Heather Elvis

…This page has been work in progress.  We continue with the astrology for the trial of the Moorers on a separate page.

Note: Astrology is a pseudo science and as such is not accepted in a court of law. Please remain skeptical of the results – they are interpretations of planetary positions according to classic astrology.  E&OE

PTLanding2nd January 2014

Heather Rachelle Elvis was last seen when she returned home from an evening out.  Her flatmate was away in Florida and so Heather phoned her to share the news of her date.  This was around 2am on 18th December 2013.

Heather is known to have accessed her social media site after the phone call, then nothing…  This was just a couple of weeks ago.  The silence is deafening.

Heather’s car was found the following evening, some distance away at a boat ramp – Peachtree Landing in Myrtle Beach.  Searches, as you would expect, were focused on that area before spreading further as time passed.

Before generating bi-wheels we discovered that there were a number of missing person cases in this area of South Carolina.

It doesn’t snow in Myrtle Beach; a sub-tropical paradise. Sub tropical it may be, but a paradise – it’s not.  An easy place to live with golf courses to bring in the tourists, Myrtle Beach attracts the flotsam as well as the jetsam on its beaches.  But we’re not in the sand dunes today.

I was mortified to learn that there are 175 registered sex offenders in Myrtle Beach alone.  The ratio of number of residents in Myrtle Beach to the number of sex offenders is 183 to 1, so when we were asked to look into a missing person case, we knew that it would be an uphill battle if indeed, the young woman had been abducted by a sex offender.

209-HeatherElvisclick on image for full size

Generating a bi-wheel (method) – the inner chart is the event when Heather Elvis was on the phone to her absent flatmate and the outer wheel is her natal chart (we do not have a time of birth so moon is mid-range).

The date of birth we have been provided is 30th June 1993.

There is a midpoint in this chart that is ominous Mars/Uranus= natal Sun – dominance of willpower attempts to make something happen.  This aspect is not a fleeting moment in time.  It is dominant over the entire period.  We could suggest that Heather believes she is invulnerable; that her willpower alone will overcome all obstacles.  This is dangerous in the mind of one so young.

In the inner wheel Transiting Pluto (red) in the 3rd house is opposite transiting Moon (blue) – Pluto in hard aspect with either of the luminaries is a stifled emotion that can explode easily.

  • Transiting Pluto is opposite the Moon in the heavens as well as Heather’s natal Sun (orange).  This is like a blanket over a hand grenade heightened by emotions.  Not something a 20 year-old could likely control easily.
  • Transiting Venus (pink) opposite natal Mercury (yellow) very close to the IC/MC axis – Venus represents a peer/social group and Mercury, communication. We already know that Heather is on the phone to a female at this time.
  • Transiting Neptune (turquoise) opposite natal Mars in 5th-11th axis of friendship – is she making plans to bring her dreams into fruition?  (in hindsight we know that there is discussion of Heather’s affair with a married man)
  • Transiting Uranus in the 6th house square natal Sun – sudden changes and indecision re morals is driven/overruled by the ego.
  • Transiting Moon square natal Jupiter (green) in 12th house – the mind is in an inflated turmoil of emotions.
  • Transit Mars in the 12th conjunct natal Jupiter – emotional turmoil in the mind is being driven to take action.
  • Transit Saturn is on the cusp of the 2nd house conjunct natal Moon – controlling her emotions is based on self-worth issues.

We must comment at this point that all the forensic indicators are present in this bi-wheel.  We cannot expect a positive outcome.  Further information is needed for clarification of what is going down.

15th January, 2014:   

We have a person of interest; a POI whom we can reveal in relation to the disappearance of Heather Elvis – Sidney St Clair Moorer – born 14th January 1976.  Heather is known to have had a relationship with this married man.

We are told that Heather’s last phone calls were at approximately 6am on December 18th, with calls back and forth between herself and this POI.  Apparently police spoke on the phone with Sidney Moorer –  he stated that he had not seen Heather since October, and then admitted to have spoken to her on the phone at the times in question.  The POI stated that he called her to tell her to quit calling him and that was it.

This statement contradicts what Heather supposedly told her flatmate earlier in the night.

EventElvis-MoorerA bi-wheel with the 2:09am communication and the outer wheel is the natal chart for Sidney Moorer.  This is the same basis/perspective as the first bi-wheel when Heather was on the phone to her flatmate.

When we view this bi-wheel through the perspective of a forensic analysis, the grim reaper/Saturn is on the scene intersecting with the Lunar nodal axis/traumatic indicator.  This affair is now in the public arena (another interpretation of the Lunar nodal axis being present).

Note: Heather’s natal Moon is also exact conjunct the natal Lunar nodal axis of Sidney Moorer. We can suggest that these two people are bound together by karma and with Saturn in the mix, he would have to be a primary suspect in Heather’s demise.  The karmic connection will carry forward and they will meet again, of that we can be sure.

16th January 2014:

Considering that twenty year-old Heather wears a Moonstone necklace and also tags herself  as Moonchild in social media, we can accept that the Moon is her symbol.  In the heavens on 18th December 2013, the grim reaper had a date with the Moon.

Social media tells the story…

7 July 2013 … the guy who builds things at my job makes me cream myself. One of these days I will drag that man into the mop closet and have my way with him Lord have mercy.

10 July … Oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my gawwwwwdddd   … You’re almost as good as my shower.

11 July … Also Sydney [sic] will be there tonight so you know I gotta make an appearance.   ...Baby did a bad thing  … I’m in way too deep. But watch me get in deeper.

21 September … Once upon a time, an angel and a devil fell in love.  It did not end well.

17th January 2014:

We now have confirmed information from the public record of phone calls between a married man/Sidney Moorer and Heather Elvis (their phones were connected if not the persons themselves) –  approximately 6am, 18 Dec 2013.  We generate fresh charts. 

Elvis duo-6amThese two charts are generated as 6am, 18th December event times.  The first is a bi-wheel with Heather’s position at 6am and the second is Sidney Moorer’s position at the same time.

We still have a locator angle in common, however it varies considerably from that which we generated earlier due to the four-hour time difference.

I will suggest that with regard to the second chart – I have not seen a bi-wheel with this much ‘action’  where this person was not been involved in a case.  

Note: we now know that there was a verbal confrontation between Sidney Moorer and Heather on the phone, if not in person.  That would be enough to confirm the aspects present in the charts.

  • Sidney Moorer’s natal Mars was at the cusp of the 7th house (relationships) and natal Venus was at the ascendant (personal action).  I would be asking where were the husband and/or his wife at 6:30am on 18th December 2013?  I sure hope that they didn’t leave home that morning to meet with Heather Elvis.

630am-TammyMoorer(click on charts for full size)

We now have the birth data for Tammy Lorinda Moorer (nee Caison) – born 8th March 1972. This woman is the wife of Sidney Moorer.

According to astrology, the wife likely calls the shots in this household, however with natal Saturn at zero degrees Gemini we reveal a raw energy.  We can suggest that this individual is most likely a compulsive liar who lacks self-control and reacts impulsively.  But we’re discussing the situation at hand rather than a character analysis here; 6:30am on 18th December, 2013.

Natal Pluto (in the outer wheel) is at the top of the chart at the MC – opposite the home cusp and also her natal Mercury.

At the same time, Sidney Moorer has Mars at the cusp of the descendant at 6:30am (cusp of the 7th house of relationships).   For those familiar with this blog – you’ll know that we are facing a power struggle between the married couple.

  •  Jupiter (green) is in both the 6:30am event chart and the natal chart of the wife – inflating the situation.
  • Mercury (yellow) is also in both charts – Mercury is a child indicator as well as communication.

We question – is Tammy using custody of the children as a weapon in the power struggle with her husband, or is it a question of whom stays at home with the children (on 18th Dec), Tammy?

I would consider a battle between a forty year-old wife who has children to barter with; in a power-struggle, versus a twenty year-old slip of a girl, was a no-brainer.  The man would never leave the wife and kids, BUT in this case the astrology charts tell us that there is a strong karmic connection between Sidney Moorer and Heather Elvis.

Whether this karmic connection between Heather Elvis and Sidney Moorer is a traumatic event; another Lunar nodal axis indicator, rather than something less ominous, we have yet to find out.  Either way, the publicity of this case has bound them together on the public record.

18th January 2014:

eventElvis-FlemingToday we have the birth data of the ‘possibly violent’ ex boyfriend.  He is alleged to have made a statement, “If she hides, I will find her.”  With this information we are led to generate a bi-wheel – even if just to exonerate him from the enquiry.

We go back to the event time of 2:09am; the last timed event we have, which we know is accurate and the outer wheel is a person of interest;  POI –  Jeremy Fleming.

Immediately we can see that there is too much conflagration to exclude this male from the mix in relation to the disappearance of Heather Elvis.  Whether he is all bluster and bravado, we shall see.

If we start from the 3rd house, we are in the arena of communication:

  • Transiting Sun (orange) represents the date on the calendar – conjunct natal Uranus indicating sudden changes in events for his ego on this day.
  • Transiting Mercury is on the cusp of the 3rd house conjunct natal Saturn – this individual’s supposed authority is likely to be verbalised. 

Saturn is a dangerous symbol in FA – the grim reaper is involved and so threats of taking a person’s life would not be out of the question with this aspect.

  • Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Neptune (turquoise) schemes and plots; likely threatening/abusive behaviour expected to be communicated with this aspect.
  • Transiting Pluto is also square natal Lunar Nodal axis  and Jupiter – abusive verbalisation likely to be in a public place is the main interpretation, however this could lead to the other interpretation of the Lunar nodal axis, which is a traumatic situation.
  • Transiting Neptune (turquoise) represents subterfuge – square natal Mars.  This is action at the planning stage; beyond communicating.
  • Transiting Uranus conjunct natal Jupiter (green) – inflating the likely mood swings.
  • Transiting Moon (blue) is the symbol we have been using for Heather/Moonchild in relation to the events in this enquiry – opposite Fleming’s natal Neptune – Heather is the focus of his subterfuge.
  • Transiting Moon is quindecile natal Saturn.  This is the most dangerous of aspects in this chart.  This is obsessive-compulsive behaviour.  This man is likely obsessed with Heather and considers that he holds her ‘life or death’ in his hands. 
  • Transiting Mars in the 12th house is quindecile natal Sun – the action is in the mind not in reality – well not yet anyway.  

With the aspect in the 3rd house of communication, I trust that they are threats and nothing more sinister.  Born with a Saturn retrograde, we have a male who lacked male mentoring as a child for whatever reason; no boundaries in male/female roles.  Likely needs to be introduced to a zipper for his mouth and get help with anger management issues.

Heather Rachelle Elvis – chart at 6:30am 18th December 2013

630-ElvisThere is another matter that the charts reveal; the condition of Heather Elvis in all this confrontation and conflagration.   An 18th December, 6:30am event chart with Heather needs to be interpreted.

Inner wheel is a suggested event time of 6:30am, 18 Dec 2013 and the outer wheel is the natal chart of Heather Elvis (birth time not known).  Noon-time is used for a mid-range Moon.

