Flights of fancy

After such an illustrious career with Flight Centre Ltd, I got to wondering why Allison Baden-Clay (nee Dickie) didn’t pick up her career, after returning from a two year honeymoon / working holiday in Europe.   She had a meteoric rise through the ranks from her start as a Travel Consultant in 1993 to Manager of the Ipswich Flight Centre Ltd branch, achieving the accolade of Ipswich Young Business Woman of the Year.

A move to the Brisbane office promoted Allison Dickie to Queensland Manager for Human Resources, quickly followed by the position of Global Manager for Human Resources.  All this was achieved with the same company and within a timeframe of just four years.

Marriage to the accused, Gerard Baden-Clay in August 1997 saw the couple spend time away from any family influence working in London and Switzerland, before returning to Australia in late 1999.

Turning to astrology for possible reasons for their return at this particular time, we look at the Solar Arc progression for both the accused and Allison taking into consideration the current planetary transits.  Firstly to the accused – he has not long celebrated his 29th birthday.

The Ascendant of his natal wheel had progressed 29 degrees to conjunct his natal Sun. Gerard Baden-Clay was returning triumphant to his family – ego prominent; chest puffed out; scouting badges ready for inspection. I am sure he would have bragged to anyone who would listen that he had been (Acting) Assistant Director of Kandersteg International Scouting Centre in Bern, Switzerland. Achtung!  Achtung!  Acting??  Hullo, is anyone listening?

In fact he had been a volunteer ‘activities guide’ while his wife was their ‘staff recruiter’.  Whether the position he claimed to have held, was remunerative or not, is irrelevant in the overall scheme of things. He believed that he had upheld the tradition of his great-grandfather and that’s all that mattered in his family unit of Baden-Powell descendants.

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

That he didn’t have a job to return to, in Australia, was of no consequence to him at the time. He would bask in the light as the golden boy as long as he could.  The fact that Neptune was less than twelve months away from progressing to his IC (bottom of the sky due to fall out) was the least of his worries.  As to the transits in the heavens – Mercury was opposite Jupiter – he had lots of plans about his future.

Transiting Uranus was rushing to conjunct his descendant, he was ignorant to its pending arrival. Not a good idea, mate – that’s the seventh house of public relationships (such as marriage) as well as in opposition to his Ascendant, that super ego.   The honeymoon was over.

His wife, meanwhile, had her lot to live.  By October 1999 transiting Mars was at the cusp of her seventh house (public relationships, which include marriage) and opposite her Ascendant, pressuring her to step into the future.  However that pesky dream-maker Neptune is also in the neighbourhood – what a downer.  What was she to do?

Transiting Pluto meanwhile, is quindecile her ascendant – now that’s a tad obsessive about ideas and plans for a future – her future as well as the future of her marriage. To add more salt to the wound, transiting Uranus, that electric prod is creating tension with her ‘rose-coloured glasses idea’ of the ideal wife; the ideal she holds dear.  Is her biological clock ticking as well?

Natal Uranus has progressed by Solar Arc to oppose natal Saturn.  Saturn is, as we know Father Time, the stabilising influence. Father Time and the electric prod have her in the middle.  I can hear her from here,  “It’s time to go home, husband.”  The honeymoon is over. No more ‘bob-a-jobbing’.

Little did she know at that time, but her husband would remain unemployed for six months after they returned home. Not even a ‘bob’ would come from his quarter. She would be the breadwinner.

Once back on home turf, after celebrating the holiday season with family and friends, Allison returned to part-time employment with her previous employer Flight Centre Ltd.

Her husband approached his wife’s employer on several occasions seeking employment, unsuccessfully I might add, until in March 2000 he was taken on by Flight Centre with a standard contract of employment, in a new position;  the position of Systems and Communications Manager in the fledgling operation Global Online.  Once again the ego inflated – the accused referred to himself as the Global Systems and Communications Manager.

Note: Reverberations can be heard here! Why the need to tag ‘Global’ in front of his title?  Is the man competing with his wife’s previous title of Global Manager for Human Resources.  Why?  Hmmm – lack of self-esteem perhaps?

The accused signed a written contract as a member of a project team with Flight Centre Ltd; a team whose purpose was to investigate and identify business opportunities within the internet area.  It is March 2000, the internet is taking off as a marketing arena, however by August, the company made the decision to wind up the Global Online business.  It is not for me to give the reasons why they chose to wind-up the operation, however they did and all in the space of one day. Whatever happened, Flight Centre swept the broom straight through and the accused was made redundant.  The date is August 18, 2000.

Gerard Baden-Clay had lasted five months and twelve days. There was no other position made available to him at Flight Centre.  The accused was out on the street with his redundancy monies (as per his contractual agreement), which included four-weeks pay in lieu of notice. The accused’s ego would have been in tatters.  What story did he take home to his parents?   Perhaps it is time to look heavenwards for input here.

Saturn has orbited to conjunct his progressed MC – Saturn as Father Time has stepped up to his career sector wielding his scythe; bringing the weight of authority down on the accused’s career. Scary bloke Saturn! Never forget that Saturn castrated his father to gain power, back in the mists of time.  The accused would have felt that pain, right where it hurts a bloke the most.

Uranus is having a big impact.  As promised above, transiting Uranus is now exact the cusp of the seventh house and opposed to the accused’s Ascendant. That electric prod is doing its thing! Mars is almost at the Ascendant as well.  Mars is renowned to be a severing of ties at that point in the wheel – a spoke in the wheel bigtime, you could say.

