Apples and worms Pt.2

I hear there’s chatter on the threads about re-naming this post as ‘apples and caterpillars’ or ‘apples and grubs’ or even ‘bad apples.’  LOL…  Worm yourself out of this one MM. Do I hear a collective, groan?  But I digress.

We need to turn to more serious matters. The recipient of that fated Face Time call at 12.30.25am on 20 April, 2012 from Gerard Baden Clay was, according to the police report in the mainstream media, his father Nigel Baden-Clay.

Police allege Mr Baden-Clay made a Face Time call to his father, Nigel Baden-Clay, which lasted 1.23 minutes. The time of the phone call was divined by converting the time stamp of the phone call from 2.30.25pm (UTC+0) and converted into Queensland time by adding 10 hours.

May I remind you of two points, which I raised earlier, which I believe are necessary to my astrological interpretation of events.

  • You can place Face Time calls from supported devices (iPhone, iPad or computer using the Apple operating system) to any phone number or email address that is registered to the Face Time service.   A single email address can be registered to multiple devices and a call placed to that address will ring on ALL of the devices simultaneously.
  • Another point of interest to me is that if the call were made to an email address rather than a telephone number, the video footage may be stored on the hard-drive of that computer system.

Bringing up the cartographers’ map again, which was sourced from Google maps showing Point A as the point from which the phone call was made to the recipient Point B, I have drawn a thin red line between the two.  In Part 1, we discussed Point A by placing a bi-wheel over that point and interpreting the astrology data in relation to the behaviour of the accused making the Face Time call.

Looking heavenwards again for inspiration, I do not intend the following to be read as factual information.  All interpretation is standard, acceptable interpretation within the field of astrology, nothing more, nothing less.

I have produced a bi-wheel of the Face Time call together with Nigel Baden-Clay’s natal horoscope, his birth wheel, as he is the nominated recipient of the call.  The inner wheel is the Face Time call and the outer wheel is the birth data for Nigel Baden-Clay.

I have to admit here that I was extremely disappointed by the result as there is nothing to show around the 8 degrees Libra or 8 degrees Aries on the outer wheel and I almost walked away thinking there was nothing to add to the story, but wait.

The accused made the call, but did daddy pick up the phone?  Did someone else beat him to it.

There could have been a couple of iPhones, an iMac, an iPad or more in that house.

You can place Face Time calls from supported devices (iPhone, iPad or computer using the Apple operating system) to any phone number or email address that is registered to the Face Time service…  a call placed to that address will ring on ALL of the devices simultaneously. 

I contemplated this little gem and thought to myself – there were three adults in that house on the night of 19/20 April, 2012 according to media reports.  Nigel Baden-Clay – father of the accused; Elaine Baden-Clay – mother of the accused and his sister Olivia (nee Baden-Clay). Any of those three people could have taken the call and so I produced a further two bi-wheels.  Nigel Baden-Clay’s wheel is reproduced above.  The following wheels are those of the other two family members present.

The remaining two astrology bi-wheels sit side by side, both of mature females linked together as mother and daughter.  Two adult women, a mother who has taught her daughter moral standards and ethics and a daughter who sat at her mother’s knee and learned them.  You will notice that the wheel on the right hand side stands out immediately as there are a number of planets straddling the thin red line.  Remember the inner wheel is the time of the Face Time call and the outer wheel is the birth wheel of a living person.

On the outer wheel, straddling the red line, apart from the two luminaries, we can see powerful Pluto; our modern technology planet Uranus, as well as Mercury, the planet of communication. Just to tempt us a little more, Venus and Mars are at the angles (top and bottom of the chart).

The devil is at the Nadir, twisted sister.

The next step is to flip the wheel of interest (the second person’s birth wheel) vertically and superimpose this newly constructed wheel over the cartographers’ map at Point B.

Refer to Apple and Worms Pt 1. in order to get the mood of the Face Time call.

What we are interested in here, is how the recipient of that Face Time call might have behaved when they received this call and what the heavens might have to say about it.

  • The first thing of interest in this flipped wheel, is that the natal Mars of the person who possibly took the call, is at the top of the chart and their natal Venus is at the bottom; the Nadir or the lowest point.  We have the male planet represented as in the superior position and the female the lesser. Transpose to human terms if you will…
  • The second point, if we follow the light blue line, is that there are a number of planets having input around 8 degrees Libra – jumping up and down on the seesaw.  We are in the zodiac sign of Libra, which can be a tad obsessive about being fair-minded.   The person who may have received this call would be endeavouring to get a ‘fair idea’ of what is being said.

The stellium of planets in the natal chart, around the 8 degrees Libra mark, are the Moon (needs) Sun (ego) Pluto (power-full) Mercury (communication) and Uranus (modern technology).

Hang on a minute?  Isn’t this is all sounding very familiar? Haven’t I read something like this before?

Of course you have – the accused, the person who made the call (see Part 1.) had similar planets involved. Not identical, but similar – fascinating isn’t it!    Mercury is now sitting on your shoulder as well…

We shall return to this co-incidence another day.

Postscript 27th February, 2013… this call has been discounted; no it’s more than discounted – chuck it in the bin.  There was a computer software error in the extraction. It did not even exist.   Delete, delete, delete…

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6 thoughts on “Apples and worms Pt.2”

  1. Dear Mountain Misst
    Methinks very soon you will be pointing to the precise dumping ground.
    Perhaps you will even “see” exactly who was there. Assisting with the dump.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. QCL I could not agree more. I am gripped by what MM is slowly revealing. Can’t wait for the next installment!

  3. So where does it leave things now? If QPS knew at the second bail hearing that they were wrong then that is one less item that the magistrate could use to determine his verdict.

  4. The error was mentioned at the 2nd bail hearing Ozmo. The mention was so brief that it was missed by everyone who wasn’t ‘in the know’ and so it has been considered already. From what I understand it won’t affect the next committal as it has already been considered.

  5. Always had the feeling that 1.23 minutes was far too short for ‘howdy-doody’ even let alone describing current situation, needing to know what to do next, where to meet, what to say etc. Well done MM to zoom in on this and enlighten us.


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