Stella who?

‘Stella whom’ is what you should be asking, not ‘who’.  Huh?

Oh never mind.  ‘Stellium’ is what I was trying to say, although Stella is Latin for ‘star’ so you were on the right track.  A stellium is a group of rugby stars stuffed in a Mini Minor in the heavens. Oh my goodness! I can smell the testosterone from here – teenage boys and hormones running rampant. This is not my idea of a good time. I’m outa here.

Hang on, before I go, what was the basis of the horrific family drama, Gerard Baden-Clay when you were about thirteen and a half?  What happened? This was a major life-changing event.  Your development, the maturity of your personality was affected.  It stunted your voice.

You kept a lid on this anger, stuffing it back down into your baggage compartment for twenty-eight long years. The entire family dynamic was annihilated.  These issues need to have been addressed as a family unit.  It was not resolved in your case and has grown to be a rage inside you. Tell me about it?   Why did you choose the night of 19 April, 2012 to let it out?

This stellium business we’re going to look at today might give us a clue to the origin of this rage, but don’t think we won’t get back to that time in 1984, we will.  Do you want the actual date?  How about 27 April, 1984.

But I digress, we have a rugby scrum to sort out today.  Where’s the referee?

Whomever is on the top of the pile when the rugby scrum collapses, looks to be the winner, although it’s where the ball is, that matters.  Also we need to consider who’s copping the weight, the most pressure – that’s the bloke on the bottom.  Then there’s all that sneaky gouging going on in-between and the other stuff the referee can’t see. The purists may yell ‘foul’, that rugby is a clean sport, so perhaps I should keep quiet and turn to the heavens for their view of the game.

 We have access to the birth horoscopes of each of our star-crossed partners in marriage, Allison and Gerard Baden-Clay.  As individuals, each has a horoscope that is unique.  It is when we put the two birth wheels together that the heavens open up to reveal the particular combination; we see the game play.

I was kidding about the Mini Minor.  A stellium is an astrology term for when a group of planets are heavily weighted (in close proximity) in a horoscope wheel.  The planets are usually all in one section of a wheel (a house), although sometimes they spill over into the next house.  Each house is like a playing field where a particular game of life is played (eg the ego game, money game, communication, love, relationships, work, careers etc) so when a group of planets are on the same playing field, some of these players (planets) may have a natural talent for the particular game that is being played on this field (in this house) and others may be clumsy or even make complete idiots of themselves, totally out of their element.

  • The referee in heaven’s opinion.

We have three wheels, which reveal three sets of stellium (highlighted in blue). The victim, Allison Baden-Clay (A), the accused Gerard-Baden-Clay (B) and a snapshot of the heavens at 11.55pm on 19 April, 2012 (C).

Stellium create a vulnerability in an individual’s life. They can confer exceptional talent and individuals can shine a brilliant light with lots of watts in their lightbulbs.  Allison is a perfect example of this.  Her communication skills were top drawer.

A stellium is not all that rare, however when they do appear in a horoscope we know that there is always a price to pay in an individual’s life. One playing field, one house gains a lot of attention (tension) and other houses miss out.

There is also a rule of thumb that the house prior to the stellium tells us where the team focus fall back on when the game is struggling.  The vulnerable individual looks back for support.  They could even be asking, “When is someone coming to rescue me from this mess?”  The problem with this thinking is that as adults, we are expected to clean up our own mess and in an adult manner, not wait to be rescued.  Easier said than done.

That vulnerability can be starkly revealed during a transit from an outer planet or during a time progression. Let’s leave the transits on the bench and start with the progressions as they have a guaranteed time limit.  The progression cogs click over one degree per year, so depending on the overall size of the stellium, we can determine the length of the effect.

By 19 April, 2012 Wheel ‘A’ (the victim) had “progressed Neptune” in opposition to the first house stellium. This particular stellium is an idealism issue rather than a full-blown stellium, in my opinion.  The idealism is revealed as an ideal persona to live by which Allison created for herself as part of her personality development, when still a young lass.  The Neptune progression would have just begun to create a ‘downer’ for her in this regard.  It was getting to be time for change.

“Progressed Saturn” was square to her team member Moon (in the second stellium set) located in the third house (house of communication).  Father time (Saturn) had been ticking for more than a year now. Her needs were not being met.  She was looking back to the second house for support (the house of money).  The coffers were empty.

Meanwhile Wheel ‘B’ (the accused) was just recovering after a couple of ‘annus horribilis’ years for his ego.  By 19 April, 2012, his “progressed Ascendant” had just left the stellium in his second house.  Stroking his ego is what he had been looking back for during that progression; back to the first house (the house of the ego/the self).