  • The midpoint of transiting Mars/Pluto=Pluto (natal) in the 11th house of friends –  Extreme force/wilfulness has been used to dis-empower this person – a friendship/relationship severed.
  • Transiting Mars (red) conjunct natal Jupiter (green) in 10th house (career) – extremes come into play; OTT behaviour.
  • Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Moon (blue) – primary forensic indicator setting off alarm bells for us.  This is the grim reaper with our Moonchild. As the action is in the 5th house, we can declare the danger is among friends, rather than strangers.
  • Transiting Sun (orange) quindecile natal Lunar South Node – obsession with soul-connection/karma by an individual – the significance as to why this particular date on the calendar is not yet known by us. Why this particular date will come out in time.
  • Transiting Venus (pink) opposite natal Mercury (yellow) in 8th house – reiterates the communication between Heather and a member of her peer/social group.
  • Transiting Uranus (red) square natal Sun (orange) in 7th house – forensic indicator of sudden changes in relationships.  Was this the ‘quit calling me’ that Sidney Moorer claimed?

As at 6:30am on 18th December 2013 there are no forensic indicators present to indicate any more risk of a loss of life than has been in play since the eruption in the early hours.  We are in the realm of Tartarus; there is no reverse gear.

19th January 2014:   What can I say other than – read this….    http://www.xojane.com/it-happened-to-me/heather-elvis-disappearance-terry-elvis  My heart reaches out to this family.

20th January 2014:   Ashley Caison

630-AshleyCaisonBy request – a bi-wheel at 6:30am 18th December 2013 and the natal chart of Ashley Caison (sister of Tammy Moorer)from birth data provided.  This bi-wheel reveals a highly emotive response with what I’ve learned to coin – the ‘hysteria factor’.

The all important angles reveal that this individual is well aware of what is going down at this time of the morning and not in the land of nod.  The natal Lunar nodal axis is at the horizon and inflated by the presence of natal Jupiter (green) – inflating the issue; inflated by herself, I might add.  Do we have a bit of a drama queen here?

It is worth noting that her natal planets are all weighted to one side of the chart – ‘full on’/defensive posture.  Natal Venus is at the top of the chart, which would indicate the peer group/family is the most important thing to her at this time; suggesting a closing of ranks.

  • The date on the calendar – Sun in the inner chart, highlighted in orange is conjunct natal Neptune (turquoise) – subterfuge needed today (18th Dec).
  • Transiting Sun is also in hard aspect with this individual’s natal Mars (red) – certainly opinionated, according to the heavens.
  • Transiting Saturn (red)  in the 11th house (don’t lose sight of the fact that this is our dangerous forensic indicator) is conjunct natal Sun (orange in the outer wheel).

On this occasion I would suggest that Saturn has his authority hat on here.  Is Ashley Caison taking charge; endeavouring to control the action?

  • Transit Venus conjunct a natal Capricorn Moon – on this occasion this could suggest a hard-nosed attitude towards possibly making money out of this traumatic event.

Natal Mars is in the mix, however the action is subterfuge rather than something malefic, I would suggest.

21st January 2014:  I have been asked to generate a bi-wheel with a high-profile known sex offender.  On reflection, I think it is a little premature to start going down that road until we get some indication in that regard.  Paranoia is not a place we need to randomly visit, IMO.

24th January 2014:  William Freeman Caison

William-CaisonThanks to the teamwork of social media, we now have the birth date of Tammy Moorer’s father who is also Sidney Moorer’s father-in-law. I’m guessing here that Tammy and Sidney are legally married. If not, it’s irrelevant to our enquiry.

From what I’ve read it would appear that Sidney Moorer is very much under the influence of the Caison family.  He and Tammy live on the Caison property, in property owned by Tammy’s parents plus the fact that Sidney Moorer was arrested together with his father-in-law in a violent altercation with a neighbour in December 2011; an altercation instigated by the elder man.

630-WmCaisonWhen we generate a bi-wheel as at 6:30am on the morning of 18th December 2013, immediately we have a man who is up and about; in the action that morning.  With an Aquarian Sun and Capricorn Moon, we have a cold controller (Saturn is the common denominator between Capricorn and Aquarius) and so with both luminaries in the second house, the chart is suggesting that Bill Caison is likely controlling his assets (baby-sitting).

Does this man consider people chattels?  He’d probably call it looking-out for his daughter’s interests, but hey man she’s 41 years old, not a child.  So to the business of interpreting the chart.

  • Natal Lunar nodal axis is exact the cusp of the 8th house (endings) – this is a very ominous aspect, to say the least and in the zodiac of Cancer that’s the home front, to us folk.  Trauma indicator #1.  

Note: As this 6:30am time-slot is not an offically timed event, we cannot use this aspect as a primary indicator.

  • Transiting Jupiter (green) intersects this natal lunar nodal axis – inflating the drama.
  • Transiting Moon (blue) in the inner wheel is our indicator for Heather in this case.  The aspect of natal Neptune (turquoise) square transiting Moon indicates – subterfuge in relation to the missing person.  This man is aware of action in relation to this case.  I am led to believe that he is physically challenged so is it his daughter’s action?
  • Transit Mars conjunct natal Neptune (turquoise) –  this suggests actions are being covered-up.
  • Transit Mars square natal Saturn (red) – this is a forensic indicator; likely controlling when in the 7th house (public relationships).

Note: I need to remain objective here as the indications are alarming.

  • Transit Sun (orange) square natal Jupiter (green) – highly inflated ego in this man on the date 18 Dec.
  • Transit Uranus conjunct natal Venus (pink) and square transit Moon at the same time.  This suggests to me that this man is in the mix between his daughter (Venus) and Heather (Moon).

If an altercation did take place that he knows about, then where was it?  Couldn’t have been at Peach Tree Landing or the police would have found evidence of something going-down there and not at Heather’s apartment either for that matter.  Was Heather Elvis lured somewhere?

If so then we have premeditated action rather than overheated confrontation.  This case is getting very troubling.

31st January 2014: Terry Elvis

Heather Elvis’ family last heard from Heather in the late evening of 17th December when she sent a photo from her cell phone; a photo taken just minutes earlier of Heather practicing gear-shifts in her date’s vehicle… something Terry Elvis had not succeeded to teach her.  That photo, taken by her date, was as close to a selfie as Heather could get.

1043-TerryElvisWe generate a bi-wheel at this time with the natal chart of Terry Elvis (data to hand today) in order to share the astrology, not suggest any implication in a crime.  There are forensic indicators in the chart, however with less sinister connotation on this occasion; in this situation.

  • Ascendant is nudging Pluto – pending dis-empowerment.
  • Transiting Sun/Moon=natal North Node – all important making contact; perhaps his last.
  • The IC midpoint (cusp of the home) = natal Mars/Jupiter (green) – excitement in the home i.e. text from Heather.
  • Transit Mars square (4th house) natal Saturn – this is a dangerous indicator when interpreting charts in relation to crimes, however putting it together with the next aspect:
  • Transit Moon (blue) opposite natal Saturn (red) – transiting Moon is the Heather symbol in this case, so Heather turns to the authoritarian male figure in her life; her father.  She is still daddy’s girl.
  • Transit Jupiter (green in the inner wheel) opposite natal Moon – driving need to be the authoritarian male is inflated; a chest puffed with pride.

We can generate a further bi-wheel for Heather’s father at the time the police officer knocked at his door around sunset on the 19th.  The time his heart dropped and darkness entered his life.

The police officer asked Terry Elvis, “Are you missing a car? Terry looked in the driveway before replying, “Nope, all of them are right there.” Then the question came, “What about a dark green Dodge Intrepid?” “That’s Heather’s car… why?”

5pm19th-TerryElvisBy sunset on 19th December the clock had moved forward and the Moon had continued her cycle.  A second bi-wheel featuring Terry Elvis is generated when he set out to accompany LE to Peachtree Landing in order to recover the abandoned vehicle.

  • Natal Pluto is now conjunct the IC (cusp of the 4th house) – entering the home.
  • Transiting Sun/Moon=4th house cusp – family is everything to this man.
  • Transiting Mars/Pluto=natal Mercury 23°Scorpio – tenacious pursuit via publicity:  findheatherelvis  – do not let the pond get stagnant (Scorpio’s symbol)
  • Transiting Mars square Saturn – same as above bi-wheel only this time it is the 4th-7th houses; the time-keeper and forensic indicator is in a public place.
  • Transit Jupiter (green) continues to be in opposition to natal Moon – inflating Terry Elvis’ emotional state.
  • Transit Moon square natal Venus (pink) –  with Venus (social groups) representing the family group on this occasion that would be what this 5th house symbolic planet would indicate.  The tension within the family with Heather declared missing.

11th February, 2014: Missing person report

The missing person report wasn’t lodged until the evening of 19th December – 11:10:40pm to be precise.  We have an accurate clock time on which to generate a serious bi-wheel and take a fresh look at this case.

On the day that Heather Elvis was born the asteroid Astraea was at 15° Pisces, which is also the descendant point in this missing person report time.  Picture the goddess holding the scales aloft and we have Astraea.  This is the sort of omen we are looking for; justice will be done. Patience is needed…

MPR-ElvisIn Greco/Roman mythological stories, Astraea is said to have helped Zeus in battle, and is sometimes portrayed carrying his lightning bolts.  Astraea can be compared to the Egyptian goddess Ma’at, who embodies the principle of right relationship to all things and weighed the souls of mortals after their death.

Astraea balanced a soul against her feather of truth in her scales of justice.  In Greece, Astraea determined if departed souls could go to the Elysian Fields and eternal bliss, or be consigned to the Underworld for later redemption.  She was closely identified with Dike, the Greek goddess of justice, and with Nemesis, the goddess of rightful indignation and due enactment.

Looking at this fresh bi-wheel from a forensic astrology point of view, we can reveal a more sinister story. Please be aware that this is a worst case scenario according to classic astrology interpretation.  Some may be a repetition of our previous interpretation, other aspects will be more detailed.

  • Natal lunar nodal axis approaches the MC/IC axis – indication of the public interest in this case together with the trauma of the case distressing so many people.
  • Transit Mercury (yellow) (4th house – at home) quindecile natal Sun (orange) – compulsive communication by Heather.  She is not at rest.
  • Transit Pluto (red) opposite natal Sun – a power struggle resulting from this communication.
  • Transit Venus (5th house – female friend) opposite transiting Moon (blue) intersecting with natal Mercury (yellow in the outer wheel) – Heather’s communication with female friend is particularly relevant to this case.
  • Transit Neptune (turquoise) in 6th house conjunct natal Saturn – Heather’s ability to be in control of her own actions is confused.
  • Transit Uranus in 7th house square natal Sun – sudden changes in a relationship instigated by Heather; erratic (this is a forensic indicator of trauma).  She is not happy with what’s going down.
  • Transit Mars (1st house) square natal Sun – egdrive to take action by Heather.  Get outa there girl.
  • Transit Mars (1st house) conjunct natal Jupiter (green) – inflated desire to take action by Heather.

The forensic indicators are present indicating her demise, however Heather’s emotional struggle is in relation to the situation that she has got herself into, rather than the reality of the threat to her life.  Oh, that Saturn retrograde has so much to answer for in this young woman’s chart.

