Chaos theory

Uranus, father of Saturn was born of Chaos and inherited his father’s traits it seems  At least in the realm of astrology, he did. Chaos rules, however out of chaos comes order. Uranus (Father Sky) is the indicator of a change in the weather in our lives, be it for good or for bad.  Uranus opens doors when we least expect it; he portends change.

In heaven he must have been more than a bit of a grump for his son Saturn to want to emasculate him.  There may have been something going on behind the scenes. We know that, even though his marriage was made in heaven and produced a multitude of weird and interesting offspring, things weren’t all running smoothly. I guess it’s a bit difficult trying to make order out of chaos.

Maybe it was a midlife crisis; we don’t know what his age was, however there came an occasion when Uranus was inspired to consult an oracle, a psychic, as you do.

This is one of those Uranus moments – hold onto your hat folks.  Now as it’s Uranus, we know it’s not going to be all smooth sailing, but there is no way he would have expected the foresight he was about to be given.  That’s typical Uranian energy. Out of the blue – Father Sky at work.

When Uranus was told of the up-coming ‘knife job’; that he was to meet his fate at the hands of one of his progeny, it doesn’t take too much imagination to consider what course of action a son of Chaos might take.  Uranus packed all his kids off to boarding school…

Huh, no he didn’t! He sent them down to Tartarus; locked them all up in the entrance cave to Hades. He could have had them all burn in hell I suppose, but that wouldn’t do. The wife would not be pleased.

Tartarus might be in his wife’s territory for Gaia is after all, Mother Earth. However she did not have the power to release her children from this living hell. Hubby held those reins.   She did however, manage to negotiate visiting rights.

In order to comfort her children, Gaia shared the prediction which had been forecast of her husband, their father’s destiny.  She assured them that one day they would obtain their release from Tartarus. Together, they brooded until her youngest son, Cronus (Saturn) stepped up to the mark to defend his mother. He conspired with her to overthrow Uranus. Gaia managed to smuggled a sickle (a harvesting tool) to Saturn; he made good his escape and together, Saturn and sickle fulfilled destiny, the castration of Uranus.  This event led to the spilled seed being the catalyst of the creation of the Earth.  The rest is history.

If we stand free, on the surface of planet Earth, put the Sun at our backs and turn our faces towards the outer reaches of the solar system, we can see the first of the ice giants, the planet Uranus.

First discovered in the 18th century with the new-fangled telescope, we know that Uranus’ orbit of the Sun takes 84 years. This then determines that the astrological Uranus aspects of the square in a horoscope occur at 21years and 63 years of age and the opposition (the mirror), at age 42 or thereabouts.  Again I rely on computer software for all calculations, as I am ‘elliptically’ challenged; the thought of the math just makes my eyes roll.

We can’t expect Uranus to be particularly strong in the birth wheel of Gerard Baden-Clay as the planet represents rebelliousness and freedom, traits that we have not seen in the information available to us.  He has Uranus in Libra.  Don’t ask him to make a choice about change. He might think about it, plan it, scheme it, however he needs someone else to make the decisions – someone else to pull the rug out from under him, to abrogate responsibility for his errors. This might be one of the reasons he has had trouble leaving the nest – likes his comfort zone.

A mistress would have a hard job of dislocating him from a marriage for the same reason.  She’d be more likely to succeed by exposing the affair and hopefully the wife would oust him, but this didn’t work, well not initially, as we know.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty of Gerard Baden-Clay’s birth wheel, there are no obvious hard aspects; the planet is situated in the house of communication. ‘A Libran Uranus within a communication house ruled by Mercury.’  This would indicate that any sudden changes are operating within what appears to be the perfect placement for communication (Mercury is all about communication) however we have the Libran scales hidden inside this house – a potential fence sitter.

The boy might have got away with this sitting on the fence up until the end of his college studies, however Uranus progressing by solar arc to his I.C. together with his natal M.C. progressing to meet up with Saturn, would sure have created a sudden upheaval, thereby getting his ‘sorry ass’ out of home quick time. The circumstances of which, we are not privy to here. With a ‘fence sitter’ as our subject, we can probably take a leap into the ether and predict that this move was more than likely not of his choosing.

In fact if we look at his Uranian midpoints as a stand-alone comment, we see:

  • the conjunction, Uranus=Sun/Venus, predictably – “individualistic expression= I’m a social climber, so as long as it makes me look cool…”
  • the conjunction, Uranus=Neptune/Ascendant, – “individualistic expression= I am self delusional, although I’ll deny it.”
  • the square, Uranus=Sun/MC  “individualistic expression= I’ll change my career as long as the spotlight stays on me, the golden boy.”

It’s the period 1991-93, Gerard Baden-Clay is out in the workforce – accountancy as his first choice. He has the means to earn a living. Why didn’t he stay away from the nest and make a go of it himself? Did this self-delusion (as per the midpoint) manifest as a champagne taste with a beer budget? What else did Uranus have in store for him, which sent him scurrying back to his safety net?

If we look at a random progression to say, getting close to his birthday in 1993 (just following my nose here), we find that Uranus has progressed to change signs from Libra to Scorpio.  That sends him tumbling off the fence and into the mouth of the cave of Tartarus – the ‘temptations of the flesh.’

Perhaps it may not be wise for us to follow him in there too far, it may get too hot to touch. We can leave that for ‘the mother’ to discuss after her visit.

What else is going on?

In the sky during Aug. 1993, the planets Uranus and Neptune are in conjunction 18-19degrees Capricorn (both Rx).  Classical delusion of control – Capricorn, the desired home-base of Saturn, is all about control.

  • Natal Mars has progressed to conjunct natal Pluto – an impetus of power (weighty stuff, plutonium).
  • Natal Sun has progressed to conjunct natal Uranus (illuminating change).
  • Natal Neptune has progressed to conjunct natal Moon (secret women’s sex business is revealed).
  • Natal Saturn has progressed to opposite natal Moon (Yipes, Saturn and the Moon! Panic – seek security)

If Gerard Baden-Clay had consulted an oracle at this time or read his stars in the local paper, he would likely have been given the following advice:

“This Saturn transit is meant to help you mature, but lessons come in tough packages sometimes. Perhaps circumstances will put more responsibility on your shoulders than you feel ready to bear, or a difficult situation at home weighs you down. Regardless of outer happenings, Saturn forces you to look at what’s going on inside. If you feel lonely, abandoned, separated from your peers, don’t keep this to yourself. Who represents your support team? Your safety net? Talk to them. You might even need a counselor to teach you how to process and heal these feelings.”

Possible scenario in the mind of the accused:

“Daddy is a counselor. He should be able to fix this one for me, after all it is a Saturn issue, but hang on the Moon is the mother principle. Maybe I should just go see Nigelaine.”

  • The accused’s parents Nigel Baden-Clay and Elaine Baden-Clay like to refer to themselves as the one unit – Nigelaine.

His parents got their golden boy back, but Gerard Baden-Clay was distracted elsewhere and was not mature enough to recognize the significance of his actions.  He had discovered the power of sex – don’t confuse this with the age when he discovered ‘what to do with his doodle’ – this is when he discovered the power of sex.

Unfortunately for the accused, with the midpoint of Uranus=Neptune/Ascendant he was (it’s his life journey, so he still is) under the delusion – in fact he actually believes – that the sexual power lies with him, that he is in control.

This delusion will eventually lead to his downfall.

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