Call me bwana

Disclaimer:  Allow me to reiterate that I have no knowledge of, nor do I know anyone who knows anyone, who knows any of the persons to whom I refer here on this blog.  This characterisation is made from classical astrological interpretation of the planets in the heavens; the facts speak for themselves as they come from the public record.

From Bwana to Banana Bender Part 1: the backdrop to the paternal nurturing aspect.

Our first baby step into the realm of the nurturing of the accused murderer, Gerard Baden-Clay reminds me of beeswax and eardrums – any wonder the accused has ear problems.  Let me get the wax out of my ears and tell you, before you ask:

Bwana is a word to describe a ‘boss man’ in the African Swahili language and a ‘banana bender’ is a colloquial term for a resident of the State of Queensland.

The primary nurturer a baby makes contact with, is usually the mother and the second is the father. We can suggest that such is the case with the accused, as his parents are still together, although the astrological horoscope of Gerard Baden-Clay would indicate that his parents were at loggerheads, while their eldest son was still in the womb.

The malefic astrological aspect indicated is the Moon in tension with the Sun (in the natal horoscope of the child). Perhaps the pregnancy was not planned nor welcomed.  Not an auspicious start to life.

Born into a British colonial life-style in Mbeya, Tanganyika in Eastern Africa, the father of the accused was christened Nigel Gerard Arden Clay.  There is no Baden-Clay as a surname on his birth certificate.

His parents were Aries Sun people – ‘go-getters’ in their own right. The surname of Clay would have sufficed, for Gervas Clay had a respectable position within the colonial hierarchy.  Neither parent shared the afflicted Moon, which Nigel Clay was born under.

The moon indicates an individual’s needs and the interpretation is as clear as a bell in our case. That Nigel Clay needed to be ‘above the herd’ by changing his surname is no surprise.  That is a classic Aries Moon type of need and we know that Nigel Clay was born with his Moon in the zodiac sign of Aries.

He changed his name to Nigel Gerard Arden Baden-Clay; he claimed the fame of his grandfather and chief scout, Baden-Powell.

The Moon in Aries is identified as ‘Numero Uno’; a person who just has to be ‘number one on the charts’.  There is no second place for this individual – they insist on being ‘Number 1’.  It is so easy to recognise an individual with an Aries Moon.

Nigel Baden-Clay’s current personalised number-plates on his car are ‘Bwana.’  On the front and on the back…  Take notice! Here comes the boss man!

Bwana is just another way of saying  I am Number One.

The scriptwriters of the 1963 film farce Call me Bwana, wrote a brilliant spoof.  Bob Hope starred in the movie.  His role was of a supposed writer and explorer who promoted himself as an expert on the Dark Continent.

Our movie character’s African specialty was based on secret diaries left by a male relative. The self-promoting character was a phony of course and was exposed as such; caught out, by the end.

The subtlety that the safari suit is portrayed as gold-coloured rather than the military khaki is not missed by anyone.  We’re not fooled either are we?

Nigel Clay hitched his wagon wheel to the fame of a male relative by changing his name to Baden-Clay and he also took on the title of Bwana.  Makes you think doesn’t it?

Looking at the wheel for the father of the accused, Nigel Baden-Clay, I doubt very much if he would get the irony.  He has an Aquarian Sun – that’s an individual who often is unaware of the grey areas of life – a black or white person; often a bit slow in the humour department.

Saturn shares the rulership of Aquarius with the planet Uranus.  Saturnine and suddenly changeable – whew, confusing to say the least.  I wonder if his moods change with the wind?

If your daddy has ‘Bwana’ as his personalised number-plates, I  would definitely recommend that you check which way the wind is blowing, before asking if you can take the Hummer for a spin.

So what can we get from all this? We know that father of the accused, Nigel Clay had changed his surname from Clay to Baden-Clay prior to his marriage to Elaine Isobel Nora Hughes in 1969.  Six years earlier in 1963, he was 20 years old. He would have had the ‘sixpence halfpenny’ in his pocket to go see a movie I’m sure. Did he go?

In hindsight perhaps it might have been wise to have taken on board the underlying irony, if he had indeed seen the film ‘Call me Bwana.’.

Indulge me for a moment as I have one more example of an Aries Moon, which I am bound to share.

Whom, but an individual with an Aries Moon, would have the the audacity or the arrogance to present himself at a police station, knowing full well that his son had been charged with the murder of his wife, and demand to see his 41 year old man-child.  I must add that this is not a 14 year-old minor, who has been charged with murder, but a 41 year-old adult male.

Yes folks, daddy marched into the Indooroopilly Police Station in June 2012 and demanded access to his boy.  That was no joke. The police refused.