Heather has Saturn Rx at zero degrees Pisces.  Zero degrees anything is considered ‘basic’  i.e. an individual has no experience in that energy to draw on and with Pisces being the zodiac sign we know that it’s Neptunian energy.  Intuition is part of Neptune’s toolkit and Saturn is timing and self-control.

Due to the Saturn retrograde, Heather likely lacks the experience of following her intuition in relation to self-control. Neptune is also the element of water, so there is no fire to get going; nor earth to ground her; no air to rationalise mentally this self-control.  Boundaries in relationships  (self-control again) is a learned skill and that appears to be a shortcoming as well.

We will check further for midpoints in these charts, if need be.

17/18th February:

Note:  the chart and interpretation for POI “X” has been relocated to another section of this blog used for anonymous charts.  

I have no reason to remove a chart and interpretation entirely from this blog when it does not identify a person of interest.  Whether POI ‘X’ was in Myrtle Beach or not, we can suggest that whatever he was doing on the night of 17/18 December 2013, the astrology suggests it was not likely to have been for ‘the good of humanity’.  

21/22nd February 2014:

Tammy and Sidney Moorer have been arrested initially on charges: 1x obstruction of justice and 2x indecent exposure. “Creating false, misleading and/or inaccurate information regarding the disappearance of Heather Elvis and their activities in the early morning hours of December 18th, 2013 causing the investigating agency to divert resources.”

We note that the wife was booked at 8:50am 21st Feb and her husband was booked at a later time; 11am. This gives us two independent event times.  The cogs in the wheel click into place.

  • Transiting Jupiter represents LE on this occasion – cusp the IC and 4th house when we refer to the first bi-wheel and square natal Pluto on the second chart.
  • Transiting Moon in Scorpio is all about controlling a situation.  

Note:  The transiting Moon position at the time of these arrests is exact conjunct Heather’s natal Moon; i.e. when she was born.  This natal Moon of Heather’s has been our signifier for Moonchild throughout the enquiry.


From the astrology chart already interpreted, we know that the wife is the stronger character of this pair and so we could suggest that she was booked first, partly as a rattling manouver for the husband’s upcoming interview. LE would have their reasons to let him stew..

Midpoint is the indication of LE action in relation to each person and so we can interpret that first and then the individual’s interaction with the tension in the heavens.

8:50am in Myrtle Beach plus Tammy Moorer natal chart: 

tammymoorerMug shot (note she still managed a smile for the LE camera)

Transiting in the heavens at the time Tammy was booked,  Saturn (body locator/grim reaper) is in the 8th house (death and transformation) and transiting Pluto (death) is in the 10th (public arena).  When we are looking for a midpoint in relation to these two planets, we know that there is the threat of a loss of life on the agenda.  I would suggest Heather Elvis’ life, on this occasion.

Note that the midpoint analysis is subjective as we do not know the time of TM’s birth, however with a mid-range Moon we can suggest that this interpretation is highly likely.

  • Transiting Saturn/Pluto = natal Moon – emotional coldness; renunciation.  She denies any involvement.

As for the hard aspects in her chart, the truth of the matter:

  • Transiting Moon at the time of her booking (7th house) is opposite natal Mars (1st house) – is this the spouse remaining silent about her partner?
  • Transiting Sun (orange) square natal Neptune (turquoise) in 8th house.  Date on the calendar (day of the arrest) – in fantasyland; deluded.
  • Transiting Sun is also square natal Saturn in Gemini – self control under intense pressure.

11am in Myrtle Beach plus Sidney Moorer natal chart:

sidneymoorerMug shot

The fixed star Algol threads the fine line between life and death, madness and wisdom.  Algol at the ascendant can be a truth serum, yet it can be involved in the worst of lies. How has Sidney worked with Algol by his side, conjunct his ascendant?

As the clock winds forward 2hours and 10mins, transiting Pluto replaces Saturn in the 8th house of death and transformation. Again we have a midpoint, the focus for analysis.  Neptune (turquoise) and Pluto (red) – the classic interpretation is ‘concerns about death matters’ and together with Mercury, we all know relates to communication.

  • Transiting Neptune/Pluto = natal Mercury (yellow) – interview in relation to a death; attempted deception is the likely stand taken by the defendant. We now know which hand of Algol, Sidney took. 

This can only lead to madness, as the fixed star Algol is in the head of Medusa, a mass of snakes.  Bring on Perseus is all I can say here.

  • The transiting Sun/Moon= Pluto.  The most important midpoint in the transiting heavens (Sun/Moon) is exact conjunct transiting Pluto – this clock-time is critical timing in development for LE.

As for the tension in the heavens, natal Saturn retrograde is in the 3rd house (communication) squared by transiting Lunar nodal axis – no-one believes him for a moment; he is alone with this now.  The key here to opening Sidney’s lock, is the nurturing aspect from his childhood; the dominant parent.  Are they available to assist LE?

  • Transiting Jupiter (green) is our LE indicator (as per Tammy’s chart above) and square natal Pluto – LE render him powerless; Sidney Moorer is under arrest.
  • Transiting Moon (blue) is exact conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis – here we go again with the karma story.  Our Moonchild is in the room.

arrests-MoonchildI think we need to generate another chart here and see what Heather has to say from across the heavens.

At 11am when Algol was at the ascendant and Sidney was being booked, transiting Saturn at 23° Scorpio was exact Heather’s natal Pluto and opposite natal Venus (pink).  This gives us a locator angle indicating a potential recovery, locally.  We say no more than that at this stage.

  • Transiting Jupiter is conjunct natal Sun – inflated both by transiting Uranus and Pluto – the push is on to bring her home.
  • Transiting Moon conjunct natal Moon – a highly emotive situation for all involved particularly as transiting Mercury is in the 10th house (the public arena).
  • Transit Venus conjunct natal Neptune as well as natal Uranus.  This is the gift of grace as a higher learning (9th house) and is related to the illusory aspect of love.  I would suggest this is a message to us all from the other side.
  • Transit Pluto is also quindecile natal Mercury – the power of communication knows no boundaries.
  • Transit Sun opposite natal Mars – tonight in Myrtle Beach, these two planets will be perfect mirrors for each other. 

23/24th Februaryfurther charges

Both Sidney and Tammy Moorer have now been charged with kidnapping and murder in relation to the disappearance of Heather Elvis. Will the ripple effect extend wider? We still need to bring Heather home.

The following is an unknown realm for us to walk – the immediate future.  We need to interact with the personal planets of Mercury and Venus plus of course, the Moon.

The Moon orbits the chart every month, so she adds the finer point to everything else and her input to the story will be revealed in due course, however the Messenger of the Gods and communication planet, Mercury will likely have a strong input in someone giving up the location of a body.

singingcanaryCurrently in retrograde motion, Mercury is not likely to have a strong impact until it turns direct – just before the end of February. The retrogradation usually indicates glitches and set-backs – it’s not a good time to expect things to progress quickly, however other influences could come into play that override Mercury – eg Mars.

On 1st March, Mars goes retrograde. This only occurs once every couple of years, so it is not an energy we are easily attuned to. The Mars retrograde period can be a time of considerable frustration when projects and actions need to be reviewed and revised before actioning.

That then leaves a small window at the end of Feb for everything to go smoothly for LE, however will it?  [We now know that on Friday 28th February, LE reenacted the possible events at  the Peachtree Boat Landing]

Predictive astrology is not my forte, however when I wind the clock forward to see when Mercury creates hard aspects in the natal charts of all the characters in this case, we have common denominators a couple of days later.  By 4th March, 2014 Mercury will be at the zodiac degree, 19° Aquarius. 

I reiterate that prediction is not an area of astrology I am familiar with and so it’s a wait and see if the following has any particular relevance in this case. The astrology will be accurate, however we cannot guarantee that the astrologer will be…

So that said, keep your tin-foil hats on and observe that transiting Mercury will be in direct motion as well as in hard aspect with the following charts by 4th March:

  • square (90°) plus midpoint to Sidney Moorer’s Lunar nodal axis (19°Taurus/19°Scorpio) – we can hope that this is a singing canary
  • quindecile (165°) Tammy Moorer’s Lunar South node (4°Leo) – obsessive communication for attention.
  • square Heather’s mid-range Moon; Moonchild (20°Scorpio) –
  • quindecile Heather’s Mars (3°Virgo) –
  • conjunct (within 2 degrees) William Caison’s Sun (21°Aquarius) – square Ashley Caison’s Sun (17°Scorpio) – egos in denial?
  • conjunct Alice Caison’s natal Moon in Aquarius – the nurturer under pressure.

The transiting Moon (mid-range/noon) on 4th March will be 28°Aries: conjunct the transiting Lunar nodal axis – 29°Aries-Libra, square transiting Venus 29°Capricorn and opposite transiting Mars – 27°Libra.

  • square Sidney Moorer’s natal Saturn Rx (29°Cancer) – not prepared for this outcome; self-control needed.
  • there is no emotive reaction in Tammy Moorer’s chart – why? Is she out of the loop in Georgetown or medicated perhaps.
  • square Heather’s natal Mercury (her voice) (28°Cancer) –  needs amplified.
  • square William Caison’s Mars (27°Capricorn) – emotive response requiring a physical outlet; temper tantrum?
  • square Ashley Caison’s natal mid-range Moon (26°Capricorn) – emotive response to satisfy personal needs. [Was this ‘the bird’ flashed to the media?]
  • conjunct Alice’s natal Sun by afternoon, plus natal Uranus is at the ascendant by midday – that will certainly rattle this lady’s letter-box.

[4th March interview on WMBF: whomever the ‘singing kennery’ was, he certainly sounded off-key to the Caison family, judging by their reaction] Looks like being a bit of a rocky start to March for all of us over the weekend.  That said, Jupiter (law enforcement) will go direct on 5th March.  Let’s trust that Jupiter’s other hat ‘luck’, is with them in the near future. 1st March, 2014: Tammy Moorer moved to Georgetown

Sgt. Jeff Benton with the Horry County Sheriff’s Office said Tammy Moorer was moved to the Georgetown County Detention Centre around mid-morning Wednesday 26th February, for “safety and security” reasons. Benton added that there was no specific incident that prompted the change; that it’s a common practice when co-defendants are booked at the same facility.

Tammy-moved-duoWhen we generate bi-wheels, as we are not aware of the exact time of Tammy’s removal to Georgetown, we take 9:15am as being mid-morning.

The first chart is a snapshot of the heavens with Mars directing action from the 6th house – daily routines. Mars is also square to the Moon that morning, creating a disruption in the inmate’s routine.

  • Moon (blue) represents security in general astrology and so with the square aspect to the Lunar nodal axis we agree – security is the likely reason for the move (not necessarily a threat to security).
  • The Sun/Moon midpoint is the highest priority in any chart so with the Sun/Moon focus on Mercury as its midpoint – the separation of marriage partners is likely a psychological advantage to loosen tongues; avoid messages being passed.
  • The added midpoint of Mercury/Jupiter = South Node (at the ascendant) indicates travel, so with that, I’d take odds that this time of 9:15am is pretty close to the actual time that the transport took effect.
  • Jupiter is also square Uranus – this is usually referred to asthe big break’; independence. Due to the house placement, I would add the psychological component again – separate the individual from their psychological support (husband in this case).

