Apples and worms Pt.1

It is said that a week is a long time in politics.  With astrology in crime, for us today a long time is thirty-five minutes. Thirty-five minutes from my estimated time of the murder until the accused, Gerard Baden-Clay made a Face Time call on his mobile phone. A call, which I believe will lead to his downfall.

Allow me to share a possible view of events as they unfolded on that fateful night in Brookfield in relation to this Face Time call, a view taken from an astrological perspective and my opinion, nothing more.  But first the technological facts as we know them.

A Face Time call made from an Apple iPhone (face to face video and audio) is, I am led to understand, not like a regular telephone call, in so far as that it doesn’t use the standard telephone system.  The call connects via the World Wide Web (internet) and Wi-fi (wireless technology) to either an email address or a regular telephone number.

Such a call would be traceable due to the magic of modern technological advances.  Thanks to modern technology some data is recorded by the Internet Service Providers (ISP), although apparently it is doubtful that an  ISP or telecommunication carrier would store the audio or video footage.

From the time of the crime at 11.55pm on 19 April until 12.30am thirty-five minutes later there could have been any number of regular telephone calls from landline/mobile to landline/mobile, however the impact of making a video-call as opposed to a regular phone call is significant to us here.

You can place Face Time calls from supported devices (iPhone, iPad or computer using the Apple operating system) to any phone number or email address that is registered to the Face Time service.

  •  A single email address can be registered to multiple devices and a call placed to that address will ring on ALL of the devices simultaneously.

My alert button just went off…  Did yours?

A call placed to that address will ring on ALL of the devices simultaneously.

  • Another point of interest to me is that if the call were made to an email address rather than a telephone number, the video footage may be stored on the hard-drive of that computer system.

12.30am 20 April, 2012: 

Police allege Mr Baden-Clay made a Face Time call to his father, Nigel Baden-Clay, which lasted 1.23 minutes. The time of the phone call was divined by converting the time stamp of the phone call from 2.30.25pm (UTC+0) and converted into Queensland time by adding 10 hours.

The Age of Aquarius is upon us!  The ruling planet of Aquarius is Uranus. In astrological terms Uranus has always represented free-thinking and modern technology in all forms, from the invention of the telephone and electricity; from sending rockets to land on the moon to computers and iPhone technology.  All these things and much more are the result of the ‘Uranus factor’ in an astrologer’s guide-book.

There is a shadow to the Uranus factor, as there always is in the binary world we live in.  Too much of a good thing is not always good for everyone. ‘New and exciting’ is not welcome at every door. We addressed the accused’s natal horoscope/wheel in relation to the planet Uranus earlier.

Today we take a snapshot of the heavens at the time of the Face Time call: 12.30.25am on 20 April, 2012. A call on a mobile phone is a communication on a piece of modern technology.  The relevant planet is the Aquarius planet – Uranus and so we turn first to see where Uranus is in the horoscope.

Uranus is 5 degrees Aries and in the second house of the horoscope (the house of material possessions).  We know already that the zodiac sign of Aries is ruled by the planet Mars – thrust and energy.  By putting Uranus and Aries and the second house together we get:

The agenda is about the possessions you desire; these possessions will be ones that help you lead the “free” lifestyle you desire. The energy of Mars accentuates the thrust. You may value money in the bank [cashing in of insurance policies perhaps] as that, which can buy you the freedom you crave.

I can hear Abba singing on the party-line now – Money, money, money!

  • I got to thinking, what could I do with this piece of ‘forensic’ information –  the Face Time call?
  • I wonder if it is possible to follow the ‘forensic astrology’ approach as we did in Hell and High Water to find the location of the body?  Can we follow a communication?

Thinks MM, I suggest that you create a scenario by combining cartography and astrology.

Like a dog on the scent I’m off and running.  Can you feel the lead tugging you along with me?  Here’s what I found:

Step 1.

Point A is the origin of the Face Time call and Point B is the location of the recipient.  I have drawn a red line from A to B.

Step 2.

Create a bi-wheel of the Face Time call and the birth wheel of the accused, Gerard Baden-Clay then flip the bi-wheel to be ‘in synch’ with the cartography map, North to the top of the page.  I have created a page for those who want to see this in detail.

In order to ‘do what I do’, I need to flip the bi-wheel vertically so as to have North at the top rather than the bottom – we need to have both maps ‘on the same page’; for astrology to be in-line with the cartographers map (step 1).  The two ‘maps’ need to be in the same format in order to work together – the map of the earth and the map of the heavens, in alignment.

Step 3.

Superimpose the inverted Face Time/Accused bi-wheel over point “A” with the centre of the wheel exactly over point “A” – home of the accused and scene of the crime.

You will note that I have extended the red line over the superimposed wheel to replace the original red line from point “A”, which is obscured and I have also extended the line to incorporate the outer wheel (coloured bright green).

Click on the map if you want to see this in better detail and it will open in a new page.

What’s on the thin red line?

The following is the astrological interpretation of the behaviour of the accused at the timing of the call.  A psychological profile of the caller, at the time of the call, in astrological terms.

Looking at the flipped bi-wheel, the most obvious intersection of this red line is exactly on the fifth house cusp (love given child/parent) at 8 degrees Libra (planetary ruler is Venus) and through to the opposite side – the tenth house cusp (love received e.g. from others) at 8 degrees Aries (planetary ruler Mars).

The inner wheel (the Face Time call) reveals an intersection with the green line between the Moon and Uranus with Mercury sitting at the left shoulder of Uranus.  With Mercury being the planet of communication it is the perfect position to be right where it is – right up close to the mobile phone at the accused’s ear.

As to the intersection of the Moon and Uranus, we know by now that the Moon represents our ‘needs’ and Uranus is the modern technology the ‘iPhone’ in this case. We have a story right there already, do we not and don’t forget all the planets are in Aries territory.

This is a very urgent phone call. I can feel him scrabbling to grab it off the charger, can’t you?

Turning our attention to the outer wheel (Gerard Baden-Clay birth wheel) reveals the red line is adjacent to his natal planet Uranus (modern technology) and look at all the other planets in that fifth house as well!  Pluto (power-full) Mercury (communication) and the Sun (all about me, me, me).

Just to top it off I’ve had a look to see if there are any midpoints of any great significance, which come up on the 8 degrees Libra point and lo and behold we have that naughty Goddess of Love, Venus creating an exact midpoint in Baden-Clay’s wheel with his Sun.  Sun/Venus=5th house cusp. We have the Sun illuminating ‘love’ relationships with the focus on love and attention.  When I say love I do not mean between a man and a woman necessarily.

There is one other important point I should make here and that is, that the fifth house in the horoscope relates to children and how one relates to them. In this regard, firstly the accused as an adult would possibly revert emotionally (an emotionally damaged inner child under extreme duress is likely to turn to his parents for answers before going anywhere else), however we cannot lose sight of the fact that we have been told that there are three little girls in the house.

I do not wish to go into any great detail here, other than to say that the accused could possibly have made a telephone call or calls in order to make arrangements for the care of his daughters, if he were to leave the house for any length of time.  But then again he may not.  I am just allowing for the possibility here.

We are aware that Gerard Baden-Clay has been accused of moving the body of his wife to the Kholo Creek area on that same night, before reporting her missing at 7.30am.

Who else could the accused call but his life companions, his blood-family.  Allison wasn’t going to take his call.  She was already dead.  Blood runs thicker than water in the end.

I wonder if I followed that red line to Point B, what might I find?  What might the planets tell us about how that Face Time call was received ?  Can you feel the leash tugging as we head off on the scent? 

Part two of Apples and Worms will continue the story.


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