Having a nervous breakdown

Neptune’s energy is my current focus as I prepare to write in detail in relation to the accused, Gerard Baden-Clay however when I heard, off the record, that he has had a ‘nervous breakdown’ while in Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre awaiting his next committal hearing on 3 September, 2012, I wonder why.

I do note that documentation handover was due yesterday, 20 August between the prosecution and defense legal teams; that Nigelaine (accused’s mummy and daddy) are believed to be out of town. This is not enough, I think; this would not have been enough ‘attention deficit’ to trigger this reaction.  It may have triggered an A.D.D. tantrum, but not as rumoured a full-blown nervous breakdown.  I turn to the heavens for possible answers, for that is what I do.

A screen capture of the planets in the sky on last Saturday, 18 August, 2012 reveals the following in relation to Gerard Baden-Clay.  It is a New Moon!

My antenna is immediately up, as astrologically the primary significators are present.  The Sun represents our ‘wants’ and the Moon our ‘needs’.  At just a whisker past the accused’s Ascendant – his ego, his point of self-projection – I have a mathematical question, a quandry.

Transiting Sun and Moon are together at 25degrees Leo.

  • We are very close to his ascendant. This is a once in ~34 year phenomenon in the life of the accused, that a New Moon falls at this exact same degree. Very early issues relating to wants and needs are repeating.

Math is not my strong point so please correct me if I’m wrong, but here’s how I get to my answer of the approximate ‘once every 34 years.’

The Sun visits a certain degree every 365days  (once a year) and the Moon visits this same degree every 28days so in order for the two to be together at a specific point, the very same degree – I’ve multiplied them together.  This gives me 10,220 days, which is about 34years.

I must write a mental note to follow that bread-crumb trail of the New Moon return to exact his ascendant, but we won’t address that today.

The magic of the New Moon is that, for one day each month, the Sun and the Moon are on the same page. This is not the normal state of affairs astrologically and it isn’t the normal state of affairs in human life.

Balancing the relationship between our wants (Sun) and needs (Moon), conscious and subconscious minds, our drive to act and our craving to reflect and find meaning is an ongoing process and always in a state of flux. It is normal for every person to experience a continuing range of compromises and adjustments in dealing with both needs and wants. It is, in fact, so normal, that many of us take it for granted and don’t give it a second thought.

For one day each month however, both the Sun and the Moon are willing to get together; to compromise; to have a brief conversation about how wants and needs can be merged; how the subconscious and conscious minds can work together. It is a strong point in the astrological wheel, however the subject that they are discussing is determined by external influences.  What could they be discussing?

Both Uranus and Pluto are in retrograde motion, Rx; a red flag to get our attention. As we have already discussed, retrograde motion creates anxiety in an individual.  ‘Scary stuff for the emotionally immature – the planet is going backwards, that’s not normal; pay attention to what it is trying to say.’  For those who abrogate responsibility for their security to others, we have an anxiety situation.

Transiting Uranus Rx is at 8degrees Aries – in exact opposition to natal Uranus in Libra. 

  • This would certainly be a sudden whack around the head and knock the accused off his balance, his Libran fence.  Aries is the same as saying ‘Mars’ in energy terms. When we put Mars energy together with Uranus we get a sudden push in the back, propulsion out into the unknown.  Not good for a man whose safety-net is not available while he is incarcerated.

Transiting Pluto Rx at 7degrees Capricorn is square to natal Uranus in Libra.

  • Pluto has the sobering effect of putting everything into perspective for us.  In mythology Roman Pluto is the Greek Hades.  We in western society mostly know that the term ‘Hades’ means Hell and so we can safely say that Pluto reminds us of  ‘hell on earth.’

I haven’t addressed Pluto and the accused in any detail as yet, however we do know about the enrichment of plutonium and its role in the nuclear bomb, so when I get to listen to what Pluto has to say, it should be an enriching process, but I digress.

Transiting Uranus Rx at 8degrees Aries is quindecile to natal Mercury 23 degrees Virgo.

  • Aha, the wonderful obsessive, compulsive quindecile! The accused won’t be able to ignore this one. We know that with a natal Mercury in Virgo we are operating with ideas, thoughts and detail, detail, detail.
  • We have this surge of Mars energy obsessively pushing this erratic, electrically charged Uranus chaotic energy. It must be driving Gerard Baden-Clay to absolute distraction – nuts. He’ll be writing list after list, probably on the toilet paper by now – having run out of all other supplies of paper.  The pencil is probably down to a stub as well.

Transiting Neptune is 1degree Pisces conjunction to the natal Moon’s North Node and opposite the South Node and natal Mars (conjunct) in Virgo.

  • Neptune opposite Mars is the equivalent of putting the dampener on his Mars fire-energy and Neptune being Neptune in the horoscope of Gerard Baden-Clay, it would be perceived as an entire bucket full of water on his fire, the flames of which are usually fanned by his nurturer.
  • Neptune is peregrine in the natal chart of the accused.  I intend writing an entire blog in this regard, but for now, just accept that this means that Neptune runs rampant in his behaviour, totally unharnessed.
  • The Moon’s nodes represent two things for us – his relationship with his mother/nurturer and his public profile/public persona.  In my opinion, he is desperately in need of mummy.  Thumb in mouth, curled up in foetal position on his cold hard bed.  To any observer this would appear to be a complete nervous breakdown.

Is he faking this breakdown in an effort to feed his need for his public persona to shine?  Probably not.

Is this breakdown permanent? Probably not, for as we know the planets continue in their orbit and the tension will ease-off in time.

If his nurturers, Nigelaine were to visit him in Arthur Gorrie this week, I would be interested to listen to the tapes of their conversation.




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2 thoughts on “Having a nervous breakdown”

  1. Thanks for your great insights and interesting reading MM. Hope to follow your words in relation to this case.


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