Footsteps to destiny

Gerard Baden-Clay’s mother elected to have her first born child in the country of her birth, Britain. Returning to north of the Zambezi River, to Zambia (previously Northern Rhodesia) with her newborn, Elaine Baden-Clay led what was known as a British colonial life with her Tanzanian born husband Nigel Baden-Clay.  We are on the continent of Africa.

These were heady times politically in this part of the world with the African nations vying for independence from their colonial masters.  Northern Rhodesia had gained independence from Britain, however political unrest was leading towards a one party state.

Leaving Zambia before the border closed with it’s neighbour, Gerard Baden-Clay relocated across the Zambezi to Southern Rhodesia. The family were now safely back in the colonial fold once more. The accused was just two years old. At this stage there are no siblings to compete with, just mother, father and the toddler, Gerard.

Political upheaval continued in Africa and eight years later their chosen country of re-location, Southern Rhodesia gained independence from Britain as well. We are now in the newly formed country of Zimbabwe.

Many of the colonial families who had been in Africa for generations chose to leave Africa at this time.  They headed for other ex-colonial outposts, other members of the British Commonwealth of Nations.   Nigel Baden-Clay, his wife Elaine and now three children, chose Australia as a ‘safer place to live’.  The year is 1980.  The accused is ten years old.

Australia does not have the slave/servant history in common with colonial Africa.  Speaking generally, Australians consider themselves to be an egalitarian people, whereas these new arrivals appeared to have a ‘superiority’ complex and were viewed with suspicion.  Colonialism had been ‘on the nose’ in Australia ever since the slaughter of Aussie boys at the behest of the British in Gallipolli – a long history by 1980.

Putting that matter aside, after an eight-month stint in Melbourne, the Baden-Clay family relocated to Toowoomba, Queensland where the children continued with their education. The eldest son Gerard Baden-Clay completed his schooling and went on to advanced education gaining a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Accounting and Computing. During his studies he added to the family’s coffers by working part-time on farms in the Lockyer Valley, chipping weeds and digging potatoes.

A lot of time there for a young man to make plans, schemes and dreams. Gerard Baden-Clay joined the Army reserve.

Prior to completing his higher education, at the end of his second year of tertiary studies, the accused elected accounting as his future profession and entered the workforce in January 1991. While employed full-time, he studied the five subjects to qualify as a  Chartered Accountant, however it seems he failed to complete the program after two and a half years of mentoring.

I suggest this, as these highly valued initials of CA (Chartered Accountant)  or the lesser qualifications of CPA (Certified Practicing Accountant) do not appear after the accused’s name, in any business profile currently available.

The Chartered Accountants Program combines two components – postgraduate accounting qualifications (Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting) together with practical experience, under the guidance of a mentor.

The program focuses on strategy, leadership and international business. These together with taxation expertise and mentored work experience, ensures that the graduate has the technical, all round knowledge, business, leadership and personal effectiveness skills needed for a future as a Chartered Accountant.

These qualifications together with the ongoing support of networking professionals of this elite Institute of Chartered Accountants assure a promising future for any graduate.

Whether the failure to complete his Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting was of his choosing or not, we are not bound to say, however Gerard Baden-Clay had left the employment of his mentoring company by the end of  1993.

Without the support of a network of his peers, Gerard Baden-Clay’s alternative major ‘computing’ would need to be his lead in order for his ‘stars to come into alignment’.  This took a sideways step, a shuffle and a couple of short steps with a second change of employers, before the accused joined the same company as Allison Dickie. His tertiary qualifications are not utilised.  He is a travel consultant. The year is now 1994.

Meanwhile Allison had a very different nurturing background.  Allison June Dickie born a Queensland girl, grew up in Ipswich with an older sister and younger brother; she travelled overseas as a young ballerina at the age of 10; studied three languages at high school; was a rotary exchange student to Denmark at 16; gained a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Psychology and Japanese; a high achiever earning the kudos of Young Business Woman of the Year; a beauty, winning the title of Miss Brisbane.   When Gerard Baden-Clay met Allison June Dickie he couldn’t believe his luck.

These two may not appear to be a match on the ground, but in the heavens it is another story.  We have a rectified time of birth for Gerard Baden-Clay and Allison Dickie according to the details available to us.  Whether these times are absolutely correct does not matter hugely, for when we put these two charts together, we can see the rapport that this couple had immediately.

Firstly arranging the wheels side-by-side, an astrologer will tell you of the pointers they have in common, however it is when the two charts are overlaid that we as profilers, see the connection.

The Bi-wheel is produced with the accused as the base chart as it is his perspective that we are profiling, not that of the victim.

The inner wheel is of the pattern in the heavens at the time of birth of the accused and the outer wheel is the pattern in the heavens at the time of birth of the victim, his wife, Allison June Baden-Clay.

In order to share this connection we are going to need to go through the relevant houses of the wheel together with the planets and their interactions.  Far, far too much for us to address in one session here together.

Suffice to say for today that from the perspective of Gerard Baden-Clay, he has met his dream woman, someone who will fulfill all his needs.

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3 thoughts on “Footsteps to destiny”

  1. Thanks MM, I do like your style of writing and it makes for interesting reading – far more interesting than anything I’ve read in the media to date.

  2. Northern Rhodesia became Zambia on 24 October 1964. Elaine & Nigel were married in 1969. Gerard was born in 1970. Elaine never lived in a “British Colony”. Simple mistakes of fact like these, easily checked, damage your credibility. Pity, that.


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