Here’s a free astrology tip:  Once you recognise an Aries Moon individual, it’s not too difficult to please them – just bow and curtsy in their presence on a regular basis; be sure to humour them with the utmost tact and play the game – that is if you have the patience and tenacity to do so.  Taurus Sun makes a good match for an Aries Moon person.

An Aries Moon individual does not suffer from doubt because, as the pure primal subjective energy of the first sign of the zodiac, nothing else and nobody else exists outside their vision, their goal and their quest – particularly if the individual is a male. Born into a patriarchal society and a colonial environment of ‘Us versus Them’ an Aries Moon person is in their element.

I intend to discuss this ‘Us versus Them’ mentality, the family unit versus the rest of the world, in more detail at another time as it is a central theme to this family’s unique nurturing aspect.

Naturally, there are many people who find all this single-minded focus and determination of an Aries Moon rather brutal and selfish – particularly if they are the son of such a man.  How are they to successfully make their way toward manhood with such rivalry?

Any male offspring of such a man would be bound to have other malefic indicators in their horoscope, such as a Saturn retrograde.

When we look further, surprise, surprise!  Both of the sons of Nigel Baden-Clay have Saturn retrograde in their horoscopes.  Daughters of such a father are generally not dealt such a severe blow, as they are not seen as rivals to this man.

We are not surprised to see that Nigel Baden-Clay’s daughter Olivia, does not have Saturn retrograde in her horoscope.  Little does she realise that this is only because of her sex.

So what does Saturn retrograde mean for the son of an Aries Moon?

Saturn retrograde in an individual’s horoscope has had so much research by observation, that it has become known as a phenomenon.  To begin with in astrological symbolism, the planet Saturn symbolizes the father.  The father principle is then sociometrically extended to all authority figures in a child’s development – to school, to business, and to the community in general.

Retrograde means going backwards. Now, planets do not go backwards, but sometimes they appear to go backwards. This is when the spin of our Earth gets our vantage point (as we stand here on the ground) out of line with the planet as it is making a right-hand turn in its elliptical orbit in the heavens.  The planet has its indicator-light flashing.

For a month or two, we see the planet projected against the sky as if it were moving backwards very slowly. This is a visual aberrance, but it is an extremely telling astrological guideline into the human condition.  We may not be able to consciously see this phenomenon, however our consciousness knows in some way that there is dis-order in our world.  Maybe it’s the indicator light beeping as well.

Retrogradation suggests a counterpoint, a modification of a principle theme, something going against the norm. In the case of Saturn retrograde, the aberrance in development of personality will focus upon the father; the father figure or mentor; the paternal principle; the relationship with the father; the leadership dynamic of authoritative love.

When someone in Western society is born with Saturn retrograde, we can expect, with highest probability, that the father was somehow taken out of the picture early in childhood development – either literally or was present in the child’s life but passive (the mother took the authoritative role), or was so tyrannical so as not to have given the child the guidance of authoritative love during development.

A Saturn retrograde male child with an Aries Moon father is a double whammy in astrological terms.

As if we have not had enough of this Bwana number, it gets worse. Father of the accused, Nigel Baden-Clay was also born with an Aquarian Sun in the first house of his horoscope. This means that the zodiac sign of Aquarius was ‘rising’ in the Eastern sky at the moment of his birth.

An individual born under this aspect is not one who wants to be seen as ordinary, they would have their own ideas as to just who and what they are and want from life. They will promote themselves as a one-off, independent-minded and a forward-thinking person. They can be radical and will create some dramas within their life, certainly when it comes to relationships.

They will want to make their mark, let everyone know just who they are and what they intend to do,  Not team players, these individuals have the idea that they don’t have to accept anyone else’s rules and regulations.  They are a law unto themselves, which in our case extends to the family, but no further it seems.

They have their own ideas as to how things should be run, with themselves as the rule-maker. When it comes to relationships, that’s where the problems start.  It’s their way or the highway.

Relationships can suddenly break-up simply because they want to be first, to be considered as the prominent ‘number one’, the ‘golden child’; for this reason, they stand alone, as one who has self-promoting ambitions and who expects everyone around them to help in this promotion.

There’s that mention of gold again.  Nigel Baden-Clay would have loved that gold coloured jacket. Suited him to a ‘T’.

Oh dear, from what we know already about the accused, the relationship between father and number one son was doomed before it had even begun.  There is a lot more to this paternal nurturing aspect, but enough for today.

In this family, it took just two steps on the generation ladder… from fame to shame.

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  1. Hey hey RB. I’ve been recalled from Safari for a local missing persons case, but I’ll beebaaack…….

  2. Fascinating, and I don’t doubt the significance of any of it. I also look forward to reading more.


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