I would have thought that, by the date of the murder he would have progressed beyond the need to have a mistress, according to his horoscope progression.  Perhaps the mistress might have been the one hanging on.

At 19 April, 2012, the accused’s “stellium progression” (the team) is in preparation to put its entire weight on his natal Mercury (his communication) very soon.  If fact, as I write this post, that is exactly what is happening.  His voice is not to be heard while he is incarcerated in the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre, Wacol.  Oh the team is jumping up and down and notes are being slipped under the door, but his actual voice is not to be heard anywhere.

So to the night of 19 April, 2012 Wheel ‘C’ (the crime).  We have no progressions – this wheel stands alone. The stellium is in the third house of communication, looking back to the second house of money.  Neptune is the ruler of the second house as well as the third house (both cusps are in Pisces).  That tells us that we’re going to have a lot of emotional impact, a downer.  This is also the planet, which will throw a bucket of water on any new ideas or schemes.

The stellium in this snapshot of the heavens is under tension from Saturn and also Pluto.  Heavy duty stuff. More downers – Saturn is Father Time and Pluto puts it all into perspective; authority figures and power together.  There are loans coming due for repayment.  If that’s not a conversation killer, nothing is.

It’s time now for a team analysis, while we are still in the locker room.

  • Wheel ‘A’ the victim, Allison Baden-Clay

The first of Allison’s stellium, we have addressed above.  It is an idealism issue – Mars, Sun, Venus. Illuminated brightly in the first house (ego/persona) those rose-tinted glasses avoid confrontation, are dependable and generous of spirit.  Mercury sits right on the perch of the Ascendant – yet another indicator of a voice that just has to be heard, even now after her death.

Here now is Allison’s team; team A – her second stellium. Jupiter, Moon, Uranus and Pluto in the third house of communication; in the zodiac of Virgo so the playing field is mental activity plus a good dose of detail.  She’d have a great filing system!

Jupiter expands everything it touches so the filing system is BIG. The Moon represents her emotional needs – they’re intense and her drive is to be correct rather than right. Allison knows that using right can lead to rightousness, so  she prefers to use the word ‘correct’.

Uranus adds that buzz to everything.  As a planetary input Uranus can be a bit of a rebel/adventurous; is forward thinking and a little outrageous at times.  Pluto, well he’s always scary. He’s on the top of the pile keeping a perspective on things.  That’s basically Team A.

  • Wheel ‘B’ the accused, Gerard Baden-Clay

The first point is that this is not much of a stellium really in his natal wheel, more of an idealism.  It is in the second house of money, with materialism/money as his focus and the zodiac sign on the cusp is Virgo, indicating communication again.

His communication would lead to an increase in his financial wealth. No wonder he was always out and about networking and we now know why that ‘gold’ jacket appealed – ‘team money’.

Uranus is on the top of this pile but has pretty much fallen off by his birth on 9 September, 1970 – not directly involved in the team.  Uranus is more a case of sitting on the sidelines.  The buzz was pretty much gone before he was born.

We have the Sun supporting the scrum with Mercury and Pluto. His team focus is communication, ideas and schemes, with himself as autocratic leader (Sun) and that scary bloke Pluto keeps it all in perspective.

Can you see the similarities between team A and team B starting to emerge now?  That was what the two had in common when they first met; the team spirit bound them together.  They saw themselves as a united team.

Apart from the connection between the pair, the stellium of the accused does not reveal its secret yet. It is when we put things together in bi-wheels at the start of play, that Gerard Baden-Clay’s spread of planets begin to create a monster pile-up of a scrum.

  • Wheel ‘C’ the crime, 11.55pm on 19 April, 2012 (time is by rectification)

The stellium of the night of 19 April, 2012. The Sun (ego/persona) supports Mercury (communication), Uranus (the buzz) and the Moon (emotional needs)  There is a strong need to communicate in a deep and meaningful way.

We are in the third house of communication looking back to the second.  Talk about money and the lack of it will definately be on the agenda.

The house is ruled by the zodiac sign of Pisces, however the planets are all in Aries.  We have different agendas going on here. This is a totally different ballgame!  The rules are for water polo (Pisces) and the players are all fired up (Aries) ready for a game of rugby.  Whoa! Hang on. This does not bode well. We all know that in water polo all the rough stuff goes on out of sight under the water – as it does in a rugby scrum.

Before we leave the locker room and onto the field of play, I need to ask a question of the accused.

How goes your little brother, Gerard?  He was only eight years old on 27 April 1984.  He was five years younger than you.  Did you look after him?  He would have been terrified.

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  1. Fascinating work MM, you have me well and truly hooked! What did happen in 1984? Something Orwellian obviously!


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