None of that interpretation is anything more than we would expect in relation to the relocation of a prisoner – all routine.  The second is a bi-wheel with Tammy’s natal chart as the outer wheel.

The interpretation can be considered to be how she handles the separation; at the time of separation.  Tammy Moorer was likely given notice of the impending move, as there is no great emotive reaction in the charts.

  • Venus is at the ascendant (pink) – cooperative.
  • Transit Mercury/Mars = natal Moon (blue) – emotional, insecure about the move.
  • Transit Mercury square natal Mars – nervous drive..
  • Transit Neptune square natal Neptune – this is an ongoing hard aspect; a detailed interpretation follows…

Neptune’s nature is to confuse and hide the reality of life so when Neptune squares Neptune in our charts; it happens to all of us around the age of forty, we can end up feeling as though our existence and accomplishments up to now are worth nothing. We are faced with questioning ourselves; having a mid-life crisis. We can become creative, make a change of life-style, get a facelift, change partners, or whatever fantasy we  ‘dream up’ during the Neptune transit/transition.

Emerging with a new connection to the human experience, is what inevitably happens once Neptune moves past the square aspect – but for some who try to stop the clock, they could escape reality by delving into obsessions and addictions with sex, drugs, alcohol or lying; cheating on a partner etc.

Sounds familiar in the case of Tammy Moorer, doesn’t it…  She’s sure taken the negative aspects of Neptune to the max, from what I’ve read of her antics.  The obsession with the Disney fantasy hasn’t helped either probably –  she has continued to chase it; live the dream.

However there’s no Disney underwear or sox in Georgetown County Correctional Centre, so Tammy Lorinda Moorer will be going cold turkey.

Note:  For those whom question why Tammy doesn’t come up in searches at Georgetown as an inmate – the transfer was for ‘housing’ reasons. She has not been transferred officially and so she can be returned at any time. I guess Tammy Moorer will be on the bus back to Horry County for the hearing on the 17th, or perhaps she’ll appear by video link.

4th March 2014: a hypothetical at PTL 3:41am

We plan to generate a set of bi-wheels at 3:41am, at Peachtree Landing including the natal charts for Heather and her accused murderers.  The time is derived from information on the public record in relation to telephone communication between Sidney Moorer and a private number; highly likely Heather Elvis.

Tammy Moorer has posted on social media that a private number called Sidney’s phone six times on Dec 18th between 3:17am and 3:41 am. We can consider that these calls may have been made by Heather.

It has been suggested that the space between the 3:17am and 3:38 calls may have been while Heather drove to Peachtree Landing with the intention of meeting with Sidney Moorer.  The time range is possible when we check the distance that would have been travelled.  It has further been suggested that the calls 3:38 to 3:41am were Heather acknowledging her arrival at the boat landing.

341-trioclick on charts for full size

Chart 1 is Heather Elvis; chart 2 Sidney Moorer and chart 3 Tammy Moorer. They are virtually the same charts we have used throughout this enquiry with just a change of ascendant.  I reproduce them side by side so we can view the commonalities and each draw our own conclusions.

If Heather was killed at the boat landing close to that time of 3:41am, then she is certainly nearby (traumatic indicators are at the horizon line).  With the continuation of time, the angle changes as to where she may be located.  We need factual information before we can continue with this astrology method.

Explanation note: We know from the astrology even as early as 2am, that Heather was to meet her demise in the immediate future, we just didn’t know when. We can speculate, however to get it to a time without factual information is problematic.

As the case has progressed we have learned that after 3:41am, we cannot be sure that Heather was in control of her phone. I initially took it on face value that 6am was the last contact by Heather, now I’m not convinced, but that is my personal opinion based on experience with these cases.

The main reason I am stymied, is that we are missing one of two things that we need in order to get answers.  The time of the crime and/or the location of the body.  If we had either one, we could then do what this astrology method does best, and align the charts.

If we had the location of the body, we could draw up a locator angle and work the chart until it ‘clicked into place’ thereby giving us a likely time of her demise.  If we had the time of her demise, we could generate a locator angle and indicate where the body would likely be found.

As for speculation, an astrology wheel encompasses a day in clock time. The wheel is made up of 360 degrees (ignoring the minutes of each degree) so there are 360 opportunities for interpretation during that day. Then we have three persons in this case (none of whom we know their time of birth) who each have possible chart alignments at any point in their natal wheels i.e. 1/360.

When we put each person together with a point in time during that 24hour period (18 December), we have three bi-wheels of 360×360 interpretations.  Math is not my forte, but I would hazard a guess, the opportunity has a number with lot of zeros behind it, to one.

Nevertheless, we shall continue to bend a little space and time and hope for the best.

7/8th March 2014: 

I don’t know about you, but the singing kennary appears to be chirping for our attention. We just might need to take a look at what’s coming up for this little birdie in the lead up to the hearing.  Before we even start, we can see it will likely be a long day for him on the 17th of this month; the bond hearing. Natal Mars doesn’t get to the 4th house cusp (home) until the hour before midnight.

In an effort to be constructive, I’m thinking it might be best to generate bi-wheels (a perspective) from the date of the bond hearing and interpret the extended personalities and their reactions.  I have nine of them in my birthday book, all of whom are likely to give us an emotive response.

Note: Am currently writing a more detailed astrology analysis of this case, which will appear as a series of posts on the front page of this blog.  I’ll let you all know when it gets to be more than we have discussed here.

Re upcoming Bond hearing:   Charts have been replaced now that we know the time and place for this hearing.  This removes the aspect indicating a disturbance in the courtroom.  It will still likely happen, however it will be an earlier case that will see a disruption, not ours.

A change in time to 2:00pm is another story.  I’ll check through the following interpretations and change where necessary to align with 2pm.

With this change from 12:30 to 2:00pm on 17th March, 2014 in Conway, South Carolina the atmosphere in the court changes.  We generate a fresh chart as the midpoints from 12:30pm no longer apply.

Hearing1703When we generate two charts 2pm and 2:30pm, we can see the increase in tension in the charts as the time passes.

The Moon is one further degree within the social realm of Libra; the houses have changed, along with the clock on the wall.  As we noted earlier, the later in the day this hearing is in court, the greater the pressure on Sidney Moorer in particular.

Ignoring the angles, we note that a square of the four elements has formed now that the Moon has progressed.  This gives us four midpoints, the first two we consider to be aspects that interact with personal charts and then there are two more to add.

  • Aspect A: 4th house Moon(blue)/Uranus(red) = Jupiter(green) – emotional tensions/driving needs in relation to the home environment lead to a court order; a sudden breakthrough, likely successful.
  • Aspect B: Jupiter/Pluto = Uranus – overturning the tables. Note that the power/Pluto is in the  6th house. As this last midpoint involves Jupiter, we would suggest that the overturning is in the hands of the court rather than any applicant.  Does this relate to a matter of someone’s health, or is it the court routine?
  • Midpoint #3: Moon/Uranus = Pluto – this can bring sensationalism as impulsiveness driven by emotion is in the mix.
  • Midpoint #4: Jupiter/Pluto = Moon – keeping on top of things by following gut instincts.
  • Mars quindecile Uranus – a struggle of wills
  • Moon opposite Midheaven – needs are brought into the public arena

Note: the following charts are drawn up from the perspective of 12:30pm.  We have changed interpretation where necessary to fit with the 2pm time-slot.

As for the characters facing court, we must remind ourselves that the tension in the charts is what is going down for the individuals and their emotive reactions at a point in time, irrespective of whether they are facing court at this time.  However we are interpreting the tension as if they are present in court.

1230-TMSMFirst up for our charts – those whom are facing the court; Sidney Moorer and Tammy Moorer.  We can’t expect to see a Christmas tree light show in their charts, as they are incarcerated; under the strict control of the correctional system with their movements handled in a routine manner.  We can however, expect to see anticipation and anxiety.

17 Mar Chart #1 The first chart is Tammy Moorer. The Moon has released the inflated tension from natal Jupiter that was present earlier in the morning.  The Moon’s driving need has not eased off totally though, operating from the 4th house; the home.  With the limited concern in this bi-wheel of Tammy Moorer, we have to ask – is this person medicated?

Any interpretation therefore connects to Aspect A above.

  • Transit Moon opposite natal Mercury (yellow) – Mercury can relate to children and/or communication. There could be an appeal to be moved closer to her children.
  • Neptune square Neptune – the ‘fantasy’ continues we talked about about that at length above – her midlife crisis and associated behaviour.  This would likely go against her in her application on this occasion, although ‘Aspect A’ may come into play with this plea.

17 Mar Chart #2 The second chart is Sidney Moorer.  His chart is revealing tension with the transiting planet,Uranus (red) in the 10th house; appearance in public.  Natal Sun (orange) is at the 8th cusp; transformation.

Any interpretation therefore connects to Aspect B above.

  • Transiting Uranus opposite natal Pluto at 11°Libra – likely appealing to the court in relation to home matters, due to ‘his sense of fairness’ rather than the courts.
  • Transiting Sun quindecile natal Pluto – ditto the above; referring to the court as ‘not moving with the times’ in it’s operation/ruling.
  • Transiting Mars square natal Sun (orange) – possibly a legal representative (Mars) doing the talking, on behalf of Sidney Moorer (Sun).

13/14th March, 2014

We have published a two-part synopsis of this case of which Pt 2. will probably be of interest to followers of this case, as I’ve delved into an astrology analysis of the character of Tammy Moorer.

Back to the bond hearing.  There is a lot more emotive response in the charts of family members.  We would expect this as they are out in the public arena – reading and hearing the ongoing conversation.  First up, the ladies on the feminine side…

1230-AcsI have no intention of identifying bi-wheels #3 or #4.  I reckon by now we all have a pretty good handle on the personalities.

I must comment though that the first chart is likely hysterical, not just in anticipation, but also as a result of the Bond Hearing.  At 2pm, the primary activity moves to the 4-10th house axis – home and public image.

17 Mar Chart #3

Natal midpoint of Sun/Mars=transiting Lunar South Node – focus on karma; ‘deeds done return to sender’.

  • Transit Moon conjunct natal Neptune – likely in denial
  • Transit Moon quindecile natal Mars – obsessively emotional
  • Transit Mars conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis – closing ranks.
  • Transit Pluto square natal Neptune (turquoise) – loss of reality; surreal.
  • Transit Venus (pink) square natal Mercury (yellow) in the outer wheel – romantic notion; unrealistic.
  • Transit Mercury (yellow) in the inner wheel opposite natal Saturn – awareness of a heavy responsibility.
  • Transit Mercury quindecile natal Pluto – alternatives questionable
  • Transit Sun square natal Uranus – self interested
  • Transit Sun quindecile natal Neptune – compulsive delusion

17 Mar Chart #4

Driving needs are not on the agenda and the major planetary action is on the right-hand side of the chart – other’s needs are more on the agenda on this occasion; makes a nice change from ‘the bird’ delivered to the media.  We have to question as to whether she is on medication.

  • Transit Mars square natal Moon (blue) – family support.
  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis square natal Moon – need to be in the public’s eye; likely sees herself as the family’s representative.
  • Transit Saturn conjunct natal Mercury (yellow) in the outer wheel – out and about broadcasting her spin.
  • Transit Sun square natal Neptune (turquoise) – still in denial or is this the perception she wants to give?
  • Transit Sun opposite natal Mars – assertive ego expression in public; to be seen to be holding it together.

