – absolute denial.  It will take a murder conviction for this Sun-Moon combo to even consider that her golden boy may have murdered his wife, let alone accept that he is guilty.

Of course we dare not suggest in her hearing either, that the accused’s current model of the world, may have been learned at home, at her knee.  That aside, we return to the dynamics of the fantasy that is, nigelaine.

We know that the accused Gerard Baden-Clay has Sun square Moon in his horoscope, which indicates that his mother’s pregnancy was in all likelihood, not planned and the pregnancy not wanted; that the nigelaine marriage was probably at odds, a bit wobbly at the time.

A pregnancy puts paid to the end of the honeymoon in most marriages. Maybe they weren’t ready to start a family. Elaine was sent off to granny in England to await the birth. Note – that’s her husband’s granny not her own. This would have put a bit of breathing space between the soon-to-be parents, yet retain the family tie.

According to Nigel Baden-Clay, while in England awaiting the birth, Elaine went to spend a short time with Granny, the intention being to look after her (granny), as her servant was ill. However Elaine’s role became reversed and she found she could not match Lady Baden-Powell’s energy.

Astrology tells us that the Chief Guide’s Sun-Moon combination is all about intensity; an intensity of wants and needs; personality and emotions. Olave Baden-Powell was a very intense personality. This energy would have given Elaine’s retrograde Neptune the jitters; nerves would have frayed. The inflexible bull would have locked his knees; gritted his teeth; bit his tongue.

Talking knees, Elaine Baden-Clay has Chiron in a tight midpoint of Neptune/Jupiter in the seventh house (public relationships). Does Elaine Baden-Clay see herself of something of a faith healer, or is it a particular fascination of hers? 

With the South Node on the ascendant, as the handle of the fan, we have someone who believes they have control over the destiny of those who are in a relationship with them.

The handle of a fan controls the amount of air by the movement of the wrist, does it not.  Rapid movement provides lots of oxygen; none and the air can be stifling; deprivation.

The seventh house occupants (those in a relationship with Elaine Baden-Clay) rely on the first house (her personality and moods) for their survival in this case. Lots of tip-toeing in her presence, I fear.

By having this obsession with control binds an individual to their family by reverse. Without the family there is no control and so the drive is to keep the family together at all costs in order to maintain the model.  It is a flawed model of parenting and more so as it is personality driven in this case with the Nodal axis in the first house; the personality.  It is not a matter of logic to this Sun-Moon combination.

Parents are responsible for modeling, whereas siblings provide the socialising aspect in a child’s world according to social psychology.  All children are not alike.  If a parenting model is fixed; one size fits all, we know that this is a recipe doomed to failure.  The child does not mature to their potential.

Children can be square pegs trying to fit into round holes.  It doesn’t work.  If an individual does not have a solid foundation of modeling, then their character has to motivate them to rebel; to change their environment; the offspring needs to leave home and start a family of their own independent of the modeling, which hasn’t worked for them as they grew up.

This is where nature and nurture work together.  If the nature is flawed and the nurture aspect is also flawed, we have a child who, with a flawed parenting model, is doomed to repeat their lessons; pass it onto their children and the cycle continues.

Elaine Baden-Clay’s apparent modeling is personality driven (first house).  This is a model created by a woman who was a daughter of a parenting model herself.  Did she continue a model, which she had learned at home?  Possibly, but not absolutely, as this model we are looking at through the belief system of astrology, appears to be personality driven.

We have no knowledge of this woman in reality.  This is all subjective.  We also know from the public record that perhaps Elaine was distanced from her family model.

Nigel comments in his tribute to his father … for accepting Elaine into the family from the start and for loving her as his own.

In the horoscope wheel of Elaine Baden-Clay, the South Node controls the stellium of planets in the seventh house.  The South Node is also in quindecile to Jupiter (still in the seventh house).  An individual with this planetary placement would be obsessed in an inflated, OTT – Jupiter type way.

We can’t overlook that, in mythology, the Greek equivalent of the Roman God Jupiter is Zeus, the God of Gods. He’s the reigning king of the heavens.  The boss.

This gets me thinking… In this politically correct climate, the title of Bwana would extend to both sexes.  We can’t have two bwanas! Perhaps this is where the nigelaine concept began.   B1 and B2 might have been an alternative concept, if they had been Aussies.

As if to add salt to the wound, mother of the accused, Elaine Baden-Clay’s South Node is also quindecile to Mars in the sixth house (everyday attitude to work).  The compulsion continues. She cracks the whip, sends them all off to work.

This Mars compulsion would override any sentiment following the burial of her daughter-in-law.  Even possibly to the extent that, as long as Number-One son lives under her roof, he must go off to the business of the pretense of work (Neptune – fantasy), despite the fact that his business is in severe decline and a million dollars in debt.

This is how extreme, denial could possibly manifest, given a free rein.

Great modeling does not insure that someone else along a child’s journey will never unduly influence the child. But it does give them a rock solid foundation upon which to build their ‘super star’ life.

The model that the accused appears to have been raised under would appear to be a castle of sand; a castle, which wouldn’t take too much tidal water to undermine.

There is no sign of King Canute.  The Gods will have their way.

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One thought on “Nigelaine”

  1. Love it MM. Looking forward to reading it in its entirety. Won’t go back for a bash at the pash…….still me thinks there is much more to that display than first meets the naked eye. Like magicians they are covering up a truth, or there is a deception to cover up the truth….she was frisking him….he, being conscious of nearing watched doesn’t want the world to know she is anxious to see whether he brought home the bacon, he realizes she is giving it away, so Avery’s attention by sticking his tongue down her throat and they swap a bit of spit. Hope when this was raised early on, that the QPS saw the same.


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