Hell and high water Pt.1

Before we leave the company of Pluto, our Greek God of the Underworld, Hades I thought we might toast our feet a little more in these dangerous environs by exploring the position of Pluto in the heavens on the night of 19/20 April, 2012.  The planet Pluto is at 9 degrees Capricorn for all of that fateful night.

Astrologically speaking, the position of Pluto in a horoscope is an indicator of death, of meeting one’s maker.

From my deductions, Allison Baden-Clay was murdered around midnight on the night of 19/20 April, 2012.  There is no information currently to hand to substantiate this time; no report in mainstream media nor any court documents to clarify my claim, however time and history will determine whether I am correct or not.

I have come to this conclusion by viewing the complete picture of the crime as provided by mainstream media together with the natal information, the birth date of the victim.  My observations are made from an astrological perspective, not fact.

According to the Queensland Police Service charge sheet of 20 June, 2012:

“Gerard Baden-Clay allegedly killed his wife at their Brookfield Road home ‘on or about’ April 19, 2012. He has been further charged with improperly interfering with her body at Kholo Creek.”

I interpret this as meaning that the victim was murdered at her home and the body transported by the accused to the area of Kholo Creek.

There is much conjecture as to exactly where the body was transported; whether it was left under the Kholo Creek Bridge; in Little Ugly Creek; below or above the waterline or in a dry creek-bed. However the fact is that the body was not found for ten days after her murder, during which time temperatures reached as high as 29 degrees C  during the day and as low as 8 degrees C at night.

Following eight days in the elements, the heavens opened and a couple of days of heavy rainfall (up to 100mm was recorded) created flash-flooding.  This, in turn, flushed the body out and downstream to its resting place under the Kholo Creek bridge.   About 11am on the morning of 30 April, after the early morning 2.1 metre high tide, a kayaker/canoeist discovered a body, which was later identified as being Allison, under Kholo Creek Bridge, only metres from the Brisbane River.

For an astrologer, the site where a body is found is the focus of an enquiry and the point at which calculations are made for this study.  The exact coordinates of the Kholo Creek Bridge are of particular interest to us:   Latitude 27 degrees 29’ 40”S    Longitude 152 degrees 44’ 51”E

There is a field of astrology, which focuses on the location of persons who have been murdered or are missing.  The method uses the celestial longitude measurements as the main part of deduction, the very same longitude, which we know of in cartography, the study of maps – latitudes and longitudes.

In my view, celestial longitude has turned out to be absolutely correct on this occasion.

You may say, well we know where the body is and that I’m looking at this in hindsight; that we are not tracking the location of a missing body. Yes, I agree with you, however I continue to examine every rock I trip over, as I build the case of revealing the psychological profile of the accused, Gerard Baden-Clay.

I’ve used my academic training in triangulation yet again and despite all my efforts I cannot argue with the results.  There are planetary indicators, which are uncannily in line with the theory of celestial longitude ‘pointing the way’ to the body’s location.

Firstly the degrees of arc/longitude phenomenon.

Referring to the snapshot of the heavens just before midnight on 19 April, 2012 reveals the planet Pluto is at 9 degrees Capricorn;  the Descendant of the wheel is at 7 degrees Leo; the planet Neptune is at 2 degrees Pisces and the Ascendant is 7 degrees Aquarius.

  • The arc above the horizon from Pluto to the Descendant is 152 degrees.
  • We know that the location of the body, Kholo Creek Bridge is also 152 degrees longitude.

As well, Neptune is not far removed from Pluto – under the horizon.  Neptune is at 2 degrees Pisces. Neptune and Pisces both indicate the water as a location.

  • The arc below the horizon from Neptune to the Descendant is 155 degrees.  That is only two minutes of clock time off being an exact 152 degrees.  That’s just a couple of breaths away and near enough for me to be of relevance to our picture.
  • The planet Mars is at 3 degrees Virgo, which brings us to another arc above the horizon to the Ascendant of 7 degrees Aquarius this time  – Mars to Ascendant 154 degrees.  Another cat’s whisker away in real time. The actual coordinates of the dumping site, if we ever do know, will prove interesting.

Meanwhile the planets Pluto and Neptune are situated either side of the Ascendant at the crime time.  This sends us looking for a midpoint picture. The Ascendant is 7 degrees Aquarius which gives us the midpoint picture of Ascendant= Neptune/Pluto.  This is interpreted in astrological terms as:

  • The timing of the murder = use of deception in order to maintain the position of power in a relationship, together with the misuse of power to create dramatic change in the relationship.   Sexual power is simmering just under the surface of this crime.

The keywords to this crime are secrets and power.

Hell and high water Pt. 2 follows…

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