1230-malesThe grunt are our next pair of charts. Same side of the family; different responses, however we have the elder on the left and the singing Canary on the right.

The Moon’s influence is more obvious this time around.  Needs are on the agenda for both males.

17 Mar Chart #5

By 2pm the natal Lunar nodal axis is at the ascendant – has he appeared in public? Natal Neptune is also at it’s lowest ebb, conjunct the IC.  This man is struggling mentally I would suggest with a health crisis looming.

  • Transit Moon (blue) opposite natal Venus (pink) – family needs are a priority with this man.  Aspect A comes into play here as well.
  • Transit Moon conjunct natal Neptune (turquoise) – bewilderment, utter confusion.
  • Transit Mars square natal Moon – needs asserted.
  • Transit Saturn square natal Sun – ego as patriarch wanting to exert authority over his children
  • Transit Sun (orange) in the inner wheel opposite natal Jupiter (green) – circling the date on the calendar
  • Transit Uranus quindecile natal Jupiter – likely highly erratic behaviour within the family dynamic.

17 Mar Chart #6 By 2pm natal Saturn is at the Midheaven – this suggest a significant movement in the family dynamic.

  • Transit Moon opposite natal Saturn – driving need to achieve a sense of authority.
  • Transit Moon square natal Sun-Mercury conjunction – at odds and yet needing to promote mental acuity
  • Transit Mars conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis (by 2pm in the 4th house) – relates to the family dynamic at home; back in his cage.
  • Transit Neptune (turquoise) opposite natal Jupiter – beating up the illusion; overly-emotional.
  • Transiting Sun opposite natal Uranus – swing in moods on this date. 
  • Transiting Jupiter (green) in the inner wheel opposite Sun-Mercury conjunction – inflating mental activity.

1230ElvisThere are two more charts I suggest we can analyse – Heather and her father, Terry Elvis.  Heather’s chart remains in the tension and a father determined to have his voice heard, in order to bring his daughter home.

Heather, may I suggest is still involved and so we include her input as well; the last word.

17 Mar Chart #7

By 2pm natal Moon is at the Descendant. Hemisphere analysis indicates his focus is on others; rather than his own needs, with natal Uranus and Pluto in the 3rd house – communication his priority.

  • At 2pm, 8th house transiting Neptune (turquoise) quindecile natal Uranus – compulsively focused on transforming the loss into change in esteem.
  • Transit Neptune opposite natal Pluto – strength of faith
  • Transit Mercury (yellow) square natal Mars – nervous communication with children
  • Transit Saturn conjunct natal Mercury (in 5th house by 2pm) – he speaks of his love for his children
  • Transit Mars conjunct natal Venus (pink) – family plea for action.
  • Transit Moon square natal Saturn – aware of loneliness

17 Mar Chart #8 At 2pm natal Uranus-Neptune is exact the Descendant; cusp of the 7th house – overwhelming public sympathy is present.

  • By 2pm 6th house transiting Pluto quindecile natal Mercury (yellow) in the outer wheel – pressing for an open awareness to new perspectives in everyday matters.
  • Transiting Lunar nodal axis exact square natal Mercury – an exchange of ideas
  • Transiting Mercury (yellow) conjunct natal Saturn in 8th house of transformation – a heavy responsibility is carried forward into the future by others
  • Transit Saturn exact conjunct natal Pluto – self-destructive input shared
  • Transit Saturn opposite natal Venus – the pain of love lost; powerlessness of femininity
  • Transit Jupiter (green) conjunct natal Sun – inflated projection of victim as the focus of this hearing (rather than the defendant’s wants/needs)

17 March 2014 time change of bond hearing

With a later time the Moon moves one degree thereby creating increased emotive tension.  This is the biggest change – Moon/Uranus = Pluto – this can bring sensationalism as impulsiveness driven by emotion is in the mix. 

Bond Hearing evidence synopsis:

  • 1:35 am.. phone call from pay phone by Sidney to Heather.. call is 4:53 minutes.
  • 1:44 Heather calls flatmate who is in Florida at the time. And says Sidney just called and is leaving Tammy. Heather appears upset because she had been trying to get her life back on track after the affair and the harassment by Tammy. Heather is still at her home when she makes this call. The call lasts 2:20 minutes.
  • 2:29 Heather attempts to call the number Sidney called from which is a pay phone. Several times it does not appear anyone answered.
  • 3:16 am Heather attempts to call Sidney’s cellphone with no response.
  • 3:17 am .. Heather calls Sidney’s cellphone – 4:15 minutes conversation with Sidney. Heather is at her home at this point. Sidney is at his home which is approx. 3 miles from the boat landing. After this conversation, Heather gets into her car and drives directly to Peachtree Boat Landing. Sidney also denies this conversation until police confront him with Heather’s phone record and then he says he did talk to her but it was just to tell her to quit calling and leave them alone.
  • 3:38 am.. Heather attempts to call Sidney’s phone. She has arrived at the boat landing at the time of this call. She attempts to call at 3:39, 3:39:46 and 3:41..


  • 3:36 am.. A private residence video surveillance captures a vehicle coming from the direction of Moorer compound headed towards the boat landing. This camera is 1.7 miles from the Moorer’s residence.
  • 3:39 am … a business video surveillance a mile from the first camera closer to the landing captures this vehicle still proceeding in the direction of the boat landing.
  • 3:45 am.. same business video surveillance captures the vehicle coming from the boat landing headed towards the Moorer residence. The camera is approximately 1.2 miles from the landing.
  • 3:46 am the private residence video surveillance captures the vehicle headed from the boat landing to the Moorer residence.

[Note: Moorer vehicle in surveillance was the black dual-cab Ford F150 with full-width toolbox in the tray] 22 March 2014:

Preliminary hearing set for 28th March, 2014 was cancelled.  A Grand Jury hearing on 20th March determined the case proceed.

28th March

As we are not going to find out from the investigators about the phone activity on Heather’s phone after 3:41am, what I suggest we do, is to create a hypothetical situation using the trio of charts (as per above on 4th March). Hypothetical means exactly that – a possible thesis. Interpretation of astrology is always a subjective exercise.

Apart from a funeral in Myrtle Beach, neither of the accused is going anywhere, so we should have time to consider a possible scenario of what might have happened at Peachtree Landing in the middle of the night on 18th December 2013.

How things may have gone down – according to the astrology

Here is the 3:41am set of bi-wheels again…341-trio If we can put aside our own emotional involvement in this case and look at the three bi-wheels from a detached perspective, what do we have?

There are two females and one male person caught in a freeze-frame of time; a snapshot for us to analyse from a classic astrological perspective. As I like to call it, a study of the hysteria factor; the H-factor.

The two outside charts are bi-wheels of Heather on the left and Tammy on the right.  Both women are highly emotional beings at this point in time – i.e. there’s a lot of interaction between planets in their charts. We can interpret this as the women are multi-tasking with their emotive reactions – i.e. there are multiple hard aspects between planets. 

Let’s start with the male though – Sidney Moorer, at Peachtree Landing and the time 3:41am.  Yes, the astrology is indicating that he was there when Heather dialed his phone for the last time.

Sidney Moorer:

The man in the middle of the trio is caught in the cross-hairs; not just of these women, but in his chart.  Transiting and natal Lunar nodal axis are playing a major role in his chart.

Astrology note: The nodal axis basically represents a public venue and/or a traumatic event in terms of a crime taking place. Plus we must not lose sight of the underlying nodal axis’ relationship with the Moon in every chart; that is ever-present.  The nodal axis therefore relates closely to driving needs and basic emotions as well.

Consider how we behave, when we are in public.  We are usually more aware of our interaction with people; our emotional selves and our needs. We hold our H-factor in check usually. Plus, when we need attention or want something, we are likely to smile at people etc…  That’s the Lunar nodal axis in action in relation to being in public.

However when we are in a traumatic situation, we can throw all caution to the wind.  Both of these emotive reactions are symbolic of the Lunar nodes in our charts. So with that knowledge on-board, we can see that both the natal and the transiting Lunar nodal axis’ are in the action in this man’s chart.

Sidney Moorer’s hysteria is focussed on his driving needs and emotions, rather than multitasking as the women’s charts reveal. We know that the man is in a public place at this time (the boat landing) and even though it is in the dark of night, he is mindful of his vulnerability of possibly being observed by the public. That takes care of part of the Lunar nodal axis in the mix in relation to a public place.  The trauma aspect of the nodal axis we need to deal with separately, in an effort to understand the situation more fully.   But first we reveal the action of the trauma.

341-SMEven without the time of birth for this man, we know that the Moon is in tension with transiting Mercury (yellow) and the Sun (orange) – communication, ego and the date on the calendar.

A person with a Moon in Gemini (Sidney Moorer in this case) has the need to be in the foreground of attention. If that is lacking and their inner emotional life becomes aware of the lack, there is likely a sense of indecisiveness in fulfilling their needs; they’re indecisive… they flip-flop.

Basically a Gemini Moon under pressure, is lousy at making a commitment to their emotions and when they project this outward rather than accept responsibility to change themselves, then we see the indecisiveness in their actions.  That scenario would likely be behind the phone-call to Heather from a public phone in the middle of the night – looking for attention, as he wasn’t getting it at home.

This natal Gemini Moon is under pressure with the transiting Sun on the opposite side of the chart holding up the mirror; highlighting Sidney’s needs. Plus the pressure of Mercury there with the Sun; pressure to communicate those Gemini needs. Hence the flip-flop of his affections with both females.  I shake my head at this point – no wonder he appears to be of weak character.

Sidney was likely leading Heather on (saying he was leaving his wife) to fulfill his need for attention and yet he is incapable of making the commitment to her. This is particularly poignant, when we look at the position of Uranus in his natal chart.

In the 12th house, conjunct the ascendant is ‘the realm of madness’ and with Uranus creating this electric prod in his brain, Sidney Moorer likely flipped into temporary insanity. I suggest this, as transiting Lunar nodal axis is exact conjunct this point in his natal chart. We have the traumatic event I alluded to earlier – a man out of his mind.

As if that was not enough, his natal Lunar nodal axis is also under the most intense pressure by transiting Saturn. We know that with a natal Saturn retrograde as there is in Sidney Moorer’s natal chart, we likely have a short-circuit in this man’s brain in relation to the skills of authority – i.e. he didn’t learn the authority lesson, as part of the male mentoring.  This is where the grim reaper gets into the room – through the back door.

With all that on-board we look for Mars in his natal chart or in the transiting chart; whether he is taking a beating or giving it…   From what I can see, it’s not there.  There may be more subtle indication of his action with the midpoints, but for now we have to look elsewhere.  If he is in the company of one female he would take direction from her, however if there are two females present that would explain his lack of action.

He’d likely try to convince us that he was mediating between the two, but that’s fairy-dust; he’s flip-flopping between them, trying to satisfy both.  This indicates to me that Tammy Moorer was likely present at Peachtree Landing; not at home with the kids.