The son of Chaos has one more nasty shock in store as well – transiting Uranus is quindecile to the accused’s Achilles heel – his relationship with his mother and his public persona.  Gerard Baden-Clay would be obsessing non-stop about how mummy is going to take this.  What is he going to tell her?  Oh, what a loss of face.

Fast forward to December 2000.  The accused remains unemployable.  Was there a family pow-wow? This is not the Australian way to do things and so I am at a loss as to the following way of thinking, however in his wisdom, whether it was a collective decision or not, Gerard Baden-Clay took legal advice and decided to sue his previous employer for a ‘breach of contract’; to go the company for more money.  Mammon was at his shoulder; greed his intent.

Not content to go it alone, the accused dragged his wife’s good name into his claim.  He named her in conjunction with himself within his Statement of Claim lodged with the District Court, Queensland.  This was totally out of order in my opinion, as his was a personal claim.  He had a personal contract of employment with Flight Centre Ltd, not a joint contract.  Allison had no argument with her employer.

Why would you cook the goose that laid the golden egg?  Unless of course you had another agenda. There is only one reason I can think of; an opinion on this violation –  to manoeuvre his wife away from the freedom of employment in her own right, to being under his control.

Did the accused act alone in this decision to sue?  Did he include input from other members of his family?  The family integrity would have been at stake, so in my opinion, the golden goose was sacrificed for the cause.  I doubt if Allison was even aware of the content of the claim, let alone her friends and family, who might have given her the wisdom of their input.

Including his wife’s name in his claim sounds more to me that the accused was endeavouring to pad out his claim, a claim, which he in his ‘heart of hearts’ believed to be unreasonable, but then that is just my opinion.

Despite Flight Centre Ltd lodging a Notice of Intention to Defend in February 2001, they settled out of court.  Who needs the publicity and what price the legal costs in defending?

So where does all this end?  It is never pretty is it…

I have good reason to form the opinion that, by dragging his wife’s name into what was a personal matter, the accused stymied any future possibility of Allison being gainfully employed by Flight Centre Ltd; the end to a brilliant career.

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Mountain Misst

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13 thoughts on “Flights of fancy”

  1. Dear Mountain Misst,

    Thank you.

    It appears that the “GBC low life” systematically ruined Allison’s life and career having to control her to increase his ego due to his secret self esteem problems, with jealousy of his own wife being what drove him, while feeling impotent to perform (haha, some different levels there).

    GBC’s family “vigorously defended” any “wrong doing” (of course they continue to bully and bluff, referring to the recent Suncorp insurance money) as it is common for the family to bully and to bluff anyone who crosses their money making (while of course attempting to perform as little work as possible) schemes, in the hope of attempting to make money out of any court cases as an added bonus, while throwing their “family name” around continuously, enjoying their contacts in their “Old Boys’ Club”.

    Makes one wonder if the family also employed contractors, etc., along the years and didn’t pay them – you know the type!

    Roll model material!!! 😦

    How did you find the details? Fantastic detective work there!

    Lovely to see you, too! 😀 😀 😀

  2. Thanks Moonlight….. The court case was alluded to on one of the sleuthing websites. My ears pricked… When a court case is finalised, the court documents are available to anyone who wants them. They are on the public record and are available for a price. What did I do? I ordered the copies, paid over the money and the court mailed them to me.

    The information in this post is all on the public record. Cheers.

  3. Completely off topic….
    I love the lithograph of Brisbane. Where did you get the image? I would love to see if a print is available for sale. I would appreciate it if you could email me pls.
    Thanks, Tanya

  4. Not a good history of his past doings, not a nice person in my eyes, good too know, thank you for your clever work. Well done.

  5. Hi Tanya… If you look at the bottom of the image of the poster for Brisbane, you will see the imprint ‘nla…’ that’s the National Library of Australia. Don’t know if they sell copies. It is beautiful isn’t it. Makes me want to go up to Wickham Terrace and paint.

  6. Mountain misst I am really intrigued. What was going on up there in the universe in 1971? Too many 41 year olds making the news for all the wrong reasons . Julian assange 3rd July 1971

  7. Thanks Mandz. Don’t blame 1971….

    What Gerard Baden-Clay, Julian Assange and Adrian Bayley have in common is Node conjunct Mars in their natal horoscopes. This Node-Mars is an indication of a projection into the public arena. Seeing this configuration in a chart indicates that an individual is going to have their 15 minutes of fame (or notoriety) on a very public stage. (eg Princess Diana is also Node-Mars)

    Another indicator for the Node-Mars is issues in the early development of this individual’s personality with a mother/female nurturer. For all 3 of these men, from what I have read in the public record, this applies as well.

    Whether the child turns out good or bad is determined by the rest of their horoscope. It’s part of the old ‘nature versus nurture’ story.

    Try Googling “Mars conjunct (or opposition) Nodal Axis” for a wider interpretation.


  9. So is there some connection at all between 1971 and 2012 ? Love ya work ! I’ve been interested in astrology for a long time . But never studied it in depth . Thinking I will now . Thanks .

  10. Thanks Mandz. Is there a connection between 1971 and 2012? History is our best teacher. The difference is 41 years so go back 41 years and look; then go back another 41 years and then, once again. See what you can find. Father time’s cycles may be involved. Be sure to come back and share with us.
    Good luck with the studies.


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