The law of threes

Don’t you love it when something lines up!  There is much synchronicity in this case, which I look forward to posting.

Part of the reason why Gerard Baden-Clay was not released on bail was the fact (from mobile phone records) that he made a ‘face-time’ telephone call to his father’s mobile phone at 12.30am of the fateful night that Allison was murdered.

The accused very quickly scurried under the shelter of his legal team while his father Nigel Baden-Clay took to a ‘cone of silence’ well before the time of the bail application. As a result of this, I believe no statement has been made as to the detail of this phone call (as to who spoke to whom or the content of the conversation.)

I got to thinking why did the accused Gerard Baden-Clay’s father need to keep silent?

In order to explore this from my perspective, I generated a horoscope wheel of the date of the murder showing where the planets were in the heavens in real time and compared it with the birth wheel of  Nigel Baden-Clay (father of the accused).

Ignoring whether the time of night is correct or not, the planetary positions for the date will be in the same degrees of the same signs. Only the minutes of the Moon on that fateful night will differ.

A synchronicity became glaringly obvious to me, which relates to the timing of the above-mentioned phone call between father and son.

The Law of Threes (Triangulation method)

At the time of the face-time phone call, 12.30am on 20 April 2012, the Sun was at 29degrees Aries (see wheel)

Recipient of the phone call (father of the accused) Nigel Baden-Clay was born when the Moon was at 29degrees Aries (see birth wheel)

The solar progressed Sun (of Nigel Baden-Clay) at 19/20 April 2012 is 29degrees Aries. So how did I calculate this third synchronicity?

When I work with predictive astrology, I use a system called Solar Arc progressions where I add one degree for each year of an individual’s life since birth. Eg: Nigel Baden-Clay was born 10 February 1943 (69 years ago). At his birth the Sun was at 20degrees Aquarius – add 69 degrees and you get…… Allow me to do the math for you (there are 30 degrees in each sign) 20Aquarius to 20Pisces to 20Aries plus 9 = 29 degrees Aries (see more on Solar Arc progressions.)

Before you ask, “What does all this mean?”  My answer is a question in itself, “Is the probability of three cosmic bodies lining up at the same point, at one moment in time and in one individual’s life a coincidence?”

But there’s more. The accused, Gerard Baden-Clay also has a connection with 29degrees Aries, however we’ll save that for another post when we address his connection with the cosmos on the date of the crime

Note: Triangulation of data is an accepted methodology in science (see wiki).  The ‘Law of Threes’ is not scientific in origin.  Some say it is superstition.

For those who are superstitious, it may amuse you to know that my personal Sun is also at 29degrees, although not in Aries. Perhaps that is why I am on-the-case.

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