Heather Elvis:

Heather has a Scorpio Moon, her needs require tact; tact learned from life’s lessons plus maturity.  Basically, a Scorpio Moon believes that they need to be profound. ‘How deep can I go’ their catch-cry plus that good old Scorpio standby – ‘stirring the pot for a response’. Not at all in-tune with a Gemini Moon at all.  Gemini (air sign)  can whip across the Scorpio pond (water), however all it does is whip up the surface of the water.  There is nothing profound about their relationship in astrological terms.  Heather would have realised this, in time.

Back on February 11th (above), interpreting planetary aspects in Heather’s chart from the perspective of the missing person report on the 19th December 2013, it was pretty clear that Heather had put herself into a situation without realising the danger she was in. We were viewing ‘an event’ in hindsight, without knowing the time that the event we were interpreting had happened.

  • Transit Neptune (turquoise) in 6th house conjunct natal Saturn – Heather’s ability to be in control of her own actions is confused.
  • Transit Uranus in 7th house square natal Sun – sudden changes in a relationship instigated by Heather; erratic (this is a forensic indicator of trauma).  She is not happy with what’s going down.
  • Transit Mars (1st house) square natal Sun – ego drive to take action by Heather.  ‘Get outa there, girl’.
  • Transit Mars (1st house) conjunct natal Jupiter (green) – inflated desire to take action by Heather.

341-HEWe are now choosing to accept that the time of 3:41am on the 18th December is the time of her abduction; if not her murder.

When we interpret Heather’s bi-wheel from this perspective of 3:41am, her internal situation is different because the planets are in different houses. The emotive reaction is still present (the transiting planets and their aspects), however the H-factor is now in ‘real time’.

Transiting Neptune has changed from the 6th house to the 4th; Uranus in the 7th to the 6th and Mars from the 1st to the 11th. This takes the Neptune confusion into the realm of the heart rather than the head (4th house); the buzz of Uranus’ erratic behaviour is now in ‘real time’ and a likely continuation of the Neptune bewilderment plus the Mars transit changed to the 11th house – the realm of the need for love.

From this perspective, it is pretty obvious that Heather is operating totally on heart energy; her head was not engaged. That’s all well and good if she were in the arms of a caring lover, but as we know Heather wasn’t safe. Sidney Moorer did not love Heather; did not care for her.  Nor certainly did his wife Tammy.

Tammy Moorer:

Tammy has a natal Moon much better suited to the non-committal Gemini Moon of her husband (than Heather). Tammy’s Sagittarius Moon is in the element of fire and has the need to be listened to; ‘needs’ her opinions respected.

341-TaMThe fire sign, Sagittarius (Tammy’s Moon) when rampant, demands that their opinions be heard and respected. Sidney’s Gemini (air element) Moon can whip up the fire, or when roused blow it out, but somehow I don’t think Sidney has the commitment to become roused enough to stand up to his opinionated wife, do you…

In a rage, the fire (Tammy) would consume the air (Sidney) and evaporate the water of Scorpio (Heather). A woman with her natal Moon in one of the other water signs would be able to stand up to Tammy Moorer somewhat better than Heather.  Scorpio is a pond – likes to stirs things up, but is in danger doing so, as their pond can become evaporated.  A Pisces Moon (Neptune) is water as deep as the ocean with a ruffled surface and a Cancer Moon is symbolic of the running water of a river; continually replenished.  But I digress…

  • On 18th December at 3:41am, the Sun is conjunct Tammy’s natal Moon firing it up even more in the second house/self-esteem, so think in terms of the needs of her Moon. In order to have her needs met, she requires Mercury’s symbolism – communication and she has plenty of that in her chart, when we look around.
  • Transiting Mercury is conjunct her natal Moon and her natal Mercury in the 5th house (entertainment/affairs etc) is stimulated by transiting Mars. Tammy’s on opinion overload.

Note: This aspect is likely what drove the ‘indecent exposure’ events the couple were charged with on that night. That incessant drive of transiting Mars is in the 11th house of needing love, so it was likely ‘do this to prove how much you love me’ scenario.

The killer instinct in this woman’s chart, is not in the house of entertainment, but in the 7th house of relationships. A Taurus Mars; the bully reflected in Father Time’s mirror of the 1st house; Saturn.  She is defending her marriage, or at least that’s how she sees it – plain and simple; at whatever price.  The rage erupts and rather than benign Father Time, Tammy finds herself in the company of the Grim Reaper, but she is likely unable to rein in her needs.

MAP#PTL-Caisonclick on image for full size

This is a map of the land with a connecting red line from  Peachtree Landing to the Caison/Moorer residence.  We have followed our method of aligning north-to-north by using the 3:41am bi-wheel with Heather’s natal chart on the outside (flipped vertically).

When we superimpose this bi-wheel over the red line, we can see that Heather’s natal Saturn (big red highlight) is exact on the locator angle.  In forensic astrology, Saturn is a body locator. This would initially indicate that Heather was taken back to the Moorer residence – whether she was alive or not, we need to ask further questions of the astrology.

Nothing is easy with this enquiry, due in part to Heather’s willingness, albeit unknowingly; to place herself in danger.  We have been saying this since the beginning and nothing has changed, we just need to dig deeper into the tool-box.

Also on the red line is transiting Neptune (abduction) and Heather’s natal Mars.  Meanwhile when we look at the bi-wheels of Sidney and Tammy at this section of the zodiac, there is no tension present.  We have to ask ourselves, why?

4th April:

Waccamaw-appealre Waccamaw Publishers Appeal 3 April, 2014:

The date on the calendar, transiting Sun was at 13°Aries. At 8:13am the Sun was in the 12th house of mental activity plus in quindecile aspect to the Lunar node (public arena/public interest) – the appeal is driven by obsession; suggestive that the appellant was being pedantic. I don’t have a problem with that, the courts need to be kept on the straight and narrow just as the rest of us.

There is something else going on here that appeals.  We know that the media is gagged from discussing the case, however there is no gag in reporting about an appeal on a matter-of-law.  Is this appeal a very subtle way around that gag.  That would explain the aspects below.  The court will need to be very careful about how they handle this appeal.

  • Moon in 0° Gemini indicates a basic communication effort, so the application may not have been all that persuasive; perhaps making a point was all they intended.
  • Jupiter in 3rd house (justice ‘decree’) opposite 9th house Pluto  – higher authority in the power position; another agenda perhaps.

The 8th April might have been a better date to appeal when the Moon is in Leo, rather than Gemini, plus Mars will be at its strongest; mirroring the Sun’s light. That’s next Tuesday. Let’s see what happens.  Okay the wheels of progress turn slowly, no worries.

11th April:

My cogs turn slowly as well…   After considering the last three charts at Peachtree Landing and 3:41am, I’m going back to Stacy’s request for more on William Caison’s input – I’ll tell you why.

Not to put some of the blame across onto someone whom is no longer able to defend himself; I had intended leaving the old man’s bones to rot, however when we look at the charts at PTL it appears to me that Sidney really got himself into a mess psychologically and was likely no use to Tammy of ‘what to do next’.  What would she do?   Turn to Mr Fixit; daddy is my thinking.

If we continue with the line of thinking that yesterday-today-tomorrow are all on the same space-time continuum, then Wm Caison’s chart may hold information that is not hidden, because it didn’t need to be.  Looking for synchronicities involving his and his daughter’s charts is then a possible next step.  Can their charts give us a common direction to follow in our search for Heather?

When I look back (above), it was 24th January when we drew up a chart for Wm. Caison and the time of 6:30am; he is revealing so much more of his being involved, beyond support for his daughter.  When I wind the clock forward, by the night of the 18th just around midnight, the transiting Moon conjuncts his Lunar nodal axis taking him out into the public arena fulfilling his needs…  Now why wasn’t he tucked up in bed?

341-trio-ECMHere’s a trio of charts – nothing new (apart from Tammy’s daddy) and putting them side by side.  Bi-wheels from the perspective of 3:41 plus Heather, secondly William Caison and lastly, Tammy.  I’m thinking Sidney is useless at this point, beyond being an automaton. With Uranus at the ascendant and conjunct the nodal axis, he’d not be able to make a rational decision IMO.

William Caison may have since died, however his other daughter Ashley is still here to answer questions.  Her chart had plenty to share as well (see above – 20th January), so all is not lost.

Hopefully someone with a good eye, can pick up some synchronicity in all this.  Given time, I’ll see what I can find between the lines.

16th April 2014  

kennary-mugshot16April-KennaryWell, well, well… our singing kennary is under lock and key tonight – charges ‘not listed’; Tammy Moorer’s cousin is in jail – thanks Puzzled.

We have generated a bi-wheel which doesn’t show anywhere near the emotive reaction that we saw in his bi-wheel for 21 Feb (POI ‘C’), so I was somewhat bemused to find that he was indeed incarcerated.  It would appear that his natal Sun exact conjunct Mercury is mouthing-off again.

This bi-wheel, generated at the time that he was charged, reveals a very subdued Kenny Plusnick. The most activity is in the 12th house (the mind/mental activity) with transiting Mars (inner wheel)/Ascendant = natal South Node (Lunar nodal axis) – crazy goings-on in his head.

  • When Mars is in tension with the ascendant this is indicative of ‘a fighting spirit’ and the = South Node indicates a karmic element of a breakdown in teamwork.  If this is related to family, I find his attitude towards family somewhat bizarre – does he consider them a ‘team’?  If so, then he is revealing a disconnect from any emotional bond with family.  This action is therefore likely related to his inner rage.
  • Transiting Sun (orange) in the 6th house is opposite this focus, highlighting the activity – the action is likely related to a matter of principle that occurred on the previous day.  Are there ‘team rules’?
  • Transiting Saturn Rx (1st house) square natal Mars – pull your head in Kenny.  Note that natal Mars is in the 4th house (home/family)

This man could be mentally deficient, however he is not mentally-unbalanced according to his chart.  We can suggest that he possibly has an enormous inner rage that never rests.  Transiting Mars likely triggers him rather than Uranus, although should there be a serious combination of the two in transit at some time, that would certainly land him the ‘funny house’.

As a result of this bi-wheel, I don’t consider Kenny Plusnick’s chart to be highly emotive, which indicates to me that he is not worried; or is ignorant in relation to the seriousness of his actions that landed him in the J Reuben Long Correctional Facility.  We now know that he is out on bail and destined to face the judge again – 5 September at the Bond Returnable Court – thanks Ozmosis. 

Chart will follow in due course – the Kennary is bound to stifle his emotions once again.

30 April 2014

“The Defendant requests that this Honorable Court hear new and substantial grounds for relief relating to the denial of bond and hear grounds forming a basis of the immediate necessity.”  This is Tammy rather than Sidney, whom is desperately wanting to get out of the big house…

27June-TammyMoorer Bond Returnable Court date for the I.E. charges (thanks Lily) for Tammy Moorer couple is for 27th June 2014.  We’ve generated a ‘possible time’ as being 8:30am, which interestingly aligns with Tammy’s Lunar Nodal axis at the horizon line/ conjunct Ascendant-Descendant – identifying that she is out in public.  We can’t take this as being accurate, as we are not aware of the clock-time of the hearing.

The transiting Lunar nodal axis is also at the MC/IC axis however again, this holds little relevance until we know the actual time of the hearing.  Time will tell…

Note also that the transiting Moon and Sun are in conjunction (orange and blue) in the inner wheel.  This indicates that the date 27th June 2014 is that of a New Moon – new beginnings.  Let’s hope so for the search for our Moonchild.

A bond hearing is in relation to money and so we can expect the planet Venus to be polished and shining brightly in this bi-wheel.  Also with Tammy Moorer as our focus, we are also bound to see that controlling/obsessional behaviour of hers (a quindecile aspect), that is so predictable with this manic woman.

  • Transiting Mars in 3rd house conjunct natal Uranus plus quindecile natal Venus – money’s the conversation starter and rattling Tammy.  Have no idea why she’s chasing the money, as she’s not going to get to spend it I wouldn’t have thought.
  • Transit Saturn (the authorities) in the 4th house is also quindecile natal Venus and opposite natal Mars – she wants to go home.
  • Transit Uranus opposite natal Uranus – rattling those chains, creating a buzz.
  • Transit Venus (pink in the inner wheel) opposite natal Neptune (turquoise) – feeling unloved
  • Transit Mercury (yellow) opposite natal mid-range Moon – driving need to communicate with loved ones
  • Transiting Sun-Moon i.e.e the date on the calendar and driving need of this court hearing is opposite natal Jupiter (green) – inflating the flight risk
  • Transiting Sun-Moon square natal Mercury – at odds with communicating.

7th May 2014    Reconsideration of bond hearing Tammy Moorer – 9:30am, 23rd May 2014.  This I believe is for the kidnapping and murder charge (thanks Karen).  I do hope that this clock-time pans out to be what the court proceeds with, as we have two planets at the angles – transiting Jupiter (green) in the inner wheel at the ascendant, plus natal Mercury (yellow) at the mid-heaven.  That’s time and place extraordinaire…

Jupiter can represent home-spun justice – if it were natal Jupiter, we would interpret this as Tammy’s inflated sense of home-spun justice, however it is transiting Jupiter and so we stick with the justice of the courts at 18° Cancer being the ascendant’s timing.

Natal Mercury (yellow) at the mid-heaven is likely the symbolic form of children on this occasion as it is not only top of the wheel but also opposite the cusp of the 4th house (home).  Will the argument put forward by the legal team for Tammy Moorer be related to problems with her children, due to their mother’s absence?

We also note that the transiting planets that are making aspects with the natal chart are primarily directed from the left-hand side of the bi-wheel – that’s “defense as a form of attack” so the hearing is not likely to be a plea but rather an argument put forth by the defense team for Tammy Moorer.  Whereas we see that transiting Mars is in the 4th house (the home) – that will be more of a plea to the court.

  • Transiting Jupiter is also quindecile natal Lunar nodal axis in the 7th house – again that obsession with being center of the public’s attention; an inflated sense of self.
  • Transiting Sun (orange) in the 5th house is conjunct natal Saturn opposite natal Neptune (turquoise), although we must note that this aspect is not exact – the date on the calendar is specific to this suggested martyrdom by Tammy.  It is as if she believes that she is the victim here.
  • Transit Mercury (yellow) in the inner wheel opposite natal Moon (blue) – mental stimulation of personal needs.  Acting out a prearranged plan.
  • Transit Mars in 4th house (home) is the midpoint focus = natal Uranus/Pluto – this indicates a method of coercion to the point of fanaticism relating to matters at home.

Note: I’ve moved the astrology story of the finding of the remains for Angie Pipkin and the commentary in relation to our case.

23rd May:   Bond application denied. Tammy claims that she is pregnant (thanks Lily)

23rd May Am not up on the ins and outs of astrology in relation to pregnancies, however when we look at the chart above (7th May) from the perspective of yesterday’s bond hearing with Tammy Moorer’s natal chart, we note that her natal Neptune is in the 5th house (children) – highlighted by the transiting Sun (date on the calendar) in opposition.  Neptune is usually an indicator of deception.

Media tweet: During court, the solicitors office said Tammy’s first pregnancy test was negative and that she refuses prenatal care from jail.

Note: Alice Caison has since claimed that TM is in her 2nd trimester.  The presence of Neptune in the 5th house could indicate the next step in the master scheme – a miscarriage, due to ‘woeful’ jail conditions.  From there the natural progression would be to get up to the family’s tricks and sue the state for compensation.

26th June 2014:   as an aside/off topic for a moment

34-BarrettI believe there is a bit of a fuss going on with accusations made by POI X (the first chart – troublemaker that one is) against Bill Barrett plus a request for Bill’s chart to be included here, as well.  We can see straight away why I haven’t included this chart in the past.  The inner wheel is at 3:41am 18th December and the outer wheel is the birth chart for William Christopher Barrett.

We generate a chart at 3:41am as that is the time we have been asked to generate the chart at, rather than any other time.  Time is irrelevant to the heavens. Anytime from 3:41am onwards, we can make a new chart and for all that day transiting Jupiter will be conjunct this man’s natal Sun. The conjunction will travel through all the houses over the 24 hour period.

There is little to tell in this chart and certainly nothing sinister in relation to the disappearance of Heather Elvis, however we can interpret what’s there.  The only action is really in the 9th house.  This house is where we have a higher purpose in mind (as in spiritual).

  • With transiting Jupiter (green) conjunct this man’s natal Sun, we have a man whom is likely endeavouring to understand a higher purpose for this senseless crime.
  • He has natal Neptune close to the ascendant yet still in the 12th house (the mind) – bewildered.

Note: We interpret this with the knowledge of the crime, in hindsight. In forensic astrology we view all charts through the lens of the crime, for that is our primary focus.  Bill Barrett may have been saying his prayers at 3:41am – that’s another interpretation of this bi-wheel; from another perspective, however whether he is on his knees or not, is none of our concern.

Sidney Moorer before the Horry County Judicial Circuit.

Sidney-courtcasesA reminder; there are seven charges pending…

  • 2014A2610200462 – 0095-kidnapping
  • 2014A2610200463 – 0116-murder
  • 2014A2610700586 – 2419-false statement on application for Medicaid assistance
  • 2014A2610700587 – 3471-obtain signature or property under false pretenses, value $10,000 or more.
  • 2014A2611000022 – 0118-obstructing justice
  • 2014A2611000024 – 0091-indecent exposure
  • 2014A2611000025 – 0091-indecent exposure

Tammy Moorer has identical charges.

1st August 2014 – update

With the skeletal remains found in a Mickey Mouse bed sheet in FL, thought I should check the charts – they’re quiet atm.  As soon as the calendar turns to October, it looks like there will be a bit of action in the heavens.

23rd September 2014 – update

According to the media, the trial is expected to begin sometime between December and February. In an effort to get the matter dealt with faster, on 16th September TM’s attorney filed a motion for speedy trial – http://bloximages.newyork1.vip.townnews.com/myhorrynews.com/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial/7/78/778e293a-4269-11e4-a1d0-001a4bcf6878/54203a31e9738.pdf.pdf.

3rd October 2014 – update

I have been asked to elaborate on why I’m of the opinion that there will be a bit of action at the beginning of October – well here goes.

2Oct2014As we have already learned whatever is in Heather’s chart is also in Sidney Moorer’s as these two individual charts are absolutely entwined for this lifetime.

This bi-wheel has been generated at noon on Thursday 2nd October 2014 – we have to ignore the house placement as it has been generated for midday rather than a specific known timed event.


  • tr Sun square natal Sun – was exact the day before (1st October) – her name has come up in dispatches in the heavens.
  • tr Lunar nodal axis square natal Neptune – public exposure in relation to her disappearance
  • tr Lunar nodal axis square natal Uranus – public exposure in relation to the sudden changes of her disappearance
  • tr Saturn conjunct natal Moon – death and in particular, Moonchild’s death is on the agenda
  • tr Mars conjunct natal Lunar nodal axis – combined efforts have paid off


  • tr Sun conjunct natal Pluto  – in 2 days when the transiting Sun is exact, there will be a power shift
  • tr Mercury quindecile natal Jupiter – compulsive communication with the justice system (lawyer/court/LE interview)
  • tr Saturn conjunct Lunar nodal axis – meetings of a serious nature
  • tr Mars conjunct Neptune – inspiration in relation to a change of course of action
  • tr Pluto square natal Pluto – in 2 days this power surge will be fulfilled by the transiting Sun
  • tr Moon conjunct natal Sun – finding a balance; a new beginning

Despite a gag order I am sure that news will filter through as to what went down over this time period.  We do know however, that on 3rd October the prosecutor has filed a motion for sealing in Tammy Moorer’s murder case (no mention of her spouse).

1 January 2015

We will start a new page to handle this aspect of the astrology in the murder of Heather Elvis………..  continues here

28th March 2015

We’ve made a subjective enquiry into the murder of Amber Berbiglia in an effort to question as to whether Sidney and Tammy Moorer could have committed a previous murder.

333 thoughts on “Heather Elvis

      1. That would require interpretation of the 5th house, Marsha. I’ve not included pregnancies in my foray into crime.

        I’m not being cute; I really have no idea. Astrology would probably indicate fertile periods and the propensity to bear children, however whether Heather was pregnant or not would require prediction, which is not an area I’m familiar with and way out of my league.. sorry

      2. I knew Heather I live in Myrtle Beach and went to High School with her, prettiest girl and that goes for inside too. this is such a sad story although I am more then happy answers are finally coming. If you can decide if Heather was pregnant or not based on charts you should. There were multiple rumors that Sidney Moorer and Hearher Elvis were seen together buying a pregnancy test. Rumor or truth? Who knows. But if it is true it could be motive for TM and SM

  1. Have you thought about doing a chart for Moorer in Brittanee’s case? This whole Elvis thing has me enthralled. For the family’s sake I hope there is some kind of closure soon.

      1. I am always happy to check, Puzzled. When I generated a bi-wheel, ‘X’ is clear of the Drexel case. ‘X’ has a history of violence against women since his mid teens. Whether the violence escalated in this case, I do not know. The tension is definitely there in the chart, however those who have access to the facts of the matter, i.e. LE will know.

  2. Please with request do a wheel for Tammy Caison Moorer’s father, named William Caison. His previous address is 384 Peachtree Road. Very odd. Is that near the Peachtree Landing? His date of birth seems to be age of 68, unknown DOB

  3. I have questions/requests that I would like to make privately concerning one of these cases. I am heavily involved in the life of one of the individuals that you have charted on…

  4. The location of the father-in-law is approximately 2.5 miles from where Heather’s car was found and the Moorer’s live 4.18 miles from Peachtree landing…

  5. I feel HE made very poor choices and had some issues that put her in a dangerous position. In my opinion SM dos not have it in him to plan and kill someone purposefully but his wife and in particular, her father and sister give me the feeling they would/could. The father of TM has very dead eyes and I have no doubt he led the parade. It also isn’t out of the realm of possibility there is a crime ring associated with the situation. In general it seems Myrtle Beach is a haven for trafficking. I also wonder if anyone has checked the coincidence of a Wilmington incident last week when a resident reported hearing screams for help from a boat that was gone by the time authorities arrived?

    1. I also don’t think its an coincidence that it’s this place in Wilmington right by the water called” cue center for missing person” ran by a woman name Monica Caison, the same last name of Tammy before she married and the same name as her father. And to top it off MC doesn’t get paid to do it and all staff are volunteers

  6. Monica Caison has been researched by Terry Elvis to make sure she has no connection to the Caison’s involved in this case.

  7. An unfortunate coincidence. Same as the coincidence of having another Heather Elvis in town as well (the one who checked into the hospital).

  8. Tammy Caison Moorer: Someone called Sidney’s phone six times on Dec 18th at 3:17, 3:18, 3:37, 3:39, 3:40 and 3:41 a.m. This person is now missing. Since she called him six times they assume he knows something. He does not.

    This is the latest facebook post.

  9. Tammy moorer also posts in relation to last post that Sidney only answered the second call at 3:17. Which is weird that Tammy is either covering for her husband considering that heathers roommate heard from her and told her Sidney said he was leaving his wife for heather.

  10. There is always the possibility Sidney did say he was leaving his wife, but as a ruse to get her to come out later (perhaps at Tammy’s instigation). I find it strange that he supposedly told Heather he was leaving his wife but that when Elvis spoke to her roommate about that she was “upset and crying”. One would expect that she should have been happy hearing that?

    1. I just don’t get the change of stories. First statements, she was happy about how the date went. Next statement, Sidney was leaving his wife and she was “upset and crying”. If it was the second statement, perhaps the poor girl was upset because she was confused now. I mean she just went on a date, and seems she was trying to move on. So why would one get a phone call that late if he was leaving? Why not wait until morning?

  11. I find the fact that Tammy went back to ad lib on the comment regarding the time of the calls and what time Sidney answered to be very odd. Why was which call he answered even relevant to the conversation? I think she just did it because she THOUGHT she was proving a point. However, all she has managed to do is raise more questions in my mind. If what Tammy says is true and he answered the 2nd call and Heather continued to call repeatedly, then why did she abruptly stop if she didn’t talk to him again. It was obviously very important to her because she kept trying. On another note if I were in her shoes and my husband had told her to leave him alone and she continued to call over and over , I would have answered MYSELF and told her. Something like that occurring would make one very angry! I also read somewhere that Heather had also received a call from a gas station pay phone sometime that night/morning. Could it be that Tammy got outraged from the repeated calling and wanted to confront Heather, then having Sidney call her from a payphone to set up a meeting so that no one would know who the call came from and that he had further contact with her? Maybe that’s why there was no signs of struggle. Maybe Sidney picked Heather up with her thinking they were going to slip off for awhile and talk (since the room mate said he told her he was leaving the wife) and instead took her somewhere to be confronted by Tammy. Maybe the whole family was there and maybe things got out of hand and went farther than planned (or who knows?) and something horrible happened. Maybe that’s why there’s so much action on the bi-wheel for all of them?

    1. Some very good points. I find it odd according to both above posts said to be by Tammy….. “””””Tammy Caison Moorer: Someone called Sidney’s phone six times on Dec 18th at 3:17, 3:18, 3:37, 3:39, 3:40 and 3:41 a.m.”””””” and then “”””””Tammy moorer also posts in relation to last post that Sidney only answered the second call at 3:17.”””” so which is it? 3:17, 3:18? OR Maybe……one or more of those calls was with her phone, but by “X”? Hmmmmm, just more questions and less answers. Very odd none the less that many people with action on the bi-wheel.

      1. Puzzled- I never thought about the calls coming from “X”. That could be a possibility I guess, but it just doesn’t add up with what police have stated which was that SM communicated back and forth with HE until 6 am most of it being through private messaging. I really hope they’re not guilty, because if they are she’s going to wind up hanging herself with all these FB rants she goes on by saying too much one of these times.

      2. I think that they already HAD Heathers phone n Tammy was calling his phone from Heathers phone

  12. I’m not sure I believe the roomies whole story. I don’t really find it realistic that SM told HE he was going to leave his wife. She probaly had a little alcohol or something else on board and started drunk dialing to get a rise out of SM, maybe thinking he would care she had a date. Maybe she asked to meet, maybe the roomie called a “friend” for her to meet and no one will ever know what was said in the roomie/HE convo bacause one of them is missing and the friend has an alibi because she was out of town. I think that there was a little issue with the roomie because a post on HE’s account refers to “getting along fine if you keep your hands off my stuff” that possibly is directed to her roomie. Sooooo, there are several possible angles to this mess. Not the least of which is the thinking of HE herself. I feel badly for her family, it is sad what they are going through but in life choices have a way of making us pay, change or learn and sometimes all three.

    1. Sam- The post you’re referring to is dated Aug. 25th. Since Heather and Bri had just become room mates a couple of weeks prior to Heather going missing this post definitely couldn’t have been directed at her. The police have also stated that there was communication BACK and FORTH between HE and SM until 6 am that morning, and that most of it was through private messages. TM stated that SM answered the 2nd call to tell HE to leave him alone, yet SM after lying to police at first then recanted and told them that he called HER to tell her to leave him alone. So I want to know which is it? I have to wonder if TM actually witnessed these calls or if she’s going by what he told her because there are some inconsistencies about who called who. Hmmm!

  13. And you thought it was going to be a boring old weekend… ;) There is an old saying about protesting too much.. Tammy sure protested.

  14. A bit more info about the surveillance cameras and what they show and the possibility of more arrests?


    Interesting that Tammy was charged with something just over an hour after being taken from her home whilst Sidney was charged on the daily deadline of 11 am. I believe the deadline is for appearance that same afternoon (even though the couple did not appear). Possibly a Saturday appearance? That is when the charges are apparently being made public.

    1. ^^^^ ABOVE LINK The Moorers have been taken into custody and their bond hearing is slated for 3 p.m. Saturday at J. Reuben Long Detention Center in Conway

  15. Sidney:

    INDECENT EXPOSURE – $5,000.00 (2 Charges)
    OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE – Pre-Trial – $10,000.00

    1. “More charges are pending and will be announced when they’re filed, said Lt. Robert Kegler, spokesman for Horry County police.” Apparently they can be sentenced to 16 years imprisonment for the indecent exposure and obstructing charges.

  16. we all knew Sidney and tammy were capable of whatever they had done. we need to still find heather. where is she. where did they put her? can you find an area of where she could be somehow with a chart? did they bring her to a different state/ is she nearby.

  17. and now kidnapping charges. very ominous. don’t think this is going to have a good outcome. how very sad. sm had assault and battery charges in 2011 and shoplifting charges in 2009. tm – didn’t see anything on her until yesterday.

  18. Last week SM posted this status on Facebook: “My charges were DISMISSED, how about yours?” – referring to the altercation with a neighbour that involved his father in law. Wow, karma sure came and bit this guy on the butt, just a few short days after bragging about that.

    “This is old John. A few years ago the neighbor attacked my handicapped father in law. I pulled the neighbor off of him and all three of us got arrested. Long story short, all charges were dropped. For some reason people think I’m ashamed of this. I’d do it again in a heartbeat if someone attacked my father in law today. The people who like to talk s*it about my picture have many charges, including assault and battery in which they plead guilty to. Now that I would be ashamed of.”

    Of course TM had to respond: “YOU are an amazing man! You put everyone before you, and that says so much about your character. I am so proud of you and everything you stand for. You have nothing to be shamed of, but others do!”

    Well let’s see who is (or should be) ashamed now. Because of their FB taunting and justification of each other’s behaviour I want to see these people go down. I still can’t believe TM had the audacity to smile for her mug shot, didn’t make her look any better though… I guess the smile isn’t there now that she has been charged with kidnapping, no doubt as a result of what has been seen on surveillance cameras at the boat ramp.

  19. Anyone have any idea why Heather is reported as being last seen on the 17th Dec when she was with her date until 2 am the 18th?

  20. Now I pray that they find Heather and bring her home to her loved ones. Thank you for getting us this far it has been an interesting journey. Thank you for your dedicated work.

  21. Is there away you can do another biwheel to see if either Sidney or Tammy confessed to anything? On Feb 28th the HCPD was doing another search in the waters at the peach tree landing where Heathers car was found.

    1. Nad maybe you can also do a wheel to some what answer the question to why Tammy Moorer was moved to another detension center?

  22. They were re-searching the landing on Thursday evening and all day Friday. They said it was for a forensic re-enactment. Divers were searching the waters. Has Sidney or Tammy confessed to putting her body in the water? Can you figure out that part? Will we ever know what they truely did to her or are they still in denial and wont admit yet?

  23. Wow…Thank you so much for the update Mountain Misst!

    I been hearing from others that HCPD seperate the two so they have no contact with each other in hopes one will roll on the other. I also heard that Georgetown county jail (where they moved Tammy) is much worse than J Reuben. I would certainly rather be in J Reuben if I had to choose by the sounds of it.

    I have always believed that Tammy used Sidney’s cell phone to lure Heather to the boat landing and harmed Heather and I also believe that Tammy made Sidney help dispose of Heathers body. When I look at Sidney’s photo I see someone who is feeling guilt and perhaps to be the one to confess.
    What motive would Sidney have to harm Heather after all? He was having a sexual relationship with her that possibly bloomed into something more.

    Tammy on the other hand found out that her husband was cheating on her with Heather a much younger woman and may have felt threatened that Sidney would leave her for Heather. I really don’t buy into the open relationship. That I believe was to make others believe that she would be alright with Sidney having a sexual relationship with Heather and no one would suspect her (Tammy) in Heathers disappearance!

  24. The window for confessions will close soon…then Jupiter.. LE goes direct? Would like to see a bi-wheel on the “nurturer” please.

  25. Today feels like the calm before the storm. Very slow news day but behind the scenes the storm is brewing!!In my mind eye Heather is ready to tell her story much is going to be brought to the surface so that she can rest in peace.

  26. a bit confused with the new updates since I have been set to believe she drove there around 6 am to meet sidney there. I do look at the updated charts and see more common lines in Tammy & Heathers charts. I do not know how to read these, but to me i believe Tammy was the one to show up there. What ever happened with the pay phone call? And is it confirmed that the last cell usage was about 6 am or was it about 341 am?
    A bit confused. I am waiting for justice to be done. Will there be any, mountain misst?
    I am waiting for more action with Ashley & William Caison. Have they been questioned? Did Ashley go with Tammy to PTL?

    1. I think the fact that were phone calls made between Heather and Sidney until around 6 am is what has led people to believe that her death occurred after 6. My instincts have been telling me there is a possibility she was killed earlier and someone phoned between the two phones. If they were home at the supposed time of the crime (after 6) then there is more chance of alibis. Kids home, parents living a few metres from their house etc. If you have skipped out at 3 and home by say 4.30 then there is higher probability that everyone was asleep. Be interesting to know what the camera tapes show from the Moorer house. I mean it worked so well when they were accusing people of trespassing on their property at night. Interesting to know what time sunset was on 18th December in Myrtle Beach. I think this was a job done in the dark and without a lot of drama. Excuse my frankness but I believe she may have been strangled – definitely a bloodless crime in my opinion. Anyone know what kind of car Sidney owned back then because I believe it was a different car to the pick-ups that were taken away recently for investigation. I think keys and wallet went somewhere with heather but the phone stayed with the Moorers.


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